Marriage and vitamin S-x episode 4

*Marriage🍓 And Vitamin🍇* S-x
p@rt 4
Bro Solo re-ad the note with tears in his eyes. His marriage of one day just disappeared into thin air in a jiffy. ‘Where could she have gone? Why didn’t she give me just a little time to explain myself. Who will help me tell Sis Rose how much I love her? Who will help me tell her she’s more important to me than S-x?’
He put a call throu-gh to some people, first to her father.
“plea-se sir, did you hear from my wife?
His father-in-law was embarras-sed by such a question. ‘How can you ask me such a question when she’s supposed to be with you? I hope nothing bad has happened to my daughter? Isn’t she supposed to be with you?’
He kept mute for a while until his father-in-law asked him again, ‘where is my daughter?’ ‘She is…….’ ‘She is what?’ The man asked with angry voice.
‘Sir, we had a little argument and she left the house without my knowledge.’ ‘Oh, is it over that issue?
But you promised me you could handle it. You told me you are a Christian and your God can take care of it. I hope you haven’t broken the rules?’ ‘No sir,’ Bro Solo replied.
He tried to call other people just to know if he could have an idea about where she has gone to but everyone he called was in shock
– how could a bride of ba-rely 1 day leave her husband’s house without his knowledge? Everyone, friends and family bec@m£ all confused and started ma-king contacts to know the whereabouts of Sis Rose.
His problems bec@m£ more complex as calls were coming in from the h0tel for him to settle the bills of his guests.
They accused him of abandoning them because he couldn’t leave his *wife just to sort them out. His *heart bec@m£ bitter when he knew he had no N85,000 to settle his* guests h0tel bill. While he was thinking of what to do, his pastor’s call c@m£ in.
‘How are you Bro Solo, I hope you are *back from Jerusalem now? How did you feel with* your wife? I alre-ady know* you felt very high. Was that your first time?’
The pastor *s-en-sed something was wrong when Bro Solo did not answer any of his numerous questions. ‘Bro Solo are *you there?’ ‘Yes daddy, just that…..’ ‘Just that what?’ ‘Sir, I will be coming to the office to explain* to you.’
He immediately* went to pastor’s office. ‘Sir, she has gone, *your daughter has gone.’ The pastor was a bit confused and he asked, ‘gone to where?’ While he was trying to ask further questions he gave him the note from* Sis Rose.
After the pastor re-ad it he was embarras-sed. You mean you didn’t t©uçh her? ‘Hmmmm…… ,’ Bro Solo exclaimed.
‘Sir, you *remember I told you I will see you immediately after our wedding?’ ‘Yes I remember, what is it?’ ‘Sir it is a long* story but I will summarize everything now. My wife *thought I am impotent *but I am not. You think I am a v!rg!nbut I am not. I impregnated a girl before when I was* in secondary school but we lost the baby after three months.
Sis Rose has *not been able to get married all this while because there is a generational tradition in her family. She lost her three sisters *over this tradition after their husbands* sle-pt with them after marriage. The taboo of this tradition is that any man who marry their daughters must not have S-xual int£rç0rs£with them until after one year of their* marriage.
Her sisters who *took the tradition for granted lost their lives instantly but nothing happened to the men. This was the reason for the four hours meeting I had with her parents and the elders on our introduction* day.
All the men who c@m£ to asked her hand in marriage quietly quit on hearing this terrible tradition but I gave them my word that I will stay with her for that one year without S-x while we consult you for further prayers and deliverance session. How long is one year of S-xual denial if it is the price for the life of my wife? Why won’t I wait for one year if I could abstain from S-x for 14 years. Unfortunately Sis Rose never gave me the opportunity to prove my love to her.
If I had sle-pt with her yesterday she would have been dead by now. I agreed to go into the one year marriage without S-x with her because I love her.’
The pastor was dumbfounded and felt very sorry for judging him wrongly. ‘How else can a man love his wife than this?’
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