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Marriage contract batch 2

Marriage contract
(She is poor)
By…. Author J Divine
Episode 6
I am not blaming myself anymore, I have to face the consequences of my sins alone.
Robert smiled and left with the do¢vment after he was done making mockery of me.
I can’t believe that it is the same Robert I knew is the one calling me all sorts of names because I am carrying his baby. Tears has dried up from my eyes, yes, I forced it but couldn’t see any tears dropping down like before. I sat on the small bed and remembered how I played with Robert back then.
~~Flashback ~~
I was going to the stream to fetch water that evening because we have to p@ss through copper’s lodge before the stream, I was walking so fast because it was getting dark already.
The road to the stream was so zig-zag that if u are not so conversant u may lost ur way to the stream but as for me who was born and brought up in that area can’t miss my way. My problems was that the pat to the stream is so fearful and wolves always scares people. My father has warned me to stop going to the stream from 5:00pm but i have to go that day because I spent all my time with copper Robert in the lodge forgetting the works that were waiting for me at home.
I was going and singing just to aviod much fears when someone jumped out of the bush along the pathway.
“C’mon!! Baby why taking this kind of risk nah” that was Robert as he hugged me so tight. I couldn’t talk because my heart has left me then, I spent like 3munites before I regained myself.
“Leave me jooh, u want to kill me”I said with childish voice.
“Am sorry hunie, Have been following u and i was afraid of leaving u alone to this stream” he said blinking his charming eyes.
We klzzed and continued our journey to the stream, discussing and laughing like husband and wife. The fear left me immediately, I felt relax because my hero was with me.
“I love u darling”I said as we parted after the journey, he klzzed me again and left.
I felt so much relax whenever am with Robert, he promises me everything and spoils me with gifts especially flowers and love frames.
He bought gave me one bangle he said that his mum gave her. “My mum said that i should give this bangle to any lady I will like to marry and here I have found u”he said and gave me the bangle the day he went back to Enugu after his service.
I hide the bangle where my hand don’t reach steady.
Marriage contract
(She is poor)
By…. Author J Divine
Episode 7
~~Still on flashback~~~
Robert hugged me so tight with tears at the park that day, we cried like we lost our lovely one. We created scene in that park, many people thought that he is my brother while other think otherwise. I felt like I wasn’t complete anymore when he left me, I never feel happy like I used to again. I always dreamt about him and wishes that i will get admission in the university of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) or Enugu State University of Technology (ESUT).
~~End of flashback~~
I was still thinking about all these when the security called me that I was needed in the sitting room. I went there and sat like an intruder I was, Mrs Dayo, Robert and the lawyer that brought the file to me was there, s£nator Dayo wasn’t there.
“Good day all, like u all know, my name is barrister Joe and am here to read out this file for the hearing of all of u here”the lawyer said and paused for a while, starred at me but i wasn’t myself anymore.
“Go on barrister”Mrs Dayo said tapping her feet on the floor.
“Good, Miss Vera, hope u know what u signed?”He asked facing me but i didn’t gave damn concern.
“Pls I don’t think that she need to know anything, just read it for her so she will know her stands here”Robert said sarcastically.
“This file read thus;
I, Vera Okoro has read and understood everything in this agreement, am signing this by myself not because i am forced. First, Vera u are now like a maid to Robert in as long as u live with him. Secondly, U are married to him in contract business and nothing attached to it, must not insult him or any of his family. Thirdly, Robert is mandated in providing all your needs except s£×ually, u are not allowed to discuss this agreement with anybody. Lastly, u have every right to go wherever u wish to go, @ssociate with anybody and enjoy ur social life but stay away from Robert’s food. All this agreement starts working from this minute and ends after ur child delivery till u leave his house. This is secret agreement and must keep secret, don’t tell anyone about it”the lawyer stated and i was like log of wood. Goose pimples filled my whole body and tears rushed down my cheeks.
My plans worked perfectly, My mum and her lawyer’s help made it so easy for me.
Vera have been put where she belong and she has no choice than to obey it.
My father was away for his political campaign, he bought new house for me and Vera to move in.
Marriage contract
(She is poor)
By…. Author J Divine
Episode 8
“U have to move in to the house with Vera to make this secret to ur father pls”my mum advised and i saw many reasons in her advise.
“Okay, I will do that because she is now going to mind her own business mum”I said sluggishly.
“Exactly! how is Jane, did u tell her about this?”She asked.
“She is fine though we never see for a while now but am not even ready to tell her anything, she may feel bad and i don’t want it”I said.
“Huh? How long will u hide it from her, she is ur wife to be, tell her so that….”she was still talking when i interupted her.
“…no Mum, Jane is so hot temper and may leave me if she notice it, don’t bother I know how to do it”I said and she smiled because she knew what I can do.
It has been over two days now and i never seen s£nator Dayo at home, I had no one to talk to, I made my small room my companion.
The second day after the marriage contract agreement or whatever they called it one of the maidens came in my room with new cloth. “Oga asked me to give u this to change and meet him outside”the maiden said, I starred at the cloth. I thought that it was s£nator Dayo that bought it for me and that was why I wore the cloth at the first place.
I came out and saw Robert leaning on one of the flashy cars in the compound.
“Heeeh! Come here!!”he said beckoning on me.
Am now addressing as “heeh” not sweetheart nor baby anymore, this world is nothing but hell to the poor people.
The guide opened the car door for me and i hopped in without asking anything, why will I ask? My life and dead is almost the same.
“Move this car!”he commanded his driver and he zoomed off immediately. Where we were going, I don’t know, we finally entered on big compound beautified with flowers and art works.
“I love this compound”I said in my mind as i was looking around the big mansion.
“This is where we will be living?” Robert said taking a lead into the house.
When I showed Vera her room, I went out to see my friend Val and to tell him about my new house.
I can’t hide anything from Val as my best friend I told him about the marriage contract and how I planned it with my mum.
“Robert u are taking this so h@rd to that innocent girl oh, what if she dies on the process of this ur mum and ur plans?” He asked but i wasn’t surprised because Val never said anything wrong about Vera.
“Who cares of she dies or not? The girl is there to ruin my life!”
Marriage contract
(She is poor)
By…. Author J Divine
Episode 9
Val is just like my father, why did they hates me asuch?
“Let me tell u one thing Robert, Vera is a village girl yes I know that but she is a very nice person to live with, considering her conditions, how will u feel if ur sister is the one in her (Vera’s) shoe now?” Val kept on try back his convincing argument with reasons.
“Let me tell u too, if u like Vera, go and take her and let me be pls, Val I don’t want to get into problem with u because of that dirty girl in my house oh”I shunned him and he shrank.
“Am done! Do as u wish but remember God bro”he added.
When we came in he took me to the sitting room where we met a middle aged lady that might be 7 or 8years than me.
“Show her around, she is the new house maid that will be helping u here”Robert said but i couldn’t bear it.
“….that I am what?! Ur house maid?! Robert u will surely regret this if I have God!!”I cried but i noticed surprises written all over the cook that was standing there.
“Shut it up Vera, don’t forget that u signed for this and must do it diligently without been forced!”he reminded me and i recalled what the lawyer read, ‘firstly, u will be serving Robert as his maid since u are living in his house’.
Tears rushed down to my cheeks but i held myself, I supported my stand with the cushion there because I was gradually lossing balance.
“Yes I did and i will prove u wrong if u think that i will die”I added with choke voice, he rolled his eyes and left.
What have I done to deserve this?
I have been seeing many girls who got pregnant outside wedlock but they weren’t treated the way am been treating now.
“God! Why is my own always different?!”I don’t know that i shouted it aloud.
“Pls my sister, talk to me, what is happening here? My name is Bisola but i can be ur friend if u can relate pls”the woman said with concern, her eyes were already w€t too.
“Sorry dear, am the problem myself and i don’t need more haters anymore because telling u my stories will make u hate me too”I said with choked voice and sat on the cushion and bowed down my head.
“My dear, everybody in this world had enemy and been hate by someone doesn’t mean that u are nothing or that no one likes u, it just means that u should be strong on ur own”she advised with w€t eyes, the lady sounded like she knew what I was p@ssing through and what I need, “strong heart”.
I wanted to tell her but i remembered the agreement.
Marriage contract
(She is poor)
By…. Author J Divine
Episode 10
The agreement I signed states that i should keep the marriage contract secret.
“I will tell u when the time is due”I said in a low tune.
“Hmmm, I don’t think over thinking will solve any problem, just pray for God’s intervention” she advised me and continued her cooking.
I have spent two weeks in that house and i never set my eyes on Robert, because i made the room the gave me my world.
Bisola never let me down with her advise, she entered the room and caught me crying as usual on afternoon.
“My sister, can u tell me something because am worried because of ur weired behaviour since u came here? Are u working here by force or what?”She asked sitting beside me on the bed.
“My name is Vera, from a poor family, am born to be a maid and to pay for my sins”I said and continued my crying.
“Wait, are u an orphan like me?”She asked becoming more interested in the story.
“No and yes, having a parents who doesn’t care about ur feelings because u made a mistake doesn’t mean that u have or u don’t have”I answered and laid down cover my face with the pillow.
“Don’t worry, I will like to hear the rest of the story later but for now let’s eat”she said opening the plates of food she came in with.
“Sorry but i don’t feel like eating anything”I answered plainly.
I was in my office with my colleague Val when my phone vibrated and it was Jane’s sms telling me that she is coming to my house.
“Gosh!! Hope that idiot won’t misbehave before my love today”I said after reading the sms.
“What is it?” Val asked me.
“Jane is coming to my house today, she just s£nt me an sms”I answered.
“What is she coming to do? Robert u are married for crying out loud, Jane is after ur money and nothing more”he said but i wasn’t surprised because he never loved Jane for the first time.
“U know what? My life style is none of ur business and must be my headach not urs, I love Jane and that’s my decision. If u love Vera go ahead and marry her pls”I yelled on top of my vioce.
“Fine!! Let ur conscience judge u because Vera was once ur spec but u have realised that she is puparised just because u have ruined her future”Val said but that concerned him and Vera not me.
I closer so earlier at work that day more than ever, who will question me since it’s my company?
I met Jane in the sitting room watching TV.
“Hope nobody disturbed u?”I asked immediately I entered.
“Who can do that?”She asked.


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