Married slave episode 1

💎I was sold but I got married💎
💫An Indian r0m@nç£story💫
Her name is Krishna Bundela….
She’s a true definition of beauty 😘
But she’s a slave 😪😪
I know you don’t un-derstand how someone could be born a slave 😊
She wasn’t actually born a slave…
She lost her parents at an early age so she was left at the mercy of her cruel aunt Gangi.
That was how she bec@m£ a slave 😥😥
Aunt Gangi sold her out…
To a landlady….
Life was hell for her until the table turned around….
🤔Do you want to know what really happened to Krishna? 🤔
How will Krishna cope as a slave?
How did she get married?
Does a slave get married?
Find out in this breathtaking story….
Trust me you don’t wanna miss this story!
gr-ab your pop corn 🍿🍿
Your ice cream 🍦🍦
Let’s go!
💋 Episode 01 💋
Aunt Gangi’s Pov:
I stormed out of the room with heaps of clothes.
“Lazy girl! Wash all of that… You are so useless” I yelled angrily as I threw the clothes on her face.
I dragged her by her hair as she kept crying and pleading.
“Aunt you’re hurting me!” she cried as I grinned wickedly.
“Shut up! You’re being such a free loader in this house…” I said angrily
“But aunt I’ve been fetching water and washing since morning… It’s almost 2pm and am yet to take breakfast” she wailed as I left her f0rç£fully and she fell on her face.
Tears rushed down her cheeks..
But who cares? 🙄🙄
“Oh really? You want to eat right? Silly girl…. Only useful people are allowed to eat” I said angrily and kicked her.
“Once you are done washing, you get into the house carry that tray of sweets and head straight to the market to hawk” I said as I walked into the house.
She’s the most annoying person I have ever seen.
I really hate Krishna so much.
I wish I could strangle her to death.
I sighed loudly as I sat on the couch.
I know you are wondering who I am and who Krishna is.
Well pardon me for not introducing myself.
My name is Gangi and that worthless girl outside the house washing is my niece.
She’s my sister’s only child.
Actually my late sister.
Her parents died in a fire accident.
That was how that liability ended up with me.
I never wanted her to live with me but I had no choice.
I own a little restaurant and that was with the help of my niece Krishna’s mother.
Her parents helped me a lot when they were alive…
But Tch…..
That was all in the past.
So that was why Krishna had to stay with me.
Though she does practically everything in the house.
She even hawks along the road but whatever!
That doesn’t make her useful to me.
She’s so worthless….
I can’t kill her… No way!
That will be a waste of my food….
Yeah! She have been feeding on my leftovers so I can not waste that.
Krishna is really very beautiful…
Though she doesn’t wear good saris but she still looks very gorgeous.
Beautiful but useless 😏
I think this is enough introduction for now..
Krishna’s Pov:
I looked at my hands…
They looked so-re…
Tears welled down my chubby cheeks.
When am I ever gonna leave this place….
I could remember when mother and father were alive, they loved and supported aunt Gangi.
I really wonder why she hates me so much.
I yawned hungrily.
I have not had anything to eat since yesterday night.
That’s not even the worst…
The worst is that she wants me to entertain her customers with my b©dy.
She always thinks of me as useless.
Some minutes later 🕒
I was done washing the heaps of clothes.
I quic-kly walked into the house and c@m£ out with a big tray of sweets.
I don’t want to incur her wrath.
I left the house with my stomach grumbling.
Aunt Gangi’s Pov:
“That girl is nothing but a free loader in this house… I just wished I could make her disappear” I gro-an ed angrily.
Arhita my dear friend bur-st into laughter.
“What funny Arhita?” I asked as I furrowed my eyebrows.
“Come on Gangi… And what if she disappears is that going to make her useful to you?” Arhita said as I rolled my eyes.
“I just don’t want to see her” I said
“I have an idea… She will not only get away from your sight, she will make you very rich” Arhita said shaking her head.
“What? Tell me about it” I said eagerly.
“Actually I know of a slave trader… He will definitely buy her and give you a lot of money” Arhita said and I smiled broadly.
“That’s a very good idea” I laughed excitedly.
I counted the money happily…
Two million rupee… That’s a whole lot of money 💵
“Anay sir…. Don’t worry she will be back soon so that you can take her away” I laughed
“Of course Gangi… She’s now my property” Mr Anay the slave trader said with a grin.
Just then, I sighted Krishna walking into the compound with an empty tray.
“Namaste….” She said with her palms together.
“Oh beautiful….” Mr Anay said l!çk!ng hisl-ips.
Krishna stared at him with confusion.
She was about to enter the house when I dragged her back with her hair.
“Hey! Silly girl… Where do you think you are going?” I yelled at her.
“Aunt I…..” She said
Just then, three hefty men c@m£ out of Anay sir’s car and quic-kly gr@bb£d Krishna.
“Aunt! plea-se help me… Don’t let them take me….” She kept crying.
They dragged her into the car…..
This early ni 😏😏
Gangi is alre-ady showing her wickedness 😭
Chaii 😡
I really feel for Krishna…
Let the story begin 😘😘
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