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Married To Mr popular 2 Episode 31 & 32

Married To
Mr Popular
(Couple’s Romance)
Episode 31
By: Faith Lucky.
Bethel’s Pov:
I opened my eyes blearily and found Nicole and Ryan standing and staring at me.
My vision was blur at first, but I later got to confirm they were the ones.
“Bethel!” Nicole called happily and hugged me – carefully – making sure she didn’t touch my tummy.
I kind of felt weak.
“Hi” I managed a smile.
Ryan remained staring at me – silently.
“I’m so glad you’re okay. You got us scared” Nicole said pitifully and I chuckled.
Then, she looked at Ryan and back at me.
“Um…I’ll just wait outside” she said and left the room.
Ryan sighed and took the seat in front of the bed.
“Hey”, he called fraily.
His eyes looked so sore. It’s obvious he had been angry.
“Hi” I smiled and stretched out my hand for him to hold and he did.
He held it in his and klzzed jt.
“How’re you feeling now?”, he asked.
“I’m perfectly fine. The doctor must’ve told you, right? You don’t need to worry about me”.
“I’m sorry” he bent his head and said.
“Sorry for what? It wasn’t your fault. You can’t be there to protect me all the time” I said.
“Who was it? Who stabbed you?”
I arched my brows and tried to think.
“She was…wearing a veil. I couldn’t see her face” I replied and he scoffed and bent his head again.
“Listen to me, Ryan, that isn’t important, okay? What’s important is I’m alive and here. So, let’s not think about it anymore”.
He didn’t say anything and it made me scared of what might be going through his mind.
But, who could’ve tried to kill me?
Immediately, Ryan’s phone started ringing and I discovered it was his manager.
He spoke tireldy on the phone. He was still holding my hand.
At first, the call was going out smoothly, but not until I heard him flinch.
He exclaimed in surprise and inconvenience.
I looked at him and wondered what was going on.
Then, he stood up and walked out of the room, still on the call.
Nicole’s Pov:
I offered to help get Bethel’s things since Ryan said they’d be returning to Dallas as soon as she’s strong enough to leave. And obviously, that might be today.
Thank goodness she’s getting better
I got to the camp and on my way to the dormitory, I ran into Kyle.
Well, I didn’t entirely ran into him because he was the one who came to me.
“Nicole” he called with a perturbed expression and I stopped to listen to him.
“Wh…Where’s Bethel? How’s she?” He asked immediately.
“She’s fine now. You don’t need to worry. She’s out of danger” I replied and he took in a deep breath.
“Oh God! Is…Is she still at the hospital? I mean, how’s she really doing?” He repeated the same question, making it sound funny.
“I just told you, Kyle. You don’t need to worry about her. She’s fine. Um…I actually came over to get her things. We’ll just…talk later” I said and tried leaving.
“Wait!” He called and I turned back to look at him.
“Can I…accompany you to the hospital to see her?” He asked with so much concern.
“Well…you see, Ryan is there as well. And considering what happened between the three of you, I don’t think he’d welcome your pres£nce.
“I’m sorry” I added and scurried off.
I kinda felt bad for him. But…there was nothing I could do. Who’d want to get on Ryan’s bad side?
I got to Bethel’s dorm and met her three room mates there.
“Oh, my God! You’re Bethel’s friend, right?” One of them asked as soon as she saw me.
She was a Student from CVHS.
“Yeah..” I replied.
Shirley who was sitting on the top bed climbed down immediately.
“How’s she, Nicole? Is she dead?” She asked and I flinched.
What the…
“Are you crazy?” I gawped at her with a crumpled look.
“How can you say such a thing? How can you say she’s dead? Do you want her dead?”
“Hey, I didn’t say, okay? Its just a question” she defended.
“Well, that’s a dumb question. She isn’t dead. She’s fine”.
“Um…please, I’m her friend. How’s she?” The first lady asked and I took my eyes away from Shirley.
“She’s fine. She’s out of danger. You don’t need to worry about her. I actually came to get her things” I replied and walked over to the wardrobe in the room.
“Hey, you can’t just come in here and start touching things” the grumpy lady in the room said and I scoffed.
“So, I should go on my knees and beg you before taking my friend’s place?” I asked and went ahead to open the wardrobe, ignoring the repugnant look she threw at me.
“I’ll help you with that” the first lady said and came to me.
She helped me take out Bethel’s clothes and arranged everything inside her box.
“Thank you” I told her when we were done.
“Please, s£nd my regards to Bethel. Tell her its Charlene. Don’t worry, I already have her contact so I’ll give her a call later. Just tell her I said hi” she enthused.
Hm. When did Bethel start making new friends?
“Okay, then. No problem. I’ll tell her” I replied and looked at Shirley.
She didn’t say anything and I picked up the box and left the room.
That Shirley’s something else, I thought as I walked out of the camp.
I can’t believe the first question she could ask was if Bethel was dead.
I mean, what the hell? Who does that?
I left the camp and got out to the road so I could get a cab. I just hope by the time I got to the hospital, Bethel will be up and kicking.
I stood by the road and awaited a cab and suddenly, a flashy car just drove by and splashed mud water on me.
I g@sped and looked at my dress, then back at the jeep and surprisingly, the driver stopped.
I stormed angrily to the car and knocked on the dark window.
“Hey, are you blind?”,I asked huskily and the front door opened.
A young man in what seemed like a security uniform came out.
“You splashed water on me!” I grouse.
The back door suddenly opened and…what?
Oh my gee!
Gentle Aura!!!
Are you…Are you kidding me?
I flinched and moved backwards.
My second super crush after Ryan – young and charming.
Am I dreaming? He was standing in front of me.
“Hey, were you hurt?” He asked in the mildest tone ever.
Hold on, I thought he was grumpy?
I bent my head, unable to look at him.
The fragrance around him was sweet. He was dripping in gold.
He had tinted hair and fixed blue lenses.
“I’m…I’m fine. I’m sorry” I replied nervously with my head bowed, not knowing why I apologized.
Maybe, because I spoke rudely to his guard.
I had no idea it was someone like him!
“I’m so sorry for your dress. Come on, I’ll get you cleaned up” he offered.
“No, no. Don’t worry about it. I’m…I’m fine. I’m actually in a hurry” I replied and tried leaving but he held me back, his hand around mine.
Oh my Goddddd.
He was holding my hand!!!
“No, please. This is my fault. I’d want to fix it. Come on, it won’t take long. I’ll just get you new clothes” he insisted but his hand around mine had already made me speechless.
He opened the door and I gulped nervously and walked in.
Lady K’s Pov:
“Are you serious about this, Karen? You tried to kill Bethel?” Ava nagged on the phone as I faced my cigarette pack on the table.
“She deserved it” I replied coldly and litted the cigarette.
“Karen!! We’re talking about someone’s life here. You almost killed someone” she half yelled.
“Maybe it’s best if she just dies. That lady came in and ruined everything and now, I need to ruin her as well”.
“Geez! Karen, this doesn’t sound like you. I never thought you could do something like this” she said and ended the call.
*Back to Dallas*
Bethel’s Pov:
“Oh my God! Bethel!!” Ryan’s mum exclaimed as soon as Ryan and I stepped out of the car.
Geez! I can’t believe she’s actually been in the mansion waiting for us.
“Mum!” I beamed and went into her arms as she got to where I was.
“Oh my baby girl! What happened to you?” She squeaked and looked at the covered part of my tummy.
“I’m fine, mum. Please, don’t worry about me” I said with a smile and she hugged me again.
“I’m so glad you’re okay. I was so worried when I heard you were stabbed”
She left me and went to Ryan.
“Son” she called and embraced him, then give him a peck on his cheek.
“I’m glad you’re safe too”. She said.
“Thank you, mum” he replied rather perfunctorily.
“Come on. I’ve prepared more than enough foods already so when you return, you’ll just eat and have enough rest” she said, looking at me.
“Come on, come on, come on. Let’s go in now. You don’t need to stress yourself much by standing” she added and held my hand and we all walked into the house together.
If not for the little stories I’ve heard about Ryan’s mum, I’d say she was a complete angel.
She had paid some carters who came over to the house and prepared @ssorted foods. I wonder if she’s aware its just three of us. All these food is definitely gonna go to waste. They were too much.
We all sat on the dining and ate blissfully, but after a while, Ryan left to answer.
“Um…how’s the mansion, mum?” I asked as I chewed a small piece of bacon.
“Ah!” She exclaimed lightly and gulped down some wine.
“Its been hot as always. Lana actually broke up with Royce after what happened” she said and I g@sped.
“She called off the engagement?” I asked in shock.
“Yeah…I mean, when she heard her fiance tried to rape someone’s wife, it was a big b!0w to her. So, she ended the relationship”. She replied.
That’s…touching, I guess.
“Well, Lana’s a nice lady” she continued.
“And I think she deserves someone better than Royce. That guy’s a total jerk and is only going to break her heart and ruin her life. So, it’s better she left first. She’ll definitely get someone better”.
I sighed and looked down at my food.
Well, that’s true. Lana’s indeed a nice person and Royce is just not good for her. She deserves someone better. I wish her luck.
We continued eating and talking about other things. Then, I suddenly noticed Ryan was taking too long.
“Um…mum, I’ll just check up on Ryan” I told her as I stood on my feet.
“Okay, sure” she replied and I left.
I got into the bedroom and found him on a call. What’s with him and this calls?
Okay, bye” he rounded up the call and dropped the phone.
“Ryan” I called as I drew closer to him.
He looked worried.
“Ryan, what’s wrong? Is there a problem?” I asked, beginning to feel scared already.
He exhaled deeply and inserted his hands into his trouser pockets.
“Its my manager” he sighed.
I stared at him curiously.
“I’m sorry, Bethel. I think I’ve got some bad news” he said.
Married To
Mr Popular
(Couple’s Romance)
Episode 32
By: Faith Lucky.
Bethel’s Pov:
My heart raced faster.
He made me so nervous.
“What…What bad news?” I asked anxiously and he took in a deep breath.
“I…have to go away for three weeks” he released the bombshell, making me flinch.
I scoffed and looked at him.
“Three weeks?” I repeated.
“Wh…Why? What for?”
“Well, there’s a contract my manager and I have been working on for months now and…it just came into realization now. Its very big and…not something I can easily miss. So, I have to be away for three weeks.” He explained.
I looked down at the floor pathetically.
“Hey,” he called and held my cheeks.
“It won’t be long, okay? I’ll be back before you know it”
“I’ll be done with high school by then” I grouse.
“You won’t be around for my graduation party”.
His eyes drooped as I could clearly see guilt in them.
“I’m sorry” he muttered.
We remained silent for a while. Then, I embraced him.
“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. I..guess I’ll just stay with my mum till you return.” I said calmly.
I needed to accept the fact that he’s a celebrity and that was part of their lifestyle.
“Thank you. I love you” he replied and klzzed me.
We returned to the dining and I found my phone ringing. I checked and discovered it was mum.
Oh! She already called me when I was in the hospital.
Hello? Mum?
I called on the phone as I moved away from the dining.
Bethel, where are you home? Are you home yet?
Yeah, I’m fine.
Alright. Sorry I can’t see you right away. I’m in the middle of something important. But, once I’m done, I promise to come over.
Its okay, mum. Um…I might actually be coming to stay with you from tomorrow. Ryan will be gone for three weeks and I can’t stay alone. So, I thought it’d be best to come over there because I can’t go back to the Winthrop mansion.
Well, no problem then. I have to go. I’ll call you later.
And she ended the call.
I sighed and was about returning to the dining when my phone started ringing again and I checked and discovered it was a strange number.
I hesitated a little before picking the call.
I said on the phone.
Hello? Is this Bethel?
The voice sounded familiar.
Y…Yes. Who is this, please?
Thank goodness! This is Mia. I heard what happened to you. How’re you feeling now?
Oh, Mia!
Oh! Um…I’m fine now. I’m okay. Thanks.
Okay dear. Just wanted to be sure you’re safe. Sorry for what happened. Um…by the way, about the cooking stuff, sorry I haven’t really had time to call you. But, I’m a bit free for now. So, if you’ll be chanced, we can just start tomorrow.
Oh! That’d be nice. Um…I’ll just call you back.
Alright then. Bye.
And she ended the call.
Wow! I guess I’ll have to start my cooking cl@sses soon. Not tomorrow, of course, because I still need to rest.
Well, of course. I need to start cooking for my husband.
Bethel’s Pov:
“Bethel? Bethel?”
I tossed on the bed as mummy’s voice rang in my head, disrupting my sweet sleep.
“Oh, mom! What is it?” I grumbled dizzily, my eyes still closed.
“Come on Bethel, wake up. You’ve been sleeping for too long already. Do you even know what the time is?” She asked and tapped me again and I was forced to open my eyes.
“But mom, what do you want me to do for you? I’m still feeling very dizzy” I said like a baby who was about crying.
“Have you forgotten Ryan is coming back today? Shouldn’t you be ready to welcome him?” She asked and that was when I forced my eyes open immediately.
Oh my God! I almost forgot!
Ryan’s coming home today!
“Oh! Goodness, mum. I forgot. I’ll just rush home and get ready” I told her while itching my eyes.
“Okay, then. You better do. I’m off to work, anyway. Bye”.
“Bye, mum…”
And she left the room.
I rested my head and looked up at the ceiling.
Finally, its been so long already.
Suddenly, it came again.
That same ugly feeling.
I rushed out of the bed and ran into the toilet, emptying everything from my mouth.
Oh, God! I felt like running mad.
My mouth tasted so sour and I couldn’t understand why I’ve been throwing up for sometime now.
What the hell is wrong with me? I hated it.
I left the seat and went ahead to wash my mouth. It was so bitter and I felt…I don’t know.
I seriously hope I’m not trying to fall sick.
Anyway, the most important thing right now is getting ready to welcome Ryan from the airport.
Who else is going to welcome Ryan from the airport?


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