married to the hidden billionaire episode 55 – 56

( Love After Heartbreak )


THEME: His Bride From NoWhere.

Written by; Rhema J.



( 𝘕𝘪𝘤𝘦 𝘋𝘳𝘦𝘴𝘴)

“Mason?” Hailey looked shocked to see Mason standing at her doorstep. She wasn’t dreaming was she?

When Mason stood without saying anything to her, she thought she should give space for him to enter.

“Come in” she showed him a free space but he just dipped his hands into his pocket without saying anything.

Hailey was starting to get confused, she didn’t know if she was to laugh or cry with his mute figure on her doorstep.

“Hailey what’s going on over there?” Agnes climbed down the stairs and moved over to the direction of where Hailey was standing.

“Oh Mason” she exclaimed when she saw Mason there, he raised his calm eyes to stare at her too.

Now Hailey was starting to get nervous with the looks he was giving her. Though they were calm, they carried gravity.

He finally brought his gaze to Agnes.

“I came to warn you and your daughter to stay away from my family. I don’t care if you are friends with my mom or if your daughter is friends with my sister, I don’t want to see any of you close to my family ever again” he gave his warning to Agnes.

Agnes smirked and scoffed at the same time.

“And who do you think you are to tell me not to visit my friend or to stop my daughter from visiting her friend?” She crossed her arms under her breast as she talked to him.

“It’s either you listen to me or your daughter would be going to jail for murder” he replied and Hailey looked up at him, feeling shocked.

“Me? Murder?” She pointed to herself.

“You killed my wife’s baby” he simply replied.

“Bullshit!!” Hailey scoffed out.

“I have evidence, you were with her in the restroom during Ivy’s launch party and let me inform you that she was pregnant then” he said.

Hailey turned speechless, she remembered hitting Skyler’s stomach really hard.

“She had a miscarriage that night and let me tell you. I can destroy your career with this news and you wouldn’t be able to do anything about that” he added.

“You’re such a liar! Don’t try to accuse my daughter of something she didn’t do!!” Agnes yelled but Mason only smirked at her before leaving.

Agnes looked at Hailey who looked terrified.

“Don’t tell me..

“Yes mum I used my metal bag to hit Skyler’s stomach but I didn’t know she was pregnant, he could be right mom” Hailey was already trembling.

“Mason is bluffing, he can’t do anything” Agnes rolled her eyes and scoffed.

“No mom! My career is reaching another level so let’s not spoil it for me okay? Stay away from Mason’s family!!” Hailey suddenly yelled and before Agnes could say anything, she immediately ran past her and climbed the stairs.

Agnes angrily shook her head.

Mason came back to the car where Skyler was waiting for him.

“So what did they say?” She asked with a curious look.

“I didn’t give anyone a chance to say anything, I just gave a brief warning and now they will never bother us again” he replied and kissed her forehead.

Skyler was still feeling confused with what Mason did but she decided not to say anything as she trusted him.



“The math results are out for the second exam and are placed on the notice board” Mr Browns announced before leaving the classroom.

Students stood up and were rushing to check their results except for Carson who refused to stand up from his chair.

“Won’t you go check yours?” Fred, who was about to leave, turned back to ask him.

“So I’d fail and get disappointed again? No way, just come back to tell me if I got the upper last position or the lowest last” his reply made Fred roll his eyes.

“You must be kidding me, Carson you had one of the hottest boys to tutor you in math and you think you would fail, bro!!” Fred gave him a look.

Carson wanted to reply but Simon suddenly ran in while screaming happily.

“Carson, you wouldn’t believe it! You got the first position in math!” He began jumping in front of Carson.

“What?” Carson looked shocked.

“I said you got first place!!” Simon replied.

Carson slowly stared at Fred and before he knew it, he immediately flew from his chair and ran to the notice board. It wasn’t a lie, he really got the first position.

He brought out his phone to text James but James was quick enough to text first.

‘I’m at the empty class upstairs’

He smiled to himself before climbing the stairs and going to the classroom, when he entered, he met James leaning on the table with his hands in his pocket.

“I saw it, congrats” James said before Carson could spill the news to him.

“I’m really surprised right now, it’s like I don’t even know what to do” Carson felt really speechless but happy.

“Then you should come give zaddy a kiss’ ‘ he smirked.

Carson rolled his eyes and walked towards him. When he got to his front, James pulled him closer and pressed his lips on his.

“I’m tired of hiding like we are doing some bad shit, when will you ever be bold to let me show you off?” James pulled away from the kiss and asked.

“I really want to but I’m scared of my family’s reaction, especially grandpa,” Carson sighed and sat in the empty space beside him.

“Then what about your sister in-law, she saw us right? What did she say about it?” He asked.

“Haven’t talked to her yet but I will try to do that this evening and really thank you for the tutor and all, I can’t believe I got first in math” Carson shook his in amusement.

“All thanks to zaddy,” James winked.

“Gosh stop!!!” Carson groaned out.



Edna relaxed on her chair and scrolled through pictures of Zach and Regina online. There was a picture of them holding hands and laughing casually as they took a walk.

Edna zoomed in on Zach’s face, he looked so happy, happier than she had seen him look. Was he really in love with her or he just wanted to make her mad?

“Eddy!!! Come on you have a fashion shoot in some minutes from now and all you do is stare at your phone” Zita complained as he walked Inside Edna’s office.

Instead of Edna paying attention with what he was saying, she began asking him about Zach.

“Is he really in love with this Regina, they’ve been hanging out for two months now” she pouted her lips as she asked.

“I thought you asked him to make Regina fall for him, isn’t that what he is doing?” Zita looked confused.

“He’s not because we are no longer friends,he called me a narcissist” she replied.

“So he’s hanging out with Regina. Are they for real or to make you jealous, wait are you even jealous?” Zita narrowed his eyes.

“I never get jealous because of men,” Edna scoffed.

“Cool anyways, the red carpet is next week. Hope your dress is next week. Are you sure your sister in-law got this or do you want me to contact the greatest tailor in LA? There’s nothing without a plan B” Zita winked at her.

“Yes, contact a really good tailor for me in case something goes off with my sister in law’s work or in case it isn’t too perfect” Edna rolled her eyes and walked out of her office.

“Already doing it,” Zita said behind her.



It was already evening, Matilda was in the kitchen preparing dinner while Edna was sitting on the couch and watching TV when Ivy came to sit beside her.

“Hey Edna,you can tell Zach to stop toying with Regina’s feelings. I got Blake fair and square and I’ve decided to forget about the past” she said.

Edna scoffed.

“I wish he was actually playing with her”

“What do you mean that they were real all these while?” Ivy’s eyes widened and Edna just let out a simple shrug.

“Gosh, you’re not a very relaying person to count on, if this had meant so much to me, is this how you would disappoint me?” Ivy rolled her eyes as she thought but Edna only gave her a cry baby face.

“Narcissist” Ivy scoffed and left.

“Okay stop saying that!!” Edna yelled after her.


Skyler was in the room, working on Edna’s dress that she was almost done with since the red carpet was fast approaching.

A knock sounded on the door.


“It’s Carson,can I come in?” Carson, who was the one knocking, replied and Skyler narrowed her eyes.

Today would be the first time the youngest son of Delgado came to look for her and she began wondering why but she gave him permission to come in anyways.

Carson slowly opened the door, looking slightly nervous.

“Sister in law, how was fashion designing class? You seem to be doing well with all these I’m seeing on your table” he started off nervously.

Skyler only gave him a knowing look and he sighed.

“Fine I wanna talk about two months ago” he confessed and she twitched her lips as she stared at him.

“You saw me with that guy that night and yes I’m gay but please don’t tell anyone especially grandpa” he pleaded with his palms folded together.

“But why are you hiding your sex life from your grandpa, being gay isn’t a crime, when I was still in high school, I had many gay and lesbian friends and they weren’t ashamed to tell their family” she shrugged at him.

“It just rolls out so easily from your tongue! Grandpa would never accept me like this!” He scoffed.

“Assuming is not good, just tell him first because he will find out sooner or later,” Skyler replied.

“Just help me keep this one secret, is it too much to ask?” Carson snapped and angrily stormed out of the room.

Skyler didn’t take any offense in the way it acted, they were teenagers and think they know their method of handling their stuff is always correct. It was his love life and if he wanted to keep secrets and enjoy it then so be it.

In some hours, everyone was completely in the dining both having dinner.

“So I talked to Dylan and Antonio and they would be coming for the red carpet,” grandpa Mario announced.

“Cool, I miss dad” Ivy smiled while Maya was busy on her phone and Rosa caught her.

“Look at you Maya, you are doing what dad warned the kids to stop doing, why use gadgets on the dining table?” She asked.

Maya gave her a glare but when she saw the old man looking at her, she immediately dropped her phone to one side.

“So Skyler, how’s Edna’s dress going? Red carpet is in a week from me” Hudson asked.

“I’m so close to working on the dress, trust Edna would love it” Skyler smiled at it.

“None of my business and no offense to you Skyler but this is red carpet we are talking of, Edna is competing to wear the best dress and you’re nowhere close to professional so how should we trust you? ” Maya said and Skyler’s smile turned to a frown.

“I can trust her because she’s the woman I trust with my heart and she’s securing it up till now” Mason replied without looking at his mother.

Grandpa Mario just chuckled with what Mason said.

“Baby Grandson, you really did take after me when I was young” he said with a smile.

Mason just squeezed his face with what his grandpa called him, that was a cringe for him to listen to.

“I’m not saying we should.. I’m just..”

“You always look for a way to insult Skyler Aunt,” Hudson rolled his eyes.

Maya still wanted to talk but grandpa Mario automatically shut her down.

“You’ve said enough Maya” he gave her a look and she didn’t say anything anymore which made Rosa smile.

After dinner, Maya went to Ivy’s room, she was chatting with Blake on the phone.

“Mom, why are you here by this time?” She looked up at Maya.

“I am worried Ivy, it’s been two months and I haven’t heard from Agnes, what about you?” She asked worriedly.

“Same here mom, I tried reaching out to Hailey in any way I can but I’m not even close to positive and she doesn’t live in her house anymore, if she doesn’t wanna talk to me it’s fine, I have a boyfriend now” Ivy rolled her eyes.

“Which boyfriend?” Maya narrowed her eyes.

“Blake” Ivy smiled sheeply and Maya rolled her eyes before leaving the room.

“Yeah thanks for being happy for me!!” Ivy shouted after her before rolling her eyes.



Skyler was home with Jacob and Carson since it was already 5pm and she was showing him the dress she made Edna since the red carpet would be happening tomorrow.

“I really think Edna isn’t worth all these” Carson shook his head after seeing how beautiful the dress looked.

“Don’t speak ill about your cousin, I bet she would be so happy” Skyler shut him down and Carson rolled his eyes.

The doorbell rang and Jacob stood up.

“I ordered something, might be for me” he stood up from the couch and went to get the door.

It was a delivery man with an expensive shopping bag.

“Is Edna in? Someone ordered to drop it here for her” the man said.

Jacob nodded and collected it before going in. Carson immediately stood up and grabbed the bag from him.

“I heard it’s for Edna, let’s see what she got” he immediately opened the bag and pulled out a nice dress.