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July 24, 2021


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Marshall batch 1

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💓Can he love me 💔
Written by kindness


Have you ever love someone.

Not just someone, but a young multi billionaire, whose face is hidden through a mask.

Marshall Salvador is a rumored, young, sexy, and cute multi billionaire, who’s is no different from the devil. For some reasons he’s always the talk of the town.

Even with his mask on, Marshall Salvador is know as the world cutest young successor, who has build his own empire at a tender age, his source of his wealth is yet to be revealed.

Everyone in Los Angeles want their daughter to get married to him, but the young bachelor declined all marriage proposal given to him.

Rumors started spreading that the young successor is a gay, he made a sudden interesting announcement about his visit to the slums to search for the person who has a hand in the death of his parents.

Shirley Everett is a girl who has always dream of getting married to the young multi billionaire, when she heard about his sudden visit to the slum, Shirley decided to be among the girls who will do anything to get on his bed, even if it just for a night.



🍭Chapter 1🍭

Written by kindness.

~Shirley ~

Wake up sleeping beauty.

Papa, I’m sleepy.

Shirley it today.

Papa what about today.

Don’t tell me you forgot.

About what.

Shirley. He snarled, which made her jumbed out of the bed in flight.


It your mom death anniversary.

Oh, sorry I forgot papa… Please forgive me.

I’ll, now get your butt into that bathroom and come down for breakfast.

Okay papa, good morning. I screamed to his hearing.

Morning papa girl. He screamed back.

Papa. I yelled.

I’m waiting Shirley.

I’m sorry for not introducing myself.

As you all know, I’m Shirley Everett, daughter to a strawberry farmer, lost my mom at the age of five and my dad have took it upon himself to always celebrate her death anniversary every year.

We were once rich, but due to my mom illness, my dad spent everything on her, I have to go before papa kill me, I rush into the bathroom, after doing all my things….. I went downstairs to see dad already serving breakfast.

Have I told you my dad is a great cook.

Wow, this look delicious. I said picking up a spoon to start eating.


Yes papa. I answered with my mouth full.

When will you start cooking.

Papa you know I can’t cook.

Shirley. He snarled.

What papa, you’re scary.

For Pete sake Shirley you’re 19yrs old, why can’t you learn how to cook.

Papa I’ll when the time comes.

Maybe after my death

Papa you’re not dying soon.

You think so.

Yes strawberry papa.

Eat up let leave.

Hmm. I hummed enjoying the delicious food.

~ Marshall ~

What do you mean their is nothing you can do.

I tried Marshall.

Davis shut the fuck up.


Are you trying to say that my parents killer suddenly disappeared into thin air

Marshall I tried.

Try hard Davis, please. He said and break down.

Marshall not again.

Davis I’m always weak anytime I remember how my parents died in that fire, their scream, their Cry’s kept tormenting me.

It not your fault.

Stop blaming yourself please.

I’ll until I kill that motherfucker.

Marshall tell me what really happened that day.

Davis not now please.

Okay, I understand…. I have to go see you later.

Be careful out there, the world is not safe.

I’ll, don’t do anything stupid.

Get out of my office. He said and chuckled.

I’ll boss. He added and left.

Andrews come in. He said into the telephone.

Yes boss.

Andrews get the car ready.

Okay boss.

Raymond, Raymond, you can hide but you can’t run.

~Shirley ~

Buy your sweet strawberry jam.

Shirley hope you made this jam yourself. An old woman asked.

Yes grandma, it was made by me.

Shirley did you just say it was made by you.

Yes grandma, should I get you one.

Shirley, your dad need to hear this. She snarled.

Please grandma don’t tell papa, okay papa made it.

Stupid girl, come sit.

Grandma I have to sell this jam.

Shirley, come sit, my son will buy everything.

I don’t want to.

Why dear.

The last time I did, you almost let your son kiss me.

Shirley, wait. Before she could stop her, she ran away with her jams.

Stupid girl. She cursed.



Chapter 2
Written by kindness

~ Shirley ~
Papa, She called happily walking into their neatly arranged sitting room.

Shirley, what wrong.

Papa. She called and hugged him.

Tell me it not what I’m thinking.


Shirley. He screamed.

I’m sorry papa.

We’re my strawberry 🍓 jams.

Papa I ate it all. She replied linking her button lips.

Shirley that jams were my last hope.

Papa. She called fuming a puppy face.

Don’t papa me young lady, and don’t you dare give me that face. He said angrily.

Papa why are you getting angry, it just strawberry jams.

Shirley I want my strawberry jams back or you give me two dollar.

Two what. She exclaimed.

Dollar young lady, now go get me my money.


Are still standing there. He asked picking up his stick.

Papa I’m your only daughter.

I know, why is Shirley bent on making me go crazy.

Papa please. She pleaded.

Shirley what should I do to you.

Anything papa.


Hmm. She hummed.

Go into that kitchen and prepare some noodles 🍜 for me.

Papa. She screamed.

What wrong.

Nothing, she said and walk sluggishly into the kitchen, she was about sitting on the counter, when she heard her friend voice…. Janice on the right time. She exclaimed and rush into the living room.

Janice. She screamed and hugged her.

Shirley, what with the hug. She asked.

I miss you.

But you just left my house, before she could complete her statement Shirley dad was already standing and staring at them with stick with him.

Papa. She stuttered.

Papa Shirley, who ate my strawberry jams. He asked staring at the two girls who were busy exchanging glances with each other.

I just asked a question. He snarled.

Papa it was Daniel.

That old woman son.


I can’t believe that boy ate my jams, why did you lie the first place.

I’m sorry.

Shirley go get me my money.

Papa, if I go there he might kiss me forcefully.

Kiss you, Shirley that boy is just 20 years old. He said and chuckled.

Papa you don’t understand.

Sir, it true.

Janice go help Shirley out in the kitchen, I’m coming.

Okay sir.

Papa, were are you going.

To get my money. He said and went out.

Papa is so going to get it from that ugly grandma again. She added and chuckled.

Shirley, why don’t you tell the truth.

That I share his strawberry jams to my friends.


Papa would have kill me alive.

And I’ll definitely do that. He snarled, standing at the enhance with an evil smile.

Papa. She called and ran into her room and lock herself in.

You better not come out.

I’ll go prepare something.

Thanks dear, Shirley you’re dead.

~ Davis ~

Any news. He asked his private investigator.

Yes sir.

Tell me.

I find out he lived at the slum with his daughter .


Yes slum.

But Raymond was rich, what his he doing in a slum.

That I don’t know sir, maybe he went to hide there.

His daughter, how old.

She is 19 years old.

Raymond has a daughter of 19years old, how.

Sir should I find out more about him.

Yes do that.

Okay sir.

Connect me with Marshall.

Okay sir…. -here.

📞Hello buddy. He answered with a drunken voice. 📞

Mars are you drinking.

📞Buddy I’m not. 📞

Marshall you’re drunk, your voice said it.

📞David I just had a little drink. 📞

Were are you.

📞Come find me. 📞

Marshall your 21years, stop behaving like a baby and tell me your whereabout.

📞Come find me. He said and disconnect. 📞

Have you track him.

Yes sir.

What the location.

His house.

That devil, get the car ready.

Okay sir.



Chapter 3 🍭

Written by kindness

~ Sasha ~

Greetings ma.

Greetings Tracy, were is my dad.

In his studies.

thank you.

Ma. She called.


I think master is in a bad mood.

Why do you say that.

I heard him throwing things in his studies.

Will you mind your business and focus on why you are employed. Someone yelled.

Liam stop.

Get out. He yelled once again.

I’m sorry sir.

Liam spear the poor girl.

Sasha I can’t believe you were listening to that smelling commoner.

Yes she is a commoner but definitely not smelling. She snarled.

What going on here.

Good evening dad. She greeted.

I just asked a question.

Dad it Liam.

What has he done this time.

Dad I shouted at a maid and Sasha here kept pouring insult on me.

Sasha. Dad called angrily.

Yes dad.

How dare you insult your brother because of a maid.

Dad he called her a smelling commoner.

What if he call her that.

I can’t believe you’re in support of Liam childish behavior.

Sasha, Liam is your elder brother, learn to respect him.

You guys are unbelievable. She said and walk off.

Sasha come back here.

Dad let her be.

Did she just walk out on me.

She is just angry.

I want her account frozen.


Do it Liam.

Okay dad.

Liam have you speak with Marshall Salvador.

Not yet dad.

Liam that boy is almost having all the companies in Los Angeles and California, we need him on our side.

Dad, he refused to have a meeting with me.

Sasha need to get married to him.

Dad you and I know, Sasha will never agree to marry him, she already have a boyfriend.

That poor commoner.


Shut up Liam, do everything you can to make Marshall sign that paper.

Okay dad. He said and walk out.

How wish Raymond was here, Marshall should have became poor by now… Such an arrogant spoiled little brat.

I need to get his wealth, with hid wealth in my hands, he will dance to my tune.

🐳 Next day 🐳

Wake up sleeping head.

Papa, why have you made it your daily routine to wake me up every morning.

That because you’re my little princess.

Papa I’m not little.

I know, go take your bath.

Papa it too early.

Shirley I want you downstairs now.

Papa, papa, papa, papa. She sang.

Shirley, Shirley , Shirley, Shirley go take your bath. He sang and they both burst into a genially laughter.

That was crazy.

Shirley downstairs in 30minutes.

Okay Shirley papa. With that she rushed into the bathroom, to do her things.

~ Marshall Mansion ~

You’re awake.

How did you get in.

Marshall are you okay.

David, how did you get the fuck into my house.

Calm down.

Any information about that motherfucker.

Not yet.

Why do I have this feelings you’re lying to me.

And eh will I do that.

I don’t know , you know what I do to people who lies to me.

A bullet through their heart, chin buddy, I’m your best friend, your brother and doctor.

Shut up Davis, I want my coffee.

Here sir.

Thank you.

Did Marshall Salvador just say thank you to a maid.

It no big deal. He said strolling through his phone.

Marshall when will you get married and take off your mask.

After your death.

Really buddy.

It look like your president want me to put a bullet through his heart.

What did he do.

Look at this.

📰 News 📰

* The president just made a bet with our young multi mask billionaire…. If you’re not a gay, come get married to my daughter and if you don’t, them you’re truing incapable to be a man*

He want you to get married to his daughter.

And that will never happen.

Sir a parcel for you.

Open it. With that he opened it only to see pictures of a woman and a man nudes pictures.

Who sent this. He asked angrily.

No ideal boss.

Marshall what wrong.

That motherfucker of a president have the gut to send me nice pictures of my adoptive mother and her boyfriend, he knows hoe much I hate that woman, he just trying to annoy me. He said throwing things.

Calm down Marshall.

He was still throwing things, when a message beeped on his phone.

💬 Did you get my little gift, if yes… You know what to do *.

Davis I want that man son in my basement right now.


Do it Davis.

Okay, with that he left.

Douglas Montero’s , you just touched the lion tales.

Andrews. called.

He boss.

Keep a watch on Douglas daughter.

Okay boss



🍭 Chapter 4 🍭

Written by kindness

~ White house ~

Dad, why will you say that to the press.

Sasha I’m only doing it for you.

Spear me that Mr president, you’re only doing it for your selfish reasons.

Sasha. He yelled.

I can’t believe you will use your only daughter for a bet. She said with tears sliding down her cheeks.


Why dad, because of what you did…. I just lost the only man who love me, despite being the president daughter.

I know were you’re driving out, that bastard broke up with you right.

Yes dad and he his not a bastard.

Sasha you better get yourself together, Marshall will soon come for your hand in marriage.

I’ll never get married to a mask man.

Then get ready to be disowned.

Dad. She exclaimed.

Dear the cat is in your court now, you decide getting married to Marshall Salvador or be disowned.

You can’t disown me dad. She said and storm out.

I can baby girl. He thought.

~ Slum ~

Buy your sweet strawberry jams.

Shirley. Grandma called.

Not again. She said within…… Grandma do you want some strawberry jams.

No dear, but I have something for you.

What is it grandma.

Come closer.

Grandma I’m not coming any closer to you.

Why dear, did I do anything wrong.

No grandma, but your twenty years old grandson did.

Daniel is not home Shirley, come closer.

What if you’re lying.

Shirley I’m not, and if you don’t want to, you can leave.

She was about leaving when she suddenly throw the bomb.

It about your crush Marshall Salvador.

What do you just say.

I said it about Marshall Salvador.

What about him. She asked sitting closer to her.

I have a picture of him.

Really grandma.

Yes dear.

Was he putting on his mask.

No dear, he was with his real face.

I can’t believe this, my husband finally show off his face.

Are you that happy.

Yes grandma, can I have the picture.

Here is it, take it. She happily collected it,only for her to see the pictures of Daniel ugly smiles.

Grandma. She yelled.

What wrong.

Why are you giving me pictures of Daniel.

That because Daniel is Marshall Salvador.

You old witch.

Daniel, Shirley called me an old witch. She screamed to the hearing of her grandson who was busy sleeping.

Were is she grandma.

Over there, before the young man could stop her, Shirley has already ran away leaving her strawberry 🍓 jams behind.

Son take it to her father .

But grandma.

Do it son and make sure you flame up petty of lies, okay.

Okay grandma.

Shirley you must get married to my grandson. She said within her.

~ Shirley ~

Shirley you have to go home, your dad might be looking for you.

Janice, papa is going to skin me alive, if I doesn’t bring back his jams.

Then let go get it from that wicked grandma.

Janice that woman is wicked.

Shirley go home, your dad might be dying inside.

Janice I’m afraid.

Shirley go please, it almost nightfall.

Okay I’ll, but please come with me.

Okay let go.

The moment we got to my house, papa was already waiting anxiously outside….. I walk closer to him.

Papa. I called.

Shirley for Pete sake were have you being.

Good day sir.

Janice how are you.

Papa I’m sorry about strawberry jams.

What strawberry jams are you talking about.

The one you sent me to sell.

Shirley, Daniel has brought the strawberry to me.

Papa, hope you didn’t believe what he told you.

Of course not baby, let go inside.

Bye Janice, thank you.

It nothing bye.

See you tomorrow.

Hmm. I hummed and walk inside with papa.

~ Liam ~

Why will dad be this desperate to get Marshall wealth, what his he hiding from us.

What secret his he trying to hide, I need to find out before he does something stupid to Sasha….. Speaking of Sasha, hope she has not done something stupid.

I better give her call….. I was about placing a call to her, when I saw a figure drowning in the pool, Sasha I screamed and jump into the pool.

Sasha baby wake up, please baby don’t do this to me. I said trying to wake her up.

Help. I screamed.


Call the ambulance, baby don’t leave me.



🍭Chapter 5🍭

Written by kindness

Continue POV.

Doctor how is my sister doing. He asked panicking.

Sir calm down.

Can you just tell me, how my sister is doing. He snarled.

Sir your sister is fine, if you have brought her an hour late… We could have lost her.

Shit. He cursed.

Sir, what really happened to her.

Can you stop asking questions.

I’m sorry sir.

You better be.

Permit me to take my leave.

Wait. He Stopped him.

Do you need anything sir.

Yes, I want my sister discharged.

But sir.

No but, get her discharged immediately, before it link to the press.


Dad you will pay for this, I promise you. He lament and walk out to go clear the bills.

~ Marshall ~

Davis I trusted you.

I’m sorry mars.

How dare you lie to me.


Shut the fuck up you asshole.

Can you stop using the f word.

Davis. He snarled.

Okay, I’m sorry I lied to you.

Were does he lived.


Answer me you asshole.

In the slum.


No with his daughter.

That bastard has a daughter.

Marshall you and I know that Raymond has no children.

What do you mean.

I think he adopted her.

I don’t care if he adopted her or not. He snarled.

Marsh, that girl has nothing to do with your parents death.

Yes I know, but her father killed my parents.

Marshall what if Raymond is not the one behind the death of your parents.

Davis that man was the one who stabbed my dad and also raped my mom, before setting my house on fire.

Don’t you think, he was following orders.

Orders my foot, my parents were poor.

Marshall you have to calm down.

Andrews. He called.

Yes boss. He answered.

Get the jet ready, we’re flying.

Okay boss.

Marshall don’t do this.

Do what.

She is innocent.

So was my parents too.

Leave the girl out of this and face her dad.

How old is she.

19 years.

She is fit to be my slave. He said and smirked.


I want you to hold a press conference for me.


I’m thinking why I haven’t put a bullet through your head.

That because am your brother.

Wrong answer, it because you’re lucky, but next time you might not.


The press conference Davis.

Tell me what you’re going to do to her.


Raymond daughter.

Am going to marry her and make her taste hell. He said.

Marshall what are you planning.

Something dangerous, now leave.

Okay boss. With that he walk out.

Raymond, your daughter will be the one to pay for your sins. He thought.

~ Unknown ~

I want Raymond daughter in my other house.

But sir, what about Marshall.

Shut up, I don’t care about Marshall, just do as you are told.

Okay sir.

One more thing, you must not touch her, not even a scratch should be on her.

Okay sir.

Marshall I can’t allow you to touch that innocent creature, because she is mine and mine alone.



To be continued.

The story just started…… Enjoy

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