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Married to a prince episode 21 & 22

(he’s feared,she’s fearful)
An Egyptian Romance Novel
Written by me: Authoress succy
Season 2
Episode 21
last night was a lucky escape for me,I was actually scared of going into our room,even after our wedding party had ended
the Queen had came to my rescue,obviously she knows what Kyle had in mind cause fear was visible all over my face
and she pleaded with Kyle to let me pass the night with her in her room and Kyle actually succumbed to it reluctantly
I took one final look at myself in the princess regalia I had wore,along side a heel and slight makeup.
I placed my hands on my hips, then moved it to my chest,then back to my hips again
I could hear the sound of my heartbeat and it increases my fears
am just scared to face him
I can’t believe he’s finally my husband!
and right now the future looks blank to me,
getting married to some one who doesn’t love you,worst still he’s a flirt
isn’t that enough reason to see the future as blank?
mum really has a lot of explanation to make when I finally get to meet her cause how I ended up here is still a mystery to me
she needs to tell me the mess my dad shove her in that made me ended up here
I took my hands to an already braided hair when a knock on the door drew my attention to it
“who’s at the door?” I asked walking slowly towards it
“good morning my lady Karen,the royal table has been set and your attention is need”the maid said with a bow, her head staring at the floor
am gonna be there in a jiffy” I said abs she bowed before leaving
I took in a deep breath before flouncing out of the room,walking slowly so i don’t bump into something out of nervousness
I slowly climbed down the stairs leading to the riyal dinette
my heart skipped on catching a glimpse of him
Prince kyle
his face was buried down on his food
the diamond earrings he had on, gave him a killer look
he had on a red trouser and a white sleeve top,with the first three buttons open,slightly revealing his chest.
he had so many rings and bracelet on
I eye searched his finger for our wedding ring but couldn’t find it
seems he took it off
what’s the essence of loving someone that’s doesn’t love you?
he couldn’t deem it fit to wear our wedding ring,isn’t that outrageous?
I held the railings of the stairs with my left hand while my right hand held my long flowing gown upwards to prevent me from stepping on it and fall off the stairs.
funny enough,I couldn’t take my eyes off him, he kept chewing slowly on his meal,like it was gonna take him a year to finish up the meal.
he suddenly raised up his eyes and it pierced into mine as I took the last step on the stairs.
his eyes held so many things I couldn’t even detect.
this guy seems to have a powerful aura around him.
I walked into the dinette and drew a chair and was about sitting on it when the queen looked up
“good morning my queen” I greeted and she smiled so hard on seeing me,making her cheeks go red
” morning my princess how are you?”she asked and I smiled taking my eyes from prince sky,who seems to be eye raping me.
I wonder what’s gonna happen if my husband caught him staring
hold on!
did I just call him my husband?
“am fine thank you ma”I replied and greeted the king,who nod his head slightly
I couldn’t even think if greeting prince kyle
I couldn’t even looked at him in the eyes,I was super scared
I can’t bear the shame if he snub me in front of his parents and brother.
I sat close to the queen,with prince sky,who was sitting opposite me
the maids served me my meal and I began eating nervously
my throat seems dry and my stomach,surprisingly seems to be filled
“my lord” the Queen called and the king took his eyes to her
“i was actually thinking it will be a good idea if I disclosed it to them” queen Rasheeba said dropping her cutlery
“have spoke to kyle already band they will be leaving after breakfast”the king replied staring from Kyle to me
okay! what’s going on?
where are we leaving to?
and why must it be I and Kyle?
so many troubling questions filled my head and I felt like crying
why are they gonna make decisions about me without my consent?
“em…Karen Darling” the queen called and I took my eyes to her
“if you have a problem packing up,just signal the maids attention to it”she said and I frown
“sorry ma,but I really don’t get what you are saying” I replied taking my eyes back to my food,picking it cause have really lost my appetite in it
“Kyle!!!!” the king called and Prince kyle took his eyes to his dad
“don’t tell me you didn’t tell her a word about it”he asked and prince Kyle sighed heavily
“I didn’t” he replied and the king lost it
“how could you? huh?” he yelled and prince Kyle hit his hand on the table angrily
don’t tell me he’s been angry all this while!
“how could I, when your wife locked her up in her room like she f**king got married to her “he yelled and flounce out of the dinette
“am sorry Karen,it was all my fault.
actually your going on a month honeymooning and your flight will kick off today” she said and I shrink
I never saw that coming!
how can I live with that cold jerk for a month!!!…
Season 2
Episode 22
how can I live with that cold jerk for a month??
sane person who isn’t seeing me as a wife,
same cold jerk who couldn’t do me the respect of wearing our wedding ring!
I couldn’t tell if I was angry or scared
but one thing I was sure of is that,fear took over every part of me
“tha….thank you ma”I replied and she touched my cheeks tenderly
“so you really need to start packing up,the flight leaves in 3 hours”she said and I nodded
“my lord,
don’t you think…”she lifted her eyes to the direction the king had sat beside her and her eyes fell on an empty seat.
the king had left already
I pray it shouldn’t be as a result of the brawl he almost had with kyle.
I can’t stand father and son being at longer head because of me.
“oh! seems he left already”she replied and I released a light smile
“during tour stay with him, you guys would have to visit some places for sight seeing ” she said and I looked on
“the king actually made his choice but mine is a visit to the xaxu jungle, a vacation in Cairo and a…” she was saying when I caught sight of prince Kyle,moving out of the sitting room exit,while some maids and guards rolled his luggage from behind
he was screwing one of his phones with his left hand while his right hand was shoved into his pocket
seems he’s an ambidextrous, cause he could make use of his left and right hand perfectly
“you gotta go now Karen!
cause Kyle won’t mind leaving without you” she said and I quickly got up from my seat
“hm ….sky
i really need you to help out in preparations of the ita festival,
I don’t want a non-royal to tamper with the treasury box” she said and sky scoffed
“finally am visible”he remarked sarcastically and the Queen frowned
“what do you mean by that?”she asked sky who wore a smirk on his face
“are you seriously asking me that?” he asked and the queen kept shut, obviously getting the jibe from what he was saying
“well then!
why don’t you ask your beloved son to help you out with the treasury box” he replied while I looked on curiously
“come off it sky,
your brother has a lot of responsibility to take care of,
he has lots of companies and investments to look on to…
besides he’s married and need a break,so I can’t hook that on him” she said and Sky’s face fell
well then, since he’s your favorite
I think you really need to hook this on him” he yelled and spoon some meat into his mouth
“will you stop this madness sky!
you clearly know how much I love you both” she cooed and sky stood up angrily
“tell that to the flies”he yelled and gave me an angry look,before flouncing out of the dinette
I walked out of the sitting room,ignoring mum and sky,who seems to be having a brawl
i took my eyes off my phone and couldn’t believe the sight that met my gaze
Karen had stood staring from mum to sky obviously engross in their little brawl
his this Lady serious at all?
do she think I really have all day?
though the flight will take off in 3 hours time,but I can’t wait to take my eyes off this pervert of a brother
and she better don’t cross my boundaries when we get there.
I caught a view of sky,flouncing out of the dinette in rage
I expect that silly bride of mine,to get her butty ass off there!
but hell no!!
she stood watching mum like a bloated goat
“if in the next 5 minutes your not in the car!
you Will watch it drive through the gate without you” I stated icily before walking out of the sitting room
I got into my waiting car,the driver was already on the wheel and that wife of mine hasn’t even get here
I stared at my phone,keeping watch of the time
I will order the driver to speed up once it’s 5 minutes time
I took my eyes off my phone, staring at the large exit door and saw her hug my mum before running towards the car
she had none of her stuff with her
serves her right!
next time she won’t mess with a Prince…
I bang my room door in anger,leaning on it
why is it that anything I do,often fall in favour of Kyle huh?
am i not fit to be king?
or it isn’t part of my destiny?
even if it’s not my destiny,I will make sure it is,by crook or by hook
or my plans keep getting spoilt
even before I carry it out
my initial plan was to get friendly with Karen,since she had been chosen for my brother
without her he can never rule as king cause she’s already a part of him
I map out a perfect plan,on making her my girlfriend, then present her to father as my bride and before the monk could trace her,we would have been married already
but every f**king thing seems to be falling in place for him
why’s he being so lucky??
now mother wants to mock me by making me handle the Royal treasure box,
isn’t it?
why didn’t she gave that task to kyle?
or is it because he owns chains of companies and investments while I own none?
but I aren’t poor
am I?
the Royal treasure box is enough to feed over fifty generations,so why do I have to work?
“and your brothers wealth is enough to feed a hundred generations” my inner mind said and I shove it off,clenching my teeth
it doesn’t have to be Kyle all the time!
I think I need to act now
I need Rana now!
she will be my tool to get him faster on his kneels


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