Marriage and vitamin S-x finale

Marriage 🍓And🍇 Vitamin S-x
Final p@rt
After several hours of Unconsciousness, they were able to revive Bro Solo from the shock. He immediately appears frail and his disillusionment bec@m£ more vicious.
By the following day he was strong and fully recovered . Considering the distance to their base, he requested his wife be referred to another teaching hospital closer to their home for easy management and accessibility.
He settled all her bills and moved his wife to the nearest teaching hospital to their home. On arrival, the new consultant insisted on repeating all the tests alre-ady conducted in the former hospital. They were really kept in suspense as the doctor refused to administer single drugs or injection but paracetamol.
As Bro Solo beheld his wife in pain without been given any treatment he bec@m£ sick of the whole thing.
Sis Rose’s mother suggested that she should be moved to a pri-vate hospital where she would be attended to properly.
The atmosphere is so tensed and no one had time for blame games. Despite his worries and fears, Bro Solo was still managing to muster some faith to pray to God.
‘Oh Lord, take away this reproach, father, you promised to be with me even in my adversity. Come to my aid before this heavy laden kills me, ” he prayed.
He dozed off on the wooden chair at the reception of the hospital as he was mustering his prayers. He got a tap from a nurse lightly on his shoulder. Sir, “the doctor would want to see you in his office,” she said as she panicked.
He jumped up quic-kly as he scampered for his sli-ppers. He ran to the doctors’ office with fear and agitation. Sweating profusely he asked, “Sir, you s£nt for me?
plea-se, sit sir’, the doctor said as he looked a bit unease. The hazy look on the doctor’s face casted more fears to Bro solo…his heart pulsating so loudly.
What could it be? Is she dead? Is my wife dead, doctor? Talk to me, where is her Corpse? the obvious exasperating Bro Solo queries in despondent.
Calm down sir, your wife isn’t dead, the doctor said as he reached to meet him on his seat opposite his.
“We have conducted all the necessary tests and we have repeated each test twice to be sure of the result we got…
Sir, is there any more thing than the kidney failure and HIV?’ Bro Solo ask with shaking voice as his heart pounds even more fas-ter…
‘I am sorry to tell you that your wife’s case is so pathetic beyond our comprehension.
Bro Solo hearing this slumped again. He had thrown in the towel and given up in despair. He was rushed to the emergency ward. Upon his resuscitation, he was diagnosed of very high BP due to repeated shocks and fear.
The next time the doctor was to reveal the contents of the results he requested more mature people to be invited.
His father-in-law and his pastor were invited . He made sure Bro Solo’s elder sister, Monica was with him as well. They could not risk Solo’s life any longer as the situations on ground becomes further confusing.
The doctor broke the news to Rose’s father and the pastor….
“Sis Rose has no kidney failure neither was she HIV positive, “Doctor reaffirmed.
Momentarily, there was a deafening silence in the room, you could hear the sound of a pin drop…. The perplexity in their respective faces was glaring…
How did you mean doctor,” Bro Solo queried as he moves towards the doctor.
After thorou-gh investigations, it was discovered that this error c@m£ from the laboratory technician who conducted the test in the first hospital.
He exchanged Sis Rose’s tests result with another patient bearing Rose as well . The difference in the surnames are ‘A’ and ‘U’ meaning, Adeola and Adeolu.
Sis Rose’s was using her father’s name instead of her husband’s name when she arrived in the strange land. Obviously this error would have been avoided.
Mixed feelings gr!pp£deveryone in the room, the Pastor wasn’t spared either as h0t tears dr!pp£ddown Bro Solo’s cheek. It was as if they weren’t hearing well as Rose’s dad asked the doctor over and over again for reaffirmation.
Doctor, “where is my daughter? Can we go and see her now?,” Bro Solo’s father inlaw nervously requested.
The lab technician was sued for negligence and the former hospital was made to pay damages. All the treatments given to Sis Rose was actually what caused the complications for her. All she had was typhoid and malaria.
After three weeks she was discharged from the hospital cleared of all sickness. Praise God! Hallelujah.
The return of Sis Rose was more celebr@ted than her wedding, it was a remarkable return. A reunion with her husband, her family, the church and with God.
She confessed all her sins and her atrocities to her husband in the pres£nce of the pastor and the whole congregation. Her husband forgave her as her pastor prayed for her and she got resto-red by God .
As at this time there was no nee-d to worry about the family tradition again as one year of abstinence had alre-ady el@psed. be-droom activities resumed immediately and Bro Solo proved to Sis Rose that he wasn’t impotent after all .
After two months, Sis Rose bec@m£ sick and was taken to the hospital. This was a good sickness after all , Sis Rose was 5 weeks pregnant. She was delivered of a bouncing baby boy in due time. The joy in Bro Solo could not be measured as he was told he’s now a father.
The devil a loser. Their pastor later explained one of the revelations he had about how the powerful family goddess was all responsible for all of Sis Rose’s attitude.
The spirit of the goddess bec@m£ so angry for losing Sis Rose, so she capitalized on her desperation to have S-x. Bro Solo and Sis Rose have since been living together in peace and harmony to the glory of God .
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*The End.*