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Marriage contract batch 8

Marriage contract
(She is poor)
By…. Author J Divine
Episode 36
I was feeling so sleepy, I laid on my bed and slept off like a baby.
I was sitting alone in the garden with my leg crossed, I felt inner confidence and relax because of the breeze that were penetrating my whole body.
I turned and behold two bodyguards well equipped were standing by my side looking so fearlessly but were discussing with me.
“U are safe with us, though u made a mistake in the past but ur mistake will be ur stepping stone in future” one of them said and nodded with much affirmative.
“Thank u, who are u both?”I asked but they ignored my question.
“This house will be on fire in a short time from now! Wake up Vera!!”the other one yelled and i jumped up from the dreams sweating profusely like a Christmas goat.
Gosh! What are the meaning of all these nightmares nah?
I opened my eyes and noticed that the light has faded, everywhere were dark and i was dying of suffocation.
I have to go to the garden and take some breeze, I left my room to the garden and met Robert in the sitting room fast asleep. I followed the connection gate to the garden to aviod disturbing the gateman to open gate for me.
The dreams were almost coming to reality, the atmosphere was so conducive in that garden and i loved it.
I lied on the mat there comfortably calculating what I saw in that dreams. Fears was far from me because i wished to see those handsome bodyguards again if possible.
I was still in that thought when I heard a barge on the gate followed by a gun shut, fear embraced me at a spot.
“Get out of our way!!”unknown voice yelled in the compound.
I laid down facing the ground with fear, I was just praying with tears asking for God’s entervention.
“Let it not be real oh”I prayed as i heard another gun shut in the house.
The hour later came, Vera was in her room and i was sure, I dropped the sign they asked me to drop on her door post so that they will recognise her own room. I heard the first gun shut at the p@ssage and i was sure that it must be Vera that they might have shut then. I smiled for a job well done and stood up to confirm my work before calling Jane. I came out and saw those @ss@ssins looking so confused and one of them pointed the gun at me immediately he saw me coming. I was shouting that I am not the one but it was already late, he shut me and that was how I could explain what happened.
I woke up in the hospital the next day sustaining many pains.
Marriage contract
(She is poor)
By…. Author J Divine
Episode 37
It happened like a dream but it was all real.
After the incident, I started asking myself how those hoodlums managed to enter inside, how could the gate man open gate for them by that time of the night?
There is no two ways to know that all these were Vera’s plot to eliminate me but her plans has failed. She will spend the rest of her life in the prison. Now Bisola is in the hospital living like a dead person just because of Vera. My dad is the cause of all these because he is the one that accepted Vera to stay in this house at the first place.
I rushed Bisola to the hospital that night with the help of my driver and the foolish gate man that opened the gate by that time.
The next morning, the gateman was handed over to the policemen for proper interrogations, Vera was not arrest because of her condition, though my dad insisted that she must not go anywhere.
I called Val and explained everything to him and he pointed his accusing f!ng£r on Jane, that guy must be crazy, how can u involve someone that has turned her back against the house in what is happening? I hung the call and sat back on my chair tapping my feet on the floor and thinking on how to know the person behind that evil. I was there when three policemen came in and arrested me saying that my dad s£nt them.
The last gun shut men me scream from that garden I was hiding, I wanted to come out but some invisible forces held me back till everything was over. When I came in I saw Robert and the gateman rushing Bisola to the car, blood were all over the steps and at my door post.
The next morning, the policemen informed me that s£nator Dayo ordered to spare me because of my condition but i must provide all the necessary informations need to apprehend those hoodlums.
“What happened is from this house and nowhere else. Let’s pray that Bisola survives this”that was all i answered them with tears.
It was in the afternoon that i saw police van came inside the house again and arrest Robert, I thought I was the one they were coming to arrest.
That evening, I decided to visit Bisola in the hospital to know how she is fairing but to my greatest surprise she was baffled to see me.
“Jesus!! Is Vera still alive?”she shouted with surprise written all over her eyes.
The police officer who was on muffin looked at her surprisingly and nodded. “Yes! U are human like me, I can’t take ur life and u can’t take mine except God”
Marriage contract
(She is poor)
By…. Author J Divine
Episode 38
I waited for Bisola to give me feedback but to no avial, I decided to visit my doctor for pregnant test.
It was a thing of joy to me as the result shown positive (Am pregnant), I couldn’t believed that i have made it to win Robert to myself!
Vera has been taken care of and am now the last man standing, Bisola must be a fool to think that i will be plotting all those plans just for her own good. Never!!
I came back from the hospital and noticed several missed calls from Bisola and other unsaved numbers.
And I decided to call Bisola back first before knowing whom the other person is.
I couldn’t believed that Vera was still alive, I thought I heard the first gun shut which I thought it must be her they shut then?
I didn’t knew when I screamed, “Vera! So they didn’t killed u?”on top of my voice even before I could realised that i supposed to conceal what happened.
“Yes! Am alive! Look Bisola, u are a human being and u can’t kill me and same to me unless God permits u”she responded looking so happy.
I was dumbfounded, I couldn’t stand the shame of looking to the face of my best friend, the person i wanted the best for before. I was just shading tears when two policemen in uniform and Robert came in with my phone.
“Answer this call!”one of those policemen commanded me.
I glanced on the screen of the phone and noticed that it was Jane calling, God! Why me?
“Hey babe! How is the job? Hope she is dead already?”Jane asked from the other end of the phone.
“Hello! I..i..”I stammered pretending that i wasn’t hearing her, forgetting that the phone was in loud speaker.
“Is Vera dead?!”Jane asked again, now louder.
I was so much embarr@ssed and ashamed of myself, I wanted to say something but the phone fell from my hand as i saw s£nator Dayo coming in with his wife.
“Nice job Bisola! Who is ur colleague in this evil act before I p@ss my condition on u alone?”s£nator Dayo asked me so mean. I knew that the s£nator Dayo I knew before was not the one standing before me, his face was ranging in anger.
“It…….Jane”I stammered.
“Jane again!!?”He screamed.
It’s like he has encountered Jane before or what?
“There must be a mistake somewhere! Jane cant do such”Mrs Dayo defended Jane.
“Mum!! She did!! Everything is here”Robert said showing her the sms Jane s£nt me in my phone.
Gosh! These people has killed me!!
Marriage contract
(She is poor)
By…. Author J Divine
Episode 39
♡s£nator Dayo♡
Jane has been arrested and detained under the police custody for her crime of attempted murder.
Bisola has been discharged from the hospital and detained under the police custody for been involved in such act too. Robert was released from the police after some investigations and many evidence that confirmed that he was innocent of that incident. I was planning to all those two rascals to rot in jail but Vera refused, she kept on calling me often and on.
“Pls dad, Bisola taught me a lesson I can never forget in my life, she made me realised that i can be strong without the help of my parents and Robert. She taught me many things I never learnt from my own parents and i won’t pay her back with evil, though she ruined her good deed with evil. Jane in the other hand need some s£nses and i will like her to be released from that prison pls. I want to show her that i can live without Robert.”Vera demanded on phone. I tried telling her that those people needs maltreatment so they can learn but she kept asking me to let them go. Well, that is a reason best know by her alone.
I was totally disappointed with Jane and Bisola, why could they plan to kill Vera? I hate Vera but not to the level of killing her, no!.
I heard that Jane andBisola has been released as demanded by Vera, I was surprised to hear such. Why on earth did she forgave them so soon?
Jane called that she want to see me, I said NO but she insisted that she want to see me for something important and i concurred to see her but on one condition, that i must go with someone because I am afraid of her. She agreed and i took Val my friend along with me that very faithful evening.
I f**ked up yes but Bisolais the one that ruined everything for me and she must not go unpunished for painting my name before s£nator Dayo.
Since the doctor has confirmed that i was pregnant even before the unfortune befell me, I called him that we needed to see but to my greatest surprise he came with his friend Val.
“I am really sorry for what happened pls, I know it may sound strange to u but am not ready to date any other person but u Robert, I love u so much.
Bisola made a mistake and i accepted it as our mistake because I did the wrong thing pls. Forgive me if u can not forgive because of me do it because of our unborn child an carrying for u”I pleaded but i saw the sudden change in his eyes once I said that.
Marriage contract
(She is poor)
By…. Author J Divine
Episode 40
I had missed my parents so dearly, maybe because my friend (Bisola) has turned against me, I started feeling lonely again. I called s£nator Dayo who directed me on how to locate where my parents were living.
I went there with some goodies I bought for them, I have really missed the hug of my beloved mum and the smiles. I located the house with the help of the address s£nator Dayo gave me. I was baffled when I saw the beautiful bungalow he (s£nator Dayo) built for my parents. My mum was in the kitchen when I came but i didn’t saw my dad outside, maybe he is inside the house I thought to myself.
“Wow!! My beautiful daughter!!”my mum screamed as i came down from the taxi that just dropped me.
I ran up to her and threw myself and my excavated pointed belle on her happily forgetting that i haven’t even paid the taxi driver.
“Who?! Who?!”that was my father’s voice as he was coming out of the house with his snuff container.
“Our daughter oh!! I told u that i saw her in my dream yesterday!!”my mum replied dancing around me so happily.
“Mum!! It’s okay nah let’s sit down pls”I said after hugging my dad whose look signified that he has many talk in his box for me.
“Madam, pay me my money nah!”that was the taxi driver whom I have forgotten that i haven’t paid, he was leaning on his car enjoying the scene I was creating with my parents.
“Oh my God!! So sorry sir! The joy carried me away”I pleaded giving him double of the amount we bargained.
“It’s more than what we discussed ma”he said recounting the money again.
“I know, I love Ur driving and i will like to board ur car again while going back pls”I complimented and i saw his face beaming in smiles.
“What! Give me the remaining one! Who dey dash money in this h@rd time?”dad yelled stretching his hand to collect the money from him.
“Stop dad! It’s my decision and i think it suppose to stand as i wish, (facing the driver) can i have ur number pls?”I requested and we exchange contact.
“U are here sharing money while the villagers are seeking for our lives because the money we borrowed to sponsor ur education and u disappointed us”dad said just to ruin my mood.
“Stop Mr Okoro!! Why must u be repeating one issue steady? Come my daughter let’sgo in”my mum said and dragged me in.
My dad was right when he said that they are owing the villagers because of me but i wouldn’t have been regretting it if Robert loves me.
Why is my life this way


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