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Marriage contract batch 7

Marriage contract
(She is poor)
By…. Author J Divine
Episode 31
I continued checking her but still she didn’t touched her food, she was still lying down sleeping with much confidence. I tried waking her twice and she told me that she will eat when she took her bath.
“I thought she has bathe when she came back from the hospital, did she knew that i poisoned her food or what?”I asked myself with fears.
I lost my own appetite of eating, I laid on my own bed with my eye and ears wide open. I woke up from my quick sleep around twelve thirty am and rushed to her room but unfortunately her door was locked.
“If I knock nd she opened now what will I tell her that i want from her by this time of the night?”I asked myself and went back to my room. I was becoming so confused to my instinct, if Vera dies, my conscience and my God will never forgive me though she is the one that backbite me first.
I went back and hope for any result that may come up in the money.
Though, the journey to the hospital was not that far and i made use of car but i was very tired that day. I can’t even sat up to eat my food, that Bisola was now happy made me feel so satisfied.
She tried waking me for couple of times and realised that i was in love with the sleep, she gave up. My baby too was enjoying the sleep because I noticed it, the kick in my stomach always bring inner joy in my heart and that was what has been lullying me.
I woke up by 12:05am, the food was already cold and i managed to lock my door that was open all those while.
I opened the food and noticed that it has spoilt, gosh! How can something she cooked some hours ago got spoilt just like that? I tried tasting it but the smell was not condusive at all, it made me hate the food and i was really hungry. I put it in my toilet and flushed it out, I was out coming out to ask her for another food when I remembered that the driver that took me to the hospital bought many fruit for me and i haven’t put them in the fridge. I washed them and devoured as many as my teeth can chew. I slept off again after that and woke up around 5:00am so femished and exhausted. I didn’t wanna bother Bisola I then dashed to the kitchen and made peperish noodle just as i liked it. I was done cooking it when she came in.
“U would have asked me to cook it for u”she said with sleepy eyes.
“I don’t want to bother u dear, how was ur night?” I asked with concern.
“Good, don’t u eat the food I served u yesterday?”She asked.
“I did

(She is poor)
By…. Author J Divine
Episode 32
I can do anything to terminate Vera and her stupid unborn child. Bisola must be very stupid to think that i will offer one million naira just because of this cheap contract. If I want to eliminate Vera, it won’t take me time to achieve it.
“Thank u so much, I will make sure that I left no stone untouched”she said happily on phone immediately she heard that i will offer her one million naira.
“Just make sure that u didn’t make any mistakes. To be rich, u have to have the heart of a lioness”I replied her and hung the call.
Sonia was right when she told me that I have to involve money if I want the work to be weldone. I did it and it worked.
Five minutes never gone without me calling and asking Bisola how her operation was going till the time she called me that she has locked her door.
The next morning, I called her but she didn’t picked, she later called back and explained how it happened.
“U can’t be serious, u mean that u put it in her food and she didn’t die?
“Exactly ma! She is awake before me and even cooking noodles for herself here before I could even wake up”she said and it baffled me.
“I can’t believe it! Do u saw the plate she used for the meal to confirm that she ate it?”I asked her again to be sure.
“Yes, she never washed it, it still here with me in the kitchen” she said further.
“Don’t worry, I will see u today by noon to tell u the next step we are going to make”I said to him and hung the call.
Vera! I am ready for u and i will crush u down since poison can’t kill u.
That evening I drove off to the garden where we agreed to meet straight.
I came back to collect water from the fridge and overheard Bisola talking on phone.
“Does it mean that Bisola is up to something?”I asked myself as i froze where I was standing. Tears where streaming like a river. I can’t believe it someone told me that Bisola will one day speek against me.
I won’t conclude that she is talking about me till I get to the root of this case. I overheard her saying that they will meet at the garden but i don’t know the garden she was talking about.
Tears streamed down from my eyes, does it mean that s£nator Dayo knew about this? He warned me to be cautious of everybody, even my best friend can betray me.
I lost an appetite and forgot what brought me out of my room, I forgot the water and went back to my room so disappointed.

(She is poor)
By…. Author J Divine
Episode 33
I don’t think that Vera is human, if she is why didn’t anything happened to her after eating poison? I became afraid of Vera and limited how I approaches her, though she comes around me and kept asking me what my problem is but i can’t discuss with immortal.
“Bisola, something is bothering me”she said as she entered my room looking so troubled.
“So?”I asked with less concern.
“Hmmmm, can anybody kill someone God is by his or side?”She asked and my heart skipped breath. What did she mean by that?
“I don’t understand”I said with confuse look.
“Okay, I stopped loving since I understand that love and lvst are similar but not the same, I stopped trusting when I realised that best friend may turn to worst enemy”she said and smiled so tired.
“Pls can u explain what u mean to me?”I demanded to be sure of what my instinct was telling me.
“Sorry for bothering u, I need to rest now because I haven’t been getting myself since yesterday”she said and left.
She is not getting herself? Does it mean that the poison is working or what?
Vera is making me go insane, did she spy on me or what?
After eavesdropping the conversation between Bisola and the unknown person on the phone, I was hurted to bone marrow.
I lost appetite, I decided not to ask her anything but my conscience was not at rest at all, maybe I shared the same character with my dad on that side. My dad hates hear say, instead he will meet u face to face to discuss it and settle it amicably. After those interrogations I noticed that Bisola was really hiding something from me and i have been fooled thinking that she is my best friend.
I was so light and fatigue because of the fasting I was into, I closed the fasting by 6:00pm and microwave the noodles I made in the morning.
I was coming out from the kitchen when I saw Bisola dressed up in a nice cloth going out, I wanted to asked her where she was going but changed my mind.
I went back to my room and kept on praying tirelessly, bitter heart and broken hearted
My room is just like I wished, it’s at the upstairs, I barely sees Robert and the window was situated at the garden position.
I admires flowers maybe because it is among what Robert used in tricking me those days in secondary school.
I stood and leaned on the window frame to support my weight as i was praying.
Crying has became my food and comforter.
Marriage contract
(She is poor)
By…. Author J Divine
Episode 34
I stopped at the gate and Bisola opened the connection gate for me to lead to the garden.
The serenity was so cute and condusive to my liking.
“So, how is she now?”I asked her but she smiled.
“I can’t tell but she said that she has not been feeling good since yesterday night. She is in her room now”Bisola answered and i nodded. Maybe the poison is working gradually.
“Okay, whether the poison kill her or not, I am going to terminate her within this month”I said and Bisola widened her eyes.
“How? It is like u are taking this too far oh”she said looking frightened.
“Shut it up! See ehh, for u to survive in this world u have to have the heart of a lioness and that’s what am up to”I said and smirked at the plans in my hand.
“What for?”She asked as I gave her the plan paper.
“Read it and follow all the instructions without mistakes, I will transfer 200k to ur account this evening but remember, I hate mistakes”I warned her and took my leave because Jonny was busy calling me.
I leaned on the window frame to support my balance, I was as light as balloon. Looking up to the garden, I saw Bisola with Jane discussing and it pierced my heart into pieces.
“What on hell concern Bisola and Jane?”I asked myself. I can’t believe that Bisola is working with Jane and has been pretending to be my friend. My mum ones told me that the best relieve when ur heart is heart is heavy is to allow ur tears to flow freely and that was what I did.
After crying for some minutes, I sat down and opened my bible at the edge of my bed, the first place I saw was first John chapter ten verse ten (though the thief came to steal, kill and destroy but I (Jesus) have come that u shall have life and have it in abundant). I was relieved and strengthened by that verse, I don’t knew where the inner joy came from and embrace my heart immediately.
I felt comfortable and slept off in my room fearlessly.
I was walking downstairs when I started hearing some noise at the gate, I tried running back to my room but it was too late because three men has surrounded me already with guns.
“Pls spare my unborn child even if u will take my life”I pleaded but to my greatest surprise Bisola shunned me.
“Stop it! Kill her guys!”she ordered them.
I was kneeling down with tears, I used my palm to cover my belle for my child’s safety as one of them pulled the trigger to strike me. He shut the gum and i woke up immediately.

(She is poor)
By…. Author J Divine
Episode 35
I drove home immediately and met Jonny standing outside my gate.
“Sorry for keeping u waiting pls”I pleaded and he nodded like an agama lizard. Lol.
“No problem, u know we haven’t seen for days now and am becoming worried about u”he said scratching his head.
“Worried? How?”I asked confused because he is not my fiancee but my s3x toy.
“I want to take u out on a date tomorrow evening”he said, I wanted to turn him down but i decided to play along.
“Tomorrow right?”i asked sarcastically.
“Yes unfailingly”he said and handed the gift he bought for me over.
“Thanks”I greeted and left.
My problem is that i don’t know if I have taken in because I will never marry Jonny, I love Robert and is he I want.
Robert barely calls me nor replies my sms, I wasn’t such bothered because he told me initially that he is preparing a collaborate contract business with a high company outside the country.I allowed the sleeping dog to lie in peace.
Evening turned to night and night later turned to morning, within a short period another evening came up which is our dating scheduled.
I thought Jonny said that it is just a date but he made it look like a big party. It wasn’t my birthday, I would have said that he is celebrating it for me. The party was going on when Jonny came and knelt before me.
“Jane, we have been together for long as friendship and defeated many obstacles that wanted to separate us. Jane, I want to use this opportunity to let u know how much I want and need u in my life.
WILL U MARRY ME?”He finally landed with a golden ring in his hand. Somebody should wake me up! Am dreaming right?
Why is Jonny trying to destroy all my efforts to get Robert?
Jane, U have to play along if u want to seal ur secret.
“Yee…yee…yes”I mumbled in my mouth sluggishly.
This is not going as i planned it, what on earth did Jonny think I want from him?
The party finally came to an end after dancing and drinking to stupor.
I got to my room and sat on the bed reading the paper Jane gave me again and again. It looked so simple but h@rd to do without been caught.
My work is just to monitor if the work is perfectly done without mistakes, so simple! The @ss@ssinators will come tonight and Jane has bought the gateman over to open gate for them at anytime they knock.
“Vera ur time is up!”I shouted and lied on my bed.
The alert came in my phone immediately and i was much determined to perfect the job.


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