Marriage and vitamin S-x episode 2

*Marriage🍓 And Vitamin🍇* S-x 🔞
p@rt 2
‘Would I supervise your spiritual life and also supervise your S-xual life? S-xuality in marriage does not contaminate spirituality. Bro Solo why have you not t©uçhed your wife? I am your pastor and I have been slee-ping with my wife for more than 20 years now. Prayer cannot replace S-x in marriage. You are now married and licensed to have S-x. ma-king love to your wife is no more a sin.’
‘I know it is possible you are a v!rg!nbut today vir-ginity is no longer profitable. If you don’t know how to do it, I am here to teach you. You can ask me any question on S-x. Sis Rose is now yours and by my authority, her parents authority and the authority of heaven you can k!ssher, r0m@nç£her and sleep with her as many times as is convenient for both of you.
The way you rush your first meal after a long chain fasting is the same way I expect you to rush your wife. If there’s any issue, you can confide in me.’
‘Thank you daddy, we shall do the nee-dful as you have counselled’, Bro Solo said. After seeing the Pastor off to the other side of the road where his car was parked, the Pastor turned to the couple and said, ‘Sis Rose ensure you call me later to let me know how everything goes. Bye! Bye!’
When they arrived back at their ap@rtment, Bro Solo begged his wife to let him sort out and discharge all their guests so they could have uninterrupted time together. ‘Let’s do a quic-k one before you go, when you come back we can relax and have a nice time together.
‘Why are you in hurry to have S-x Sis Rose, sorry dear? How long will it take me to sort out our guests that you can’t wait? Where is the self-control they’ve been teaching us about in church? Are we married because of S-x or to fulfill God’s purpose for our lives?
This is almost 24 hours we have been married, we have not discussed or done anything reasonable than S-x. Must we have S-x immediately after our wedding? Will the S-x run away if we don’t do it today? Why are you so p@rticular about S-x over other things that can add value to our lives and marriage. If we don’t do it today, we can do it tomorrow.’
Sis Rose bec@m£ worried and highly agitated at this time. Is there anything he is hiding from me? She thought! This is a lacuna of God’s law. *”Marriage is honourable in all, and be-d undefiled”.* She questioned the law of God with hundreds of questions.
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