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means to love episode 17 & 18

🥀🌷☀️…. MEANS


LOVE ….🥀🌷☀️

Authoress FG….

CHAPTER 17 °°°


After watching the news on TV, Fernanda sat on her be-d lost in thoughts as her mind went wild.

“Serves him right, he’s finally getting his payback for doing all those things to Fernanda” Damian blurted as he turned off the TV.

“Jeromino did bad to Fernanda but he doesn’t deserve death okay, he also needs to be alive to pay for all the wrong things he did” Florencia said slowly and Fernanda’s eyes [email protected]£ teary.

“You all st©p it. It’s none of our business if Jeromino lives or dies. He’s no longer in our lives so it’s been long he st©pped existing in our lives so Fernanda don’t even sorry for him. He’s probably getting punished” Abuela said and Fernanda’s tears roll down.

“How can you all sound so cruel? Yes he did something bad to me but he’s also a human so he deserves to live. How can you say he deserves death? Jeromino was once in our lives so don’t you feel a little sorry for him” Fernanda shouted as she stood up from her be-d and Abuela walked to her and [email protected] her [email protected] on the face.

“You better get that thought out of your head. You’re my granddaughter and I’m never going to let you make another silly mistake so better get Jeromino off your head. Who cares if he gets into a plane crash? We’re in no way connected to it” Abuela said seriously and Fernanda wiped off her tears just then her maternal grandma walked into her room.

“Fernanda!” Isabel called out excitedly.

“Grandma” Fernanda called and ran to give her a hvg.

“I’ve missed you so much grandma, I waited so long for you but you didn’t come” Fernanda cried on Isabel’s shoulders.

“I’m so sorry Fernanda, I’ve been away for too long and I missed so much in your life but it’s all fine now grandma is here with you” Isabel said patting her back.

“Mandy I’m taking Fernanda with me back to Merida” Isabel announced after the hvg and Fernanda stared at her a bit confused.

“Isabel what are you saying? It’s better if Fernanda stays with all of us now she’s [email protected] throu-gh some tough challenges” Abuela rebuked and Isabel walked to her.

“Don’t you plan on building back Fernanda’s reputation in this city? How do you expect her to stand back on her feet when losers are always found around her. She’s in this position because of those j£rks, you guys couldn’t deal with. You left Fernanda with no choice but to accept a ra-pist as the child of her daughter. How does that make any s-en-se? What right does he has to proclaim what’s not his? He doesn’t have any right as long as I’m concerned and I’m not going to sit back and watch him sit on my granddaughter’s nose and get balanced” Isabel said seriously and everyone kept mute.

“Grandma, it’s not what you think. Everyone tried so [email protected] to bring Elias to justice but I was the one who told them not to” Fernanda said slowly and Isabel smiled.

“It’s not your fault Fernanda. You’re still too young to un-derstand how the world works. If you keep on being so considerate to evil doers, you would never get justice for those who did wrong to you. Elias will never set his eyes on my great granddaughter again so get re-ady we will be leaving for Merida” Isabel reminded and Fernanda looked away.

“Grandma can you give a few more days to think about it. I can’t just leave right away, I’ve lived [email protected] all my live here in Mexico city so I need to think things throu-gh” Fernanda uttered and Isabel nodded.

“I’m fine with that as long as you will come with me at the end of all this. I feel so disappointed at Bruno, I can’t believe he couldn’t even take proper care of his only daughter” Isabel said getting pissed.

“Isabel don’t judge Bruno like that, you know so well how he is. He would never let Fernanda come in harm’s way. You care so much for Fernanda yet you never showed up for ten good months all those problems happened. You didn’t reach out to your granddaughter for almost a year. Where were you all this while?” Abuela asked seriously.

“You think I don’t care for my granddaughter as much. Mandy I was in a coma for almost a year and few months, no one reached out except for Fernanda although someone else took the calls in my place. Immediately I gained consciousness, the news about Fernanda got to me but I couldn’t do anything because I was in no position to leave the hospital. I gained back my strength few months back, I couldn’t just show up then because I wasn’t looking good physical so I sat back there in Merida to recover fully” Isabel explained and Fernanda couldn’t help it but boost into tears.

“I’m so sorry grandma, you went throu-gh so much yourself and I had no idea about it. I’m so sorry” Fernanda sobbe-d hvgging Isabel.

“It’s okay dear, I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want to worry you out” Isabel said slowly as a tear escaped her eyes and she wiped it off quic-kly.

“I’m glad, you’re back to normal grandma” Fernanda said smiling.

“I’m sorry Isabel. We totally had no idea about that, plea-se forgive our ignorance” Abuela apologized sincerely and Isabel smiled.

“Now you’ve apologized, I hope you won’t have a problem with me taking Fernanda with me” Isabel reminded and Abuela kept mute.

NEXT day…

Fernanda [email protected] walking around in her room as Jeromino’s thought crowded her mind.

Fernanda this isn’t right? Why do you care if he’s alive or not? St©p thinking about Jeromino. Fernanda said in her head seriously but she couldn’t help it but watch the news on the found victims on her phone.

“Fernanda what are you watching so eagerly that you didn’t hear me calling” Isabel asked with a smile as she [email protected]£ into Fernanda’s room quietly.

“Oh grandma, I wasn’t watching anything important. How’s my baby doing? Have she fallen asleep?” Fernanda asked swiftly.

“She sleeps so soundly even with her curly position. She seems to love it when she sleeps like that” Isabel smiled and Fernanda had a flashback on her second [email protected]£ with Jeromino.

~ “Jeromino you really didn’t have to s£nd me a ph0to of you when you’re slee-ping. You seem quite cute in your slee-ping position” Fernanda complimented.

~ “My mum said I’ve always loved slee-ping in that position ever since I was a baby. Some people said I wouldn’t grow tall if I kept on slee-ping that way but too bad their saying didn’t come true” Jeromino said and Fernanda laughed ~

“Jeromino also loves slee-ping that way” Fernanda whispered with a smile.

“Who are you talking about?” Isabel asked curiously.

“No one grandma. Grandma did you look into what I requested for?” Fernanda asked curiously and Isabel smiled.

“Don’t you trust your grandma? I [email protected]£ a business tycoon at a very young age so I don’t think I will have issues negotiating” Isabel sm-irked.

“Bruno something feels fishy. Do you think Isabel is planning on doing something with Fernanda?” Abuela whispered as they eavesdrop on Fernanda’s door but couldn’t hear much.

“Mum, you think too much. Why would mother-in-law plan things in secret with Fernanda? I really don’t like eavesdropping on people’s conversation so st©p ma-king me do this” Bruno said and left.

“I’m pretty sure something is going on between those two” Abuela uttered then walked to her be-droom.

“You better get to the root of this. You can’t just seat there and act like you’re working when you’re actually do nothing. You batter look for my son else I will make you all lose your jobs” Agustin shouted as he got to the site the plane crash took place.

“We will do our very best to look for your son Mr Guzman” The chief police @ssured and they went back to work.

“Alvaro how come you look fine, weren’t you with Jeromino when the plane crashed?” Agustin asked seriously and Alvaro shivered.

“I’m so sorry sir, I was busy at the office rescheduling Jeromino’s plans for the week because of his frequent trips to Mexico” Alvaro said worriedly and Agustin [email protected]£ closer to him.

“What did you just say? What frequent trips? I thought Jeromino signed a contract in some company in Switzerland? Why’s Jeromino frequenting Mexico? Does he have a woman here?” He asked seriously and Alvaro trembled in fear.

“If you don’t want to lose your life the next minute, you better start talking” Agustin threatened.

“I think Jeromino likes a girl here in Mexico city” Alvaro blurted in fear and Agustin clenched his fist.

“Get lost, I will dig into the details myself. How dare she deceive my son? She will pay direly for doing this to my son” Agustin said angrily and Alvaro ran away.

“Hello, I want you to find out about the girl Jeromino is in love with. I want fast response” Agustin said coldly over the phone then hung up.

If I don’t find Jeromino before today ends, I’m taking your life for ma-king my son go throu-gh this. Agustin gro-an ed in his head angrily.

🥀🌷☀️…. MEANS


LOVE ….🥀🌷☀️

Authoress FG….

CHAPTER 18 °°°


I was at the sitting room with my baby on my arms when a beep [email protected]£ on my phone.

~ “Just pray he survives” ~ The message said and I waved it.

“I happen to get lots of spam messages lately” I hissed and Fernand sat next to me.

“I know I’ve not been always there for you when you needed me the most but the fact that I love and care for you a lot will never change. Fernanda you’re a very [email protected] girl, I taught you well” Fernand said with a smile as he carried my baby.

“Fernand you almost turned me into a tomboy” I laughed.

“I actually turned you into one. You’re a mummy now but you refused to change your s-en-se of reasoning” He tea-sed.

“I know so well that I’m very naive and that’s why I keep on ma-king mistakes over and over again. I find it [email protected] moving on from things” I said slowly and he chuckled.

“Silly girl, no one is above mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes and we learn from those mistakes. Mistakes makes us wiser so you’re not the only one who makes mistakes. If you think moving on is [email protected] then I think something’s still there. You need to settle all scores for you to be able to move on. Fernanda if you still have feelings for Jeromino after all the things he did to you then that means you truly love him but don’t use that as an advantage to make same old mistakes” Fernand advised and I smiled.

“I didn’t say I still have feelings for Jeromino” I lied.

“Such a silly girl, what do you think my job is? Fernanda I’m a psychologist. You can’t lie straight to my face and it’s so obvious you still have feelings for him. I noticed you’ve been spacing out ever since you heard of the plane crash. Fernanda you need to know what you want before moving on. You’re a princess of Dante family so don’t give love to those who don’t deserve it. You deserve better little sis and I will always support you in whatever decision you make. Your happiness matters most”

“I don’t want to make a decision I will regret tomorrow. I’ve made worse decisions so far and I don’t want to add to it” I murmured and he [email protected]£d me into his [email protected]

“Don’t worry yourself too much about moving on, just concentrate on what will make you happy. You’ve gotten a new source of happiness so I hope you cherish the moment and for the time being don’t care about others. That’s why I love the idea of you going back to Merida with grandma, it will be of great help to you and my little niece although I find it odd that you haven’t named her yet” Fernand said and I smiled.

“I don’t want to name her yet. I also find it weird that I don’t feel like doing so”

“Everyone suggested beautiful names for her and yet none of them suits your taste. Are you waiting for Jeromino to do it?” He cut in out of the blue and I almost choked.

“Why would I wait for Jeromino before naming my baby? Of course that’s not the reason” I ch!pped in quic-kly.

“You don’t have to be nervous, just take your time in doing it. Just that I can’t wait to call her by her name” He smiled staring at her.

“Her name will be Marisol” I said slowly and Fernand placed his hand on my shoulders.

“It’s a beautiful name but that was so sudden, I thought you needed some time” He tea-sed.

“Yeah, firstly I never thought of the name I would give to her but right now I’m happy and grateful to have Marisol. She’s so pretty” I smiled staring at her.

“She looks just like her mother, of course my baby sis is a beautiful woman” Fernand said smiling.

“Fernanda come have a look at this. You’re getting calls from so many companies” Dad said as he walked into the sitting room with his eyes on his phone.

“What kind of calls Dad?” Fernand and I asked curiously and Dad walked closer to us.

“Fernanda are you re-ady to go back to the industry?” Dad asked curiously and I stared at Fernand.

“What do you mean Dad? I thought we talked about that. I don’t want to go back to the industry, I’m done modelling” I said strictly as I stood up.

“Fernanda are you going to just give up like that? You’ve always dreamed of becoming like your mother, what happened to that dream? You said you’ve moved on so why are you letting your past with Jeromino affect your future” Dad said seriously and I looked away.

“Daddy I’m moving on but what happened between Jeromino and I was a hvge b!ow to me, I’m still recovering from the whole drama. I got into that mess because I wanted to be famous and popular but look what happened. I really don’t like the idea of people judging me when I’m working. What would the workers think of me” I said seriously.

“But you love modeling Fernanda so don’t kill those dreams. A lot of people are begging to be in your shoes, having a second chance like this means you’re worth it. Despite everything that happened, people still want to work with you” Fernand advised and I sat down tiredly.

“Fernando is absolutely right. You should consider going back to the industry. What happened between you and Jeromino is all in the past now so let’s move on from that chapter. I’m pretty sure you would want to be a independent and strong lady in the pres£nce of my granddaughter” Dad said smiling.

“But grandma and I are leaving for Merida soon. I guess even fate doesn’t want me to go back to the industry yet but when I get back from grandma’s,I want to have a very fresh start with Marisol here in Mexico city” I said smiling and Dad smiled back.

“Alright dear, you need to be away from all this trouble for the time being I think that a beautiful idea” Dad ch!pped in.

“I hope when you get back, you’ve gone back to your normal self” Fernand said slowly and I nodded.


Agustin was in his gambling site in Mexico when a call [email protected]£ into his phone.

“Have you found out the girl who’s luring Jeromino into Mexico?” Agustin asked over the phone.

“Yes boss, her name’s Fernanda Dante. She’s a supermodel, she once worked with Jeromino on a couple outfits months ago” One of his men explained.

“Fernanda Dante? Her name sounds quite familiar” Agustin said trying to recall.

“Yes Boss. She’s the daughter of Maria Jose and she was the one who reopened Maria Jose’s case although she has dropped it for the time being” He explained and Agustin clenched his fist angrily.

“I want her out of the picture before midnight. She’s been a pain on my @ss” Agustin said seriously then hung up.

Bruno I told you to keep your family in check and what did you do? Nothing! You left the country and went into hiding. I told you to look after Jeromino and you couldn’t even do that. Maybe after losing another member of your family, you will start thinking straight. Agustin gro-an ed in his head angrily.


“Fernanda I’ve got everything re-ady, the police will be here anytime soon” Isabel informed and Fernanda sm-irked.

“I just have to wait for Elias to show up” Fernanda said with a malicious smile.

“Grandma, I need to get something from the supermarket down the road. I will be right back” Fernanda said smiling then she went out, heading to the supermarket.

Agustin’s men arrived at Fernanda’s neighborhood.

“The boss said we should finish her off before midnight but do you think she will come out now” One of the men asked.

“My cigarettes is finished. Drive down the street to get me a new one” One of the men ordered and they drove down the street and unfortunately Fernanda was heading out of the supermarket.

“I think she’s the one” The driver announced and they parked across the road as the sniper positioned his gun facing Fernanda’s heart.

“What are you waiting for? Shoot her alre-ady” The driver reminded and the sniper pu-ll-ed the trigger but Jeromino collected the bullet.


“Jeromino” Fernanda [email protected] out in shock as Jeromino stood in front of her looking so pale with bruises and bandage on his face.

“Fernanda let’s elope” Jeromino said slowly but he slowly lost consciousness then fell on Fernanda’s shoulder.

Agustin you’re so 😡😡

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