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may I episode 15 & 16

([email protected]ç£is a Meal)

By Sommy Pearl F.

Chapter 15&16.


☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

May swallowed [email protected] again and looked at the door.
“Why are you asking me that? Who are you?…Wait! You don’t have to even tell me” May said, and scoffed.

“Are you someone who phone s*xs with just anyone? Sorry…but wrong number!” She swiftly said.

“Oh no,, It isn’t what you think madam” The voice [email protected]£ again.

“Then who are you? Why were you using such a warm and sweet voice on me? Why did you ask if I was alone? Who the hell are you?!”

“I’m Mr Jimmy K. I’m an accountant and I also the one in charge and in control your account” The voice said.

“An accountant? Mr Jimmy K.? I’ve never heard of that name before? Okay, you are in charge and you control my account, so what? What’s up with it”

“I called because of some issues we noticed this morning and even yesterday evening concerning your bank savings account”

“And I’m gonna ask again, what’s wrong with it?”

“While working, I noticed an interference with your account. It seems someone, probably a very sound and good hacker is trying to get into your account and do away with your savings”

“What?! My savings?! My money!! No…No…No…plea-se! That’s my life in there to be sincere. If the money is gone, consider me gone as well. What are we going to do now? What’s…what’s next? plea-se, I don’t even want a dollar missing from my savings, I’m begging you”

“Alright dear. That’s why I called. To alert you and do something. Madam, we have to lock your account for now”

“Yes, plea-se…Lock it. Lock it till it’s over. I’m also gonna come over to the bank-

“No. There’s no need for that. It’s wastage of time and energy. We can sort it here and now”

“plea-se, tell me how” May anxiously said.

“Now, all we need is your card pin, the one at the back of your card as well and also your BVN. It would be also great to get your signature. That way, we will get it locked fas-ter… s£nd a PDF file of your signature via message to this number”

“Okay, no problem. I’m gonna s£nd it as fast as possible”

“Okay dear. We are gonna get it locked as soon as you s£nd them. After few days, we are gonna request for you and then you will rush to the bank, follow few procedures and get it unlocked. Good luck. Don’t [email protected] it’s dangerous. I’m gonna hang up n-

“Hold on!” May suddenly said.

“Yes, Anything else?” Mr Jimmy K. asked.

“I don’t know but are you speaking the truth? Is this legit? Are you sure? Can I trust you?”

Mr Jimmy laughed briefly.
“I told you what I need to. As I’m talking to you now, I’m getting a little intereferance with your account. In less than two hours, your account will be changed and your money…gone”

“No! I’m gonna s£nd the requirements now. plea-se, do well to help me sort it”

“Alright. I will. plea-se, trust me”

“Okay” May nodded.
“Thank you so much, sir” She added.

“You are welcome. I’m gonna hang up n-


“Huh? What’s it again?” He asked, now upset.

“Why did you ask if I was alone earlier? I’m sorry but I need it ask. I’m really curious and the thought has been bothering me ever since”

Mr Jimmy K. sighed.
“I didn’t want anyone to hear our conversation”

“Why not?” May asked.

“You shouldn’t trust anyone. I wanted to let you know without anyone hearing. What if it someone close to you who is trying to hack your account”

“Huh? Some close to me? What do you mean?”

“I’m being called for. I’m busy, madam. plea-se, don’t forget to text those details to me. Have a good day”

“Wait! Wait!!”

*Beep! The phone sounded loudly after the call was hung.

“Aiish! Who’s the thvg trying to hack my account. I had better s£nd those things now” May thought and began to search her bag for her card.

She took it out, and texted the details to him. Afterwards, She received a message from him which re-ad thus;

*Seen alre-ady. Your account will be locked and amended by midnight. plea-se, avoid going to the bank today because it might cause a switch or change in something. Thanks*

May sighed in relief and dropped her phone on the table. She walked downstairs again to meet with Raymond.

She noticed there were few customers now. Most of the utensils which were on the table were being re-moved by Raymond and Coral and other dishwashers.

May smiled and followed Raymond to the kitchen. He noticed her but said nothing. He stired the food on the [email protected] before turning it off.

“Wow…So good. What dish is this?” May asked, inhaling the sweet smell of the unknown food before her.

“It’s Italian. It’s a dish called Capellini” Raymond replied.

“Hmm…It looks good and tasty but don’t you make Korean-

“This is an Italian restaurant. I simply make Ko-rean dishes when I wanna eat them”


“I can see you just woke up” He said.

“Is it obvious? I’ve brushed and I also had a cold bathe too” She replied.

“You must be hungry” Raymond said, taking off his white apron.

“Yeah” May smiled.
“Do you wanna give me something to eat, life saver?”

Raymond scoffed.
“Let’s eat…We are gonna have Capellini”

“Woah! Can’t wait! We? Wait? We? We are gonna eat together…Awwwnn, so cute. Lead the way” May smiled.

“What’s wrong with you? We are gonna eat with Coral. Let’s go” He said and carried the tray of dished meal.

“Aiish!” May muttered, and the smile on her face vanished.

During Breakfast***

Raymond sat with Coral while May sat opposite him. They all ate the food and Coral couldn’t resist but take another round. May also did so after she did.

“But you aren’t done with yours. Why don’t you finish yours first” Raymond suggested.

“I just want more” May said coldly and looked away.

“By the way, You said you are going today? What’s keeping you waiting?” Raymond asked.

“Huh? Me? I’m sorry but i-

“No, Coral…It’s not you. I’m talking to her” Raymond shook his hand and his head. He pointed at May briefly.

May swallowed [email protected] Not yet, she couldn’t go today. She had to solve her bank savings account issue first.

Only then, would she be able to withdraw all her life savings and fly to Italy to attend Law School. May ignored Raymond’s question. She kept her eyes on the food and continued eating.

“Ray?” Coral called, breaking the silence.

He turned to face her.

“I’m sorry but can I still stay for a few more days? The issue I’m having right now hasn’t been fully resolved”

“It’s fine. You can stay as you want. Take this place as your second home. Till whenever the case is resolved, keep on staying here”

Coral smiled, seized his n£¢k and hvgged him ti-ghtly. May watched them with an irked look.

“Thank you so much. You are really kind hearted” Coral said, breaking the hvg.

Raymond smiled and scratched his head. His cheek was almost turning red.
“It’s fine. I don’t mind at all” He muttered.

“Then, that’s a draw. I’m also staying here for the main time. But I will be leaving very very soon” May said.

“You can’t stay” Raymond quic-kly said.

“Why not? You allowed her stay? Why can’t I?” May frowned but Raymond quic-kly kicked her foot from un-derneath. He wanted her to keep quiet.

“What?” She muttered to him.

“Ssh…Just go” He muttered back.

“Aiish!…I won’t. Watch me!”

Raymond chuckled nervously at Coral and took an angry face to May. He took a forkful of the meal into his mouth.

“By the way, What’s your name?” Coral asked.

May quic-kly looked at her.

“I don’t know your name…yet”

May looked down at her food and kept on eating. After a few seconds, she replied;
“Ask him. He knows”

“Oh Ray?…Ray, What’s her name?” Coral asked, and turned to him.

“What? Her name?”

“Hey, I don’t even know your name” Raymond turned his face to May.

May looked back at him.
“What?” She asked.

“You never told me your name” He said.


“Here” The manager said and handed the hvge teddy bear custome to Ryder. He also handed him some pamphlets which he would give to [email protected]

Ryder bowed and collected the things from him.

“You are to stay with the others at Everest Lanes tomorrow. Hand out this pamphlet to [email protected] Make sure you hand out a lot. I want them to know about my amusement park down town and patronize me. You know what I’m talking about?” The manager said.

“Yes sir” Ryder replied.

“What’s the pay by the way?” He quic-kly asked.

“Hmm…If you hand out everything within that day. I’m gonna give you a free tour with your girlfriend in the amusement park and two thousand bucks”

“Oh my! Thanks a lot sir. That’s a great deal. However, I don’t have a girlfriend yet” Ryder laughed, ru-bbing his hair with his hand.

The manager laughed, tapped his shoulder and left the scene. Ryder jumped in happiness after seeing him leave.

Note: Never give anyone your bank and ATM card details,, especially the important ones. Stay safe from Scammers biko💜.


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