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Marriage contract batch 6

Marriage contract
(She is poor)
By…. Author J Divine
Episode 26
The dinner was going so smoothly till senator Dayo cleared his throat and sipped his drink. I needed no prophet to tell me that the hour has come, I started sweating in my an–s.
“Jane where were u last three days by 7:00pm?”senator Dayo asked smiling vicariously.
“By 7:00pm? I can’t remember the time but all I know is that i was in ELDERS COURT with my elder brother that day from 5:00pm till we went home” I lied smartly.
“Ur brother?!”Dayo asked at the top of his voice as if he was expecting any negative answer from me.
“Yes dad!!”I replied with boldness.
“Every day is for the thief but one day is for the owner of the house”he said, I didn’t comprehended what he meant but i gave no f—cking care.
“I calledu here to tell u that i didn’t hate u but i can’t allow u clustering on a married man (pointing at Robert). Since Vera is still in his house with his unborn child, don’t go there without her approval. U people may continue with whatever u are doing when Vera might have gone from his house but for now, stay away from Robert” he said authoritatively.
“But I…..”I wanted to talk but he shunned me rudely.
“No! But! I will get u arrested anytime I see u in that house, my eyes are on u!!
It’s not a threat but a promise which I must fulfil”he said and left the sitting room.
“Don’tworry my daughter, I don’t want to talk because he can’t stop Robert from marrying u. Robert will rent an apartment for u where he will be coming to see u as u wish”Mrs. Dayo assured me and brought back my joy.
“Thanks mum”I said peek her cheek.
“Ur happiness is my concern darling”she added while Robert kept mute looking like a zombie.
I sipped my drink and sat back again comfortably.
“My mum has said it all, I love u and nothing can change it, I mean nothing” he said and put smile on my face.
“Mum, my problem is Vera, I hate that village girl” I said to know how Mrs Dayo feels about her.
“Her own is minor dear” she assured me.
Good, is better I do everything to kill that even girl before she destroys my plans.
Robert’s behavior that evening startled me but I gave no care to it, he looked so lust and seduced but that was his headache.
I dressed up with that new clothes and stood in front of the standing mirror in my room. I smiled because I don’t know that I still have such beauty in me. I looked so stunning and my waist increased, maybe because am pregnant.
Marriage contract
(She is poor)
By… Author J Divine
Episode 27
Robert’s behaviour towards me that evening baffled me but who cares? He starred at me lustifully and licked his lips romantically, I saw him but i never thought that i was the one behind his behaviour till he admired me, “U look nice”.
My heart was filled with joy and gladness, I have been waiting many months for this time to come, I am tired of been curse.
I went back to my room and stand in front of my mirror and took good look on myself on the mirror.
“Am still beautiful”I said to myself as i glanced on my swelling belle and my waist that has widened a bit.
“One man is looking for u sisiter” Bisola said as she met me standing before the mirror.
“Whom did he introduced himself as?”I asked.
“Ur dad” she said and I smirked because I hate his insult. I would prefer staying like this happily alone than been remembered about my mistakes.
“Good evening dad, how is mum?”I asked as I hugged him. It has been a while and i have been wishing to see my dad smile to me like before again.
“She is fine, u look good my daughter”he complimented smiling.
“Thanks, come in”I said ushering him inside my room.
“So u forgot us because u are now living well and enjoying life?”He asked, I wasn’t surprised because my dad loves money more than every other thing.
“Hmmmm, I will never forget u and mum dad, how I wish that u know what am passing through here”I said with almost tears.
“Vera!! Don’t be dumb twice, the first mistake u made is getting pregnant outside wedlock and the second one is coming out of this house remaining poor”he said but i didn’t comprehended him.
“I don’t understand”I said adjusting from my seat.
“Okay, u said that they have opened an account for u where they deposits money for u every week for ur up keep. Spend the money as u wish and bless us Ur family with money pls”he said but i laughed angrily.
“So am here just to spend money not because am enslaved? I should spend money anyhow just to please u and mum? Let me tell u something dad, I am not going to spend a dim here unnecessarily but to make sure that my child is safe.
Thanks for ur concern but am not going to take ur advise. What will u like to eat?”I asked plainly.
“Hmmmm, it’s obvious that i have over stayed my welcome. Enjoy alone!”he yelled and left angrily.
I thought about it for a while and wave it away, I have learnt to be strong and do anything as i want. I am tired of been told what to do.
Marriage contract
(She is poor)
By…. Author J Divine
Episode 28
Someone came, he was sent by senator Dayo to take Vera to the hospital for the antenatal check up. I was very happy for Dayo’s hospitality towards Vera and her unborn child. I was the only one in the house except other workers that were living outside the main building, gardener and the emergence driver.
I was busy with my cleaning when Jane drove in with the new car Robert bought for her in one of her birthday parties.
What might have brought her to this house by this time of the day looking so nice?
“Where is sister Vera?”She asked but couldn’t believed my ears.
“U say?” I asked because I wasn’t afraid of her insults anymore.
“C’mon Bisola am here to apologize to her (Vera), where is she?”She asked again now looking so serious.
“She is not around”I answered.
“Can I wait for her?”She asked unlike the Jane I knew, am I sure that this is the same Jane I knew?
“I don’t understand, I think u belong here? Why asking me if u can stay or not?”I asked so confused.
She smiled and sat down looking so worried and horrible. What is really happening here?
“Bisoal, I….”she called and paused.
“What?”I asked and stopped my cleaning and sat beside her.
“I need a favour from u”she said twisting her fingers.
“What favour? Hope all is well?”I asked becoming more confused.
“All is not actually well unless u come for rescue. I know that Vera is here because she is pregnant?” She asked and i nodded positively.
“Good and she will leave here after her child delivery?”She asked again and i nodded.
“How many years have u worked here as a maid and how much is ur salary?”She asked again and smiled.
“I don’t like where this questions are going, anyway, I have worked for 3years and some months now, my salary is ten thousand naira, any problem?”I asked so worried.
“Okay, Vera has been here barely six months and she is receiving 200k allowance fee every week, I mean every week!! Bisola use ur brain, do u know that Vera is becoming a millionaire and u are still her servant?”She asked mockingly.
“Hmmmm, I know but we are here for different purposes, Vera is here because she is pregnant for Robert and i am here because i am a maid. Can’t u see the different?”I defended trying to change her mind.
“U are getting it wrong, do u know that Robert loves u but Vera keep castigating ur name before him?”She asked and i chuckled but i had some doubt. How can Vera speek ill of me to Robert?
Marriage contract
(She is poor)
By…. Author J Divine
Episode 29
I didn’t understood what Jane was up to but there must be truth in what she is saying.
“Robert loves me? How?”I asked but she swallowed hard and drew closer to me.
“Robert always admires u and ur foods and the easiest way to any man’s heart is through his stomach.
Vera is an obstacle here Bisola u have to do something about it”she said and I became interested in the discussion.
“So, what do I do?”I asked seriously.
“Good question, if Vera delivers that child safely, she will be Robert’s forever but if she dies or loss the child, her own tenure will be over in this family”she said, she made a point but we a not God to determine if the child will be alive or not.
“So how will I know if the child will make it or not?”I asked with concern.
“Take this (giving me something wrapped in a black nylon), add some content in her food tonight and in the morning, she will loss the child and might die on the process”she said and I chuckled because my life will be in danger if anything happen to Vera.
“What if someone finds out?”I asked but she laughed.
“Listen Bisola, if u want to be successful in life, do anything to win ur enemies and don’t leave any stone untouched. Nobody will know that and Robert will be the last person to trace Vera’s death”she encouraged me and breathed hard.
“I will be waiting for a positive result tomorrow, I will take my leave now” she said and left.
Hmmm, so Vera is an obstacle to my destine helper not minding that i have been treating her like my own sister here?
The last thing that will ever happen to me is to be used, never!!
Vera get ready for me, is either u die or loss that child!!
The check up went successfully and i was so glad when the doctor told me that my child is safe.
The driver senator Dayo sent to me was very kind, he kept admiring me even in that hospital, the nurses thought that he is my husband.
“Beautiful lady, ur child is perfectly okay, all u need is fruit to maintain ur fitness” the doctor said and i nodded.
“Thanks doctor”the driver said to him.
“U are welcome dear, take good care of her pls”the doctor said and he smiled.
I got home and met Bisola so moody and deep in thought, how come she is so moody?
“Sister, u have been so cold since I came back from the hospital, u haven’t even asked me how the check up went” I said and she sluggishly lifted her head.
“Am fine, how was it?”She managed to asked.
Marriage contract
(She is poor)
By…. Author J Divine
Episode 30
It pains me to see Bisola in bad mood, I never see her like that before but she is making me go insane with her moody attitude.
I came in my room and sat on my bed still thinking what might have made Bisola sad. Hmmm, something is fishy somewhere, I have to call senator and tell him how my check up went.
I called him and he was so delighted that he heard my vioce.
“Thanks my daughter for letting me know, hope nothing is bothering u?”He asked.
“Hmmmm, not at all dad just that i came back and met Bisola in a moody situation and she haven’t talked to me like she uses to since then”I said to him and he laughed.
“My daughter, whoever sleeps with the devils sleeps with one eye open, u may not know when he will attack u. Bisola is a good girl, yes but i had a terrible dream last two days. For now, be strong and don’t depend on anyone”he advised but that didn’t explained what he saw in his dream to me.
“Oh okay dad, Bisola’s sudden change today is making me uncomfortable in this house because she is the only person I can talk to here”I added.
“I know but u can’t run away from ur house, for u to know if she is for u or against u, u have to be wiser than ever because am even scared on what I saw in my dreams”he said and hung the call.
“Oh my gosh! What is happening? Does it mean that Bisola needs help but she can’t confide on me?”I said and threw myself on the bed.
I was there and slept off but awaken by the touch on my back.
“Ur food is ready”that was Bisola’s voice.
“Thanks” I said with sleepy tone and laid back on the bed.
How can I terminate someone’s life just because what I never fought for? How I wish that I can ask Vera whether she said anything against me before Robert but she will definitely deny it. I have to do anything, I mean anything to have what belongs to me.
I have done preparing the food and shared it on the plates, my heart was beating rapidly as i was putting Vera’s own.
I untied the poison and put some portion on her own food and put I back on my epron pocket.
I never dreamed of taking anyone’s life in my entire life but i have to do anything to survive.
I have to stop serving and be a boss of my own. Jane called me and promised to offer me one million naira if I Carried out the operation well without mistakes.
I can’t loss such money nah.
Vera was fast asleep when I woke her up, she was looking so cute with her pregnant.
“Thanks” she said


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