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July 24, 2021


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Married To Mr popular 2 Episode 27 & 28

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Married To

Mr Popular

(Couple’s Romance)


Episode 27

By: Faith Lucky.



Bethel’s Pov:

“Bethel?” I heard him call and turned to see him standing at the entrance.

He looked surprise and started walking towards us.

Lady K was no longer holding her cheeks, but anger flickered in her eyes.

“What’s going on?” Ryan asked as he got to where we were.

“She slapped me!” Lady K rasped.

“And that’s because you deserved it.” I retorted and turned angrily to Ryan.

“She isn’t even feeling remorseful for what she did. She actually said I deserved it” I reported to him, angrily.

“That’s a lie”, her voice cracked.

“And why would I lie? I’m not a bitch like you” I snapped back at her.

Immediately, she turned around and ran away.

Ryan sighed and touched his forehead.

‘I’ve warned that lady to stay away from me. I seriously don’t know what her problem is” he shook his head.

I was so pissed at the whole thing. I can’t believe she almost ruined my life yet, doesn’t remorseful about it. Instead, she’s saying I deserved worst than that. Worst than what? Worst than being beaten up and raped?

How can someone be that evil?

Ryan noticed my mood and held my cheek.

“Hey, it’s okay. Don’t give a thought to it, okay?” He said and I just brought his hand down from my cheek.

“I’ll be on my way now” I said and left.



Nicole was the one who had been able to calm me down. She only wanted to spend time with me and she went on talking and talking about her crazy room mates and how Cheryl was just acting stupid with the two other ladies from CVHS.

It was crazy and I ended up laughing the whole time.

Unfortunately, the conversation had to come to an end when the securities around started ordering students to return to their dorm since it was late and looked like it was going to rain soon.

Nicole was so sad and we gave each other a parting hug before proceeding to our different rooms.

When I returned to my room, my room mates were all in except for Charlene.

“You’re back” Shirley said and sat up on her bed.

Her phone screen was still on.

The grumpy lady – Natalie – was laying with headphones connected to her ears.

“Yeah – hi’ i replied to Shirley and sat on my bed.

“So, how was it? How was Ryan?” She asked excitedly.

She was sitting on the top bed opposite mine and that way, we could look into each other’s faces. Just that, she was up and I was below.

“Funny. I wasn’t with Ryan the entire time. I was with Nicole” I replied tiredly.

“Oh! Nicole! How’s she? Too bad you guys didn’t get to be room mates” she chuckled.

“Yeah – too bad” I said with a wistful smile.

“Where’s Charlene?” I later asked.

“Oh! She said she was going to see a friend. I guess she’ll be back soon”.

‘Oh!” I nodded.

A short silence stepped in.

“Just got off the phone with my baby.” She said, showing her phone to me.

“He said he’s missing me already”.

I chuckled and stared downwards.

“He’s so sweet and the best thing that’s ever happened to me” she placed her hand on her chest and said.


“What’s his name?” I asked, trying not to sound snobbish

“Dwayne” she smiled.


Dwayne…sounds familiar.

“You know,

“I was really surprised when you he was your son. I mean, it never occurred to me you were actually a mother.” I said and she laughed.

“Yeah – I know its weird anyway.” She nodded.

“Do you…stay with the father?’

“Nah” she ticked her tongue.

“He actually…abandoned us’.


“Wow…he did?” I asked, surprised

“Yeah. When I had gotten pregnant, he told me he didn’t need the baby and asked me to do away with it. But, I couldn’t and since then, he abandoned us” she said sadly with a bleak.

She bent her head silently.

“Wow! That’s quite bad” I remarked.

“Yeah, you’re right. But, not to worry, I’ll definitely get him back” she said boastfully and my eyes beamed.

“Really? You’re still interested in him?” I asked.

“Of course. He’s mine. And every other lady who tries to mess with me is a goner” she said huskily and rounded it up with a laugh.

I chuckled and shook my head.


My phone started ringing immediately.

I checked and of course, it was Ryan.

I smiled as I picked it up.

‘Hey, aren’t you done with Nicole?” He asked immediately, not giving me space to say hi.

“Oh! I’m in my room already” I replied, biting my lip.

“What the heck? I told you to return when you’re done. How come you’re in your room?”

I couldn’t say anything.

“Come over now” he said strictly.

“What? Are you kidding me? Its late already, Ryan. When will I come back?” I said in surprise.

“And who said anything about you going back? You’re sleeping here”.


‘Huh? That’s impossible. We’re not suppose to sleep outside our…”

“And you really think Ryan’s wife will get punished for sleeping in his room?” He asked and I sighed.

“Fine! But there are securities all…”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be waiting outside. Just hurry up” he interruo impatiently.

I really hope he’s not asking me to come over because he wants to…

“Fine! I’m on my way” I replied him and ended the call.

This guy can never take no for an answer.

“Are you going to see Ryan?” Shirley asked as I stood up.

“Yeah” I shrugged.

“Okay. Let me accompany you” she said and jumped down from the bed.


“Oh! You don’t need to bother about that. I…”

“Come on, Bethel, please. I just want to see his face. I’m a big fan of his. It’s not like I’ll be entering the room with you or something – just to see his face. He isn’t gonna beat you up, Will he?” She said with a pout, almost making me laugh.

Well, Ryan was meeting me outside. So, she was only going to have a glimpse of him.

“Alright then. Let’s go” I told her.

“Thank you!!” She squeaked happily and followed me out of the room.



Married To

Mr Popular

(Couple’s Romance)


Episode 28

By: Faith Lucky.

Bethel’s Pov:

“Thank you!!” She squeaked happily and followed me out of the room.

I was scared of the securities around. I didn’t want them to embarrass me by chasing us away.

“I really hope it doesn’t rain”, Shirley said as she walked beside me.

“Its gonna make it impossible for us to do sports tomorrow” she added.

“Oh! That’s true” I nodded.

We continued walking in silence and soon, I spotted Ryan.

Hah! Thank goodness.

Shirley and I stopped walking and waited for him to get to where we were. He was putting on a black cardigan.

As soon as he got close, I ran into his arms and embraced him, feeling his warmth.

“Hey” I beamed and buried my face in his chest.


I noticed something different. He wasn’t holding me. He didn’t hug me back.

I pulled away from his body and looked into his face and there I found him staring keenly at Shirley.


“Ryan?”, I called as I looked into his face and looked at Shirley.

She was wearing a light smile.

“Hi, Ryan” she said gently.

But Ryan didn’t even blink.

Why’s he staring at her that way? Is he surprised or what?

“Um…Ryan” I called, my right hand on his chest.

“This is Shirley – a girl in my class and…also my room mate here in camp.

“She’s a big fan of yours and just wanted to meet you”.

She smiled and drew closer.

“Nice meeting you, Ryan. Like she said, I’m a big fan of yours and love you so much. And its always been my outmost desire to get to meet you someday”. She said and brought out her hand for a handshake.

Ryan didn’t even flinch or move. He looked at her for a long time, then back at me.

‘Let’s go” he said coldly as he held my hand and started walking away with me.

Huh? What’s wrong with him?

He didn’t even say a word to Shirley – not to mention receiving the handshake.

I was confused.

I turned back and looked at Shirley who still reminded standing and staring at us. Ryan was still dragging me along with him and didn’t give me any space to stop walking.

“Ryan…Ryan” I called, but he held me tight and didn’t stop moving.

We got to his lodge and he only stopped when we were in front of his door and he stopped to open it.

“Ryan! What’s going on? What’s wrong?” I asked, confused.

“It’s late. I just didn’t want us to be outside” he replied icily as he inserted the key into the keyhole.

“But…you didn’t even say a word to my friend…”

“She’s not your friend!” He looked at me and snapped, anger glinting in his eyes.


I was shocked and taken abacked. What’s wrong with this guy?

I stared at him, confused and he took in a deep breath and held my hand.

“I’m sorry,Bethel. I’m just…in a bad mood. I…I got a call from my manager and…”

He paused and touched his hair, taking in a deep breath.

“I don’t want to bother you about it, okay? Come on, let’s go in and have some rest”, he said and finally opened the door and I sluggishly followed him in.

I was still confused at his strange attitude. Why did he suddenly get so upset? It was more like…he didn’t like Shirley.

But from the look of things, I don’t think Shirley has met him before.

We entered into the room and he held me and kissed me immediately

“I’m sorry, okay?” he said softly and I forced a smile.

“It’s fine. I understand” I replied.

He kissed me again for a long time.

Maybe he was just in a bad mood -like he claimed.

“How was your friend – Nicole?” He asked as he turned around to face the table, taking off his jewelries.

“Well, she’s fine. Sent her regards. Nicole’s actually a crazy fan of yours. She’s just scared and shy of being around you” I said with a chuckle.

Normally, he’d have laughed, but he didn’t even respond to it.

Why do I have a feeling he’s still mad?

“Ryan” I called and went to stand behind him.

“Are you okay?”,

He turned and looked at me and the look in his eyes were familiar. I could recognize them from anywhere.

He was angry, but was probably trying to control it. His breath was coming out rough.

This only happens when he’s overly furious.

“Ryan” I called tenderly and placed my hands on his cheeks.

“You can talk to me. What’s wrong?”

He held my hands and sighed.

“I’m fine. I’ll get over it. Don’t you worry” he replied and carried me to the bed, making me lie next to him.

I placed my head on his chest while he rubbed his palm on my hand.

“Did you say that lady’s your classmate?” He asked after a while of silence.

“Yes, Ryan. And I got to know of recent that she’s actually a mother. I met her son this morning” I replied and noticed he stopped touching my hair.

But, I continued talking anyway.

“She said the father of her child actually abandoned both of them. I feel so bad for her”.

“Bethel” he called calmly.

“Can you stay away from that lady?”

I lifted my head to look at him.

“Why?” I flinched.

“I don’t like her. She looks…dangerous” he replied and I scoffed.

“What’re you talking about, Ryan? How do you know she’s dangerous? She…”

“Please Bethel; just this once, can you do what I say?” He said with a little echo of anger in his voice.

“I want you to move your things over here tomorrow. You’ll start staying with me from now on” he added.


“Huh? But why, Ryan? You should know that’s not possible. I came here as a student and I…”

“I don’t care, Bethel. I just want you to stay away from that girl!” He cut me off huskily and I arched my brows in surprise.

Something is definitely wrong. Why’s he just getting angry unnecessarily?

“I just want you around him” he lowered his voice to a calm one and made me rest my head back on his chest.

“I’m sorry” he added calmly.



#Next_morning .

Shirley’s Pov:

“I wonder why Bethel isn’t back yet. She might miss out in the sports activities”, Charlene said as she parked her hair into a ponytail.

“I’m sure she’s on her way already. She can’t afford to miss it” I replied and focused on zipping up my book.

“Anyway, I’m off. I need to be on the front line so I can easily be seen by cute boys” she laughed and left the room and I smiled at what she said.

I was now the only one left since Natalie was also not in as well.

I took in a deep breath and brought out the plastic drink from my bag. I took out the syringe as well and gave out a satiated smile as I injected it into the drink.

Hm. Perfect.

Now, I’m gonna make sure nothing ruins my plan.



Bethel’s Pov:

After having breakfast with Ryan in his room, I took my bath and decided to go to my dorm to change.

“Make sure you pack your things and come over here when the sport is over” he said as I looked into the mirror.

I just nodded and turned around to leave.

“Wait” he called me back and I stopped at the door

He walked up to me and kissed me.

“I love you, okay?” He said unruffledly.

“I love you too” I replied in a sweet smile and left the room.

As I headed Back to the dorm, I kept thinking of Ryan’s strange behavior the previous night.

Why did he uncannily get angry after seeing Shirley? Or could it be possible it was really his manager like he claimed?

But, why does he want me to stay away from her? And why does he think she’s dangerous? The whole thing just wasn’t summing up.

I got to the female dormitory and met just Shirley in the room when I got in.

‘Hey, you’re back. Finally” she said and chuckled.

“I was beginning to think you had plans of spending the entire day with Ryan” she teased and I just smiled.

“Good morning” I decided to say something.

I noticed she had a drink with her.

“Yeah – morning. Everyone’s at the sports field already. You should hurry up and join us” she winked at me and tried leaving the room.

“Oh!” She suddenly said and paused, like she remembered something.

“I kept an extra drink for you” she added and fixed the drink into my hand before walking out of the room.

I furrowed my brows in surprise as she closed the door.

She gave me a drink?



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