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July 24, 2021


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Married To Mr popular 2 Episode 29 & 30

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Married To


Mr Popular

(Couple’s Romance)


Episode 29

By: Faith Lucky.



Bethel’s Pov:

I sighed and looked at the drink. It was stunning to know she just offered me one. I mean, that’s the first time such is happening.

She seemed friendly. Too bad Ryan wants me to stay away from her. I guess I need to obey him.

I changed into my sport wears and left the room with the drink. And when I got to the trash bin, I dumped it there. I actually felt bad, but I had to do it.

I went out to the sports field and met what looked like a crusade.

Gosh! The students were damn much.

How will I find Nicole? I didn’t want to be alone.

I turned around and tried going to a different place and Surprisingly, I bumped into Kyle.


“Hey!” I called with a little shock.

I wasn’t expecting to see him.

“Hi. Um…its good to see you” he replied, obviously looking twitchy as well.

“Yeah” I smiled.

I kinda felt shy after what happened.

“So…how’ve you been?” He asked.

“Oh! I’ve been fine, I guess. And you? What have you been upto?”

“Well…nothing really. Just came out for sports’.

I nodded and ran out of words.

‘”So…I guess I better leave you alone before your super husband punches me in the face” he said jokingly and I joined him to laugh.

Although, I could tell he was a little bittered.

“Hey, Bethel!” I heard a familiar voice call and turned to see Charlene scuttling towards me.

Oh, geez! This talkative.

“Hi”,I forced a smile as she got to where I was.

I looked back at Kyle and saw him already walking away.

“I’ve been looking for you. Come on, let’s stand over there” Charlene said and held my hand.

We were about leaving when three girls showed up.

‘Hey” the one in the middle called.

They were obviously from CVHS.

“Are you really….Ryan’s wife?” She asked and I bit my lips.

Oh, gosh! Seriously?

‘Y….Yeah. Is there a problem?” I stuttered a little.

“Oh my gee!! She’s Ryan’s wife for real! Are you kidding me?” The other beamed.

“I’m Sally” the one in the middle said happily and brought out her hand for a handshake.

I smiled and collected it.

“I’m Nina” the first one said and also brought out her hand for a handshake.

“And I’m Michelle. And I swear, I feel like the luckiest girl on earth getting to meet you” the last one said.

Oh, goodness.

I’m so not used to this.

“Thanks” was all I could say as I blushed.

“So Bethel, we’d really like to be close to you. I mean, that way, we’d be close to Ryan” the one in the middle squeaked and the rest giggled.

“Well, its nice meeting you guys” I decided to say.

Charlene was quiet the whole time. I thought they were from the same school? Shouldn’t they know each other or something?

“Come on, then. Let’s go for sports” the Sally lady said and led the way.

Oh, Bethel. I’m really not a population lover.



Shirley’s Pov:

I followed Ryan’s guards to the place he wanted to see me.

We got to the quiet corner and there I found him standing all alone, obviously boiling.

“Leave us” he told the guards as soon as we got there and they left.

I sighed and folded my hands. He was looking as natty as ever.

“Hi” I smiled.

“What do you think you’re doing?” He asked coldly.

Even if he sounded calm, I could tell he was furious and I was clearly taking a big risk coming to meet him.

“Well…I’m standing in front of you” I shrugged and he scoffed.

“Why re you Bethel’s classmate? You rounded up high school two years ago, Shirley. Just what do you think you’re doing?” He growled.

“Well…I just felt like having a repeat of high school”.

“Damn you, Shirley! Are you seriously trying to destroy my marriage?” He sneered.

“Oh! Your marriage?’ I chuckled.

“Well, the last time we spoke, you sounded like you were being forced into it” I blurted out.

“Yeah, but right now, it’s one of the best things that’s happened to me and I won’t take it lightly from you if you try to jeopardize that”.

“The same way you’re jeopardizing your relationship with your son?” I half yelled and a short silence stepped in.

“He’s your first child, Ryan. You Can’t just abandon him”. I said wryly.

“And I’m not abandoning him, Shirley” he picked at his words

“I never wanted that baby and you know it. Damn you, Shirley! The intercourse was just one and you told me you were going to take care of yourself, but you still ended up pregnant.

“I wasn’t ready to be a father and I asked you to get rid of the baby. But you insisted on keeping it and fine! I agreed. I didn’t force you. I paid you awesomely to go far away and never return to my life and you agreed and swore to do so. But all of a sudden, you showed up and want to ruin everything for me. What exactly do you want from me, Shirley?” He said between gritted teeth.

“I want you, Ryan. I want you to be mine. I don’t want my son to grow up without a father”. I said bluntly.

He scoffed and faced the wall.

“God knows its taking me a lot not to lay my hands on you. So, please Shirley, don’t force me. I’m married and in love with Bethel and wouldn’t want anything to ruin our relationship. So, for the sake of your son, stay away from us. If I ever see you around her again, I’ll kill you” he stated blatantly and walked away.

I stood speechless and angry.

Really? Kill me?



Bethel’s Pov:

The sports was kinda stressful to me and boring – without Nicole.

The CVHS ladies around me just kept asking me dumb questions about Ryan. It was so annoying. It was more like they wanted me to consciously share my husband with them.

I became tired and decided to make use of the restroom before the competition begins.

Oh, yeah. One of the coordinators said we’d be going into sport competition soon. So, I decided to free myself before it commences.

I returned to the dorm so I could make use of the toilet there.

I got into the toilet room and took in a deep breath as I relaxed on the seat.

I felt so tired – and dizzy. Although, I couldn’t tell why.

I placed my chin in my hand and emptied all the liquid I could empty from my body…funny.

then, I stood up and washed my hands. While washing, I heard the door in the room open and wondered who could be coming in. Hm. Probably someone who also wants to make use of the restroom.

I just hope its not Charlene. That girl talks like a parrot.

I dried my hands after washing and returned to the bedroom and I gave out a scream of fright as I saw something strange.

There was someone in the room – a lady. But she was covering a veil and I couldn’t see her face.

My legs wobbled.

“Who…Who’re you?” I asked in fear.

“What’re you doing here?”

She didn’t say anything and slowly, brought out a knife from her dress.

“Arghhh” I screamed and she stabbed me with it immediately and I found myself falling on the floor.

Oh, my God!

She ran out of the room at once, leaving me helpless on the floor.

I started gasping for air as I felt unbearable pains. Oh, heavens! No!

This cannot happen to me.

I tried to cry out, but my voice was too weak. Blood was oozing from the stabbed part of my tummy.

Immediately, the door opened and I saw a figure that looked like Nicole.

“Bethel???” She shrieked and came to kneel before me.

My vision was already becoming blur.


And finally, I passed out.


Married To

Mr Popular

(Couple’s Romance)


Episode 30

By: Faith Lucky.

Nicole’s Pov:

“Clear the way! Get out of the road!!” The securities yelled as Bethel was stretchered into the hospital building.

She was still unconscious and bleeding profusely. Ryan was running along with the stretcher as they took her to a ward.

His eyes were filled with so much fury and at the same time, fear.

Oh, God!


We finally got to the ward and the doctor asked us to wait outside as he went in with the nurses.

“Bethel”, I whimpered and clasped my palms together.

Tears were streaming down my cheeks.

“What did you say happened to her?” Ryan turned to me and asked, his voice cracking.

Blood was all over his hands and shirt.

“I…I had spotted her from afar going into the dorm and decided to follow her.

Approaching the room, I heard her scream and when I got in, I found her bleeding on the floor.”, I replied fearfully.

He huffed and turned to face the wall, leaning his head on it.

Suddenly, he started walking away.

“Si…” I thought of calling him back, but restricted myself.

He was too angry and I didn’t want to be a victim in anyway.

I stood and watched him walk away.



Ryan’s Pov:

“Let me have the keys”,I told my guards when I got outside.

“But, sir…”

“Let me have the keys!”,I said again, trying to control my temper because of the people around.

They handed the car keys to me and I entered into one of the cars immediately and took off.

I was blood stained all over but didn’t care. I needed to lay my hands on her.

I drove at a crazy speed, headed back to the camp. My hands were shaking on the sterling.

How dare she think of stabbing Bethel? What gave her the guts?

My phone started ringing but I ignored it.

I let it ring to an but the caller kept calling repeatedly and the sound of it made me screech the car to a halt

I picked up the call with so much anger.

“What???” I yelled, not minding it was my manager.

“Ryan, where are you? The guards just called and told me you left without them, with blood stains all over…”

“That’s nobody’s business. I’m still going to do with I want” I snarled.

“Will you stop being stupid, Ryan? For goodness sake! There are journalists everywhere! Bad news moves faster than the air. Do you really want your wife to wake up and see her husband already having a bad name?” He queried and I placed my head on the sterling, breathing heavily.

“You need to calm down, Ryan and use your head, not your heart. Go back to the hospital. Your wife needs you there”. He said and ended the call.

I groaned and hit my hands on the sterling.

His words niggled at me, but the anger I felt was just too much.

I took my phone and dialed the bitch’s number.

She picked up immediately like she’s been awaiting my call.


“Run away, Shirley” I said in deep breaths, my head lying on the sterling.

“Run far away – far from me. Because I’ll kill you. I swear to God Shirley, if I ever set my eyes on you again, I’ll kill you”.

“Listen to me, Ryan, I didn’t do it. I swear with my life, I didn’t stab Bethel” she said stupidly.

I ended the call immediately and threw the behind me, not minding where it landed.

I just pray something happens to Bethel. That’s when they’ll see the real beast they’ve been dying to see.



Jackson’s Pov:

I stood at the balcony and took in a deep breath before receiving the call from dad.

“Son” he called in his cold voice.

“Hi dad” I said casually.

“Yeah -how’s it going over there? How’s New York?” He asked.

“Well…its fine. I’m almost done with the deal and will be coming home soon” I replied and could feel him smile.

“You’re almost done? That’s great news son. I’m proud of you”.

I chuckled.

“Thank you dad”.

“Well, hurry up and come home so we can carry out the final plans. When we’re done with this, we’ll never have to worry about a thing anymore” he beamed .

“Okay, dad. I’ll text you later. Bye” I said and ended the call.

I took in a deep breath and stared into space as I stood at the uppermost part of the building.

I couldn’t wait to get done with this stuff and return home. I’ve been away for too long already

But dad…I wonder what his plans are. He’s just using me but hasn’t told me a thing about what he has in mind.

Anyway, He’s my father and will never do anything to harm me. So, I’m going to support him in whatever he’s doing.



Ryan’s Pov:


“Sir, are you alright?”

“We’ve got some clothes for you..”

The guards hovered around me as I came out of the car.

I didn’t pay attention to any of them as I started walking in – weakly.

All eyes were on me, but I didn’t Care as I walked in slowly and met with the doctor along the passage.

“Sir Ryan” he called, looking a bit surprised.

“I’ve…I’ve actually been looking for you. Um…I think you need to clean up yourself”.

“How’s she?” I asked tiredly, giving a digression to what he said.

“Um…well, you don’t have to panic ’cause she’s out of danger. The cut wasn’t really deep and thankfully, you brought her here in time. So, she’s safe for now and just resting.”

I breathed out heavily and leaned on the wall, staring up at the ceiling.

Oh God!

I placed my hand on my chest, trying to absorb the fear and shock. That was more than a relief to me.

The doctor came and placed his hand on my shoulder.

“She’s fine Ryan. Don’t hurt yourself” he assured me and I took in another deep breath.

“Can I…Can I see her?” I asked feebly.

“Of course. But, she’s still sleeping and I’d suggest she gets enough rest” he replied and led me to her room.

I stood outside by the window and looked at her as she laid on the bed, sleeping like a princess.

Oh God! She’s alive!





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