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may I episode 9 & 10

([email protected]ç£is a Meal)

;By Sommy Pearl F.

Chapter 9&10.


☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

“Leave” May heard his voice.

She slowly looked up at him.

“Go to Italy! and st©p being acting like a fool here!” Raymond thun-dered.

May couldn’t open her mouth to talk anymore. Since when Raymond asked the question, she had been thinking and staring blankly for minutes.

Yes, she agreed. She was a fool.

A tear ran down her eye and she didn’t even bother to wipe it away. She slowly stood up, bowed a bit before walking out of the place.

May held her bag which crossed over her che-st, close as she walked the down the busy road.

Thankfully, there was enough street light to brighten her way throu-gh the darkness.

“What was I thinking? I need to call my mum first” She muttered with a tired voice.

She brou-ght out her bad looking phone and sighed de-eply. She looked at her side and to her surprise and thankfully for her, there was a phone repair shop there.

She smiled to herself and hurried in there.

Immediately, May entered, Raymond [email protected]£ into view. He was [email protected] heavily. It seemed he ran all the way from his restaurant.

Raymond looked around and sighed.
“Where is she now? This was the last place I saw her? Darn it! Did she have to forget her luggage?!” He complained bitterly.

After minutes of looking for her wth no positive result, Raymond walked away.

And the instant he walked away, May [email protected]£ out of the repair shop.

“Finally” She smiled looking at her phone.

“So [email protected] new” She said.

Next, She walked into a small night shop and ordered for grilled pork and veggies. She also ordered for a bottle of soju.

As she devoured the meal, She said inwardly.
“Nothing tastes good like Ko-rean food. Italy meal indeed! Aiish! Such a horrible chef. He doesn’t even knows how to treat his customers well. Wastage of handsome face”

“Well, I should call Mum and tell her I’m in Korea. If she says I should go back. I’m gonna tell her I tore the flight ticket. I pray she doesn’t get another. It damn too expensive though,, She wouldn’t get another for me” She thought and switched on her phone.

She was still eating when she made a call. However, the network service provider said with its usual systematic voice;

*You have an unheard voice message from this person,, Press 1 to listen, Otherwise, you will be directed back to the ongoing call”

“Huh?” May thought and looked at her screen. She pressed 1 and waited to listen.

*Baby, Are you okay there? Why aren’t you calling? You aren’t picking your calls either. What’s going on? You know I love you so much, huh? I believe in you. I cherish you. I adore you, May. plea-se, Make me proud. Live well, Stay well, Eat well…Mummy loves you, darling. Call me, plea-se…as soon as you receive this voice mail. Muah*

The pork she was chewing ran down May’s mouth unintentionally. For once, she felt bad and sorry.

She quic-kly switched off her phone so that she wouldn’t receive any calls from her mother.

“Mum…” May’s weak voice [email protected]£ out of her mouth bitterly.

Tears that had been piling in her eyes as she was hearing the message rushed down her cheek.

She sniffed, wiped them up and stood up fast. She quic-kly paid for her meal and hurried out without bothering to finish her pork and soju.

May had decided to go back to the airport and do something. She had to go back to Italy, for her mum.

It was her only wish.

Airport,, 11pm***

The airport was still busy at that time. There was bright light and busy people around.

Firstly, May went to the trash can she threw the torn flight ticket into. At least, if she saw it, she could glue it together and request for a flight time change.

“What have I done?” She thought, as she threw out the trash from its can directly on the floor.

Many people was beggining to stare but she didn’t care. She was looking for it with a serious mindset. She scattered the whole trash with her hand on the floor. She couldn’t st©p tearing up either.

Later, Some securities ran to her and took her up.

“Leave plea-se” One told her.

“plea-se…plea-se…There is something that I need to find…plea-se” She begged in tears.

“No, we insist you leave now, plea-se. Don’t cause any misun-derstanding or ruckus this night”

“I need to find it now. Its really important” She persisted, stubbornly.

“There’s no food here, madam. Search else where!” Another security bellowed.

May quic-kly glared at the speaker.
“What? Food? What’s with food and everyone!! I’m not searching for any fv¢king food! What are you talking about?”

“We know you are hungry. Most homeless and hungry children and people come to our trash can to dig out food-

“Well, I’m different”

“How are you different?… I mean just take a look at your face and your b©dy!”

May slowly turned her face to her side. There was a hvge [email protected] there and she was able to see her whole b©dy.

She almost couldn’t recognize herself now. She was stained. horribly stained. The trash had t©uçhed her clothes and gave it bad and dirty stains.

Her face wasn’t exceptional. As she was crying then, while searching for her ticket, she used her dirty filthy hands in wiping her tears, thereby, dirtying her face.

Tears rushed down her eyes. She lost!.

“plea-se leave now. It’s an advice!” The security said.

May looked around and saw people staring at her. They were also gossiping. Some even held their nose because of the stinking smell coming from her b©dy.

She was greatly [email protected] She looked down with tears in her eyes and began to walk out of the scene.

The last word she heard was;

“I hope she finds the meal she is looking for. She looks really hungry. Such a poor kid”


“Darn it!” May shouted, running fast as her legs would carry her.

She suddenly remembered her luggage.

“What was I thinking? What have I been thinking? Today is the worst day of my life! If only I didn’t meet him. I regret meeting you….Chef!!!” She said aloud, still running.


Raymond was done with the arrangement of the restaurant when he heard a knock. The welcome [email protected] was also over. Everyone had gone to their various homes.

Raymond has an [email protected] inside his restaurant and it was a big one. He also had spare rooms too. The knock [email protected]£ again.

“Who’s that-

“Oh wait…She’s probably the one” Raymond scoffed and walked to the door.

He opened it.
“You [email protected]£ back-

He paused after seeing a different person entirely. He wi-de-ned his eyes and felt his heart beat racing fast.

It was her! It was Coral! But what was she doing here, this late….

“Coral?” Raymond whispered.

Coral smiled.
“Hi, Ray…I heard you are back”

“Huh…Yeah…Yah…I…I…[email protected]£ today…Why are you here? It’s not that… I’m angry you are here. I’m just surprised…Besides, It’s late”

Coral laughed.
“You are so funny…then and now”

Raymond scratched his head.
“The welcome [email protected] is over though”

“I know” Coral replied.

“So, what do I owe this visit?” He asked.

May who was watching the two since was getting pissed off alre-ady. She had been watching them for a few minutes now.

She was about to rush for her luggage,, but when she saw Coral talking to Raymond, she hesitated. Because of it, She had to stay at a corner and eavesdrop on them.

She heard when Coral called him Ray.

“So, that’s his name…Ray. Who’s that girl though? They aren’t behaving like they are [email protected]!ngthough…It’s a reli-

“Aiish! It’s not your business! Forget about it!. If he [email protected]£s or not,, Its not your business!” She cautioned herself and [email protected] her mouth.

“Ow, that hurts” She gro-an ed.

“Coral? You can tell me, what’s wrong?” Raymond asked, after the silence intervened for seconds.

“….Are you still applying?” She asked, slowly.

“Huh?” Raymond wi-de-ned his eyes.

“I want to work for you. So, do you need-

“Yeah!…I mean yes…yes, I do. You wanna apply?” He asked.

“Yes, I’m also sorry for coming this late to request-

“No, It’s fine. I’m okay”

“No, It’s not that” Coral said, and swallowed [email protected] She brou-ght out her luggage she had been hiding behind her.

“Sorry, but can I stay for tonight? Something happened”

“….Sure, no problem” He replied.

Coral smiled, warmly.
“Thank you so much. You are the best. I’m really sorry for the inconveniences”

“It’s fine. It’s my plea-sure…Come in. I’ve lots of rooms” Raymond said and took her luggage.

Coral nodded.

As they tried to walk in, Raymond heard a familiar voice say;

“It’s a relief you have enough rooms. Can I stay tonight?”

He slowly turned his head, praying it wouldn’t be her.

“Hi, again” May smiled, at him.

Raymond looked at her, disturbe-d and quic-kly glanced at Coral who looked quite confused.

“Darn it. Why now?” He muttered.

“Hmm…What that smell?…I think it’s coming from you” Coral said.

“What’s wrong her? She’s so rude” May said inwardly, and glared at her coldly.

Coral swiftly looked at Raymond.
“Ray?…Let her stay plea-se? She also needs a bathe” She said softly.


“Let both of us stay. We are gonna use the same room” Coral smiled and hurried to May’s side.

She even linked her arms with May’s own. It took May by surprise.

“Oops…I think we both need a bathe now” Coral smiled.

May looked at her, in a silly manner.
“What’s wrong with her? Why is she acting so nice?” She thought.

“Uh…Okay then. Let’s go in” Raymond said.

“Yippee!” Coral gushed and took May in with their linked arms together.


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