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July 30, 2021


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Married To Mr popular 2 Episode 21 & 22

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Married To

Mr Popular

(Couple’s Romance)


Episode 21

By: Faith Lucky.



Shirley’s Pov:

“Shirley! Shirley!” Mum called and ran after me.

Oh damn!

“What is it, mum? Don’t even think you Can try to stop me” I turned angrily to look at her.

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“Will you stop using your heart and use your head instead? It might get you into trouble.

“You know how Ryan is. He might hurt you if you try going to his place. And Bethel is there with him. I think you need to sit and make the right decision” she enthused.

“But what do I do, mum? I need to talk to him” I grouse.

“Well, just calm down and let’s do things the right way. Don’t just rush into it. Come on; let’s make a plan” she replied and held my hand.

I sighed despondently, feeling so frustrated.

“Come on, Shirley. Come on” she persuaded and I sluggishly followed her into the house.



Bethel’s Pov:

I stood in front of the mirror as I brushed my hair and packed it into a fine ponytail.

I twirled and made sure I was good to go before taking my school bag from the bed.

Ryan was still in the bathroom.

Trying to take my school bag from the bed, I noticed Ryan’s phone was ringing and I checked and discovered it was Lady K calling.

Huh? Why the heck is she calling him?

I gawped at the phone till it stopped ringing.

Why the hell was Lady K calling Ryan? I mean, after what happened.

Ryan came out afterwards and as soon as I turned to look at him, I developed goose bumps.

Holy crap! Look at that chest!


He was tying just a towel around his waist and had water dripping from his hair down to his wet tattoo chest, giving him the perfect charm.

Come on, Bethel; it’s Ryan!

He’s yours!

I couldn’t believe I was drooling all over.

“Hey! You’re done?” He asked as he went to his wardrobe and opened it.

“Yeah. I’ll…just be on my way now” I replied and took my bag from the bed.

“Are you aware of the three days camp you guys are to embark on?” He asked and I turned to look at him.

“Yeah – not really tho. We still don’t have full details” I replied.

But, how did he get to know about it?

“Okay, then. Maybe they’ll tell you more about it today” he said and I shrugged.

“Bye” I added and turned to leave, but he called me back.

“Hold on” he said and I turned to look at him again.

He was now holding a shirt with him.

He walked up to me and kissed me.

Oh God!

It was so deep…

And tempting.

Brought out the lust in me.

He held my hair and I tried holding him as well and my hand landed on his soft wet waist.

Geez! I felt my systems vibrate.

We finally unlocked from the kiss and that was like a huge relief to me because I didn’t like what it was doing to me already.

I gulped nervously as I looked into his sea blue eyes.

“Bye” he smiled and returned to the wardrobe, leaving me speechless.

I just took my bag and left the room.



I made use of my white Porsche and as expected, all eyes were on me as my driver drove into the school building.

Students were already running out of their classes to have a look.

I grabbed my bag and left the car after waving bye at my driver.

”Oh my God!”

”Take a look at that car!”

”It’s so classic”

“Wow! It’s cool”.

”What an awesome baby”.

I could clearly over hear the students say.

I smiled to myself. Everything was happening so fast.

I met Nicole halfway to class.

“Hey, girlfriend!” She beamed and hugged me.

“Hi” I replied happily and patted her on the back.

We disentangled and she looked into my face, keenly.

“You look…different” she said and I arched my brows.

“How?” I inquired.

“Beautifully different. You look good” she said with a smile and I chuckled.

“Well, maybe it’s because of the diamond rings I’m putting on” I told her and touched the pretty rings on my ears.

“Or this” I said and touched the necklace new necklace on my neck.

“I got them from Ryan’s jewelries box this morning. And guess what? I also have a pure gold chain around my waist”. I added.

Her mouth dropped open. She couldn’t even speak.

“Bethel!” She exclaimed and scoffed.

“Oh my God! I…I don’t even know what to say. Are you kidding me!” She asked in disbelief.

“Of course, not. Don’t worry, I’ll give the ear rings to you when we’re done from school”. I told her.

“Awwn. Seems someone is beginning to get spoilt” she said and I giggled.

“I’m so happy for you, bae.”

“Thank youuuu”.

She laughed and looked around, then lowered her voice to a whisper.

“Um…Bethel”, she called carefully, her eyes almost bulging out.

Why do I have a feeling I know where she’s headed?

“Did you say…you and Ryan had your first night?” She asked and I nodded immediately and she light – screamed and hugged me.


Crazy ass.

“Oh my God! Bethel, no wonder he’s suddenly spoiling you with all these gifts. So, you’re no longer a v*rgin?”

“Yes. And he’s my husband. Stop saying it like its a bad thing”.

She laughed and looked around again, probably trying to make sure there was nobody around.

Luckily, we were in a quiet passage.

“Um…tell me, how was it? Was it painful?’ She asked and I just nodded.

“Did you Cry?” She asked again and I covered my face with my palm immediately, recalling how I cried and begged him to stop.

“Oh, Bethel!” She squeaked and brought my hands down from my face.

“Naughty girl. So, you really cried?” She said.

“Of course, Nicole. It was as painful as hell” I snapped.

“Does it still hurt?”

“If it did, I wouldn’t be in school.”

“Hmmm. So, when next will you guys be doing it again?”

“Nicole!” I gasped.

“What? You don’t expect it to be just once, do you? As a matter of fact, you’ve just given Ryan a welcoming speech. I told you he was going to deal with you when…”

“Please, I have classes to attend” I cut her off and started walking away.

“Hey! Bethel!’ She called and ran to catch up with me.



Shirley didn’t show up in school that day and it left me.wondering. Why does she always skip school?

“That girl is kind of weird” Nicole had said when she also noticed.

Few minutes to lunch time, the lecturer handling the last class passed the announcement on the three days camp.

“So” he started.

“As most of you must have heard, our annual three days camp is here again and it’ll be commencing in the next two days.

“And…this year’s own is gonna be very special. First, we’ll be combining with Carnegie Vanguard High School it’s being hosted in New York city…”

“Huh? Carnegie Vanguard?” Nicole whispered to me.

“I heard they’re nothing but spoilt eggs”.

I shrugged and concentrated on the teacher.

“The fee, of course, is one million per student. And this year, we’ll be honored to have the special presence of some of our celebrities some of which include: The Rock babies, Gentle Aura, Mavin, Lady K and of course, our beloved Ryan”.

The class almost got noisy immediately.

“Wow! Gentle Aura. Hm. Never thought I’d get to see him live” Nicole whispered to me again.

Yeah, he was a popular pop up artiste who based in New York.

“So,” the lecturer continued.

“We’ll be having little of their time, get to learn one or two things from them. If I were you, I’d do anything not to miss this camp. It’s gonna be a blast!”



The students exclaimed happily and started clapping.

The class became noisy.

“Oops! Guess I need to look for a way to sweet talk my dad into paying that huge amount of money in such a short period of time” Nicole stated with an eye roll.

Immediately, the bell went off for lunch break and the lecturer gathered up his books and got ready to leave.

On his way out, he stopped at our locker – surprisingly.

“You don’t need to worry about the payment, Bethel. Mr Ryan already paid for you – together with your friend” he said and walked away, even before I could say a word.

“What???” Nicole shrieked immediately.

“Bethel, wh…what did he just say? Ryan paid for me???” She asked in disbelief.

“Y..Yes. It seems so.” I shrugged, also surprised.

I couldn’t believe it.

“Oh, my God!!! Bethel! I’m definitely going to the camp! Oh my gee!” She exclaimed and hugged me tight.

I chuckled.

“Hey, calm down, Nicole. You might choke me” I laughed but she didn’t let go of me.

The ABC girls who clearly overheard us, stood up and glared at me before walking out.


Ryan’s really full of surprises.


Married To

Mr Popular

(Couple’s Romance)


Episode 22

By: Faith Lucky.

Lady K’s Pov:

“So, what the hell do you want me to do?” I asked tiredly as I sat in front of my manager in his office.

I was already frustrated.

“I want you to tell me what exactly happened between you and Ryan. Why did he suddenly cut off ties with you?” He replied in a raring tone.

“I don’t know, George. I don’t know what happened”.

He sighed and bent his head for a while.

“Well Karen, I’d suggest you try and talk to him to reconsider his decisions.

“Anyway” he paused and brought out a card.

“You’ve been invited for a three days camp taking place in New York. Its being hosted by Glamour High School and Carnegie Vanguard High School and you’re among the few celebrities that’s been invited”.

I looked at the card and thought;

Glamour High School.

Isn’t that Bethel’s school?

“Who else is invited to the camp? I mean, celebrities” I looked up at my manager and asked.

“Well, there are about six other…”

“Do you know if Ryan was invited?” I interrupted.

“Yes, of course”. He said.

I took in a deep breath and looked at the card again. I’ll definitely be there.

I stood up with my bag.

“I’ll be on my way now. I need to get some rest” I said feebly.

“Don’t forget to talk to Ryan, Karen. Its important” he reminded and I nodded and left the office.

I felt so devastated.

Ryan was really looking for a way to get back at us.

Ava was still looking for a way to fix things with her band since they signed her out. But I have a feeling it might be difficult since Ryan’s the one behind it.

I Can’t believe those animals screwed up the entire job. I wish I could see them; I’ll definitely put a bullet through their head.

I brought out my phone from my bag and tried calling him – Ryan – with a different line. He’s been rejecting my other line. So, I was thinking it’d be best if I call with a strange line.

Luckily, it worked and he picked the call.

”Yes?” he said coldly on the phone.

I suddenly became scared to speak up.

What if he hangs up when he discovers I’m the one?

“Hello?” He said again, already sounding impatient.

I quickly dropped the call immediately.

Oh, God!

How do I get him to forgive me?



Bethel’s Pov:

Nicole and I walked out of the classroom together as I escorted her to her ride.

Yes, this time around, I was the one accompanying her to her ride because I needed to stay behind to study with Kyle.

“When was the last time you saw, Jackson?” She suddenly asked along the way and that was when it dawned on me.


“I…” I paused and ticked my tongue.

“I haven’t seen him for a whole now. The last time I spoke to him was the day I warned him to stay away from me. I haven’t seen him since then” I said.

“Hmm. Well, I hope he just decided to stay away for good. I can’t believe that guy actually teamed up with Lady K just to set you up. He’s definitely dangerous” she querried and I shrugged.

I also wonder where he is. I just hope he’s gone far away from here.

My phone started ringing immediately. I checked and discovered it was Ryan and my face beamed.

“Hey” I Called as soon as I picked the call.

“Hi bae. Where are you? Are you still in school?” He asked gaily.

“Yes. We’re getting dismissed” I replied.

Nicole was smiling and staring keenly at me

“Oh…Okay. I’m on my way back from an appointment and I’m thinking of coming over to pick you up”

“Oh!” I mumbled and bit my lip.

“I’m sorry, Ryan. But I have extra lessons to attend to. I’ll be studying with a friend” I replied.

“What friend?” He asked.

“Its just someone who wants to help me in some difficult areas. It’s something I do most of the time. Don’t worry, I’ll just come home when I’m done. I’ll be fine”.

I heard him sigh and didn’t say anything for a while.

“Okay then. Bye” he said and dropped the call.

“Come on, Bethel. Why didn’t you let him pick you up from school?” Nicole asked with an eye roll.

“Well, I have to study with Kyle. Its been helping me a lot lately. You know our final exams is right around the corner” I told her.

“Hm. I really can’t wait to be done with high school. What do you think, Bethel?” She asked with smiles all over her face.

I was about saying something when I heard someone call my name from behind.


I turned and discovered it was Kyle.

“Hey, are you ready?” He asked and I signaled him to wait, then turned to face Nicole.

“I’ll be on my way now. Take care”.

“Hey! The ear rings!” She reminded me and I chuckled and took them off.

“Thank you!” She squeaked as I handed them to her.

“Bye” I told her and ran off to meet Kyle.



Hours Later



“So, what should be the equivalent of X?” Kyle asked as I sat in front of him in the empty classroom.

“Um…that should be…3!” I finally replied after working it out.

“Oh! Please, just tell me I’m correct” I said tiredly and he laughed.

“Well…maybe. Yes” he said and I took in a deep breath.

Hah! Thank goodness.

“You’re catching up pretty fast” he complimented and I smiled.

“Well, thank you”. I replied as I opened another page of the text book.

“So…what plans do you have after high school?” He asked and I paused to look at him.


“Um..well” I started and cleared my throat.

“I don’t really have much plans. I mean, aside going to college afterwards. You know, I’m already married. So, I’m not like all those ladies who include getting married after college”.

He chuckled.

“But, you don’t regret getting married to Ryan, do…”

“Of course, I don’t” I cut him off immediately.

“I mean,why would I? Getting married to Ryan is the best thing that’s happened to me” I said with a reminiscing smile.

Then, I noticed his countenance changed.

“Are you…alright?” I asked and he brightened up immediately.

“Sure, of course.

“So, um…which college do you have in mind” he asked.

“Well, I’m thinking of Oxford. Or, maybe Cambridge. I don’t really know yet. I haven’t made a decision on that”I told him.

“I’m sure Ryan would want the best for you” he muttered with a wry smile, looking down at the table.

We kept quiet for a while.

“What about you?” I asked.

“What are your plans after high school”

He scoffed and looked up at me.

“Nothing much. Dad was talking about sending me to India for college” he replied and I flinched.

“Huh? India? Why India of all places?” I asked with a repugnant look.

“What’re you talking about? They have the best universities” he laughed.

“Whatever. That place kind of scares me” I rolled my eyes.

“I heard what happened between you and Mawthie” he suddenly said, making me cringe real bad.

“Huh?” I tried to possum.

“I overheard the principal telling my dad about it”.

“Oh!” I mouthed and started arranging the books on the table.

“I’m sorry about that. Always known that guy was a jerk.”

“Yeah…” I muttered as I fixed my books into my bag.

I didn’t want to talk about it. It brought back the memories and made me scared.

“Can we go now? I think I’m starving already” I told him as I zipped up my bag.

“Yeah…sure” he replied and stood up.

I left a text book in front of him and he picked it up for me.

Then, I stood up and we walked out of the class together.

“So, um…will you be coming for the camp?” I asked along the way..

‘Yeah, sure. Of course” he replied.

“Why has your friend been skipping school lately?”

“Who?” I asked.

“That freaky lady – Shirley” he replied.

‘Oh! Shirley.

“Well, first of all, she isn’t my friend. And secondly, I have no idea where misses school”.

“What do you mean she isn’t your friend? You’re always with her”.

“I’m not always with her. She’s always with me. There’s a difference”. I replied and we laughed as we got out to the corridors.

Holy Molly!


My eyes ran into Ryan’s as I met him walking towards our direction with a guard behind him.

He suddenly paused when he noticed us.

“Isn’t that your husband?” Kyle asked as we also stopped walking.

I furrowed my brows in surprise. What’s he doing here?

Did…Did he really come to pick me up?

“R…Ryan?” I called in surprise.

His eyes suddenly went cold as he glared at Kyle.

Oh, God! Please don’t tell me he’s going to have any negative thoughts.

He turned around immediately and started walking away.


Oh, goodness.

“Ryan!!” I called and ran after him.



Jealous freak

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