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means to love episode 11 & 12

🥀🌷☀️…. MEANS

LOVE ….🥀🌷☀️

Authoress FG….

CHAPTER 11 °°°


“What!” I shouted as I got home and they told me everything that happened.

“Luciano you were right, we should have listened to you. I’m sorry I raised my voice at you the other day” Bruno apologized and I placed my hands on my [email protected]!st tiredly.

“All these happened when I was away? I just left for a day and all this happened alre-ady. Who the hell did that to Fernanda?” I asked furiously.

“Jeromino posted the S-xtape then flied out of the country and for the ra-pist, we have no idea who he is” Damian replied slowly but Mum was at a corner crying her eyes out.

“Come on Mum, for how long have you been crying? Your eyes are so fluffy and red” I complained and she wiped off her tears with her handkerchief.

“It’s my fault. I’m the reason why all this happened to my Fernanda, if I hadn’t set her up on a blind [email protected]£ and then allowed her go out with Jeromino. This whole thing wouldn’t have happened” Mum sobbe-d even more.

“Mum it’s not your fault okay. You were only trying to make your granddaughter happy so don’t blame yourself for it. It was written in her fate to go throu-gh this so st©p sobbing and look for a way to get out of this traumatized situation. If you act this way, how do you expect Fernanda feel when she sees you like” Benicio cut in and I frowned.

“Mum started all this so it’s her fault this happened to Fernanda. Why are you all trying to deny the truth here? You all know so well that mum brou-ght this upon poor Fernanda. It’s bad enough that she doesn’t have a mother and now this” I shouted.

“Luciano you’re a bit too harsh” Bruno said seriously and I turned to him.

“Bruno this also happened to Fernanda because of you. She’s the only daughter you have and yet you couldn’t even protect her properly. How do you plan on facing Maria Jose when you leave this world? You couldn’t even take proper care of her only daughter. Do you still think you’re a good Dad” I said angrily and tears roll down his cheeks.

“Luciano you’re beginning to cross the line here. If you cared so much for your niece why didn’t you watch her closely when you had a hunch about Jeromino? You call yourself her uncle and yet you couldn’t even protect her, do you think I feel any better about this. You’re never home when things like this happen but you suddenly show up and act like you care when you’re never here to show your support to the family. This was how you created a scene when Maria died, where were you the day Maria died? We couldn’t find you around. Do you still think you’re a good brother” Bruno screamed with tears rolling down his cheeks. Tears roll down my cheeks as well.

“You think it’s easy for me as well. You think I’m happy not being here for my family? Just because you were blessed with the [email protected] to be able to work in a hvge company doesn’t mean it’s easy for others. Do you have any idea what it feels like to be out casted like you never existed? Everyone in this family is so perfect and good at whatever they do. Did you expect me to just sit around and act like a dimwit? Of course I have to fight for myself a well. Have anyone in this family ever asked me if I had a job or doing fine in whatever I do? No one has ever done that but it never bothered me because everyone was happy and you’re my family” I shouted.

“We’re sorry about that Luciano” Benicio said slowly and I wiped off my tears.

“Its not like if we asked you, you would tell us the truth so why bother asking. Do you think we’re all heartless because we put a blind eye to whatever you do. Why do you think everyone kept mute and never asked you of your job? It’s because we want to support you without putting you in a ti-ght seat so st©p pla-ying the victim here” Bruno scolded and I sniffed just then Fernanda cracked the door open and walked in with a serious face.

“Uncle Luciano what’s your job? What kind of work do you do?” She asked seriously with a very intense look in her eyes but my phone started ringing.

“Excuse me” I cut in and walked to my room to take the call.

“Why are you calling me? I actually have a question for you. Where’s Jeromino right now?” I asked furiously and Agustin laughed.

“Why are you suddenly putting interest in my son?” He asked suspiciously.

“I thought of your offer and I would want to be his b©dyguard” I lied.

“That will be when he gets back from Switzerland, he probably preparing to leave the united states in some days time. That’s not the reason why I called you though” He said seriously.

“I won’t be doing any business for the time being, I want to lie low” I reminded him.

“That won’t be a problem but something fishy is going on at the police station and I think someone reopened Maria Jose’s case” He informed and I looked behind to see if anyone was listening.

“What do you mean reopen?” I asked curiously in a low tone.

“You wouldn’t want me to end the life of a mother and daughter right so do the right thing before I lose my cool” He threatened.

“You shouldn’t threaten me in that manner when I’ve got something against you as well. Stay out of this, I will take care of things here so don’t bother calling me to threaten me in such a manner” I said seriously and hung up.

I can’t go to jail yet when I’ve not gotten justice for Fernanda. Jeromino will regret doing that to my niece, same goes to the ra-pist as well so keep on hiding so I don’t get you. I uttered in my head angrily then I went back to the sitting room.

“Luciano who were you talking to for so long and suspiciously as well” Bruno asked staring at me.

“My boss, it was my boss. I will be leaving for the united states tonight so Fernanda what were you saying because I have a flight to catch” I said and Fernanda looked away.

She didn’t probably find anything against me right? She looks quite upset with me. I said in my head.

“I’m suddenly curious about the kind of job you have uncle” She said.

“Actually I work for a very wealthy man and I happen to be his right hand man so I go errands for him.. emm I’m like his secretary” I replied with blinking.

“Again uncle, did you speak with mum the day she died?” She asked curiously.

“Fernanda why are you asking a question like that? Did something happen at the station?” Bruno asked curiously and I began to sweat heavily.

“Yeah, I spoke with Maria on the day she died. I had no idea that was going to be the last time I would hear her voice” I said slowly.

“Do you remember what you discussed with her that day over the phone?” She asked curiously.

“Come on Fernanda, you don’t expect me to remember what we discussed over the phone twelve years ago but I’m pretty sure she was informing me about dinner, I guess” I said sweating all over.

“Oh okay, well I got my hands on mummy’s phone call log and uncle Luciano was the last person she spoke to so I was quite curious. I’m sorry uncle for being inquisitive” She smiled.

“It’s nothing dear. I have to go now, I need to book my flight” I said looking at my wristwatch.

“Fernanda I heard what happened. I promise to get justice for you, no one does such horrible things to niece and go scort free. I’m Luciano Dante and I promise to make them pay” I @ssured with a smile.

“Thank you uncle” She said with a teary eyes.

“I’m here now so don’t bother going to the police station to hear the trash the policemen have to say. I will take it from here, I was once a secret agent” I [email protected] and she smiled.

“I will get going now” I said and ran out.

I got into my car then drove off to the airport.

Jeromino the only thing that will save you from my anger is if you face death before I get to you. You messed with the wrong person, your father might be the devil himself but I don’t bother going down with him as long as I’ve given Fernanda the justice she deserves. I muttered in my head angrily as I drove into the airport.

🥀🌷☀️…. MEANS

LOVE ….🥀🌷☀️

Authoress FG….

CHAPTER 12 °°°


Luciano got to the united states and sneaked into Jeromino’s mansion in disguise as a janitor with fake beards on.

“I don’t remember calling for a new janitor” Jeromino said rudely.

“I’m helping my colleague, he’s not in a good condition today so I’m filling in for him” Luciano lied as he had a flashback on what he did to the janitor.

~ When Luciano arrived earlier. He waited outside thinking of a way to get into the building just then the janitor arrived at the gate so Luciano knocked him out and put him inside his car booth ~

“Alright go ahead. You will be so busy today because you will be moving my stuffs to the storeroom” Jeromino said sarcastically then walked away.

The only thing I will be moving to the storeroom is [email protected] of your b©dy. Luciano said in his head glaring at Jeromino as he got into his room.

Later in the evening….
Ciro and Elias visited Jeromino.

“Elias what are you doing here? You still have the nerve to show your face in my house?” Jeromino shouted.

“Jeromino you’re taking this too far. Have you developed feelings for Fernanda?” Elias shouted then Luciano [email protected]£ out of the storeroom as he heard Fernanda’s name.

“Nons-en-se! What do you take me for? You should admit what you did was terrible. You [email protected]£d Fernanda for goodness sake” Jeromino shouted and Luciano clenched his fist as he brou-ght out his gun from his pocket.

“I just had one round with her, what’s the big deal. You also used her so don’t [email protected] here and this isn’t the first time we’re doing this so why are you ma-king a fuss about this” Elias said sarcastically and Luciano hide behind a pillar as he stayed in a good position.

Bastards! You [email protected]£d my niece and you say it’s no big deal. You will regret saying those words. Luciano said angrily in his head then he sh0t Elias at his left leg and swiftly he sh0t Jeromino on his left hand.

“Who’s that?” Jeromino winced holding his bleeding arm, Elias fell on the ground alre-ady and Ciro ran out of the building in hurry after Elias and Jeromino got sh0t.

Luciano ran out of the building throu-gh the back door. He threw the janitor out of his boot then drove off before the police arrives.


Fernanda went into her room then ran into the washroom, she locked the door [email protected]

She turned on the shower and took off her clothes. She sat in the bathtub and suddenly tears began to roll down her cheeks as she had flashes of last night [email protected]£ incident.

“Who ever did that, why did you do that to me? Why me? What have I done to deserve such” Fernanda screamed as water flow down from her hair to face. She draining but you can tell tears was rolling down her eyes.

Her f!ngersran throu-gh her hair and she sobbe-d heavily.

Fernanda [email protected]£d her bar soap and scrubbe-d her skin terrifyingly. She felt disgusted as she scrubbe-d [email protected]

~ “Like I heard, you’re good. I would have gone easy on you if you weren’t stubborn in the first place” His voice echoed in Fernanda’s ears.

~ “Someone from your family st©pped your mother’s case. Do you have any idea who acts suspicious about your mum’s case because I have a hunch someone in your family knows who killed your mother ” The officer said politely. ~

“Go to hell! You should all rot in hell! Why’s everyone so evil? Why?” Fernanda screamed and suddenly an idea popped on her head.

“Uncle Luciano can get justice for mummy so I should go drop the last piece of evidence in his be-droom” Fernanda uttered as she [email protected]£ out of the shower.

She went into Luciano’s room.

“Where should I put this?” Fernanda deliberated on where to place the call log print out but her eyes caught with something un-der Luciano’s be-d.

“What’s that?” I [email protected] out in shock as she picked it up. It was a gun bullet.

What’s a gun bullet doing here? Fernanda questioned in her head staring at the bullet and swiftly began to search Luciano’s room.

She searched his drawers and closet but couldn’t find anything to convince her otherwise so researched the drawers and found her mum’s cellphone in one of the drawers.

What’s mum’s cellphone here? Fernanda questioned then she had a flashback on what the police officer said to her.

~ “Someone from your family st©pped your mother’s case” ~

“It’s not true. Uncle Luciano will never be involved in such a thing, uncle Luciano cares alot for his family there’s no way he’s involved in mum’s murder” Fernanda uttered with her hands on her hair as she sat on his be-d slowly.

She went back to her room with the bullet in her hand.

Fernanda dialed the officer’s number.

“Officer do you still have the aut©psy of my mum?” Fernanda asked seriously over the phone.

“I think it’s in your mum’s record but why do you need it? Have you put some thoughts into what we discussed the last time. You told me you weren’t re-ady to dig into your mum’s murderer. Are you re-ady now?” He asked over the phone and Fernanda swallowed [email protected] as her heartbeat raced nervously.

“Yes officer, I’m re-ady to dig into my mum’s case. It’s high time I get justice for mummy so let’s start with the aut©psy” Fernanda said nervously as she looked at the bullet in her hand.

“You made the right decision Fernanda. Someone dropped by and collected some information about your [email protected]£ case. I think someone is digging into your case” The officer informed and Fernanda looked away not knowing who would do that.

“Officer do you think the ra-pist s£nt someone to get information to know if we’re getting any clues about him?” She asked curiously.

“It doesn’t look that way, he looked determined to get that criminal. He was like some sort of prosecutor” The officer explained.

“Officer I really don’t care whoever that is but I would love to keep the reopening of my mum’s case confidential. My family shouldn’t get informed either” She instructed.

“Did you get any clues whatsoever on your mum’s case?” He asked.

“I don’t think I have but I have to confirm something first. Officer see you at the station tomorrow. Thank you” Fernanda said politely then hung up.

Fernanda went into her gallery then deleted all her pictures with Jeromino and his ph0tos as well.

A notification popped up on Fernanda’s phone. She opened it and it’s a news about Jeromino being sh0t at home by some unknown men.

Fernanda laughed [email protected] at the sight of that.

“You deserve whatever pain come your way Jeromino, I’m done mourning you” Fernanda said seriously then frowned.


Fernanda went to the station and got Maria Jose’s aut©psy result.

“Officer does this bullet look like the one my mum was sh0t with?” Fernanda asked curiously as she brou-ght out the bullet from her pocket.

“Your mum’s case was closed so I guess the bullet from her che-st was taken as well but according to the aut©psy report, the bullet must be from a rare gun but let me have a look at the bullet so I can give it out for research. This bullet looks very rare” The officer said looking at the bullet as Fernanda handed it over to him.

I pray this bullet proves my suspicions for uncle wrong. I can’t bear to hate the whole world at once. Fernanda said in her head nervously.

“Officer is it possible if we get the results tomorrow?” Fernanda asked anxiously.

“Results like this takes quite sometime because the companies wouldn’t tell out their secret weapon to the police so it must be sold to criminals only because it’s a rare weapon” The officer explained and Fernanda nodded in agreement.

“I hope it gets sorted out fas-ter so we move on and get a lawyer for mummy” Fernanda uttered seriously as she sighed.

“Those who fight for the truth finds it [email protected] getting to the truth but trust me Fernanda, the truth will always prevails” He encouraged.

“It doesn’t matter how long it takes as long as justice prevails” Fernanda said confidently.


Fernanda kept on going to the station looking for clues in her mother’s case and positively she’s getting closer to the truth but her suspicions about Luciano was proven wrong.

“Fernanda the sketch of your mum’s murderer have been drawn. It wasn’t easy getting our hands on that CCTV footage of twelve years ago but luckily we did, come have a look” The officer said and Fernanda smiled excitedly as the sketch was given to her.

“You murderer, you’re a goner” Fernanda said angrily looking at the sketch with red eyes but she suddenly felt nauseous.

“Fernanda are you okay?” The officer asked and she nodded ru-bbing down her che-st.

“I think it suddenly [email protected]£ stuffy here, excuse me officer. I should use the washroom, I will be right back” Fernanda said slowly then walked quic-kly to the washroom to throw up.

Fernanda why are you feeling this way? It’s probably not what I’m thinking right. Fernanda questioned herself as she poured some water on her face.

But wait a minute…. I haven’t seen my cycle for the past few months. Why am I just noticing that now? Fernanda [email protected] in her head staring at herself at the mirror.

“Fernanda relax, you can’t be pregnant for those bastards. No you can’t!” Fernanda screamed with her f!ngersin her hair as she ruffled her hair and h0t tears began to roll down her cheeks.


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