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Marriage contract batch 3

Marriage contract
(She is poor)
By…. Author J Divine
Episode 11
I was in my room thinking my life out when I started hearing some noise downstairs, though Robert is maltreating me but i still recognize his voice wherever he speaks. I have missed him a lot not because of anything but because of my foolishness, yes, how can i miss someone that treats me like trash?
I came out of my room and walked downstairs to see if he is the one and equally to receive insults as usual. My heart jumped as i came out and met Robert with a lady, the lady was sitting on his laps and they were klzzing and discussing romantically.
Though I am like a slave in that house but i deserve some respects in as much as i am still in that house with his unborn baby.
“Hunnie u didn’t tell me that u have gotten another house maid”the lady said referring to me.
“Am sorry, she just needed some help and this is the only way I can help her, I employed her here so that she can at least feed herself”Robert answered and i wasn’t surprised because he can do anything to win the lady’s heart.
“Eh yeah, poor girl but she is beautiful”the lady said sipping her drink.
“Good evening”I greeted trying to hold my anger.
“Vera what do u want?”Robert asked ignoring my greeting.
“Nice question,Robert I want u to tell this lady the truth”I said with teary eyes.
“Wait! A maid u employed called u by ur name? Listen u brat! Leave this place before I loss my temper on u”the lady threatened.
“Vera don’t forget our agreement, don’t push me because i won’t take it from u”Robert said but i didn’t gave a damn care about the so called agreement.
“Am sorry ma’am but u will soon be introduced as a maid to another lady once he impregnate u as he did to me”I divulged and the lady chuckled. Yes, that’s exactly what I wanted and nothing more.
“Did I hear her correct? She is pregnant for u?!”the lady asking ranging in anger and i smiled as the fire was burning.
I was in the kitchen when I started hearing Vera’s voice from the sitting room, I tiptoe to the sitting room door and eavesdropped to the discussion.
My mouth was wide open as i heard that Vera is Robert’s wife, I can’t believe it, how can he maltreat his wife like that?
“Baby, let me explain”Robert pleaded to Jane.
“Explain what? Explain that she is not pregnant for u! Or that she is a maid as u addressed her?!”Jane yelled in anger.
I trust Jane because she suits Robert but i hate her because she feels bossy.
Marriage contract
(She is poor)
By…. Author J Divine
Episode 12
How dare Robert play with what we have shared together? I gave him my love and time but he went ahead and impregnated another woman and claimed that she is his maid, gosh!
I drove home with great speed and anger burning in my heart, I was hitting my fist on the steering as i was driving home.
“Whatsup babe?”Sonia my room mate asked me as i came in looking so furious.
“Is Robert, he…..”tears interupted me.
“C’mon babe talk to me pls”she pleaded but before I could open my mouth Robert came in sweating like a Christmas goat.
“Baby pls hear me out”he pleaded but i left him there and dashed to my room and locked my door behind his face.
I know that it will surely happen but i am the one that made this mistakes, I would have put Vera where she belong before Jane could come so that i can defend myself.
Jane left me in her sitting room with her room mate Sonia who was looking so surprised to all the scenes we were creating.
“Pls sir what is going on?”She asked me where I was kneeling down on the floor before Jane left me.
I had no option than to explain everything that happened to Sonia and equally begged her to plead her friend so she can understand that Vera is not my wife and will never be.
“Okay, now I understand but u would have told her before she sees it nah”she blamed me and i accepted to aviod much dialogue.
“Yes, I made it as a mistake but i want Jane not that village girl pls”I said with tears.
“Hmmmm, Robert, Jane is very angry with u now and the best thing u will do is to go home, I will talk to her later and get back to u”she said and I nodded.
“Pls do it and i promise to reward u handsomely”I promised and she smiled lvstifully but who cares, all i want is Jane nobody else.
I went back to my room with tears of heart breaking, though I acted like I was strong but deep inside me, I was dying in jealous.
How can Robert come inside the roof am living with another woman when am still there with his child?
I didn’t forbid him going with any girl of his choice outside, no, it’s his private life but bringing them home hurts me. I was still thinking and crying when Bisola barged in.
“Sorry ma for barging in without ur audacity”she said but i didn’t bought the joke.
Am I the one she is addressing as,’ma’?
Am sure that i haven’t told her anything concerning me and Robert and i never had it in mind.
“What do u mean by ‘ma’? Are u mocking me?”
Marriage contract
(She is poor)
By…. Author J Divine
Episode 13
“Pls open he is gone!”Sonia knocked so h@rd on the door and i opened with red eyes.
“Hope u are not here to feed me with his lies?”I said to Sonia who sat beside me.
“Not at all but real women don’t give up on what belongs to them, why are u behaving like it’s not u Jane? That village girl just used ur brain and u gave up instantly”she said but i didn’t understood anything from what she said.
“Pls am not understanding what u are saying at all”I said wiping my tears.
“Robert made a mistake but it is left for u to use ur intelligentsia to secure ur man Jane”she spook further and made it more confusing to me.
“What do u mean by my man?”I asked trying to understand what she was saying.
“That girl is there for a contract marriage and if u didn’t act fast she will win the heart of ur man, can’t u see that Robert loves u?”She said and I became more interested about the story.
“Marriage contract as how?”I asked rolling my eyes.
“Yes, they didn’t wed nah and they didn’t made any marriage rite on her head to more of paying her bride prize, why not wis£n up and have ur man by fire by force?”She advised and i bought her advise and fetched many meaningful things in what she just said.
Gosh! Vera has ruined my life and my relationship with Jane, Jane is so difficult to convince and i don’t know how to go about it. The only person that would have helped is Val but he won’t because his focus is on Vera.
I was in my office starring at my system screen but i wasn’t seeing anything, tears covered my eyes and my heart was beating so fast like I was going in sane.
“Bro, hope all is well, u have been behaving so weired since morning”Val asked and i pretended to be okay.
“Am fine, just having slightly headache”I lied so that he can leave me alone but he wasn’t convinced.
“Yes, I know but how is Jane?”He asked smiling and i chuckled, how did he know that i am thinking about her?
“Who is Jane?” I asked in a pretence voice.
“The one calling u now”he said and looked toward my phone and behold it was Jane calling me.
“Hy hunnie”I said as I picked up the call.
“Am coming to ur house this evening and i want u to come and pick me up because I can’t drive”she said and I agreed immediately.
“Okay baby”
“Vera must go!”She yelled and i chuckled because am not ready for my daddy’s war.
What do I do to safe Vera and Jane? I have to rent an apartment for Vera.
Marriage contract
(She is poor)
By…. Author J Divine
Episode 14
“Am sorry but i heard all u were saying downstairs with Robert andJane”Bisola said twisting her f!ng£rs.
“So her name is Jane?”I asked and Bisola nodded positively.
“Yes ma”she answered.
“Pls spare me that, ma, or whatever prefix u may think of, u are old enough to be my elder sister and perhaps, we are here for the same purpose”I said politely.
“No ma, am a mere servant but u are here because he is ur husband which I am not”she defended.
“Point of correction dear, I am not yet married because I don’t have a husband, u may leave here at anytime u wish but i will leave whenever my child is delivered, so we are almost the same”I clarified her but she didn’t gave up.
“Pls ma, I want u to be strong because ur life and that ur child is so precious to me”she said and I nodded.
“Okay, but i need a favour from u pls”I said beaming a smile. I don’t know why my heart accepted Bisola so easily, though she is so kind but i have been disappointed to the extend of stop trusting anyone.
“What favour ma?”She asked.
“I want u to stop addressing me as ma”I demanded and she sluggishly nodded.
“Okay if that will make u happy”she said and that is the happiest thing I want from her.
I was in the sitting room with Jane discussing and laughing when she suddenly jerked my hand from her body.
“What is it?”I asked with calm tone.
“Why are u so adamant in pushing that village girl out of this house?”She asked.
“….because She is pregnant and my dad is aware of her being here”I answered but she rolled her eyes.
“So how many wives will u marry because am not ready for polygamous problems oh?”She asked.
“One wife ofcourse, U are my wife to be and nobody else”I answered.
“Look at this”she said giving me a piece of paper.
“What?!”I shouted with shock.
“Yes, am pregnant for u, are u not happy?”She asked smiling.
“Am….I..I…i…Am ha….ha…happy?”I stammered, my hand started shaking and the paper fell off from my hand.
How come that Jane is pregnant?
“Baby are u okay?”She asked again and i nodded with less concentration.
What will i tell my parents? That I have impregnated another girl with a space of three months?
God help me oh! But why didn’t Jane bring this news before Vera came in with her bad luck?
My father will disown me if he hear about this.
“Are u sure that this result is correct?”I asked to be sure.
“Perfectly sure, it’s correct baby”she answered.
Marriage contract
(She is poor)
By…. Author J Divine
Episode 15
I would have be happy if this pregnancy came before Vera came in with her bad luck but it is now going to be an embarr@ssment to me if my father hears it.
I went to work the next day without tasting anything called food because my appetite was gone after the news of that unexpected pregnancy.
“Bro u have to be wise oh, how can she came up and claim that she is pregnant because she sees Vera in ur house?”Val asked suggesting that Jane is lying.
“She is not lying because she showed me the result and it was positive”I defended.
“And so what? Anybody can fake result just to get what he or she want, if she is pregnant and she is sure of it ask her to follow u to the hospital for pregnancy test”Val suggested smartly and it made s£nse to me.
“What if the pregnancy is real?”I asked him.
“Then u go for DNA test to be sure that the child is urs, U said that u slept with her three months ago and even used protection but she is saying that she is a month and two weeks pregnant, be wise bro”he advised and i fetched a s£nse from that though Jane can’t cheat on me but i have to be sure that she is pregnant.
It has been a month we parked into that house and i haven’t set my eyes on my mum nor dad, who knows whether they know where I am?
I was in my room when Bisola came and said that someone is looking for me.
I went out and it was my mum standing at the compound looking round the mansion.
“My daughter!! How are u doing?”She asked but i ignored her and hugged her so tight.
I have missed my beloved mum so dearly and i never believed that i will ever set my eyes on her again.
“U people abandoned me”I cried.
“Never, I have been trying to come but i don’t know here till s£nator Dayo gave me the address”she explained when we sat down.
“s£nator Dayo? When did u see him last?”I asked so desparate because I have missed that kind man.
“He do visits us atimes, he bought house for us here and have been good to me nd ur father” mum said happily.
“Mum but i never seen him since we came in here” I said and she smiled so suspiciously.
“Hmmm, s£nator Dayo loves u and will do anything to make u his daughter in-law, just be strong and kind”she said with much confidence.
“What about dad, is he still angry with me?”I asked but she laughed so h@rd.
“Angry keh? He is now enjoying his life in Enugu because of u”she said and tears streaming down my eyes, he is enjoying while am suffering.


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