Married To Mr popular 2 Episode 33 & 34

Married To
Mr Popular
(Couple’s r0m@nç£)
Episode 33
By: Faith Lucky.
Bethel’s Pov:
I returned to the room and found my phone ringing on the be-d.
I felt so tired.
I plonked myself on the be-d before picking it up.
It was Nicole – of course.
“Hi girlfriend!” She called in a blaring voice, ma-king me pu-ll the phone from my ear for a moment.
What the hell?
“Hey, what’s wrong? Do you wanna make me go deaf?” I grouse and she laughed.
“Well, guess what, Bethel? Guess!” She beamed.
“Um…you’ve been admitted into Oxford university?” I asked, knowing it was dumb.
“Come on, Bethel. How can I possibly gain admission by this time? We’re still on holiday, remember? And they aren’t giving out admissions yet” she said wryly.
“Well, I ain’t good at guessing, Nicole. So, spill it out” I said with an eye roll,like she could see me.
“You won’t believe it, Bethel. Gentle Aura said he’s coming here to Dallas tomorrow!!!” She exclaimed and giggled happily.
I chuckled and gave her enough time to celebr@te.
“Oh, Bethel! I’m so happy! We’ll finally get to the again! Can you believe it?” She said happily.
“Hm. You never told me you two have become so close alre-ady. How’re you aware of his arrival, huh?” I asked tea-singly.
“Come on, Bethel. St©p acting like you have no idea about it. I told you we were chatting, right? And…he calls to check up on me once in a while. Anyway, we’re just friends. Nothing more.”
“Hmm. Friends indeed. Anyway, good luck with that. I nee-d to get re-ady to welcome Ryan. So, bye” .
“Byeeee” she said excitedly and ended the call.
I looked at the blank screen and smiled.
Nicole…This was the first male friend she was having and I was really happy for her.
She told me she met him at the camp on her way to the hospital and all that – long story.
And once in a while, they talked on phone.
Well, they seem to be just friends for now. But, its obvious Nicole likes him alre-ady – of course. But the problem is, she’s not so sure he likes her as well.
According to her, sometimes she feels he’s just treating her like a fan.
Anyway, I pray she finds the best.
The annoying feeling c@m£ again and I covered my mouth and ran into the toilet to throw up.
I decided to prepare a meal for Ryan so he could know I wasn’t a lazy wife. Mia insisted on keeping me company even when I tried convincing her not to bother.
Well, over the weeks, things has been moving on smoothly.
I was done with high school and it was more like a dream come true to me because now, I get to sleep for as long as I want.
Lol…but it’s just for the meantime till I gain admission into college.
The graduation p@rty was held four days back and it was really a blast.
Its actually a big relief to me that I’m finally done with putting on school uniforms.
I returned to the mansion and Mia arrived after a while and joined me in the kitchen.
It was from her I got to un-derstand that not all female celebrities were grumpy. The way she pla-yed and joked with me made me feel she was my age mate.
“You must be really excited to see Ryan, huh?” She asked as she stood and watched me pour in some beef into the pot.
I smiled
“Well, yeah. He’s been gone for three weeks now and I can’t wait to see him” I replied ecstatically and she chuckled.
“Well, you know, he’ll be tired when he returns. So, You should be the one on t©p” she said with an eye wi-nk and I g@sped.
“Mia!” I exclaimed and chuckled.
“Come on Bethel. Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten everything I’ve taught you for the past weeks. You nee-d to st©p being shy around your husband. Handle him properly so he doesn’t have to look elsewhere” she said, ma-king me flin-ch.
“No matter how pretty you are, Bethel, your beauty alone can’t satisfy him. He nee-ds enough satisfaction on that di-ck of his and I’m telling you, if you don’t give it to him the way he wants it,he might have to look elsewhere”.
I sighed and rolled my eyes.
That’s not possible. I can’t let Ryan cheat on me.
Well, over the weeks, Mia’s been teaching me some se-x stuff – she calls them hints and said they’ll be helpful, especially for someone like Ryan who loves se-x.
Hm. But I find them crazy, anyway.
“Remember to bite his n!pplewhen he’s drilling you” she added with a smile and I ended up laughing.
It was crazy.
Can someone like me actually do something like that?
Jackson’s Pov:
I rolled my luggage into the room and met dad sitting on the couch, watching a movie with a cigarette in his hand – of course.
“Son!” He beamed when he saw me and sprang on his feet.
“Hey dad” I reciprocated and ran into his arms.
“Oh, my little boy!” He fondled with my hair and I chuckled.
I couldn’t recall the last time dad acted so sweet to me.
“I’ve missed you, boy. Welcome home” he added.
“Thanks dad” I smiled back at him.
“So, tell me. How was it?” He asked and I could clearly re-ad that hopeful look in his eyes.
“Of course, it was fine. Everything is set now” I replied and the rays of hope bec@m£ more obvious.
“The plan is set?” He asked.
“Yes. The boys are re-ady. It’ll be done tomorrow” I replied and he sm-irked.
Bethel’s Pov:
I stood at the balcony and waited for Ryan to arrive.
Mia’s left alre-ady and by the time I had rounded up the cooking, Ryan called and told me not to bother coming to the airport because he was on his way home alre-ady.
So, I decided to wait for him at the balcony.
I placed my hands at akimbo and wondered why it was taking so long alre-ady.
Suddenly, the gates opened and four different cars started driving in.
I squeaked in happiness and climbe-d down from the corridor.
They drove into the garage and I ran to them even before they’d st©p the car.
I couldn’t identify which of the cars Ryan was in as a result of the ha-rd windows.
But the door of the second car opened and my Ryan c@m£ out of it.
“Hey!” He called and opened his arms wi-de for me and I jumped in immediately.
“Ryan!!” I screamed as I wra-pped my hands around him.
He was completely carrying me as my legs weren’t tou-ching the floor.
“Oh! My baby’s all grown up alre-ady!” He laughed as he twirled me around.
I giggled like a baby and he finally dropped me down on the floor and we k!$$£d.
It was a long tempestuous k!ssas that was our first k!ssin three weeks.
“I’ve missed you” he said tenderly.
“And I’ve missed you more” I chuckled.
He k!$$£d me again before carrying me into the house while the maids rushed to get his bags.
He wra-pped his hands around me and pu-ll-ed me close to himself as we walked into the sitting room.
“Ryan, I have a surprise for you. I…prepared a meal for you” I said, feeling a little shy.
“Hold on, you’re kidding me, right? I mean, the last time I checked, you didn’t know how to cook” he scoffed.
“Yeah – and that was about a month ago” I rolled my eyes and he laughed.
“Anyway, I can’t wait to taste your special delicacy. But first, I nee-d to take a shower. Come on”.
I followed him to the be-droom and as soon as we got in, he pinned me to the wall and started k!ss!ngme.
Hmph. Shower indeed.
“Come on, Bethel. I’ll shower once I’m done with this. Its been three weeks now” he said in de-ep breaths and I laughed.
Does that mean he didn’t cheat on me while he was away?
Of course!
He took me to the be-d and we fell on it together, ourl-ips still k!ssing.
He was lying on t©p of me but suddenly, I turned him over and stayed on t©p instead.
He looked surprised.
“You must be tired. Don’t worry, I’ll stay on t©p” I said with a bashful smile and he laughed.
“What the hell? I left you for three weeks and you’re alre-ady…”
“Sssh” I cut him off, placing my index f!nger on hisl-ip.
This was like the craziest moment of my life.
I k!$$£d him and un-bu-ttoned his shi-t.
*Married To
Mr Popular
(Couple’s r0m@nç£)
Episode 34
By: Faith Lucky.
Bethel’s Pov:
The sun rays glinted on my face as I opened my eyes slowly and yawned.
Gosh! I still felt so dizzy.
I looked at Ryan who was still fast asleep, his hand wra-pped around my w@!st.
I smiled and planted a k!sson his forehead.
Suddenly, the ugly feeling c@m£ again. Oh, God
I jumped out of be-d and and ran into the toilet, throwing up immediately.
It made my stomach rumble and I felt like pas-sing out. What the hell is this?
Oh, goodness. What could be wrong? Am I really falling sick?
I washed my mouth and face before returning to the be-droom. I felt so weak.
Ryan was alre-ady awake but was still lying on the be-d.
“Hey love, are you okay? I saw you…rush into the toilet” he said and I p@n-ted and moved my hair backwards.
“I’m fine…just nee-ded to do something” I replied frazzledly.
“Um…I’ll get breakfast re-ady” I added as I took my phone from the be-d and left the room.
I took the stairs and went into the kitchen before dialing Nicole’s number. I was beginning to have a cranky feeling.
“Girlfriend!” She screamed as usual.
“Awwn. I feel so lucky you’re the first to call me this morning” she chuckled, but I didn’t have time for jokes.
“Um…Nicole, your…your mum works as a nurse right?” I asked.
“Yeah, of course. She’s a medical nurse. Why? Who’s sick?” She asked curiously.
“No one. Um…would you happen to know the early signs of pregnancy?” I asked and she g@sped immediately.
“Bethel!!” She screamed my name,ma-king me pu-ll the phone from my ear immediately.
Oh, God!
“Oh, my geeeee! Bethel!! You’re pregnant!!”
“Will you st©p it, Nicole? St©p adding to my problems. I didn’t say I’m pregnant. I’m just…” .
I sighed and itched my hair.
“I’ve been having strange signs lately. I…keep throwing up, I’m always feeling dizzy, I…get hungry easily”
I paused and scoffed.
“I don’t know, Nicole, but they’re just weird and I’m kinda scared. And the worst p@rt is, I haven’t seen my period for the month”. I grouse.
“Oh! Little girlfriend; you’re pregnant, I swear!” She squeaked.
“But….” I shook my head, running out of words.
“I…I wasn’t expecting it, Nicole. What do I do?” I asked, perturbe-d.
“What do you mean you weren’t expecting it? Did you and Ryan ever used protec-tion?”
“No! But…I’ve seen other married women who doesn’t get pregnant as soon as they get married.”
“Oh! Bethel, grow up. That only happens when the woman is infertile and the man is impotent. Besides, this should be great news. You’re pregnant for Ryan Winthrop!! Do you know what that means?”
“And that’s the point,Nicole. What if Ryan’s not re-ady to father a child?”
“Yes. I mean, he’s still very young and…we didn’t even talk about it.”
“St©p being childish, Bethel, plea-se. Anyway, we’re not even sure yet. It’s possible it might just be a normal illness. Why don’t you come over to my house later in the day so we can carry out a blood test? You know, my mum’s hospital is close by” she suggested.
I covered my face with my palm and sighed
“Bethel?” She called.
“Alright. I’ll call you when I’m coming” I replied and ended the call.
I turned around and leaned my back on the kitchen table.
I could feel horse racing going on in my heart. I was so scared.
What if I’m really pregnant? What if there’s a child in me? Am I going to be a mother at this young age?
Oh, God! Am I re-ady for it?
I was totally scared – of the pains and everything..
It should be great news, but I don’t know why I was really scared. Maybe, its because it’s my first time.
Anyway, just like Nicole said, we might actually be wrong.
An idea suddenly hit at me. Yes! I remembered something.
I rushed out of the kitchen and took the stairs headed back for the room.
Luckily, Ryan wasn’t in anymore and I went straight for my bags and riffled throu-gh them till I found it.
The test str!p!!
I held it up and p@n-ted lightly.
Mum had given it to me two weeks back when she wanted me to run a HPT on myself, but I had refused.
I had hidden the str!p in my bag and luckily, it was still here!
I took in a de-ep breath and went into the toilet with it.
I didn’t even know how to use it. So, I followed the instructions and according to it, I was expected to wee in a bowl or something.
I did and inser-ted the str!p into it – following the instructions.
According to it, one red line meant negative, while two meant positive.
I held the str!p and watched it work.
The first red line showed up and I started breathing heavily – vacuously.
Almost immediately, the second red line c@m£ up and I g@sped and covered my mouth with my palm to prevent me from screaming.
Oh my God!
They were two red lines!!
Does this mean…does this mean it’s positive? Oh my God!
Am I really pregnant?
I leaned on the wall and batted my lashes as I breathed heavily.
I could feel my lungs drying up
Oh, goodness. I couldn’t believe motherhood was staring at me in the face. Could this be possible?
“Bethel’s?” I heard Ryan’s voice from the room and my heart skipped.
Oh, my! What do I do with this?
I quic-kly rushed to the toilet seat and threw the str!p into it and made sure I flu-shed it down.
“Bethel? Are you there?” He called again.
“Yes. I’m…I’m coming” I replied dazily as I washed my hands.
Nicole’s right. We couldn’t be sure yet. I still nee-ded to run a blood test.
I dried my hands with a napkin before before returning to the room.
There I met Ryan with a cu-p of coffee.
“Hey, where have you been? I thought you were ma-king breakfast?” He asked as he sipped from the cu-p.
“Y…Yeah. I just…had to make urgent use of the toilet” I replied, wishing my nervousness wasn’t too obvious.
“Okay then. Anyway, I just got a call from my manager and I nee-d to meet up with him immediately. But, I promise to be back as soon as we’re done, okay?” He said and I just nodded in agreement.
He gulped down the last coffee in the cu-p. Then, k!$$£d me before going into the toilet.
I stood in front of the mirror as I brushed my hair. My pale image was reflecting back at me.
The two lines on the test str!p repla-yed in my head and made me shiver.
I had no idea what motherhood looked like and now it was staring at me in the face, I couldn’t help but ponder.
I placed my hand on my tummy and sighed. Could there be a life inside of me? Am I really pregnant?
I stared keenly at it and a light smile crept into myl-ips. It was going to be a beautiful thing – perhaps. I was going to become a mother
Well, I nee-ded to carry out the blood test to be sure.
I brushed my lengthy hair and let it fall freely on my shoulders.
Then, I took my bag and walked out of the room.
I got out to the parking lot and made use of my white Porsche. The driver opened the door for me and one of the guards sat in the front seat with the driver
Ryan had instructed him to always accompany me.
The driver took off and I brou-ght out my phone and texted Nicole:
I’m on my way.
Then, I exhaled de-eply and leaned my back on the car seat.
I guess a new chapter of my life was about to begin.
If really I’m pregnant, I wonder what Ryan’s reaction would be when he gets to know. I just hope he accepts it.
Of course! He will.
I smiled and closed my eyes.
The drive was cool and sweet, but not until the car suddenly screeched to a halt
I j£rked my eyes open to see what was going on.
The driver seemed to be struggling with the keys
“What is it?” I asked, perplexed.
“I don’t know, ma’am. I think its a flat tyre” he replied and opened the door, going out of the car.
What the hell? A flat tyre? Now of all times?
I grumbled and itched my head.
Why does this have to happen now?
“Just stay calm, ma’am. We’ll rectify it” the guard said to me and also left the car.
Suddenly, a black van drove on a high speed and parked in front of us
I could see everything clearly from the window and armed boys c@m£ out of the van – boys with black mask.
Like a flash, they sh0t my driver and the guard.
“Arghhhh” I screamed in fright.
Oh my God!!
They c@m£ to my door and opened it, dragging me out of the car.
“No! Let me go!!! No!” I screamed, transfixed with fear.
I looked at my driver and guard on the floor. They were both sh0t on the legs.
Oh, my God! What’s happening?
“plea-se, let me go! plea-se” I cried as the boys dragged me towards the van.
Suddenly, they st©pped and someone else c@m£ out of the van..
My jaws dropped immediately as my eyes dilated in shock
“Jackson?” I called in bewilderment, my voice wavering
It was the greatest shock of my life .
He smiled at me.
“Hello Bethel”.
I stared at him in shock and confusion.
What’s going on? What’s he doing here? I…I haven’t seen him in weeks.
Is he behind this???
“Jackson…” I quivered.
“Don’t worry, Bethel. Its time to sleep” he said calmly and signalled one of the boys beside me and immediately, they placed a napkin over my nose and I pas-sed out.

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