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Marriage contract batch 9

Marriage contract 
(She is poor)
By…. Author J Divine 
Episode 41
I was just like dreaming as Jane was vomiting all those things till she reminded me of her pregnancy, that was when I became interested about the story.
“This lady is up to something and u have to play along till we leaves here”Val whispered to my ear as she was still pleading me to forgive her.
“Jane the deed has been done and there is nothing we can do about it, thanks to God that all ur plans turned against u people that planned it, God settled it Himself. I forgive u from day one because I love u”I said but Val smirked in anger, yes, he hate Jane even before I met Vera and i don’t know why.
“Sure baby?!”she asked hugging and kissing me repeatedly.
“Yeah, I will get back to u on how to do about the pregnancy tomorrow”I said but someone interupted as he barged into the sitting room without knocking.
“U can’t do anything about the pregnancy because it belongs to me u bastard!! Jane! U better tell him the truth and i won’t forgive u if I look for that pregnancy! Young man, this lady here is my girlfriend and….”he was still talking when Jane interupted him rudely.
“I am not ur girlfriend and will never be! Get out of my house now! Look Jonny!, all we had was fun and no affection attached to it. So, get lost!”Jane interupted him.
“I can see!”Val said and stood up to leave.
“Pls wait am going in sane here”I pleaded to Val and he smiled mimickingly.
“In sane? That is not the right thing for u bro! U are dead”he sighed and left the sitting room.
“Jane, like I said, I will get back to u tomorrow”I said but Jane held me back so tight hugging and kissing me.
Is she trying to rape me?, I was almost charmed by her seductive act but i managed to push her out and left. I met Val and that guy that came in outside discussing deeply and i waited for them in a distance till they were done and departed.
I spent a nice time with my parents but my dad never allow me to hear something without reminding me my mistakes and how much they own the villagers because of me.
“How much is the money dad?”I asked him as he continued interrupting or discussion with it.
“It’s not small amount oh! It’s 800k naira”he said and my mum chuckled.
“What! Why 800k? I told me just a week ago that the money was 500k?”mum interupted but i interfered.
“It’s okay, I will give u the money before leaving here tomorrow”I said and dad jumped up.
“Sure?!”he asked looking so unbelievably.
“Yeah, can i rest?”

I haven’t seen Vera since I came back from the police station, I thought She was in her room as she used to but later finds out that she wasn’t.
Jane sent an sms a threaten sms to me, that she must fulfil what she wanted to do to Vera on me if am not careful. Jane never loved me, yes, she just fooled me and created enormity between Vera and I, how I wish that Vera can forgive me and give men one more chance to show her how much I loved and still love her.
I was in my room lying with shame when Robert called me downstairs. I knew that it was nothing else but because of the recent happening but i have to face it alone.
“Thanks so much Bisola for betraying me andmy family nothing minding how we have helped ur life in many ways. U have to be very grateful to Vera because u would have rot in jail if it was left for me and dad’s decision. For the last time, Vera is not my wife and will never be but that child she is carrying is mine!, I want u to stay clear away from here and anything she eats here! Hope u know what I can do if u dare breach my order?”He said with thunder
voice and i kept nodding like and agama lizard.
“Yes sir, but….”I responded trying to ascertain where I can see Vera and apologize to her but he interupted me.
“Shut it up u murderer!! Where is Vera because I never seen her for two days now?”He asked and chuckled.
“I never seen her since I came back from the prison too”I replied shivering like I will fall down at any given chance.
“Leave my presence!!”he commanded me, unlike Robert, he rarely raise his voice on me or any of his worker. He plays a lot with us just like friend but everything started changing since Vera came in here as his wife.
I settled my dad’s debt the next day and give him extra cash not minding that he doubled that amount, all i needed was his love as a father. I saw his face brighten up in smile as i was counting the money, he was counting along with me.
“My daughter, i am so sorry for all the pains I have caused u pls forgive ur father” he pleaded but i should be the one pleading.
“C’mon dad, I have offended u and God, all i need now is ur total forgiveness because of this my condition (pregnancy)”I said with pitiful look.
“U have been forgiven, thanks for been a stepping stone in this family, I do appreciate all ur efforts”he added before mum emerged.
I gave her sum amount of money and asked her to start up something.

I gave my mum sum amount of money to use and start up something good that will be helping her. She danced like always and i felt good seeing that woman that stood by my side happy even when I was dejected and rejected by everyone, the motherly love bond never allow her to despise me.
I cried silently watching her and dad competing on who that will dance better.
“My daughter, between me and ur mother, who win this dancing competition?”dad asked and i laughed out so loud because he was back to his normal joke. (When money no dey, everybody agbaba ozo 😂).
The taxi driver was already waiting for me in our compound, he wasn’t even in a haste because he was enjoying the drama my parents were performing, I guess or the money I gave him last time?
“Mum, dad I have to start going now because I have an appointment with Senator Dayo this evening and i don’t want to give any excuse to him”I said and they all hugged my big belle.
“We love u darling”the said simultaneously.
“I will set off to village tomorrow to settle those people, I will be calling u always my love”dad added and i baded a goodbye to them as the car zoomed off.
“Wow!! I love Ur family”the driver complimented as we were driving but i was busy crying.
I was crying because I was going back to the mist of my enemies, Robert hates me and the one(Bisola) I trusted failed me. I wished to stay back with my parents but i have to go and see Senator as i agreed to him.
“Madam! U have been so calm since we started this journey”the driver called my attention back.
“Emmm….so Sorry sir, just thinking”I said trying to catch up with him.
“U are in a platter of gold and u are here thinking ur life out. What will u do if u were me?”He said and I cunningly wiped out my tears.
“What do u mean by that?”I asked trying to hear his story but i saw him shading tears.
I changed the topic so he could concentrate in driving. I didn’t wanted to distract his driving with questions that might brings back his pains.
Mr Nelson (the taxi driver) needs someone to talk to and i wished that i can help him if I could. We got home safely and fast, he helped me take some stuffs I bought on my way coming back in my room and I was beginning to like his companying.
“Can we talk now?”I asked him as we came down to the sitting room downstairs.
“Pls, my life is that car in the compound, am driving it for someone”he said with tears.
Episode 44
I came to my office that early morning and put a call on her to be sure that what I heard was true or just an online talk but her number wasn’t connecting.
I continued trying it till Val came in with a weired look, maybe he has heard the rumour or something related to that.
“This world is nothing, why would some people burst? So I can’t see her again because of her reckless life?”Val lamented and pretended that i don’t know what he was talking about just to be sure.
“What is it?”I asked.
“Haven’t u heard it?”He asked shaking his head in agony.
“Heard what?”I asked again.
“She is dead! Yes, it’s so unfortunate that she killed herself because she invited the viper herself”he said now in a choke voice.
It stroke me like a later bomb when I heard the new early in the morning that Jane Maduka is dead, for what?
“So, u mean that my Jane is gone like that?”I asked with disbelief look.
“I wouldn’t believe it if not that I saw her corpse with this my eyes”he added shaking his head vigorously.
“How did it happened, I head it in the head line news this morning but they didn’t read the detail”I said.
“The same thing she wanted to do to Vera happened to her, she planned to assassinate the guy that pregnanted her but the mission failed her.
She refused to pay those hoodlums she hired saying that the work wasn’t well done and they now took her own life”Val explained with angry tone.
Hmmmm, I can’t believe this”I yelled with tears streaming down from my eyes.
I was in deep discussion with Mr Nelson when Bisola came downstairs and saw me.
“Good day ma’am”she greeted and responded faintly.
She wanted to sit but later changed her mind and went in her room again, maybe she have started planning another evil with her friend Jane.
Mr Ben made me to understand that he is a widower who lost his wife because of money in the hospital. He equally told me how his in-laws accused him of using his wife for money rituals. They arrested him and was detained for a crime he didn’t committed for two years, they sold all his properties and was left with his two room apartment house.
His story touched me so much because it recalled me how my father was insulated by one guy who gave him a bike back then in my primary school level and later retrieved the bike from my dad when he noticed that my dad was almost done with the higher purchase payment. Though I was a child then but i felt hurt.

Mr Nelson told me that he accounts 5k daily for the owner of that car he is driving and he hardly makes more than that amount each day after fuelling the car. I understands what it means to be someone’s apparent especially in road work where any emergence may come up at anytime. I just advised him to be strong and keep praying to God who is the only person that can see him through.I encouraged him with the little advise I knew and gave him 20k to pay for four days in advance. I advised him to always confide on me no matter what, he was very thankful as he was leaving.
I went back to my room and continued arranging my clothes that i came back home with, I was on that when I heard a knock and i thought that Nelson forgot something but it was Bisola as i opened.
“Am sorry ma’am, can we talk?”She mumbled in her mouth as if I was even angry with her.
“Talk? We can’t talk anything dear. I have forgiven u since and i don’t want to know how it happened or anything about that again. I will like to get Jane’s number so I can get her, I want to know what u guys want so that i will leave it for u”I said and continued with my arrangements.
“She is dead”she forced out from her mouth.
“Who?”I asked with less concern.
“Jane died yesterday night!”she said and drove my attention.
“What! What happened? I mean how did it happened?”I asked now with concern.
“It’s a long story but it’s that same people that shut me here that shut her too because she refused to pay them”she explained and i sat back on my bed mopping.
This life is full of many sides, u may think that u are persecuting someone today and next will be ur own. Jane’s dead frightened me because she died a shameful death, she jeopardized with all the opportunities of being a better person in her life.
Bisola noticed that I wasn’t the same lady she met before because I am not ready to talk or accept anyone as my best friend anymore, all i want is to be myself and make God my Lord and personal saviour.
She noticed that I wasn’t ready to gist with her and she left my room without been told. I was still on my bed when my door got opened and i was startled to see Robert.
“Why do u barge in my room like that, what if I am changing?”I asked and he smiled.
“C’mon dear, am sorry but i don’t need to knock here since u are here for me”he replied coming closer to me.
“Here as ur slave or….”I was still talking when he started kissing me.


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