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married to overlord episode 19 & 20

(warning this chapter contains matured contents, readers discretion)


After lunch at Kathy’s, Lord Williams took Gabrielle home even though she refused leaving early and Kathy didn’t help matters.

Surprisingly there wasn’t any teasing throughout the ride for he was busy on his laptop making a conference call.

Gabby was bored throughout the ride home and really wanted to tease him on how he was being nice of her friend but in reality he was nothing near nice.

Finally the car pulled up at the villa and Gabrielle got out first and rushed upstairs to the master bedroom for she really needs to use the toilet.

Williams who just got off phone with his international investors watched her run upstairs and shook his head.

The servants all stopped working and bow slightly to welcome their boss.

He ignored them and took the stairs unhurriedly to the third floor where his room was located.

He looked around the room but there was no trace of her so he took off his blazer and dumb it on the couch before walking towards the bathroom.

Gabrielle was having the time of her life the toilet when she heard the bathroom door pull open and she immediately pulled up her [email protected] and rushed outta the toilet only to find Him leaning against the wall like he was actually waiting for her.

“Do you even understand the meaning of privacy?” She glared but instead he let a small chuckle.

“In case you forget I own half of city so I can be anywhere I wanna be.” He’d a proud smile plastered on his face Gabby could only roll her eyes.

“Could you please step outside I wanna take a shower.” She folded her arms around her chest but to her surprise he didn’t budge.

“And why would do that?” He asked innocent but Gabby knew he was teasing her again.

“Did you miss the part when I said I wanna take a shower? Like I’m literally gonna be [email protected]£d. ” Gabby emphasized every single words but it only amused him more.

“Well in that case I would love to see what my wife is made of.” He winked seductively and Gabby felt butterflies in her stomach.

Her face was burning red with [email protected] and needed to run away else she was gonna die from [email protected]

“You pervert!” She cursed while trying to cover her crimson red face With her palm but he beats her to it by holding her wrist and pulling her towards him.

“Let me show you what real pervert feels like.” He said in a husky voice and pulled her closer by the waist before crashing his pink soft l!ps on her tempting ones.

Gabrielle was too shock to react and Williams had no choice but to bite down on her bottom l!p.

A [email protected] escaped her l!ps as he engaged her a possessive klzz.

She instinctively held onto his shirt for her kness had grown from his continuous @ssault on her l!ps.

She wanted to resist this deadly temptation but his body says otherwise as his hands wrapped around his neck and klzzed him deeply earning a low growl from him.

He lifted her off the ground and pinned her against the wall while klzzing and s√¢king on her earlobe down to neckline.

A [email protected] escaped her l!ps before she could comprend what was going on.

His free hand ran upwards and downwards of her thigh making her shiver slightly from excitement.

Her f!ng£rs dug into his cotton white silky hair and grip em while deepening the klzz.

His perfectly styled hair had turned messy making him look like a wolf ready to devour his prey.

He klzzed her s£nseless till she was outta breath. He pulled back to let her catch her breath before coming down on her again.

This time Gabby couldn’t resist anymore and could only be submissive and let him do whatever he wanted.

She knew her body reacted to him in a different way only she could explain.

He carried her outta the bathroom and walked towards the king sized bed without pulling away.

Gabby screamed in surprise when her back came in contact with the soft bed and a [email protected] threatened to leave her l!ps when he trailed klzzes down her chest towards her b**bs as he klzz them against the fabric.

Gabby could feel her p**Sy dripping w€t already and was excited and looked forward to what they were gonna do.

He ran his f!ng£rs through her shirt ready to pulled them off when the sound of a ringing phone broke the romantic moment.


At first Lord Williams didn’t wanna answer the god-damned phone but it seems the caller is quite persistent.

“You should answer that.” Gabby eventually spoke and he had no other options but to answer.

A [email protected] escaped his l!ps as he reluctantly got off his wife walked towards the vanity to pick up his phone.

He answered the call without checking who the caller is.

“What??” He sounded really pissed.

After hearing what the other party had to said he hung up but unfortunately his little time with his wife had been interrupted.

“What’s wrong?” Gabby who noticed the change in his mood asked.

“Nothing to worry about, I’ll be right back.” He klzzed her cheeks and walked away.

Gabby was red all over covered her face in shame.

She felt her body heat up even with slightest touch Of his f!ng£rs.

“You’re such a loose girl Gabrielle.” She pulled her hair in frustration even though she enjoyed every bit of what he was doing to her.

She did make up with Harry once in a while but she never felt the burning s£nsation she felt now with him.

Harry was handsome in his own way but Williams Xavier is the handsome of them all and also has the devilish look every lady want to have for themselves.

Lord Williams walked outta the master bedroom with a deadly aura surrounding him as he walked towards his study room where George was waiting for him.

“This better be important or I shall have your head for disrupting an important moment.” Williams gloated the moment he stepped into his study.

George quickly pres£nted him with a folder with the word ‘confidential’ inscribed on it.

“You were right boss he’s alive and hiding in the shadows.” He explained and Xavier’s eyes darken at the thought of that man who ruined his life.

“And?” His voice sounded Neutral but inside he was burning with pure anger, hatred and wanted to badly to have his revenge.

“He knows his daughter is involved with you and he’s also trying to reach her.” George rubbed his chin thoughtfully as another idea clicks.

“How about we bait him into coming outta the shadows?” Lord Williams took the words right outta George’s mouth.

“Just what I was thinking Boss , but how do we get him to come outta the shadows though?” George asked his boss even though he already knew what his boss was thinking about.

“Leave that to me George. One more thing , I would like you to clear your desk first thing tomorrow morning.” Lord Williams rubbed his temple gently analyzing a few more steps he was gonna take.

“B….but.. ”

“No buts George just do as you’re told and move to the Chief secretary’s office.” Lord Williams concluded and George’s mood instantly lit up with excitement.

“Thank you Boss, I’ll make sure everything is ready.” George was so happy he couldn’t wait to tell his wife about it.

Chief secretaries are offered higher benefits and he has long wanted that position.

“I believe that’s all George, you may leave now.” Lord Williams couldn’t stand George acting like a child so he dismissed him.

He couldn’t wait to go back upstairs to his bride.

“Yes boss have a lovely night.” Left happily and Williams immediately went upstairs to the bedroom to find Gabrielle cuddled up with the pillows.

How dare those floffy things take his place beside his wife.

He glared at the pillows hatefully before climbing into bed and pulled her closer to him.

Gabrielle jerked in surprise when she felt his hands around her waist.

“Did I keep you waiting for long?” He asked and planted a klzz on her black locs.

She mentally shook her head and tried not to stare into his eyes.

“No you didn’t, I fell asleep because I was bored.” She explained and he held her chin and made her stare at him.

“Look at me love.” Their faces were inch apart as his hot breath fanned her face making her feel w€t down there.

He stroked her face with his thumb and Gabby instantly felt excited inside.

“You have BA in business administration right?” He suddenly asked while staring deep into her eyes with her blue sparkly eyes. Gabrielle felt herself being pulled into them slowly.

“Yes why?” She answered not breaking eye contact.

He smiled devilishly and planted a klzz on her l!ps again.

” You’re gonna come with me to the company tomorrow.” His husky voice made it impossible for Gabrielle to think straight so she instantly nodded.

“Good girl.” He whispered and claimed her l!ps in a rough and demanding klzz Gabrielle couldn’t keep up with his speed.

He trailed feathery klzzes from her ear to her neckline and took off her dress and bra in one swift move revealing her C cup b**bs .

Gabrielle instinctively covered her chest with her hands but he shook his head with a dark expression.

“Don’t do that Kitty, I wanna see them.” His voice came out husky and Gabrielle could swear she was dripping w€t already.

Slowly she removed her hands and he Ran his f!ng£rs around her n!pp!es making her shiver in pleasure.

He klzzed every single part of her b**bs and teased her areola with his tongue and Gabby ran her f!ng£rs through his white silky hair.

He gave just to both b**bs and Gabby was sure she wanted him now and ever.

He trailed klzzes down her stomach to her peach s£×y lingerie before taking the off with his teeth while maintaining eye contact with Gabby who just found found what he was doing to be the s£×iest thing ever.


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