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Marshall batch 5

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🎀 Can he love me 🎀
🍭Chapter 21🍭🍭

Written by kindness odianosen. O.



Continue POV.

Marshall is married.

Yes but you have to keep it to yourself.

And why should I do that.

Because it a secret marriage.

Secret marriage and why is that.

You and I know, Marshall have many enemies, all of them want is downfall…. And finding out he his married, they might use Shirley against him.

Oh the damsel name is Shirley.

Eddy, why are you suddenly interested in Marshall, I thought you hate him.

I don’t hate him, I only hate his proudness.

Everyone knows Marshall is proud.

What your next step.

What do you mean.

Look out what that asshole did to you.

Eddy, Marshall is my friend, I can’t hurt him.


Yes Eddy and if you most know…….. He knows about all my movement.

Was he the one, who text me to come to your house.

I think so.

That proud peacock.

So Eddy, whatever you have in mind against Marshall Salvador, the young devil in mask, you should stop now….. Before you get hurt.

Have you see, his real face.

Yes I have.

Mar really like you.

That boy is a semi Greek God…… I don’t know why he his hiding his face through that stupid mask.

What if we expose him.

Expose him, how.

By revealing his real face to the world.

That dangerous.

Davis…. Do you know how many people in American and so many countries are dying to see the face of their young multi billionaire.

What are you trying to imply.

Let make some money,

By revealing Marshall face.

Yes dude.

You better leave.


Eddy leave my house. He yelled.

Okay, I will leave… But in case you change your mind, you know my office right.

Get the fuck out of my house.

Goodbye dude.

Bastard. He cursed and lay flat on his bed.

(Marshall (written by kindness odianosen. O. )

~ White house ~

Good morning dad.

Morning princess, were are you off too.

To school.


Yes dad.

Come have your breakfast.

Dad am not hungry, am already late for class.

Sasha. He snarled.

Okay I’ll take some pancake with me.

Dear, you look tiny, sit down and eat.

Am really not hungry.

Sit down and have your breakfast, then I will consider your request to attend MS dice high school.

Really dad.

Yes…. That is, if you eat your breakfast.

That shouldn’t be a problem. She said and quickly grab her plate and started mooching her food.

Slow down Sasha.

Dad, am slow.

We’re is your brother.

I don’t know.

What do you mean you don’t know.

Dad, Liam left home early.

Without eating.

Dad, Liam is a grow up.


See you later dad. She said and quickly ran out.

Come finish up your breakfast.

Am full. She shouted.

This kids are headache ….. Bryan. He called.

Yes sir.

Prepare Sasha transfer paper to MS dice high school.

Okay sir.

MS dice high school is one of the best school in American and also meant for the rich……. Sasha need to attend it, since the school will soon be mine. He said and burst into an evil laughter.

MS dice high school.

~ Marshall estate ~

I hate him, so much….. How dare him lock me up in that scaring place without food.

I can’t believe I slept on an empty stomach all because of that monster.

I miss papa, papa never allow me sleep on an empty stomach, he pampers and care for me…… I miss him so much, I wish I listened to him, all this wouldn’t have happened.

I wouldn’t have married a mask man……. I was still speaking to myself, when I felt him enter into our bedroom.

Shirley. He called.

What do you want from me.

Am sorry for locking you up.

And why are you apologizing.

Because I know I hurt you.

Get out fool.

Shirley don’t you dare.

What if I do, are you still going to lock me up.

No, I won’t.

Then what will you do to me.

Am going to make love to you until you loss your breath.

What. I yelled feeling hot all over my body.

Should I. He asked, standing close to me that I can feel his breath on me…. What are you doing Marshall.

You will see….. With that he claimed my lips into a moment of passionate kiss.



🍭Chapter 22🍭🍭

Written by kindness odianosen. O.

Continued POV.

Marshall stop. I said and disengaged from the kiss.

Shirley please.

What am I to you.


Your sex toy or your bed warmer.

Shirley, I can’t love you.

And why is that.

I don’t want to hurt you.

Marshall you already hurt me.


Please let me go.

What do you mean by that. He snarled making her to flinched.

I want to go back to my papa.

You want to leave me.

Marshall staying together, both of us might get hurt.

You’re going no where.


Shut up Shirley, you’re my wife.

Am not your wife.

Then am going to make you one right now. He said and clash his lips to mine.

Marshall please stop. I murmur, trying to push him off me.

Shirley, I really want you, please allow me. He said the moment he disengage from the kiss…… Staring at his blue through the mask, made me feel weak.

Shirley. He called snapping me out of my thought.

Marshall let not do this.


Because, I don’t want it.

If you say so. He was about walking out, when he say the unexpected.

Get ready, Andy will drop you off, to your new school.

Really. I asked not believing it.

Shirley, I hate repeating myself, get ready.

What if I refuse too go.

You dare not. He snarled with his bloodshot eyes daring me to.

What if I do. I stuttered.

You will regret it.

Marshall, why are you wicked.

Ask your papa that, get ready…. Andy will drop you off at MS dice high school. He said and walk out.

Did he just say MS dice high school….. Finally am going to start my dream school, yea……. I screamed, dancing and jumping around the room.

I better get ready before my husband get angry….. Did I just say husband…. Whatever. I thought and rush into the dressing room…. MS dice here I come.

~ Marshall ~

Andy get Shirley papers ready.

Okay sir.

I want you to hire fifty bodyguards for her.

On it sir.

You can leave.

Sir you have to see this.


The president is requesting for a transfer for his daughter into MS dice high school.


Yes sir…. What should will do.

Accept it.

But sir.

Andy do it… the president likes playing with fire,….. get me the list of all the new admitted students.

Here is it sir.

Maybe I should reconsider Shirley schooling in MS dice.

Why sir.

Andy, take a look at this newly admitted guys…. they look cute, what if she fell in love with one of them.

Sir are you jealous.

Am not. He answered stuttered.

If you say so.

What if she leave me.

Sir, she won’t do that.

How sure are you.

100% sure sir.

He was about checking the girls list, when he saw Shirley walking downstairs, putting on a crazy jeans and a crop top, which has a written on it saying, single ladies on the dance floor and also a white sneaker, she was looking so damn hot.

The jeans and the crop tops brought out all her curves….. Marshall was lost staring at her until she snap him out of it.

Am ready. She said smiling and showing her cute dimples and set of teeth’s.

Ma you look hot. Andy burst out without realizing his boss flaming up with rage and fire.

Shirley go change your clothes. He said shocking everyone with his outburst.


🍭Chapter 23🍭🍭
Written by kindness odianosen. O.

~ Marshall ~

Shirley go change your clothes.

If I may ask, what wrong with, what am wearing.

Shirley I hate repeating myself, go into that room and put on a decent clothes.

Am not changing or are you jealous, that boys may ran after me.

Shirley go change your clothes and to answer your question, am not jealous….. An also keep this in mind, you’re mine, no one can take you away from me.

Marshall what wrong with you.

I see you’re stubborn… Andy go get Mira.

Okay sir.

Shirley you’re no longer going to school.


Now go back to your room.

I hate you.

I know you do.

Sir you sent for me.

Yes Mira… I want you to take Shirley upstairs and dress her up.

But sir.


Marshall, why are you behaving like this.

That because I own you.

No you don’t own me.

Mira, now.

Ma let go.

Am going no where. She snarled.

Mira it your job to get her upstairs…. And if you don’t, consider yourself fired.

Ma please let go.

Marshall the young girl has done nothing wrong.

You think so.


If you like her so much, why not do as she has instructed.

I hate you bastard. She said and ran upstairs….. He was about following her, when a hand stopped him.

~ Mira ~

I really don’t know, why Marshall is behaving this way towards me…. I thought he said he love me.

Why he him bent on firing me… I no it because of MA Shirley, if she haven’t married him, Marshall would still have love me.

Mira, what the meaning of this. He asked angrily.

Marshall, I thought you love me.

Love you. He asked.


Mira I never love you okay…. You’re not even my type.

Is Shirley your type.

Don’t you dare bring my wife into this.

You even call her your wife…. Why Marshall.

Mira, if you know what best for you, leave my house.

You slept with me.

I never did.

What do you mean, you never did.

Mira you’re not even pretty, why will I sleep with you.

Marshall I know you’re trying to get me jealous, please stop because it hurt.

Mira leave my house slut. He said and walk out.

Marshall I love you, why can’t you see that, she yelled throwing things.

What do you mean, you love him. Someone asked making her to flinched.


Wow, this school is so damn beautiful…. It a definition of a paradise, whosoever that owns this school must be damn rich, I can’t wait to your around it.

After admiring the building, I walk majestically into the principal office with my designer hand bag.

Good morning sir. I greeted.

Morning miss Janice, how can I help you.

I came to collect the key to my locker and my map and timetable.

Oh, am sorry for not giving it to your brother.

It nothing sir, can I have it.

A minute… With that he walk out of his came and later came back with a brown envelope and a box.

Here is it miss.

Thank you sir. I said and walk out, not without hearing he, welcoming me to ms dice high school.

I was about checking my timetable, when someone bump into me or should I say we bump into each other, causing all my things to fell on the ground even my bag.

What the hell is wrong with you. She screamed to get attention from the student.

What do you mean by that miss. I asked trying to arrange my things.

You bump into me slut… And that was it, I lost it whenever a rich spoil brat like her call me a slut… With that I landed a hot slap on her pretty face.

How dare she call me a slut.


🍭Chapter 24🍭🍭

Written by kindness odianosen. O.


How dare you call me a slut.

Did you just slap me.

Yes I did and what are you going to do about that.

You bitch. She snarled and slapped me back.

How dare you slap me. I yelled and bounce on her, after given her the beating of her life……. That when I discovered she is the president daughter.

But that doesn’t stop me from teaching her some morals.

You’re going to regret this bitch.

If you dare call me a bitch one more, am going to beat you some more….. the funny part of it was, nobody dare interfere or report us.

You’re going to regret ever laying your hands on the president daughter. She said arranging her bitchy clothes which she was wearing.

Girl you stink get the fuck out of my way.

You’re going to regret this, because am Sasha and everybody knows that Sasha doesn’t make an empty threat.

I know you’re Sasha, daddy crying baby. I said mockingly….. Less you forget am Janice, daughter of a nobody but a sister to a well know multi millionaire.

So girl , go get a life. I said and walk out on her.

You will regret this Janice. She yelled and ran like a lost puppy, making the student to burst into an enjoyable laughter.

~ Sasha ~

How dare her insult me, am so going to deal with her in this school.

Nobody dare insult Sasha and go scot free……. Damn it my face hurt. I lament touching my swollen cheek, if dad or Liam get to find out about this, that girl is a goner.

I need to find someone, who will help me teach her a lesson… I was still battling with my thought, when Daniel came to my mind.

Yes Daniel….. I should better go pay him a visit and also apologize for behaving immature the other day. I said and walk out of the restroom.

Janice just watch how I throw you out of MS dice high school because this school is mine and commoners like you are not welcome here.

~ Marshall Estate ~

Sir watch this.

What that. He asked, taking a look at what he was showing him, only for him to see the president daughter and some girl fighting.

How dare them fight in my school.

Sir what should will do with them.

Andy you know it against the rule of MS dice high school, no student are to fight.

Sir, I think you should also see this.

Andy go straight to the point.

The girl who frought with the president daughter, her brother owns a mafia gang in Los Angeles.


Yes sir.

And what is the name of the gang.


HB. He asked to be sure.

Yes boss.

What is the name of her brother.

Hardy sir.

Damn that boy.

Sir do you know him.

What the name of the girl.

Janice sir.

So they are alive.

Sir, what going on.

Andy, get me all the information you can get about Hardy and Janice.

Okay sir , I will take my leave now.

One more thing.

Yes sir.

Deal with those two brat according to the law.

I’ll sir.

Hardy so you’re alive. He thought and smile an evil smile……
HB gang, what a nice name. He was still in his thought not even realizing that Shirley was standing before him, until she snapped him out of his thought.

What are thinking about.

My first love.

What. She yelled fuming.

Why are you yelling.

Marshall please allow me go to school. She plead fuming a puppy face.



Yes baby, but on one condition.

Kiss me.



🍭Chapter 25🍭🍭

Written by kindness odianosen. O.

~ Shirley ~

I was walking downstairs, after changing my clothes, when I heard Mira voice from the living room….. I was about walking in, when I stop on my track.

I saw Marshall and Mira having an argument, Mira was crying while Marshall was staring angrily at her.

All I saw in Marshall eyes toward Mira was hate, what could have happened between them… I was still thinking of what must have transpire between them, when I heard Mira screamed.

Marshall I love you, why can’t you see that.

What do you mean, you love him. I asked walking in fully into the living room…. the moment she saw me, she flinched.

Ma Shirley.

Do you love my husband. I asked already crowded with jealousy.

No ma.

But you just said it, what relationship do you have with my husband.

Ma, I just told you… I have nothing with your husband. She snarled.

Okay if you say so. I said and walk out on her.

I walk into the balcony receiving the cold breeze, when I sighted two figure in the garden, I walk toward them, until the faces became clear to me and it was no one else but Marshall and Andy.

That when it snapped to me, that I was suppose to be in school, but because of my stubbornness, am at home doing nothing…. The moment I saw Andy walk out of the garden, I walked toward him.

Only to see him lost in his own thought, until I pretended to have coughed.

Marshall please allow me go to school. I said fuming a puppy face.

I will.

Really. I asked feeling happy.

Yes baby, but on one condition.

Which is.

Kiss me.

What. I yelled.

You don’t want to.

Marshall, can you request for another this please.

No baby, come kiss me.

Marshall am shy. She said feeling shy, which made Marshall to chuckled…… the lady in front of him was the most cutest thing he have ever see.

Come closer baby. He said.

She walk closer to him, until there was no space between them.



I think am going crazy.


And why is that.

I don’t know.



I think am also going crazy.


Yes honey.

Honey, I like the sound of that. With that he claimed her lips with his..
.. They were busy kissing each other like a weird animal, when the devil herself came and kill their vibe.

What the hell is going on here. She yelled.

Who the fuck allow you into my garden. Marshall yelled.

I came to serve you, your coffee.

Get out of my sight fool.

Marshall calm down. Shirley pleaded.

Mira leave my house, in fact you’re fired.

Marshall please don’t fire me.

Did you just call me by my name.

Am sorry sir.

Honey please don’t fire her.

Shirley don’t you dare interfere.

Please baby. Hmm she said fuming a puppy face.

Why are you so cute.

Am cute. She asked.

Yes sweetheart, come sit on my lap.

Okay, with that she sat on his lap careless his hair.


Yes baby.

When are you taking off your mask.

Very soon sweetheart.

Okay. Mira who was still in garden watching them clenched her fist together and storm out.

Bitch. Shirley muttered.

Did you say anything. Marshall asked careless her waist.

No honey. She said and peck his lips.

~ Daniels ~

Ever since Sasha broke up with me…. I have been filled with rage, how dare her broke up with me.

I know I lie to her, but that doesn’t give her the right to end the relationship we have built for years now….. I was battling in my thought, when my personal guard snapped me out of it.

What now Scot. I snarled.

Sir I don’t mean to disturb you, just that you have a guest.

Who might that be.

Sir it your.


To be continued.

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