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September 19, 2021


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Marriage contract batch 1

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Marriage contract
(She is poor)
By…. Author J Divine
Episode 1




Nothing gives me joy than staying with girls especially those virgins, the joy are always special to me. After my studies in the university of Jos, I was posted to serve my father’s land in Abia state, such rural and timid area. I don’t know what their government were doing at all, no road, no electricity, even the schools were not well equipped.
I served there with my friend Val and other two girls Cyndy and Sophia. Birds of the same feather flock together, Val is a womanizer and i like staying with him because he knows all the strategies one need in wooing any lady. After our introduction in Urban secondary school Abia, we resumed teaching, as the only son of a rich man (Dayo) I never lacked anything because my mum always got my back. I was taking SS2 class in biology and i have been trying to get one girl’s attention but to no avial.

“Hey sir, am confused about today’s lecture”I heard someone’s voice behind me, turning around was standing Vera the only girl I haven’t slept with in my class.

“Okay, u have to see me in the lodge so we can have time to discuss it” I said but i notice change from her face.
“I can’t come there pls, just give me some hint so I can read it myself when I got home”she said and beamed a smile that exposed her dimple and gap teeth.

What’s wrong with this beautiful girl? I have slept with people like u and u must not be an exception.

I explained everything to my close friend Val and we made a bet that i won’t get Vera.


No wonder my parents always advise me not to involve myself in love because it will distract my studies. Since copper Robert started coming closer to me, I never stayed without thinking about him, he is such handsome and kind hearted guy. He knew almost all answers to every questions, especially love quotes. I never said yes to Robert’s proposal but my heart has accepted him from the first day I saw him.
When I couldn’t control my emotions anymore, I walked up to him one afternoon after school and told him that am coming to see him in his lodge.
He was so happy and surprised because it was written all over his body, I meant everything I said to Robert and it was from my heart.

I confessed my love to him and he was so much excited, he shaded tears of joy and kissed me romantically, that was my first kiss and i felt butterflies in my stomach.
That was the most joyful and painful day of my life.

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Marriage contract
(She is poor)
By…. Author J Divine
Episode 2


…..that night was joyful because i freed my heart from hiding its affection and painful in the other hand because I lost my virginity that night to Robert. I have heard how painful it was in lossing virginity and i witnessed it that night, Robert made me speek in tongues that night in his bed.

I became so closer to him after that night, he always surprises me with many gifts and love, he makes love to me almost everyday and i never denied it from him for ones.

“I will marry u even if u get pregnant” he promised one day when I asked him why he released his sperm in me.

“I know that u love me and i love u too but we are not yet married nah, let’s keep it low till our parents approve our relationship pls”I said with romantic voice.

He smiled and kissed my forehead lightly, “I am not a child, u are my wife not my parent’s, don’t involve them because they will never say no to my heart desire”he said and convinced me.


Robert has done with his service and gone back to his place Enugu, it wasn’t easy for me nor him but his parents were disturbing him so much to come back.

“Try I get admission in University of Nigeria Nsukka so that u will be closer to me pls”he advised me and it became my dreams.

“I will do my best to have it my love”I said that night crying on his arms.

I made my WAEC and was waiting for my jamb result when I fell ill, my parents took me to hospital for medical check up but the result came out that i was pregnant.

I was flabbergasted in life, my life became so miserable being with my parents, I became their object of curse and fight. I was disappointed with my life, my dreams of becoming a medical doctor faded immediately, my education terminated, my parents especially my father makes mockery of me.

I was forced to go and show them the person responsible for the pregnancy, I travelled to Enugu with my parents to go and look for Robert, seeing the house I was surprised because it look so big and might.

“Is this copper Robert’s house?” I asked a muscular man that stand by the gate, he starred at us fearlessly.

“U mean Dayo Robert, the senator’s only son?”he asked with deep vioce and I nodded not because i know whether Robert was senator’s son but just to check if he is the person.

“I don’t care if he is the senator’s son or whatever, where is he?!”my dad yelled on top of his voice.

“Sorry sir, Robert didn’t tell me that he is expecting anyone

Marriage contract
(She is poor)
By…. Author J Divine
Episode 3


As the only child of my parents and such a wealthy family, they were persuading me to get married. Though mum and dad collaborated and brought Lizzy to me as my wife, I tried giving many excuses but ended up getting her pregnant even before my parents could noticed that I was having any affairs with her.
“Son, give it time and u will start liking her, Lizzy is from a respectful and wealthy home and she is a graduate with good grade”mum said one afternoon she met me and Lizzy arguing as usual. Within some months I started liking and respecting Lizzy, I pregnanted her but she tried aborting the child and died on the process. All these happened while I was still in the university, since then I never dreamed of getting married till I met Vera during my service in Abia state.
I liked Vera but all I told her was lies because I won’t marry such poor girl from poor background.


I was busy watching football match in my room when the noise from the sitting room became unbearable for me, I decided to go out to see to myself.
The person I saw resembled someone I have met somewhere but i couldn’t remember.

“Vera, what concerned u with my son?”dad asked the girl sitting with an unkempt man and woman which must be her parents.

“Copper Robert is my boyfriend and i met during his service in my school”the girl said and I recalled that i fooled her that i will marry her, God forbid!

“Point of corrections young lady, my name is Dayo Robert and not copper Robert, I don’t know u”I denied looking so weired.


Gosh! Robert don’t know me? The person I spent most of my time with having sex don’t know me again, even if his parents will reject me did he supposed to deny me too.

“Am sorry my love, can’t u remember me again? Vera ur love” I said trying to clarify his doubt but he maintained his furious look.

“Vera or whatever ur name may be, all we had was just fun and nothing more, I don’t know u”Robert denied me not minding how his words hurts me.

“Yes, I know it!! U all are here to accuse my son but he will never marry this church rat”Mrs Dayo insisted.

“Whether my daughter threw herself on u or she raped u, she is pregnant for u and u must marry her, don’t blame u but the person we sent to school to study but he followed he-goat like u”my dad fired back ranging in anger.

“Robert u must marry Vera because am not ready to loss this election to my opponents”Sen.Dayo said.

Marriage contract
(She is poor)
By…. Author J Divine
Episode 4


“Robert! U must marry Vera! U can’t ruin my political ambition with ur recarstrant life”my dad yelled authoritatively.

I can’t believe that my father want me to stoop so low of marrying Vera, God forbid!!

“Over my dead body! That girl is here to frustrate my son’s life with wretched life but i can’t let it happen!”my mum said, that woman always got my back and i love her.

“I have said mine, if my daughter dies in ur house u will know that even a cat can look at a king, let’s go pls”Vera’s father said and dragged his wife out of the sitting room.

I left the sitting room to cool off my head, How can I marry village girl with secondary school standard? I met my friend Val whom I have told about how I spent time with Vera back then in Abia state, Val knew Vera and everything that happened between me and her.

“U are joking right?”Val asked when I told him that Vera is in my house now.

“Far from joke bro, she is there now saying that she is pregnant for me”I said.

“….and What did ur parents said about it?”He asked becoming more interested about the story.

“What do u want my political father to say if not that I should marry her and spare his political ambition….”I was still talking when he interupted me.

“….then marry her nah! Vera is a lady u have been praising back then in Abia state, why can’t u marry her?” He said seriously.

“U are mad Val! U want me to marry a village girl, a poor girl and an uneducated girl? I won’t and my mother said that i won’t marry her”I said feeling so disappointed with Val whom I thought will advise me on how to clear that sh–t.


Robert walked out immediately my parents left, his father concluded that he must marry me but I wasn’t interested in the marriage anymore.
I can’t marry someone that hates and call me names.

“Show her one of the rooms at the BQ”senator Dayo said to one of the securities there.

He took me to one small room, i was heartbroken not because of where they gave me to stay but because the person i cherished has denied knowing me. I made crying my best friend, I stayed without food for the whole day, maybe they forgot that i was there, though I didn’t even had the appetite to eat anything.


The next day, I was still crying when they opened my door and it was Robert and a man in suit.
He forced me to sign one document he came in with but i refused demanding that he must tell me the content first.

Marriage contract
(She is poor)
By…. Author J Divine
Episode 5


How can I sign what I don’t know the content, the file was sealed, I can’t even open the document to know what am signing.

“Young lady, we don’t have all the times here with u, am going somewhere else, signing this paper is between today and tomorrow if u still need this marriage”the barrister Joe said and dropped the file on the floor.

“Hope u heard him because i won’t be blamed if anything worse than this come out of this”Robert added as they were leaving but that didn’t move my spirit because I have made up my mind that i won’t sign it.
Robert fooled me at the first time and impregnated me but he can’t fool me in signing any document I don’t know about.

The file remained in that floor for the whole day, I managed to eat the next day when my mum visited me with food, I wouldn’t have ate the food but i don’t want hurt my mum more.

“Pls my daughter, I know that u made this as a mistake but u can’t kill urself over what has happened. Even if the whole world will turn against u, I ur mother won’t leave u”my beloved mum consoled me and i saw tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Mum, I accept that am a disgrace in our family but why can’t dad speek for me, why can’t he allow me out of this cage? Am suffering her mum….”I was still talking when tears choked my voice.

“Stop Vera, ur dad is reacting as he suppose to, have u forgotten how we starved just to pay ur school fees, have u also forgotten that ur dad is still owing many people now just because of u. What did u do, u paid us back with embarrassment and disgrace.
He has vowed that u must remain in this marriage whether good or bad” mum said and it broke my spinalcord.
How can they judge me in that way, I will face this alone and die if that will make God forgive me.

I starred at the file on the floor and signed the document out of anger and frustration. I don’t care if it’s a mistake or whatever, since my parents deserted me I will face this alone and die if that is how God will forgive my mistakes.


My father concluded that I must marry Vera because of his political ambition or whatever, my mum was so mad at his decision.
That night my mum called me and concluded that we have to involve lawyer on this so that it will become a contract marriage instead of legal marriage as dA and Vera’s parents would want it.

When I and my lawyer presented the file to Vera she refused to sign it, but she later signed it




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