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Marriage contract batch 11

Marriage contract
(She is poor)
By…. Author J Divine
Episode 51
I later woke up feeling so exhausted, I tried standing up but noticed that a string of drip was in my right hand dropping.
What brought me here? I kept wondering till I remembered my pregnancy and noticed that it was no more.
“God! so I have lost what connects me with Robert, what makes me valid to s£nator Dayo?”I asked myself with tear, I looked around and saw Mr Ben sleeping on a chair. I starred at him for some seconds before I came back to my s£nses, “I remembered that i was brought here by him (Ben)”.
“Where is my baby?!” I screamed with the last strength in my body, my choked voice woke Ben from his sleep but before he could talk s£nator Dayo came out of babies ward.
I opened my mouth to greet him but my strength left me halfway.
“My joy u are awake”he said with tears, that alone signified me that my child didn’t survived it.
“Where….where….?”I tried asking him where my baby is but i faded again.
I waited for Vera for the whole day but she didn’t came back home, I needed no prophet to tell me that she has gotten to another level.
I don’t even have her number, how can i reach her to know why she has decided to live with another man?
I asked Bisola to call her but the same thing with me was with her too, she didn’t have her number. I then remembered my father and decided to call him so he will know how the person he has been supporting has been selling herself to other men.
“Hello dad sorry I missed ur call yesterday”I lied as i called him.
“It’s okay, hope u are not preparing for work because we have something to discuss, am coming to ur house now”he said.
“Wait dad…I haven’t seen Vera since yesterday”I reported but he ignored my complain.
“Hope u heard me, am coming” he said ignoring my complain and hung the call.
My mum called me and repeated the same thing dad said, I was so worried because my mum never be in such anxious before while talking to me.
That signified me that something was wrong somewhere. I was still in the sitting room when they arrived.
“Robert, Vera will be leaving hert
to her parents’ house tomorrow”my dad said but i didn’t got it.
“Why? She haven’t delivered yet as we planned it”I stammered.
“She delivered two kids, a boy and a girl yesterday night and she will be leaving here tomorrow” he added and my mum knelt before him with tears.
“Pls my husband, don’t make such decision because I won’t survive it pls” she cried.
Marriage contract
(She is poor)
By…. Author J Divine
Episode 52
♡Mrs Dayo♡
I never knew that there is some potentials in Vera till I saw how she behaved as she saw me in that hospital. Losing Vera is like losing my front teeth because I can’t laugh in congregation again. How can I stand my husband’s aggression if I dare late Vera go?, he is asking her to go to her parents’ house but he was cry which means that the decision is not so easy for him.
“Pls my husband, don’t take such decision because i can’t survive it”I apologized with my knees on the ground.
“Dad, I accept all the blames u might put on me but can i see Vera pls?”Robert pleaded too with his kneels on the ground.
“If it’s just seeing her no problem but my decision is final because u guys has dared me enough in this family”my husband yelled on top of his voice and left the sitting room with anger.
“Listen mum, u caused all these! And….”Robert was trying to put all the blames on me but i shunned him.
“Stop! This is not time for seeking Mr and Mrs right, let’s put head together for the case at hand because ur father is not taking this so easy oh.”I advised him.
“If he can allow me to see Vera, forget it, she won’t go anywhere”he bursted but he doesn’t knew what his father packaged for him.
“Listen, ur father has made it clear with his lawyer that all his inheritance belongs to those kids and our own share comes from their decision on whether to give us or not”I divulged to him.
“Impossible! How can that be possible? Including my companies?”He asked as if he owns any of them.
“U say….? Ur companies, do u have any company? Even this house and the cars are included”I told him before leaving the house.
With the address my dad s£nt to me, I traced my way to the hospital where Vera and my kids were. (Did he just said his kids?).
Vera was looking so blooming and freshy with those two kid sitting opposite each other on her laps.
“Good day my love”I greeted her but she looked around as if she didn’t know I was reffering to her.
“Whom are u reffering to and why are u here?”She asked me still looking so confused.
“Am looking for u and my kid baby, pls forgive me….”I was still pleading on her when one man in his early 36s came in with two girls and peek her romantically.
This man must be mad, I was waiting for Vera’s reactions but she smiled and hugged the guy in return.
Am I dreaming? “Who is this baby?”I asked Vera but she ignored me and face the man.
Hope Vera is not mad
Episode 53
When I woke Mr Ben up he smiled but i didn’t see anything funny, s£nator Dayo came out and smiled too.
“Where is my child dad?”I asked him and he bursted in tears, that was when I realised that my child is dead.
“They are doing fine, happy that u are back, some people will never know the value of what they have till they loss it”he said as he sat beside me.
“U ‘re confusing me dad, u said ‘they’ and i haven’t seen my child since, did I lose it?”I asked with so much concern.
“Yes, God did it and i will never stop praising His name….”he was still talking when the doctor came in with testoscope.
“Wow! She is awake! She might be normal now sir”the doctor said and dad nodded positively.
“Congratulations ma’am, u delivered two kids, a boy and a girl”the doctor announced. Did I heard him well?
I couldn’t control my tearsof joy, I threw myself on s£nator Dayo who held me towards his arm, what I wanted Robert to do for me. “Where are they?”I asked lookingso desparate.
The doctor called the nurses to bring them to me, the pains healed immediately the good news strikeout, I became strong and sat up waiting for my pains and joys, yes, they are my pain because they made me a mockery of the year and a disgrace to my family, they remain my joy because they taught me how to be strong and succeed in life.
I h@rdly differentiated the male from the female because of their confusing face, how can a girl and a boy be and identical twins? They copied their father’s handsomeness and pointed nose. They ‘re just like an angel, I starred closely to them and smiled with satisfaction and joy.
Mrs Dayo later came in that hospital looking so disbelieving, I greeted her but she fell down begging me to forgive her, for what? I am still the church rat she called me, nothing has changed, am still the bad luck in her son’s life, no doubt why then is she begging me? That I should leave her son alone abi?
“Mum! I understand ur plead and am @ssuring u that am gonna leave ur son alone”I said but she cut it up.
“No my daughter, don’t leave please, am the most foolish being for asking u out of my son at the first place….”she was still talking when s£nator Dayo interrupted her.
“U must be deluded woman! Vera will be leaving the house tomorrow with these kids, I have tolerated a lot but i won’t tolerate anymore from u or ur son. I think this marriage will be over right from this hospital” s£nator Dayo said.
Episode 54
I was still confused on what Mr and Mrs Dayo were dragging, I never planned to live in that house, the only place of my choice is with my parents and that was why I went ahead and made peace with them. I was still klzzing my kid’s small mouths when Robert came in looking so frustrated.
“Good day my joy”he greeted but i didn’t believed that he was reffering to me because he never sounds such polite to me since.
“Whom are u talking to here and why are u here pls?”I asked looking around.
Instead of answering my question he knelt down begging me,”pls forgive me, am here because of u and my kids..” he was still talking when Ben came in with two girls which I guessed must be his children.
Ben acted unlike him and i liked it, he was over filled with joy, he didn’t noticed the pres£nce of Robert at all, he peeked me and shook those kids playfully.
I saw envy and jealousy written all over Robert but he can’t say a word because he never wants me, am beginning to like Ben because he has sacrificed more than enough to me.
“Honey, who is this?”Robert asked but i ignored him and paid my attentions to Mr Ben.
“My comforter, here is Robert, my contract husband but the contract has come to an end”I explained to Ben and he nodded as if he understands everything.
“Wake me up Vera! U are in love with this poor man?!”Robert asked with tears but it irritated me to marrow.
“Stop it! I can’t have u insult the man that stayed with me when others were gone, he laid his own life to the extend of signing my agreement of life and death just to see me live….”tears interupted me but Ben wiped it with his palm.
“This is not time for this, young man u are right when u said that am poor, I accepted and i wished that i am just poor but….”Ben tried to go further but i knew what it might bring, so I cut him up.
“Enough! Why explaining all these to him? I am the one to decide if he deserves knowing u or not!
Look Robert, I don’t know u and i regretted everything we had together. Leaving u to my parent’s house is not optional, am sorry but u have over stayed ur welcome”I said so courageously.
“Pls my love can we….”he tried pleading but i gave him no damn care.
“As u can see, we are eating go!”I yelled as Mr Ben started feeding me with the pepper soup goat meat he bought.
Jealousy was written all over Robert’s body but he can’t do anything, he then left so disappointed.
I pitied him but that doesn’t matter.
Episode 55
Am gone and my life has faded, I never believe that Vera will love another man to the extend of asking me to leave her pres£nce. I won’t blame her because of the way I have maltreated her but another man feeding her in my pres£nce is totally disappointing and heart breaking.
I became tired and envious of watching another man taking over my possessions, I cried silently and went back home, I spent some hours at home and decided to reach my office at least to talk with Val. I drove to my company and met the biggest shock of my life, securities were filled everywhere with arms, I thought maybe my dad was in that company but hell no.
“Excuse me sir, what do want?”the first person asked looking so fearlessly.
“I don’t understand, do u know the calibal of person u are asking stupid questions?”I said so aggressively trying to push him out but others interfered.
“I advise u to go back because u won’t believe what will happen to u if we carry out the order as we are instructed” another person advised but i smiled. This people don’t really know me, I will show them that am the CEO of this company, I put call across my dad.
“Dad, I met strange faces here in my company…”I was still talking when he interupted me.
“U said ur company? Very wrong dear, just do as they say to aviod regretting going there at the first place”he said and hung the call.
Wait, is s£nator Dayo really my father? Why would he advise me to take instructions from strangers in my own company? The company I have laboured for right from my childhood.
I went to the other company and the same thing repeated itself, I called Val and he told me that he was transferred to a company my dad just finished constructing.
Calling my mum won’t help any matter, I became a stranger in my father’s properties, I went home and cried to my satisfaction.
♡s£nator Dayo♡
It’s not that am enjoying that Vera will leave my son, never! I just wished the best for her and those kids of mine, I don’t want what that might have happened to Vera to happen to those kids.
My wife kept pleading me to allow Vera stay in our house even if she can’t live with Robert in the same house. Wait! I thought this woman hate Vera, why then asking her to stay with us?
“Am the biggest fool to abuse Vera at the first place”she said but i smiled.
“U are just knowing that? U forgot that i married u as a slave in my father’s house, not even poor but a slave”


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