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means to love episode 23 & 24

🥀🌷☀️…. MEANS


LOVE ….🥀🌷☀️

Authoress FG….

CHAPTER 23 °°°


At the hearing..

God plea-se help me. I can’t rot in jail, I haven’t committed any hideous crimes to be thrown in jail. Fernanda uttered in her head as some police officers brou-ght her into the court.

“Mum everything will be fine” Bruno said as he held Abuela’s hand.

“We have to be strong for Fernanda” Fred said to brothers and everyone stared at Fernanda nervously.

“Mino I can’t believe you dragged me all the way here. I don’t think I have any business here” Elvis whined and Jeromino rolled his eyes.

“Stay put, you’re here for me so st©p whining” Jeromino said staring at Fernanda worriedly.

“Her lawyer doesn’t look like much of a work, why didn’t you get her a good lawyer? This case isn’t ending anytime soon, I’ve got that feeling” Elvis blurted and Jeromino glared at him.

“I know I dragged you here with me but can you plea-se not jinx the hearing. You have no idea how horrible I will feel if Fernanda gets a s£ntence. I tried getting a very good lawyer here in Mexico but it didn’t work out but I will be traveling to Germany next week to get her a good lawyer, I also don’t have faith in her lawyer. I know someone there in Germany” Jeromino whispered and just then the judge walked into the court.

ONE HOUR LATER After the hearing…

“Fernanda, plea-se don’t go” Abuela cried as the police held Fernanda.

“Abuela plea-se don’t cry, I will be out of here soon. You have to be strong for me and Marisol. If you keep crying, how will I hold on. Abuela your tears breaks my heart” Fernanda said with tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Fernanda I promise to get you out of here” Bruno said slowly as his heart broke into pieces.

“Fernanda you have to be strong okay, your family is always here for you and we will make sure to get you out of there. I’m so sorry” Fred said sobbing.

“Yes Fernanda, you don’t deserve this” Fernando said holding back his tears.

“What’s wrong with everyone? You’re all crying. What do you want me to do?” Fernanda sobbe-d.

“Grandma won’t you say anything to me?” Fernanda asked with a smile and Isabel wiped off her tears, her eyes are all swollen because she has been crying.

“Fernanda I’m sorry I couldn’t do anything. I really wished I was a lawyer so I would defend in court but I love you so much dear and worry about Marisol, she will be fine” Isabel said with a smile.

“Miss we have to go now” The policemen announced and they took her with them and Abuela boost into tears.

“Fernanda!” Abuela cried out bitterly and Fernanda looked at them in tears as they got into the police van.


“How’s that even possible? Why would Fernanda be s£ntenced with 11years in detention with case pending. What’s that supposed to mean? She didn’t plee guilty” Jeromino said angrily as they got to his car.

“I told you her lawyer doesn’t look good. I will help you talk to some people I know of, Fernanda doesn’t deserve to be s£ntenced. She’s obviously innocent but the witnesses and the CCTV footage is saying something else. I have the feeling this is all a set up. Do you think Fernanda have such strong enemies?” Elvis asked and Jeromino stared at him.

“Now I see the reason why you’re my best friend, you’re so intelligent Elvis. But Fernanda doesn’t look like someone who has such strong enemies. Do you think Elias is holding any grudges?” Jeromino asked and they both stared at each other.

“Elias sure do hold a grudge but I don’t think he would do such a thing to Fernanda. He’s heartless but he’s not that heartless” Elvis said slowly.

“I don’t know about that but for now, I will go confront him” Jeromino said seriously then entered his car and they drove off.

“Mino do you think that’s a good idea?” Elvis asked as they drove down to the prison.

“Do I look like I care if it’s a good idea or not. If I can’t fix the puzzle I can as well go find out myself, are you going in with me or not” Jeromino asked with his eyes on the road.

“No thanks, I will [email protected] on that one. Just make sure you get the truth out of him, you know how nas-ty Elias can be” Elvis advised and Jeromino scoffed.

“I bet I’m more nastier than he can be” Jeromino sm-irked.

They got to the prison and Elias [email protected]£ out to the visiting room.

“I was excited I had a visitor, I had no idea you were the one. What do you want? Why are you here? You’re not possibly here to mock me right? You can’t be that petty” Elias said sarcastically.

“What did you do to Fernanda? Why are you so heartless?” Jeromino asked seriously and Elias laughed.

“Don’t tell me you’re still crying over Fernanda? Jeromino you’re indeed a loser, I’ve been in here for weeks now and you still couldn’t get Fernanda’s attention. Too bad I’m in here so I can’t help you” Elias said laughing [email protected]

“You’re the least person I would ask for help to get what I want. I don’t need your help to make Fernanda fall for me again. Have you ever asked yourself why you’re in here? You’re in here because you’re a loser Elias, the fas-ter the you accept that fact the fas-ter you know your flaws” Jeromino sneered and Elias clenched his fist.

“How does it feel to be called a loser? It suits you perfectly than I expected” Jeromino mocked.

“You’re never going to get Fernanda back, once I get out of here. I’m left with no choice but to get the custody of my daughter and you will be shocked to see Fernanda follow me around because every mother has a connection with their kids” Elias said seriously with a wicked smile.

“We will see about that, at least I’ve heard about your what your future plans are so rest @ssured you can’t use that to hold Fernanda down” Jeromino said seriously then stood up.

“Your visiting is over alre-ady?” Elias asked sarcastically.

“Don’t worry, you won’t see my face here ever again so enjoy your vacation in here” Jeromino smiled then he left and Elias hit the table [email protected]

“Son of a bit-ch!” Elias cursed.


Few days in jail is like a million years in hell, when will I get out of here. Mummy are you watching me from over there? Your baby girl is going throu-gh a lot so plea-se can you come to her aid. Fernanda needs you so much.

I told everyone at home not to visit me for the time being but home am I supposed to survive here if I don’t see my family. If they keep on coming here, it will only make me weaker. The bitter tears in Abuela’s eyes breaks my heart.

“Fernanda, you have a visitor” One of the security woman informed and I stood up from where I was sitting.

They’re really my family. They really [email protected]£ after my restrictions. I uttered in my head excitedly then I ran to the visiting room.

My heart beat multi-ple times as my eyes landed on Jeromino. He was looking so gorgeous in his white t-shi-t.

“Fernanda!” Jeromino called out excitedly and he gave me a ti-ght hvg.

“I missed you so much Fernanda. I was hooked up with work so I couldn’t come visit but I said to myself before I leave for Germany, I have to come see you” He added in swiftly and for the first time in a long time, I felt peaceful inside.

Fernanda you can’t just help it can you? You still love him like crazy..

“When are you leaving?” I asked coldly and he broke the hvg.

“In few days time” He said sadly and I stared at him [email protected]

“Fernanda I’m not leaving you here, I will try my possible best to get you out of here. You’re too prescious to be kept in a jail hall” He said and i was about to sit down when he hvgged me from behind.

“I’m sorry Fernanda but I can’t st©p thinking about you. My whole thought is crowded with you, I’m sorry for everything I did to you. plea-se can you find a place in your heart to forgive me? I love you so much to lose you Fernanda” Jeromino said [email protected] and I re-moved his hands around.

“Jeromino I don’t know if I will ever be able trust or forgive you again because what I felt for you was real Jeromino but you toyed with my feelings and that’s why I feel so much hurt inside, the forgiveness will take a while” I said slowly and he smiled.

“I’m a big j£rk” He said remorseful.

“Go ahead with the DNA, I also want to find out if Marisol is our baby together” I said slowly and a smile appeared on his face.

“Thank you so much Fernanda” He smiled holding my hand.

I want to keep Marisol away from all this troubles and obstacles. I think my enemy is after my life so I need to prepare myself for anything I’m going to face next.

Marisol you have to be strong for mummy….

🥀🌷☀️…. MEANS


LOVE ….🥀🌷☀️

Authoress FG….



Days later…

“Fernanda, your case is a very complicated one but I will try my possible best to get you a good lawyer” The superior officer said as he visited Fernanda.

“Thank you officer but I will be fine, I just want my mother’s murderer to rot in hell as well. I can’t rot in here alone, I should at drag one of them with me to hell” Fernanda said seriously.

“He refused to tell on his Boss. I’m pretty sure he has an accomplice because his lawyer is meant for real business, the lawyer is not giving us any chance to get the truth out of his client”

“Officer, I’ve always wanted to ask you this question. Sir why are you helping me willingly?” Fernanda asked out of the blue and he smiled.

“You’ve also been working with me and never asked me of my name. My name’s Henry. I don’t know if it’s appropriate for me to say this to you actually you and mum knew from highschool. I was Maria’s ex” He explained and Fernanda flung her mouth open.

“Are you trying to say, you and my mum [email protected]£d?”

“Yeah and it ended pretty fast because of my love for my job. Maria wanted me to give her more attention but I couldn’t because of my job, I was kinda obsessed with my job and that’s how we broke up before I even realized it. I was shocked to the bone when I saw Maria’s corpse even when your uncle [email protected]£ to close the case, I was so furious”

FLASHBACK** “why are you doing this when you know so well that Maria’s murderer haven’t been put to justice” Henry shouted and Luciano glared at him.

“You’re just an officer so mind your freaking business and stay out of my family’s business” Luciano said angrily.

“My uncle? Which of my uncles?” Fernanda asked curiously.

“He was young and so good looking. He had a scar on his left ear”

Uncle Luciano is the only one with a scar on his ear because he’s left handed so he always ends up with injury on his left side. Fernanda uttered in her mind.

“Mr Henry why are you just telling me now?” Fernanda asked curiously.

“I wanted you to figure out who he is and I didn’t looking into his biogra-phy” Officer Henry uttered and just then Jeromino [email protected]£ into the visiting room.

“Fernanda!” Jeromino called out and walked to their table.

“Hello sir” Jeromino greeted then sat down.

“Jeromino is everything okay?” I asked curiously.

“Finish up with him first. It seems like you were both having a serious conversation”

“Officer does my uncle have any criminal records?” Fernanda asked curiously.

“I think so but I didn’t put much interest in him. When I get back to the office, I will look into his records. Fernanda I will take my leave now, stay safe okay” Officer Henry said politely as he stood up.

“Thank you officer, I will be looking forward to your next visit”

The officer left and Jeromino placed the envelope on his hand on the table.

“Is it what I’m thinking?” Fernanda uttered anxiously and Jeromino nodded.

“I haven’t checked it yet, immediately I got it from the hospital I drove down here. I want us to open it together” Jeromino said anxiously and Fernanda opened the envelope slowly.

“If you’re that nervous, let me do it” Jeromino suggested and Fernanda gave it to him but he still couldn’t open it.

“If it’s negative then I’m sorry Jeromino but we no longer share a connection so you will have to leave our lives and delete everything about me on your mind” Fernanda said coldly and Jeromino opened the Jeromino opened the DNA result quic-kly.

“What does it say?” Fernanda asked curiously and Jeromino’s face expression was blank as he gave her the result to check for herself.

“Compatibility 99.9%, Jeromino you’re Marisol’s father” Fernanda said excitedly and they both hvgged each other excitedly.

“Thank you so much Fernanda, this is such a great news. I haven’t heard such a great news for such a long time” Jeromino said smiling wi-dely and Fernanda got back herself then she broke the hvg.

“Now the result is out, what’s your future plan for our daughter?” Fernanda asked seriously as they both sat down.

“I don’t know if I would be a good father to her but I want to try my best to be a good dad. Your family won’t approve of me visiting Marisol in your house. They dislike me so much and I can tell from their attitudes towards me” Jeromino said sadly.

“I want you to take Marisol with you to Germany. I’m pretty sure you’re not coming back anytime soon” Fernanda said seriously and Jeromino stared at her in shock.

“What are you saying Fernanda? Marisol is only a month old, how do you expect me to separate a baby of a month old from her mother. And I know you don’t want to stay [email protected] from our baby either. Marisol is doing great in the hands of your family” Jeromino said defiantly and Fernanda sm-irked.

“You’re finally showing your true colors. You’re her father, you should look out for her well being as well. You think I enjoy being without my daughter? I just don’t have a choice Jeromino. My life is at stake here and I have no idea if my daughter’s life will be put in danger as well if she stays here in Mexico so I need you to take her out of the country while I fight for my freedom here that’s only best for her. She’s not allowed to come back to Mexico until I’m out of here” Fernanda said seriously.

“What are you supposed to mean Fernanda?” Abuela and Bruno [email protected] as they walked into the visiting room.

“Abuela, Dad” Fernanda called as she turned around.

“What’s he doing here?” Abuela asked seriously.

“The DNA result is out, Jeromino is the father of Marisol”

“That still doesn’t change anything, he still doesn’t have any right over my granddaughter” Bruno said seriously and Fernanda stood up.

“Dad, I’ve made up my mind. Jeromino is taking Marisol with him to the States” Fernanda announced.

“I will pretend I didn’t hear nothing” Abuela uttered with a mean expression.

“Abuela, I know Jeromino did hurtful things to me but I loved him so much that’s why those things happened. What Jeromino and I shared that night was sincere from [email protected] so I don’t regret crossing paths with him and you all have to accept the fact that Jeromino is somehow related to our family now and s£nding Marisol with him is the best option I can offer while I’m still in here”

“Fernanda when you’re back to your s-en-ses, I will be back but for now I think I will have to leave. Bruno let’s go” Abuela said seriously and she walked away.

“We will talk about this some other time but for now I don’t think you’re thinking straight” Bruno said seriously and went out with Abuela.

“Fernanda don’t you think you should think this throu-gh. Nob©dy seem to be in support of this decision of yours” Jeromino cut in and Fernanda sat down tiredly.

“You’re not helping matters. If you can’t make your daughter’s safety your first priority then I don’t think you’re worthy to be a father” Fernanda blurted.

“I’m glad you have that much trust in me” Jeromino smiled.

“What do you mean?”

“Aren’t you scared I may go with our daughter and never return?”

“You wouldn’t do such a thing because whenever you smile like that you’re being sincere and I know how much you want me to forgive you. You’re obsessed with me Jeromino, you have no idea how [email protected] you’ve fallen for me” Fernanda blurted and Jeromino blu-shed.

“I’m glad you know he much I love you Fernanda. I will give Marisol all the love and attention I didn’t get to shower you”

“OK but when I get out of here, I’m going to take my daughter with me so have some quality time with her while I’m in here” Fernanda sm-irked.

“I’m leaving Marisol with your family for the time being. She should be five months at least before I take her with me, I wouldn’t want to hire a home nurse when I take her with me. I want to take care of our daughter on my own” Jeromino said excitedly and Fernanda smiled inwardly.

Shower her with the love, I couldn’t give her. Love her on my behalf as well.


Days and weeks [email protected] by and everyone was adjusting to Fernanda’s current situation.

Fernanda is busy keeping herself fitted as she looked for evidence with her new lawyer, Jeromino got her throu-gh Elvis.

Weeks going by fas-ter than expected.

Jeromino is in his mansion in the states when Agustin visited.

“Mino what’s all this baby stuffs in your room? Are you planning on adopting a child? You’re not even settled yet so why would you plan on putting such hvge responsibilities on your shoulders” Agustin said seriously as he [email protected]£ into Jeromino’s room.

“Dad I have a child with Fernanda, we have a baby together”

“What did you just say? It’s not the same Fernanda I know of right?” Agustin asked with a mean smile.

“You heard me right and yes it’s the Fernanda you know of. I have a daughter with her and you have a granddaughter”

“When did all this happen? In fact I don’t care, just cut ties with that Fernanda of a girl. She’s a total golddigger, I don’t like her and I’m not accepting any granddaughter, as a matter of fact you’re not allowed to have any child out of wedlock so get rid of that child before I get involve and you wouldn’t like what I will do next” Agustin threatened with fire in his eyes.


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