Married slave episode 12 & 13

💍 Married
Slave 💍
💎 I was sold but I got married 💎
💫An Indian r0m@nç£story💫
💋 Episode 12 💋
Krishna’s Pov:
My eyes were almost bulging out of their sockets as I stared at Sir Aakash in shock.
“A night here?” I asked as I gulped.
I nee-ded to make sure I heard him right.
“Yes… Here with you!” He replied with a charming smile.
“What the….” Words refused to come out of myl-ips.
I breathed heavily as I scratched my head.
“Are you sure sir?” I asked unwillingly
“Don’t you want me to spend the night here?” He asked as I f0rç£d a smile.
“Oh no Sir.. Am not against that but…” I said stammering.
“But what?” He asked as I walked towards the window backing him.
He entered the cottage and shut the door.
“You see… I was just thinking sir what about ma’am Simitra, won’t she be feeling lonely and..” I said and he laughed out loud.
I stared at him surprisingly.
But what’s funny? 🙄
“What is it sir?” I asked feeling awkward.
“Pardon me Krishna but you don’t know Simitra too well” He said as he walked closer to me and placed his hand on my shoulder.
Goosebu-mps ran down my spine at his t©uçh.
“How do you mean Sir?” I managed to ask
“As long as she has her makeup kit with her, she’s so fine” He said and I smiled.
That’s really funny!
I know how she’s obsessed with makeups.
I wonder why…
“That’s funny” I said as he smiled at me.
I couldn’t turn to look at him.
You can’t blame me… I was really shy 🙈🙈
He sat on the old couch staring at my back.
I felt the ground should open and swallow me up.
My goodness!
Am suffocating 😂
We remained silent with my eyes still fixed outside.
“Krishna won’t you sleep?” His calm voice broke the silence.
“Uhmm… I will Sir! Am just so in love with the moon” I lied
He smiled as he got up and walked to me.
Oh no! 😂
I just lied so that he won’t question me, now he’s coming closer to me. 😁
This guy will not kill me 🙃🙃
“You are right.. The moon is so beautiful” He said as I looked straight at the blue sky.
“You know when my mother was still alive, she used to say that whenever you want to make a wish… You can make a wish to the moon and it will be granted” I smiled.
“Really? So we can make wishes to the moon” Sir Aakash asked and I nodded in agreement.
He quic-kly closed his eyes and muttered some words.
He opened his eyes and sm-irked.
“What did you wish for Aakash sir?” I asked anxiously.
“Well I wished for us… To… to be together…” He said as hisl-ips drew closer to mine.
I held my breath in anxiety…
He smelled so nice… 😘
“I LOVE YOU KRISHNA” He said and I felt bu-tterflies in my stomach.
Jeez! I couldn’t help but blus-h…. 😍😍
We held each others hands and ourl-ips glued together in a h0t pas-sionate k!ss💋.
(As love songs pla-yed 🎶♥️)
I rolled from one side of the be-d to another as I gradually opened my eyes.
I yawned tiredly ru-bbing my eyes.
I opened my weak eyes and to my greatest surprise, I found out that I was half n-ked.
I turned and saw Aakash sir lying next to me holding me.
He was also half n-ked.
I covered my mouth with my palms as I saw a blood stain on the be-d sheets.
💭 We did it 💭 I thought as tears rolled down my cheeks.
I know I shouldn’t feel bad but….
But I can’t help it.
Sir Aakash opened his eyes slowly and I quic-kly wiped off my tears.
I don’t want him to feel guilty.
Of course he is my husband…
He gr!pp£dmy hand ti-ghtly and k!$$£d me 😘
“My love” He said as he pe-cked my forehead.
“Sir do you….?” I tried saying
“Shhhhh…” He said as he placed his index f!nger in between myl-ips.
“I know you are a v!rg!nand I highly respect you for that, and yes! I love you” He said as we hvgged each other ti-ghtly.
I don’t regret doing it with him afterall.
Lakshmi’s Pov:
I walked into the mansion with my makeup kit.
I was about to enter the mansion when I saw Sir Aakash walk out of the cottage.
I scratched my head in confusion.
💭 What did he go there for this early morning? I thought Simitra is now inside the mansion and the slave is now in the cottage 💭 I thought as an idea popped into my head.
I almost screamed but I st©pped myself.
“Could it be that Sir Aakash spent the night with the slave?” I said to myself as I bit myl-ips in annoyance.
This slave is definitely going to ruin in my plans.
No way! 😏
I can not let that happen 🤔
I have to do something.
I sat on my stool with Simitra’s foot placed on my l@ps.
I cleaned her nails thor0ûghly applying some colour to it.
I quic-kly looked around and no-one was coming.
“Simitra ma’am… can I ask you a question?” I said as she nodded with her eyes fixed on the mirror.
“Yes Lakshmi” She said b!owing her gums.
Spoilt br@t 😏
“Where’s Aakash sir?” I asked anxiously
She sighed loudly.
“Tch! He doesn’t stay in the mansion anymore… He lives in the cottage with his slave wife! I have the large soft be-d all to myself” She laughed.
This woman is so dumb 😲
“What? I can’t believe you” I screamed as she rolled her eyes.
“What do you mean?” She asked
“Are you for real Simitra ma’am? Don’t you know that the slave is slowly capturing your husband and she will soon give the Singh’s an heir” I said as she g@sped.
“What?” She shouted in annoyance.
Let the fire burn 💥
I laughed within me.
Simitra’s Pov:
I rushed downstairs straight to the dinning where everyone was sitting.
“Father….” I screamed crazily at my father in-law.
Everyone stared at me in dismay.
👥Is she crazy?
👥What is wrong with her?
👥Has she gone nuts?
Everyone kept muttering
“What is the matter Simitra?” Father in-law asked
💋 Episode 13 💋
Mr Singh’s Pov:
I watched Simitra screaming crazily.
I bur-st into laughter and she quic-kly st©pped ranting and started looking at me surprisingly.
“Oh Simitra you are really something” I laughed as I spooned some rice into my mouth.
Everyone sighed at her still focused on their food.
“What do you mean father?” She asked anxiously
“Are you just realizing that he has been living in the cottage for the past two days?” I asked
“Father all I know is that I want Aakash back to the mansion” She shook her head.
“Simitra… I don’t have such time for that! You can join the table if you care” I sm-irked and continued eating.
We watched Simitra walk up and down restlessly murmuring.
I can’t wait to have a grand son.
An heir for the family.
She can go call her father for all I care.
Am so impressed that finally my son is gradually falling for the slave.
Instead of this man here who calls himself a woman.
I grinned from ear to ear.
Simitra’s Pov:
“Aakash what are you doing here? Come back to the mansion” I said dragging him.
He scoffed and sl@pped my hand off.
“Come back to the mansion? What for?” He asked anxiously
What the…. 😲😲
“What do you mean by “what for?” I asked in annoyance
“Listen Simitra you wanted the mansion and you got it so why are you alarming again?” He asked as I sm-irked.
“Whatever… Aakash you and I are going back to the mansion! Don’t tell me you have fallen in love with that smelling slave” I said furiously.
“You can say that again! I love the smelling slave, she has time for me unlike some people” He said as I fluttered my eyebrows
I can’t believe this….
Did Aakash just said all that to me? 😳
Me of all people….
The husband I married can’t even talk back at me.
What happened?
What did that good for nothing slave do to my husband?
My jaw dropped in shock as I watched Aakash clean Krishna’s sli-ppers.
My heart bittered 💔💔
I can’t bear this!
I quic-kly ran into the mansion in anger.
I tried so ha-rd to control it but I couldn’t
Tears welled down my face 😭
I rushed into the room and ban-ged the door.
I walked straight to the mirror and stared at myself.
Jeez! 😲😲😱
My make up….. 😪😪
My makeup have been ruined by the tears 😓
That stupid slave will pay for this 😢😢
I quic-kly picked up my tissue and wiped my face thor0ûghly.
💭 I nee-d to apply some powder on my face 💭 I thought.
😂 My beauty…. My concern 😂
Krishna’s Pov:
My heart kept beating so fast in anxiety as I heard ma’am Simitra shouting outside.
My legs bec@m£ jelly.
I managed to sit on the stool lost in thought.
Some minutes later 🕒
Sir Aakash walked into the cottage with my sli-ppers.
“Krishna why is your face like that?” He asked so concerned.
He quic-kly walked closer to me.
I breathed heavily and sighed.
“Aakash Sir I think you should go back to the mansion” I managed to say.
He shook his head.
“No way! I can’t leave you here all alone” He said as I exhaled de-eply.
“Sir I can take care of myself” I said
“No! I just want to take care of you by myself” He said
“This is really dangerous! I don’t want ma’am Simitra to get mad” I said worriedly.
“Don’t worry Krishna! Am always here” He said as he sat close to me and cu-mddled me.
Lakshmi’s Pov:
Saloni ti-ptoed upstairs as I followed her up looking around attentively.
No-one must see or catch us.
“Mamaa this is really dangerous! Must I sleep with sir Vish..” Saloni whispered and I quic-kly dragged her mouth.
“Ouch!” She said as I sl@pped her hands.
I placed my index f!nger in between myl-ips.
“Shhhh..” I said as we continued going.
Well I was told that ma’am Pavitra will be traveling to the province with her daughter.
So I want my daughter to use this opportunity to lure sir Vishnu to be-d.
We walked into the room.
No-one was inside so I quic-kly hid outside and let my daughter enter the room.
“What am I going to do Mamaa?” She asked unwillingly
“Silly girl! Here… Arrange them into the wardrobe! That way Sir Vishnu will enter the room” I said as I handed a heap of clothes to her.
Actually ma’am Pavitra gave me those to help her wash since I insisted in helping her.
Saloni walked into the room with the clothes.
She started arranging and then I saw Sir Vishnu.
I smiled happily.
Of course I had Saloni wear a very revea-ling go-wn.
A nightie actually even though it was not yet night.
I peeped from the window.
Saloni is really good in acting.
I saw her tou-ching her b©dy s£dûçt!velyand Sir Vishnu was carried away.
I can see lvst all over his face..
And the next thing, they were alre-ady k!ssing.
I grinned wickedly.
Suddenly I heard a noise from the stairs.
“Rani! Baby stay back inside the car… We forgot your pack of new shi-ts in the room” That was ma’am Pavitra… Sir Vishnu’s wife.
My jaw dropped….
One day! One day!! 😆
Monkey go go market…. him no go come back 😂
Lakshmi 😛😛
Serves you right!
Everyday for the thief….
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