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means to love episode 19 & 20

🥀🌷☀️…. MEANS


LOVE ….🥀🌷☀️

Authoress FG….

CHAPTER 19 °°°


“Fernanda let’s elope” Jeromino said slowly but he slowly lost consciousness then fell on Fernanda’s shoulder.

“Jeromino you’re back” Fernanda said slowly as tears roll down her cheeks and she pat his back but she noticed Jeromino’s back was w€t.

“Jeromino! Jeromino are you okay?” Fernanda asked curiously trying to shake him but Jeromino wasn’t moving.

“Jeromino plea-se wake up. You can’t die on me like this, plea-se wake up” Fernanda shouted holding him so he doesn’t fall.


Jeromino crawled out to the shore of the sea where the plane crash took place.

He lied down trying to catch his breath because he lost so much blood.

“I kinda see someone there. We should go that sp©t, I think someone’s there” Alvaro said to one of the life rescuers.

“OK” He said and they ran to the other end of the sea only to find Jeromino laying there.

“Jeromino!” Alvaro screamed as he rushed to where Jeromino is.

“Jeromino are you okay? You’ve sustained so many bruises on your pretty face” Alvaro said worriedly.

“I’m fine just exhausted” Jeromino said slowly as the life rescuers helped him up.

“Alvaro is everything okay?” Jeromino asked curiously as they head back to the ambulance.

“I was so worried I would never see you again. Why did you have to risk your life down here when you know the forecast for that night wasn’t any good” Alvaro scolded.

“I managed to survive so that’s a good thing. Anyways how’s Fernanda? Any news about her?” Jeromino asked as they began to treat his bruises.

“Jeromino you’re in no position to worry for others. You almost lost your life because of that woman, this is enough sign that she’s not the one for you” Alvaro said seriously and Jeromino rolled his eyes.

“It doesn’t matter if we’re not meant for each other as long as I have feelings for her then it’s a go ahead mission. I can’t find my father around. Hope I didn’t worry him out?” Jeromino asked slowly and Alvaro sighed nervously.

“You have no idea how furious he was when he found out you were coming to Mexico just to meet a girl” Alvaro blurted and Jeromino stared at him seriously.

“What’s that supposed to mean Alvaro? What did you say to him? You didn’t possibly tell him about Fernanda?” Jeromino asked curiously and Alvaro hesitated before answering.

“I didn’t tell him much, he said he will look into it himself and with the look of things. Sir Agustin must have found out about Fernanda alre-ady” Alvaro said slowly and Jeromino stood up swiftly.

“And why are you just telling me this now? You know so well how my father can be when he’s upset. Excuse me but I have to go now, I will borrow your wallet for now” Jeromino said as he snatched Alvaro’s wallet from his hand and ran out of the ambulance.

“Jeromino we have to get your injuries treated else they will be infected” Alvaro shouted but Jeromino ignored him and got into a taxi.

BACK TO Pres£nt….

“Hello Dad, it’s Jeromino” Fernanda said nervously over the phone.

“Fernanda what are you pu-lling this time around. You’re not allowed to keep on calling out that name. Jeromino has nothing to do with us. I’m in the middle of something so I will call you when I get home” Bruno said over the phone and hung up.

“What? Daddy what are you saying?” Fernanda questioned confused and she saw a taxi coming their way so she st©pped the taxi and they head to the hospital.


I opened my eyes and looked around. I was laying down in an hospital be-d but no one was sitting next to me.

How did I get here? I remember seeing Fernanda before [email protected] out but where’s she? Did she leave because she’s still upset with me? I questioned in my head as I tried to sit up and I felt some pain on my back.

“Doc are you sure Jeromino will be able to wake up today?” Fernanda asked the doctor as they head to my be-d and I pretend to be asleep.

“Of course he will be able to wake up today, thank goodness the bullet didn’t hit any of his organs so he will get better in no time. Anyways Miss what are you to the patient? How did the patient get a gunsh0t?” The doctor asked and Fernanda stuttered.

“Well I’m his ..” Fernanda stuttered and I opened my eyes.

“She’s a friend of mine and I got sh0t in a flying bullet when the police was going after a thief and his bullet got me mistakenly” I lied.

I can’t drag father into this. I can handle him myself. He didn’t do fine with Fernanda, no matter how I think of it that was so cruel of him to think of hurting Fernanda like that. I said in my head seriously.

“The streets aren’t safe this days so you should be careful when walking around. Anyways your friend was so helpful, she brou-ght you here all by herself still covering your injury all by herself” The doctor complimented and Fernanda gave a half smile.

“You’re right doctor, I’m so lucky to have her” I smiled and just then Elias and Elvis showed up from no where.

“Elvis how did you get here?” I asked curiously as I sat up.

“Jeromino watch your back you [email protected] If you were going to get into trouble then do it there was no need getting Fernanda involved in your mess” Elias said seriously and I frowned.

“I have no idea why you’re here because you’re the least of people I want to see right now” I said seriously and he [email protected]£ closer.

“I wouldn’t be here if Fernanda didn’t tell me. You should be lucky Fernanda is kind enough to get you to the hospital before you losing your life” Elias said angrily.

“Mr Jeromino, I will take my leave now. Inform the nurses if you’re feeling uncomfortable” The doctor said.

“Alright doc, thank you” I said politely and he left.

“Now you’re back to safety, I will take my leave now so stay safe” Fernanda said coldly and made to leave but I stood up from where the be-d and held Fernanda’s hand.

“Fernanda plea-se don’t go yet and thank you for saving me” I said softly and she stared at me worriedly.

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“I saved you because I didn’t have a choice but I hope from now on, our paths never cross again” Fernanda said slowly as she j£rked her hands off and left

“Fernanda!” I called but she didn’t turn around.

“Jeromino you heard her right so stay away from her life, loser” Elias cursed and I glared at him angrily.

“Don’t ever call me a loser because I never accepted defeat” I said angrily and he scoffed.

“What other proof do you need to admit you’re a loser. Fernanda and I have a connection now, what about you?” He sneered and I sat back on my be-d.

“Elvis you didn’t have to come to Mexico, you have so much on your plate alre-ady” I whined and he placed his hand on my shoulders.

“We’re best friends so how do you expect me to ignore you still knowing you were involved in a plane crash. Jeromino you can see Fernanda clearly doesn’t want you anymore so why are you still pushing it?” Elvis asked tiredly.

“Because he doesn’t know when to give up” Elias scoffed.

“Elias you’re done here so plea-se can you take your leave. You’re not ma-king it any better” Elvis said sarcastically.

“I wasn’t planning on staying here either, I was about taking my leave” He scoffed and left angrily.

“I have a strong believe Fernanda and I still have a connection. The look in her eyes when she told me let’s never cross paths again, worries was written all over her eyes. Elvis, she still cares about me and why would she still do that if we’re done for good” I uttered excitedly and Elvis sat next to me.

“Don’t you think you’re thinking too much. She’s probably worried about you because she’s a good girl, who wouldn’t get when someone he loved gets into a death situation. Mino you almost lost your life, do you have any idea how scared and worried I was” Elvis nagged and I looked away.

“It would have been perfect if I get some good news before going back to the States” I said slowly and Elvis [email protected]£ closer to me.

“I don’t think a DNA test was taken. Alvaro looked into it and s£nt it to me” He whispered and I smiled.

“But how’s that possible? Elias wouldn’t feel so at ease if he didn’t see a DNA report” I said a bit confused.

“I think Fernanda forged the DNA report”

“Why would she do that?” I questioned and Elvis smiled.

“It’s obvious she doesn’t want to find out who the father of her baby is so she still doesn’t know who the father of her child is” Elvis explained.

“I was thinking Elias had a hand in all this. Never in this world would I ever imagine Fernanda doing such a thing but why did she choose Elias instead of me?” I questioned a bit jealous.

🥀🌷☀️…. MEANS


LOVE ….🥀🌷☀️

Authoress FG….

CHAPTER 20 °°°


I got back home and Elias followed me back home.

“Elias you didn’t have to come back home with me. You know so well no here wants you around” I said coldly.

“I’m only here to see my daughter” Elias said softly and I heard the police siren.

“What’s going on? Fernanda I think the police is outside your house” He added and we head out of the sitting room.

“Elias Christ©pher you’re un-der arrest for ra-ping Fernanda Dante, come with us silently because anything you say will be used against you in the court of law. You are free to get a lawyer or the court will get you one” One of the officer said professionally as he handcuffed Elias.

“What’s the meaning of this? Fernanda what’s going on here? Did you file a law suit against me?” Elias asked curiously and I smiled.

“Officer plea-se give us a minute” I said and they moved backwards.

“How could you do this to me Fernanda? How are we supposed to fulfill the dreams of being a perfect parent to our daughter if you s£nd me to jail? plea-se consider the future of our daughter” Elias said seriously as he tried to t©uçh me but I j£rked his hand off.

“Don’t ever [email protected] hands on me again. Why do you sound surprise about this? Do you think I would let you go free after what you did to me. I’ve never seen anyone as shameless as you in my life. I tried letting things go before I met you but you suddenly showed up reopening my injuries. Now I remember where I saw you, we met at Mr Enzo’s 60th birthday and you tried flir-ting with me but I completely ignored you” I said seriously and he smiled.

“You have a smart [email protected] but don’t you think it took you so long to remember that. Do you have any idea how humiliated and [email protected] you made me feel that day. I felt so ashamed to even face my friends. You sure do have a talent of cutting people off guard but you know what Fernanda, I will be out of there like I never went there in the first place and I will file a petition to the court so I will gain the custody of my daughter. Watch out for me Fernanda” Elias threatened and I glared at him.

“Your time’s up. Let’s go” The police officers dragged Elias into their van and he wore a malicious smile.

He has always been an spiteful person. Thank goodness I didn’t fall for his pretence. I will make sure you’re not getting out of there anytime soon. I said angrily in my mind and my phone started ringing.

“Hello officer, Any [email protected]£?” I asked curiously over the phone.

“Fernanda do you mind coming to the station right now. We’ve got an [email protected]£ on your mother’s case” He said and I smiled nervously.

“I will be right there and thank you officer for cooperating with my grandma” I said politely.

“You’re welcome Fernanda. Anyways I’m here to give justice to people that’s my work as a police officer” He said and I smiled.

“Alright officer, I’m on my way” I said and hung up.

“I hope to see positive results. I’ve had enough of disappointment” I said slowly lost in thought and grandma walked to me.

“It’s all settled Fernanda. Now Elias doesn’t have any right over your daughter” Grandma said as she hvgged me.

“Grandma I’m afraid it’s not over yet. Elias isn’t going to give up just like that but whatever plans he has, I will have to be prepared for it. We don’t even know if he’s truly the father of my daughter” I said slowly and grandma broke the hvg.

“What’s that supposed to mean Fernanda?” Grandma asked curiously and I looked away.

“It all happened the night before I gave birth to Marisol” I said slowly.


“Fernanda you know so well that Elias is going to claim authority over your baby and use that as an accuse to blackmail you emotionally” Fred said slowly.

“You know him so well but I think I have a plan. Right now we don’t have strong evidence against him, if he keeps claiming he was drun!kthen he might get bailed and I have a strong hunch that Elias wasn’t drun!kthat day, he did it intentionally” I said seriously.

“What’s your plan?” Fred asked curiously.

“Fred I need your help with something. We need to forge a DNA report, I don’t want the DNA to be done in the pres£nt of everyone so in case it doesn’t work in my favor. I don’t want anymore complications, if I want Elias to lose his guard then I have to keep him close” I explained.

“What if Elias happens to be the father of your child later?” He asked.

“Then I will have to die with the secret. I will never accept him as the father of my child, he’s so cruel. He doesn’t deserve anything good” I said seriously with a frown.


“Grandma, I need to leave now. The police officer wants my pres£nt at the station so plea-se look after Marisol. I have no idea if I will be coming back soon” I informed and she smiled.

“Don’t worry about Marisol, she will be fine so take care of things at the station” Grandma said with a smile and then she went in.

Elias issue is off my n£¢k for the time being but what about Jeromino? Hope he’s feeling better now. I uttered in my worriedly.


I drove down to dad’s resident in Mexico.

“Where’s my Dad? Go inform him, I want to have a word with him” I said seriously to the Mr Williams dad’s secretary.

“I don’t think your dad is in the mood to receive any visitors” He said professionally and I scoffed.

“Since when did I become a visitor? If he doesn’t want to come out then I will go see him myself. I’m here alre-ady so I can’t go back” I said seriously as I stood up from the sofa I was sitting.

“Jeromino you can’t f0rç£ your dad to see you” Mr Williams tried so [email protected] to st©p me but I pushed him aside and ran into the inner chambers.

“Jeromino!” He called out seriously.

“How dare you get my son involved in that mess?” Dad shouted over the phone and I stood behind.

“Who’re you speaking with?” I asked seriously and he turned around with a nervous eyes.

“Jeromino since when did you arrive?” He asked and he signaled his secretary why he let me in.

“Dad I can’t believe, you now see me as a visitor. Why did you s£nd your men to shoot Fernanda?” I asked angrily and he smiled.

“What are you talking about Mino? Who’s Fernanda?” He asked staring at me.

“Don’t [email protected] here, you know exactly what you did. I got sh0t because of you. I almost lost my life because of you so plea-se can you show me some remorseful attitude” I shouted and he poured himself a [email protected] of wine.

“Jeromino you probably got everything in a plata of gold and that’s why you don’t treasure your life. You better st©p putting yourself in a situation where I have to make rou-gh decisions. You’re my son so learn how to behave yourself” He said seriously.

“Are you admitting the fact that you s£nt your men to kill Fernanda?” I asked curiously and he chuckled.

“What do you take me for Jeromino? Your father isn’t a murderer and why would I s£nd my men to do such a thing? Why would I do things that wouldn’t benefits me. I have to leave now so when you’re done, find your way back to the states” He said seriously after gulping down the wine in the [email protected] cup.


Fernanda got to the station and rushed to the superior officer’s office.

“Fernanda I think your mum’s murderer is still after you. This CCTV footage was seen yesterday down your streets” The officer explained and they pla-yed the footage and Fernanda flung her mouth open.

“Jeromino saved me but why did he lie about being sh0t by some thief” Fernanda whispered lost in thought.

“He’s the same man who sh0t your Mum. I think he’s coming after you Fernanda but luckily that young man saved you. Do you think they have a connection because it seems like he knew they were coming after you” The officer hinted and Fernanda looked away.

What’s all this? What connection? Why did Jeromino safe me? No matter how I see it, Jeromino still took a bullet for me. Does he love me that much?

“Fernanda we’ve traced their hideout so we will be arresting him soon” The officer informed.

“plea-se do so officer because I also want to find out the connection between this two” Fernanda said seriously.

I shouldn’t let things slide. I should get to the root of this, what connection does Jeromino have with my mum’s death ….

Go for it Fernanda, just do the right thing 😎

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