Married To Mr popular 2 Episode 35 & 36

Married To
Mr Popular
(Couple’s r0m@nç£)
Episode 35
By: Faith Lucky.
Bethel’s Pov:
I felt myself lying on a cold floor. I felt so dizzy.
I opened my eyes blearily and tried to adjust to the dimness in the room.
My head kinda ached.
I stared upwards and my eyes ran into the ceiling.
That was when I confirmed I was really on the floor.
Hold on; where am I?
I quic-kly sat up and looked around. I was in an empty room. What the hell? And I noticed my hands were tied.
What the hell?
I stood on my feet but couldn’t move as a result of the rope.
I felt so scared. How can Jackson do a thing like this?
“Jackson?” I called, my voice echoing in the empty room.
“Is anyone there?” I called again, fearfully.
Suddenly, the door opened and he walked in – Jackson. He walked in with one other boy who stood by the door with a gun.
“Hello angel” he smiled as he stood in front of me.
I looked at him in disbelief.
“Jackson..” I called.
“Sit back on the floor, Bethel” he said coldly and I scoffed.
“I can’t believe this” I winced.
“You abducted me? For what, Jackson?”
“I said sit!” He snapped and pushed me to the floor.
“Argh!” I gro-an ed as I fell r0ûghly, feeling pains on the sides of my w@!st
What’s wrong with him?
I breathed heavily as I leaned my back against the wall.
“Does this make you happy?” I asked ruefully.
He sm-irked and dropped to a crouch in front of me.
“I did love you, Bethel” he said calmly.
“Despite the fact I was asked to d@t£ you, I still cared about you. But you stabbe-d me in the heart when you made it clear to me I meant nothing to you. You shattered me, Bethel; destroyed my feelings”.
“So what? Was it my fault?? I got married, Jackson. I never planned for it to happen”
He chuckled and tucked my hair behind my ear.
“I guess it doesn’t matter anymore”. He said.
“So, what’re you gonna do to me, huh? What’re your plans for me?” I asked angrily.
“Don’t worry angel; everything is un-der control”.
“Really? Where will you run to? I mean, when you’re done with your stupidity, where will you run to? I’d suggest you run far away, Jackson,because Ryan’s going to kill you and everyone as-sociated with you”.
He laughed and stood up.
“You never seize to amaze me, Bethel.” He laughed dryly.
“And speaking of Ryan…why don’t you say hi to him?” He asked and brou-ght out his phone.
What is he doing?
Ryan’s Pov:
“What do you mean you can’t find her??” I yelled and kicked another table.
The fools who called themselves guards stood with their heads bowed in front of me.
“We’re sorry, sir. But Oscar was the one who went with her and right now, he’s at the hospital. He said they were attacked on their way and ma’am Bethel was taken away” the leader among them said.
“No!” I gro-an ed and hit another table.
“Where thefu-ck is she? Who took her?”
“We’re sorry, sir. We’re alre-ady carrying out…”
“Well, find her!” I cut in raucously and they bowed and left the room.
“Urgh!!” I gro-an ed.
Oh, God! Damn it!
Where the hell is Bethel? How’s it possible she’s been kidnapped?
I placed my head on the wall and felt like running mad. What do I do?
Shortly, my phone started ringing. Every call was important to me at that moment. So, I picked it up immediately.
It was a strange number.
“Hey, Ryan” the caller called.
That voice…it was familiar.
“Jackson?” I called, not sounding really sure.
Bethel’s Pov:
I watched Jackson as he made a call. I watched in bemusement. Was he really calling Ryan?
I heard the phone beep and the receiver picked up.
“Hey, Ryan” Jackson called with a sm-irk.
“Jackson?” I also heard Ryan’s voice.
Oh my God! He really called Ryan!
The phone was on speaker and I could hear everything clearly.
“Long time, no talk, brother” he said and turned properly to face me.
Ryan didn’t say anything immediately.
“Why re you calling me?” He finally asked.
“Well, I was thinking you might want to say hi to your beloved wife” he sm-irked and despite the fact I couldn’t see Ryan,I could tell he was maddened.
Jackson c@m£ and squ-atted in front of me.
“Come on Bethel; say hi to him” he said as he brou-ght the phone close to my mouth.
I glared at him and didn’t say a word.
“Don’t make me repeat myself. Say something” he said huskily but I still didn’t say a word.
Immediately, he sl@pped me with the back of his palm and I whined.
“Bethel?” I heard Ryan call.
I sniffed as a tear escaped my eyes.
“R…Ryan” i whimpered.
Jackson smiled and stood up.
“Tell Me Ryan, how was that?” He asked, but I didn’t hear Ryan say a word.
I bent my head and wept.
Then Jackson ended the call.
“I hate you, Jackson” I said tearfully.
“I can’t believe I once d@t£d someone like you. I’ve never been so foolish”.
He chuckled and turned around and just then, the door opened and a grumpy looking man walked in with two boys behind him.
“Dad” Jackson called and I flin-ched.
What the heck? Dad?
That’s his father??
How come…?
I don’t un-derstand. Is he also involved in this?
I watched in awe as the grumpy but handsome man walked in and stood in front of me.
“Untie her. I don’t want her to get hurt” he said, referring to no one in p@rticular and one of the boys behind him c@m£ up to me and untied me.
What’s going on? Even Jackson looked surprised.
I felt so much relief as the ropes left my hand. I looked at him and felt confused.
“Am I…supposed to say thank you?” I asked with my eyes staring below.
I heard him scoff.
“Get her some food and something to drink. I want you to make sure she’s comfortable here” he said, looking at Jackson.
What’s happening? I…I though I was a hostage?
“Dad?” Jackson called confused and he turned around and started walking away.
I stood on my feet immediately.
“Why re you doing this?” I asked and he turned back to look at me.
“What plans do you have for Ryan?”
He smiled and shook his head.
“I have no business with Ryan” he stated calmly and left the room.
Married To
Mr Popular
(Couple’s r0m@nç£)
Episode 36
By: Faith Lucky.
Lucas’ Pov: (Jackson’s dad)
Everything is set. It’s a good thing Jackson was able to take care of it. He’s made me proud indeed.
Now, its time to take what that bit-ch took from me.
I sm-irked as I brou-ght out my phone and dialed her line.
Matilda’s Pov:
Oh my God! Where could Bethel be?
I panicked as I hurriedly packed my things from the table and stuffed them into my bag. I wasn’t thinking straight anymore. How can Bethel be kidnapped? For what reason?
I gr@bb£d my bag and scuttled out of the office and almost fell on my way out.
“Cancel all my appointments for the rest of the day” I told my secretary as I got out of the office.
“Yes, ma’am” she replied and I hurried off.
On my way to the elevator, my phone started ringing.
I got into the elevator before bringing it out from my bag and I checked and discovered it was a strange number.
I picked it up immediately.
“Hello?” I said anxiously on the phone.
“Hello Matilda” a gentle voice replied.
I arched my brows as it ringed a bell in my head.
No; it can’t be possible.
“Who’s this?” I asked, trying not to quiver.
He chucked lightly.
“Oh, Matilda; don’t tell me you’ve forgotten the sound of my voice. I mean, I un-derstand its been 18 years now. But, shouldn’t you have the slightest zilch?” He asked and I re-leased a light g@sp.
Oh my God!
“Lucas?” I called in a faint voice.
Nicole’s Pov:
“She..she was on her way to see me” I said nervously as I stood in front of the policemen in Ryan’s mansion.
“We were supposed to go somewhere together. And when she was about leaving, she texted me and told me she was on her way. And that was it. I didn’t hear from her again” I concluded tearfully.
The policeman taking down my statement nodded as a sign he’s taken down the full details.
Ryan was sitting on the floor, drinking dejectedly.
I was so scared.
The grumpy policeman went to stand in front of him.
“Mr Ryan” he called.
“I want you to be rest as-sured we’ll find your wife. We promise you. Our men are alre-ady working on it and the Jackson guy is now our prime suspect. Don’t worry, she’ll be fine.”
“But, haven’t they called to demand for a ransom or something?” One of the policemen asked but Ryan didn’t even look at them.
He just drank frustratedly and didn’t say a word.
“I don’t think so” I replied them instead.
The chief officer took in a de-ep breath.
“Don’t worry, we’ll get Back to you. We’ll be going with the cellphone to run an-alysis on it” he told Ryan and turned around to leave with the others.
“Officer” Ryan called feebly and they turned to look at him.
His head was bent to the floor as he huddled his arms and legs.
“When you find Jackson…take him far away. Don’t let me set my eyes on him. plea-se” he said pathetically and the officers exchanged glances with each other.
“Um…yes sir” the chief replied and finally left with the others.
Oh, goodness.
Ryan’s guards were still in the room and they gave me a look that meant – I should leave as well.
But…I had to tell Ryan about Bethel’s condition. What if something happens to the baby?
I looked at him and his condition scared me to the guts. His eyes were so red and fiery. How will he react towards the news?
I sniffed and turned around. I couldn’t tell him about it. It’d make him go mad and do something nas-ty.
I had to leave.
Matilda’s Pov:
The elevator door opened and I walked out of it weakly.
The phone was still over my ear. I didn’t say a word till I walked pas-s the reception and got outside.
“Lucas?” I called again, shock clearly echoing in my voice.
“How’ve you been, Matilda? Don’t tell me you didn’t miss me” he said grimly.
Oh, God! Don’t tell me he has something to do with Bethel’s disappearance.
“You know I didn’t. I can’t. Why’re you calling me Lucas?” I asked lowly as I got closer to my car.
I ignored the securities around and opened the door myself,going in afterwards.
“Well…I just wanted you to know Bethel’s safe with me” he said and my eyes dilated in shock.
I g@sped and placed my hand on the sterling.
Oh my God!!
I fli-ckered my eyelids and was gobsma-cked for a moment.
“You took…Bethel?” I asked anxiously.
“Yes. And she’s safe for the meantime. Although…I don’t know how long that can last” he replied and I scoffed and fisted my hand.
“You monster! You kidnapped my daughter? How dare you? What do you want from me?” I growled on the phone.
“You can call me whatever you wish, Matilda, but we both know what I want. If you wanna see your daughter again, you’re gonna do as I say.
“Sign the company over to me”.
Bethel’s Pov:
I sat quietly on the floor, my head relaxed on the wall behind me.
I felt so weak and scared – especially for my baby.
I placed my hand on my tummy and sighed pathetically. I could feel it; I could feel the little life inside of me. I didn’t nee-d anyone to tell me about it again.
I just hope we get out of this alive.
Suddenly, the door opened and two boys walked in.
They c@m£ to me and held me on both hands, lifting me up from the floor. Then, they started taking me out of the room.
“Hey, where are you taking me?” I asked, but they didn’t reply.
“Hey! Let me go! Where are you taking me?” I half yelled, but they still didn’t say a word.
I couldn’t fight them off or struggle with them. So, I just followed quietly and fearfully.
They held me r0ûghly and took me down a quiet pas-sage. What’s going on? What have I done to deserve this?
We c@m£ across different armed men who were mostly smoking. They looked so dangerous and it increa-sed my fears.
We finally got to a door and they opened it and went in with me.
What? Jackson?
He was in the room, lying on the be-d.
He smiled as the boys got in with me.
“You can leave” he told them and they left at once.
I scoffed.
“Why did you bring me here?” I asked.
He cracked and left the be-d, coming to stand close to me.
“Chill, Bethel. Don’t you know you’re my guest?” He asked and t©uçhed my hair.
“Don’t t©uçh me” I snapped and pushed his hand away and he laughed.
“You should be ashamed of yourself, Jackson – being an errand boy for your father” I told him and his eyes glinted with a little anger.
But he quic-kly concealed it with a smile.
“You have no idea, Bethel” he said and I wondered what he meant.
What are these people up to?
“So, why did you bring me here?” I asked.
“Did you nee-d someone to lash you out?”
“Oh, dear Bethel. You’ve always been so badmouthed.
“Anyway, I just nee-ded to have a taste of what you deprived me of. Besides, I’m pretty sure you’re no longer a v*rgin. So, it shouldn’t mean a thing to you anymore” he said and t©uçhed the ti-p of my hair.
It made me shiver a little. What’s he talking about?
Immediately, he pushed me to the be-d, ma-king me fall ha-rd on it.
“Hah!” I g@sped in fright. What’s he doing?
I tired standing up, but he pushed me down again and got ont©p of me.
Oh my God!
“Jackson! What are doing??” I skrie-ked and tried pushing him away, but couldn’t.
He weighed me down and k!$$£d me r0ûghly.
“Urgh!” I gro-an ed and sl@pped his face away.
He scoffed and pinned my both hands above my head.
“You can’t run away from this, Bethel” he said and to-re my shi-t.
“No! Jackson, st©p it!”I screamed.
He let go of my hands so he could use his to take off my clothes.
I screamed and struggled with him and he punched me on the belly.
Oh, my God!
“Arghhhhh” I yelped in pains and bounced my head on the be-d.
‘Jackson, no! plea-se” I cried.
Oh God! My baby!
He reached for the Zi-pper on my trou-ser and tried pu-lling it down.
I can’t let this happen to me. I was alre-ady in tears.
I tried pushing him off, but he was too strong for me.
The door suddenly whacked open and I turned to see his father coming in.
“Jackson!” He called in an alarming tone and rushed to us.
He gr!pp£dhim by the shi-t and pu-ll-ed him away from me – from the be-d.
Oh my God!
Immediately, he sl@pped him..
“What do you think you’re doing???” He yelled into his face.
Jackson held his cheek in surprise
I struggled to sit up in tears, my hand over my tummy.
plea-se, tell me my baby’s safe.
I watched the father and son in tears.
“I gave specific orders not to l@yyour hands on her!!” He said angrily.
“And why thefu-ck do you care, dad?” He yelled back at him.
“You abducted her so you could get what you want. So, why the heck do you care about her feelings? She’s just your hostage!!”
“She’s not just my hostage, Jackson” he said coldly and looked at me.
“She’s my daughter”.