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may I episode 13 & 14

([email protected]ç£is a Meal)

By Sommy Pearl F.

Chapter 13&14.

Percy was still signing her docvments when Ryder walked in. She looked up and sm-irked like she was expecting him.

“What’s with that face?” Ryder asked, rou-ghing his hair.

“Isn’t it obvious why you are here?” She replied.

Ryder sighed.

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“Your motorcycle [email protected] needs a refill?” Percy asked, still looking down at the docvment.

“Yes,, you got that right” Ryder replied cooly, looking down.

Percy sighed and took some cash from her cupboard, she dropped a bundle of it on the desk and watched him take it.

Ryder muttered a thank you and made to leave.

“Ryder? St©p acting so strong and apologize to Dad-

Ryder quic-kly turned and said;
“Even if I apologized, He would still want me to sell the bike which I won’t. I adored it for so long before getting it. I can’t just throw it like it’s some pile of sand”

“Ryder, I’m your sister and I’m trying to-

“Then behave like one! Don’t worry, like I said before I’m gonna get a job” Ryder uttered before finally walking out.

Percy sighed de-eply and shook her head, disappointed.

li-pStick Company,, 8am***

“Yes, lift thel-ipstick below your lower l!pnow. Hold it like it’s fragile. Look away from the [email protected]£ra….Yes, that’s it!” The director said as the ph0togra-pher took pictures of Sandra who kept posing in different ways.

Sandra was contacted that morning for a modeling work. She was asked to model for a newl-ipstick company.

Sandra made few more poses with the beautiful dress and sweet makeup she wore.

“It’s a wra-p, guys…Let’s call it done from here!” The director said to everyone.

The crew all shouted a thank you and ran to and fro, trying to get things and everyone in order.

“Here” Sandra’s manager ran to her and placed a thick black jacket on her shoulder.

“Thank you, can I have my bag?” Sandra asked.

Her manager nodded and handed her, the bag which she took from him. She opened it and took out a tissue.

“Oh goodness. What kind ofl-ipstick is that, really?” Sandra asked as she wiped the redl-ipstick away from herl-ips, with the tissue.

“It’s a new product. What’s wrong with it?” Her manager asked.

“It doesn’t have a good fragrance. They had better work on it. Did any people, organization, company or magazine call me in? I haven’t been getting lot of orders since…Am I getting old or what?” Sandra rolled her eyes.

“Sandy?” Her manager, West called.

She st©pped walking and turned to him. He also st©pped walking and turned to look at her back.

“Mr Noah asked me to get you?” He said.

Sandra’s eyes wi-de-ned. She looked anxious and a little shocked. Mr Noah is the CEO of her agency which owns her. Her agency, A&J Entertainment also houses lots of models, actors, actress, soloist, bands etc.

“I don’t un-derstand? Why did he call for me? Did I do anything wrong? Did anything happen?” She asked.

“How would I know? He saw me rushing into the agency this morning and called me. He asked where you were and I told him you were busy modeling. He said he hadn’t been able to reach you since last night and told me to call you in whenever you are available” Mr West replied.

“Is that all? Hope he didn’t-

“That’s all, Sandy. He didn’t say anything else. If he did, I would have told you” West interrupted.

Sandra sighed and slowly began to walk away. West followed her. They went outside and he quic-kly opened the big black car which she entered.

West hopped into the driver’s seat and started driving immediately. Sandra who was in de-ep thoughts kept b!tt!g her f!nger nails.

A&J Entertainment,,8:50am***

Sandra knocked the door before her.

“Who’s that?” A husky voice sounded.

“It’s Sandra” She replied, aloud warmly.

“Oh…Sandra. Come in,, the door is opened” His voice [email protected]£ again.

Sandra inhaled, and exhaled de-eply,, did the holy trinity sign before pushing the door open. She walked in stylishly.

Noah smiled when he saw her and stood up from his desk. He walked further to the sofa in front and told her to seat in the opposite sofa which she did.

Noah sat down as well and placed a docvment on the table between them.
“You know what today is?” He started.

Sandra lifted her eyes up for a moment and looked down at him.
“I wish I did, sir. Remind me” She replied.

“Well, today is the day your contract ends with A&J Entertainment-

“Oh my! I thought it was next week”

“No, It’s today”

“I forgot absolutely”

“It’s fine. The main reason I called you here was for you to renew your contract with my agency. What do you think?” He asked.

Sandra sighed.

“Do you wanna think about it?” He asked.

“No, I…I think I need a change-

Noah laughed.
“Don’t tell me you want to leave my company?”

“Sort of. I’ve been working for you here, for years now. I can’t be stuck in one place. I need a change just like the rest, don’t you think?” Sandra asked.

“So, you won’t sign the paperwork? You won’t renew the contract with us?” He asked.

“No sir. I’m going to just look for another company. Thank you so much for your [email protected], care and everything” She said and stood up.

Sandra gave him a bow before turning to walk.

“No one is gonna sign a single fv¢king mother like you! You know I’m just managing you, right?!. You’re worthless. Other models are better and younger than you” Noah’s husky voice [email protected]£ with de-ep harshness.

Sandra scoffed.
“And that’s the reason why I would love to change my agency. The CEO is a big so-re in the @ss” She thought, shook her head and walked out of the office.

Sandra went outside and opened the car which she entered. West was still there.

“So, what’s up? What did he say? What did you both talk about?” He asked.

Sandra kept quiet. She was thinking [email protected]

“Hello….Sandy?. What happened in there. Talk to-

“West?!” She suddenly called, almost triggering fear into him.

“Yes? Yes? What’s it?” He asked.

“Do you know any good agency recruiting and signing new and old artistes?” She asked.

“Huh? Why are you asking?”

“Aiish! Just reply!”

“Uhm…There are a lot but for now. I would prefer either Leaflets Entertainment or PiE Entertainment”

“Which artiste are housing there?” Sandra asked.

“Uhm…We have Carlos Strongs and more in Leaflets Entertainment. Then, in PiE,, we have-

“You know what, Let’s meet with the CEO in Leaflets Entertainment”

“What? Now? Why? Talk to me-

“Let’s go now! Let’s drive! I’m gonna talk to you later, okay?”

“Urgh! Okay…Here I go” West uttered and drove off from sight.


May lifted her head from the be-d and yawned lazily. She looked around in surprise.

“How did I get here? I remember dozing off on the counter after that heavy drinking” She thought.

“Whatever” She yawned again, waving the thoughts aside.

“Or did Ray take me in?” She chuckled, bringing the thoughts back.

“Wait! What happened last night after I got drun!k? Hope I didn’t do a mistake?” She thought.

May tried her best to recall that night and after remembering the phone call she had with her mum, she shouted in a loud voice.

“What the fv¢k! What was I talking about? Italy?! What Italy? Which Italy? Darn it! I’m in Korea,, not Italy! What Italian meal was I talking about? I haven’t even tasted their food since my mother gave birth to me! What’s wrong with you, May! You have gone pyscho!” She shouted at herself.

May stood up and began to walk up and down, around the whole room.She was glad she had the place to herself. She didn’t see Coral in there and she was even thankful she wasn’t there.

“What do I do now? No, I can’t tell her I’m in Korea anymore,, It’s too late! The only choice I have is to get another flight ticket.. Darn it! It’s too expensive! Whatever, I’m gonna use all my money in my account and get it. I don’t care! That’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna hurry to the bank now, withdraw all my money and hurry back to Italy. But why does this misfortune have to happen to me? Why? Why? Why?” She thought.

May sighed and hurried downstairs. She took her phone and went there. She [email protected] when she saw people alre-ady in the restaurant, eating and ordering.

She saw Coral attending to them. May hissed and strained her eyes to look for Raymond.

She finally saw him talking to some customers kindly. She smiled almost drooling when her ringtone cut her off.

She quic-kly went to the room, sat on the be-d and looked at her phone. It was an unknown number.

“Huh? Who could this be?” She said inwardly and picked the call.

“Hello? Who is this, plea-se?” She asked, with the phone against her ear.

“Hello?” A manly and warm voice [email protected]£ in.

“….Huh? Sorry…but who are my speaking with?” May asked.

“….Are you alone right now?” The warm sweet voice [email protected]£ again allowing May to swallow [email protected]


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