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Marriage contract 4

Marriage contract
(She is poor)
By…. Author J Divine
Episode 16
My mum spent a nice time with me and i introduced her to Bisola my best friend and my comforter before she left in the evening.
I was so bored Inside as Bisola was busy in the kitchen cooking, I decided to go downstairs and clean the sitting room.
I was cleaning the TV when Robert came in with Jane laughing so loud. I greeted them but they paid no attention to my greeting, they sat on the cushion and started klzzing themselves as if am not there.
“Pardon! Can’t u see that am here or don’t u have shame at all?”I yelled in anger and Jane stood up and drew closer to me.
“What is that ur name maid?”She asked mockingly.
“I can take insult from every other person but not from a prostitute like u, be warned!!”I said and it got to her nerve.
“Don’t dare talk to my wife in that manner again!! Else I will slap the hell out of ur silly brain”Robert yelled but i laughed.
“U are not ashame! Robert I respect and…..”I was still talking when Jane interupted.
“Don’t respect him again! Leave him alone pls, u are pregnant and i am pregnant! Who knows if he is responsible for Ur pregnancy because am suspecting that u are sleeping with all men!!”She said and provoked the sleeping lion, I raise my hand to slap her but Robert cut me on the air and returned the slap on my cheek.
“U have done the worst!! I can take every other thing but not when u lay ur hands on me, this contract or whatever is over!!”I yelled with tears and rushed to my room and started packing my belongings.
“Shame on u if u didn’t leave this house today!”Jane said while Robert was still ranging in anger.
I was about leaving when s£nator Dayo and his wife came in with his guides.
“What is happening here and who is this lady sitting there?”s£nator Dayo asked reffering to Jane.
“Hunnie! Don’t u know Jane our daughter in-law again?!”Mrs Dayo interrupted.
“How? How many sons do u have because the only one I have is married to Vera” s£nator Dayo said.
“But dad…..”Robert wanted to talk but Dayo interrupted him.
“Am not ur dad and let me clarify u now!! I have seen ur plan with ur mum and everything u did with Vera is recorded, the contract she signed unknowingly is with me.
Robert u are so smart to do that but i have my own conditions for u if u wish to be my son and retain all the @ssert u are managing now!!”s£nator Dayo said and I shrunk because I never seen him since the contract was signed.
How did he know that?
Marriage contract
(She is poor)
By…. Author J Divine
Episode 17
“But hunnie, u know that he is the only thing we have and care for. How can u talk to him like that nah?”mum tried pleading him but my dad is not that type when he is angry.
“I have made up my mind and that’s final! I have seen many people without a child and they live, instead of having an arrogant child like Robert I better be without a child!!”he shunned mum.
“Hope u are happy now? U have done ur wish nah, Vera it will never be well with u!!”my mum cursed Vera and Vera started crying.
“What’s this bag doing in ur hand?” Dad asked Vera because of her bag she was carrying.
“Am sorry dad, I never planned for this since I was born, I can’t be an obstacle to ur family. Robert is mature enough to know what is good for him and as we can see, am not his type and am leaving.
Don’t bother how I will survive with this child, I will sacrifice my life to secure this child am carrying now”Vera said with tears streaming down her cheeks.
“So what are u insinuating?”dad asked looking so worried.
“That I can’t live with someone who doesn’t love me, I appreciate ur love and kindness dad but the person that ruined my life is putting all the blames on me and i concurred. Mum, sorry for making u unhappy in ur peaceful family, saying that it will never be well with me is a lie because u are not my God, it shall be well with me and even both of us here”Vera said with a great courage.
Wait! Who gave that girl such courage of standing and talking before everybody?
“Vera, am not against ur wish because u are above eighteen years but let me make this clear to both of u here.
If Vera leaves this house today, Robert will leave all my companies, houses and all my belongings alone and start his own life. Anybody who cares to help him will go out with him, i don’t care anymore.
Have a goodnight”dad said and left with anger.
“Dad please it hasn’t gotten to that nah”I tried pleading him but he pushed me out of his way.
“Vera u are happy now right? Don’t worry, am coming for u!”mum yelled and joined dad in his car.
Vera stood still dripping down with tears.
“What are u waiting for, go!!”Jane shouted at Vera.
“Am leaving here not because of u Jane but to have rest of mind and to secure this baby in my womb”Vera said.
“Go nah!”
“Enough Jane! Can’t u see that my life is in line with her leaving here!”I shunned Jane with anger as i can’t bear her arrogance.
“U are stupid Robert! Blame urself
Marriage contract
(She is poor)
By…. Author J Divine
Episode 18
“Shut up Jane! Can’t u see that my life is in line with her leaving here?!”he yelled on me for the first time since we started dating.
“U are very stupid Robert! U have to blame urself for ur incompetent and ur narrow minded behaviour, u would have told ur father that am also carrying ur child too than keeping calm like moron!!”I fired back on him and he smirked like he wanna slap me but hell no, he can’t try it.
“Am sorry Jane but u have to bear with me in this pls, let’s wait till this condition is gone”he pleaded.
Yes, that’s what Robert is good in doing, he can apologize for everything whether right or wrong because he is seeing me like his s£× dull.
“U can have peace of mind with Ur wife or whatever”Vera said trying to leave but Robert held her hand begging.
“What!!?”She yelled.
“Pls don’t go, don’t do this to me Vera because I won’t come out of it in this life”he pleaded her and got into my nerve, i couldn’t bear it anymore and i took my leave burning in anger.
I was expecting him to call me back but he didn’t, instead he knelt before that village girl begging.
“I know that u didn’t love me but i love u and care about u Robert. The last thing i will ever do is to hurt u because I have been hurt deep in my heart already. The companies and all the properties u want me to stay back so u can retain will be urs if I know what I can do about it”I said with tears.
“Yes what u will do is to stay back pls”he pleaded with tears. It hurts seeing the one u love crying because of what u can do but it hurts more when the person u love is hurting ur feelings steady.
“No problem, I will stay just to make u happy and not me because i won’t be happy again in this life, I don’t think” I said and went back to my room, I met Bisola crying at my door post.
“Sis! What is it?!” I asked with much concern but she startled.
“My sister!! Are u staying?”She asked and threw herself on me with great speed and almost pushed me down on the floor.
“Yes, but how do u know all these?”I asked as we dis£ngaged from the hug.
“I heard everything that happened and the way u wanna leave this house and i saw it as a big mistake to u if u might have done that”she said with tears of relieve. I don’t know why this lady love me like this.
“Am going nowhere, as u told me before that Ii should fight for what belongs to me, am here for that and i will not leave any stone untouched if I started”I said
Marriage contract
(She is poor)
By…. Author J Divine
Episode 19
Running from my challenge will never make me a champion but a coward.
I back it up with prayers and fasting but i don’t tell anyone not even my best friend Bisola because I don’t trust anyone except my God.
The fasting ended after three days and i was refreshing when I heard a knock, I need nobody to tell me that it was Bisola because nobody else has ever knocked at my door since I was enslaved (married to Robert).
“Hey! Sorry I was taking my bathe then”I apologised to her as I opened the door.
“It’s okay just that s£nator came to check on u”she said and I rushed to open go out.
“Come!! He is gone, he was coming back from a conference and said he wanna check how u are fairing”he said but i was so sad about that.
“Then what did u tell him?”I asked as I sat on the bed.
“Take what he gave u, I told him that u are taking ur nap and he said that he don’t want to bother u”she explained and gave me the wrapped gift.
“What is this?”I asked as I was unwrapping the package and she rolled her eye in ‘I don’t know’ style.
“Phone!!”I shouted.
“Gosh!! Big phone!! This is his number in this carton”I said with happiness dancing like never before.
“Wow!! That man like u oh!, s£nator is a nice person”Bisola complimented.
“Like?! I love him! He is the reason am still here!!”I added fixing the phone with the SIM card he bought for me.
The first person i called with it is s£nator Dayo and complimented him for all his kindness towards me and my family.
“How is my unborn grand child?”He asked from the other end of the phone.
“Fine by HIS grace dad”I said and he paused for a while.
“Have u gone for antenatal since?”He asked and i chuckled.
“What’s antenatal sir?”I asked.
“Antenatal is where the professionals examines the health conditions of a pregnant woman and her child, how u gone for that?”He asked.
“Sir, I haven’t gone to the hospital since I came here oh. Except the one I went to with my parents where they confirmed that i am pregnant” I explained.
“Okay, don’t worry, I will know what to do about that later”he said and hung the call.
Gosh!! This man is just my saviour and nothing else.
I was over joy and jumped up in happiness dancing and rolling on my bed.
I was still in the happiness when Robert came in without a knock, I sat up waiting for his threat.
“I have opened an account for ur up keep and here is Ur card, spend as much as u want”he said smiling.
Marriage contract
(She is poor)
By…. Author J Divine
Episode 20
“I don’t understand, have i ever asked u for money before?”I asked as he dropped the ATM card trying to leave.
“Am not here to interrogate u, this is what my dad asked me to do and i have done that.
I think u want money, spend it as u want!”he yelled and left. I smiled because he got it wrong, I loved him at the first place when I don’t know his status and i won’t love anyone because of money.
I can’t touch the money, he think that am here because of their wealth but hell no.
quitting is not in my blood, I may surrender to every other person but not to a commoner like Vera.
I made my plan with my ex-boyfriend Jonny. Jonny is my old friend who loved me but he is a womanizer, we departed when I caught him with a married woman in his house. He confessed that the woman was his sugar mummy and has been catering for him since he was eighteen years in Lagos. The story made me develop hatred on Jonny and finally dumped him for Robert.
Jonny never let me go because he kept on pestering my life, disturbing and asking me for a second chance. Jonny might love me but that must be the way I gives it to him in the bed not because he want me in his life time.
I used that opportunity to confront Jonny that i have agreed to his proposal so that he can impregnate me for Robert. We I finally got his number and put call on him he was surprised.
He agreed to see me in the hotel where I booked the appointment the next day.
I am ready to strike now!
Robert must marry me or die!!
He can’t use me to warm his bed and marry another person, it’s not done nah!
The next day was like a year to my eyes, I told Sonia everything about my plans and she congratulated me for my smartness.
“Be sure that he used not protection during the love making”she said and I nodded.
I bought s£×ual immune respond medicine so that my repres£ntatives system will adhere to every actions that may be done tomorrow.
I was so anxious for the appointment day to come, the next day came up.
I was in that hotel room waiting for Jonny that day, I wore my night gown, braless and p@ntless lying on the bed teasing my p—sy to be w€t.
I was already m0@ning slowly with my f!ng£rs in my honey pot when I heard a knock on the door.


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