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Magic high finale

❤ Magic High ❤
School is life
🍭Episode 25🍭
#Audrey’s POV
After cl@ss, I went to the boys lodge as a junior student came to call me. I entered the lodge and saw him sitting on the couch, I hugged him..
“I missed you” he said.
“Me too… I was told that you wanted to see me”
He sighed, “I have a problem and I don’t understand what is going on with me, I see a strange appearing to me saying she’s my betrothed. Sometimes I think I’m hearing stuff, I have a feeling I’m going crazy” he explained.
“You’re not crazy” I heard Diana’s voice coming in with Mark, Melinda and Summers.
“It’s time you tell him everything Audrey, it’s already happening to him and you don’t have to hide anything from him anymore” Mark said.
“What is going on Audrey?” George asked confused, they all sat down and watched me. I’m so nervous, what if he rejects me after finding out.
“I… I am… A.. Witch” I stuttered.
He looked shocked, “What?!”
“I know… We’re all witches, Diana’s a heretic” Summer said.
“I don’t understand you guys, a vampire and witch are in the school?” he asked again.
“We’re not the only ones, there are so many people who are supernaturals and witches in this school. You’re in trouble George, you’re betrothed to the council leader of the black witches council. And you’re not supposed to fall in love with anyone let alone the ring bearer Audrey” Diana added.
George stares for a while before laughing h@rd, we all looked at ourselves.
“Nice story guys… I don’t know what type of stuff did you all take”
“Watch this” I said and looked around, I saw his phone on a table opposite us. My magic is simple, all I did was think of it and I waved my hand. A white magic spark came and the phone appeared in front of me, he flinched shocked.
“How did you… do that?”
“Magic… This is why I never wanted you with my sister, now her life is in danger for falling in love with you” Mark said, Melinda scoffed.
“But why me?”
“because your great grandparents are witches and they’ve engaged you and her before you got married to get some sort of power fortifications” Diana said.
Diana is a very powerful witch and can see someone’s past I don’t know about the future, things are so complicated.
“Can we deal with the problem at hand first? I’m only here with this boyfriend snatcher because of that” Melinda scoffed, Mark wanted to say something but I stopped him.
“What problem?”
“A very powerful Vampire killed two students today but as a magical school… The bodies were taken away and the cause was forgotten except us. We need to catch the killer before he kills us All” I explained.
Diana brought out a map of LA, she brought out a pin and some candles. Summer went to close the door, Mark stood there with George.
We placed the materials on the floor, Diana made her spell book appear. We sat on the floor facing each other, Summer behind me and Melinda behind me.
“Why do we need so much witches for this spell?” George asked.
“Because we’re looking for a very powerful Vampire, and he must have tried to block any location spells so we need more powerful witches to break in” Summer explained.
I’m going to be learning a lot of things about witches, if only mom would help me. Diana lit up the candles, she opened the spell book to a particular page. She used the pin to pierce her thumb, she dropped the blood on the map, she grabbed my hand and did the same thing.
“Close your eyes and repeat after me” she said to us and we obeyed.
“Mantras s£n Loria
Light the way and open my eyes
Let me find the one in dark”
We chanted together, soon I was having visions and I feel a strong force of wind.
I can see people… On the streets… Our school. I saw a student backing us… I couldn’t see his face then we stopped. I opened my eyes p@nting, that takes a lot of energy because it’s not black magic.
“I didn’t see his face…. He’s a student” I said, “I know who he is… It’s the new guy in cl@ss. He’s Lord charter and the most powerful heretic in history, he’s here on a mission” Diana said.
“I always knew that guy was up to no good” George said.
“We need to stop him tonight before anyone dies again”
We all nodded, “Can I come too?”
“No George you can’t” Melinda answered immediately.
“Let him come” Diana said and walked out with Mark and Summer. Melinda scoffed again and stomped out, I know she’s still jealous and mad at me but what can I do. I love George so much more than anything.
He came to me, “I can’t believe all this is happening to me? But I’m very sure I love you and I’m not bewitched” I laughed and klzzed him.
“I know and I love you more for that” I replied and hugged him.
To hell with the witch leader, I love him and I’m going to fight for my love.
#Rosella’s POV
My legs hurt a lot, the left one is no longer moving. I screamed and cried, my sister and husband came running inside the living room.
“What happened Rosella?” they asked.
“My legs… I can’t feel the left one, the witch council are hurting the animal and it’s affecting me” I cried.
“They’re trying to warn you… We must do that unlinking spell tonight” allena said.
“I’ll call Mark to invite the heretic over, we need to stop this pain as soon as possible.
Meanwhile Sebastian please make her a potion to reduce the pain”
Sebastian klzzed my forehead, “Stay strong my love” he left.
I regret ever waking up and coming back to life, I wouldn’t be going through all this. I miss Mom and dad, this world is so cruel.
✏️ Episode 26✏️
{Semi final} 🔥🔥
#Audrey’s POV
We went home after school, we met mom and Aunt Rosella sitting on the couch, aunt looks unwell.
“Hi mom, Aunt” I said sitting on the couch.
“What’s wrong with you Aunt? You look stressed” Mark asked.
“She’s been temporary paralyzed” Sebastian said coming downstairs.
“What?!” We both exclaimed.
“It’s a long story Audrey, but you have to know since we’re going to need your help” mom said.
They explained everything to us, I didn’t know aunt was going through this much problem with the dark witches.
“We’re going to help break the spell but we have to destroy the council leader first” I said and mom scoffed.
“Are you out of your mind Audrey? Look at what they did to my little sister and you want to go fight them?!”
“Mom she has the life ring which they want… What better way to end this all by facing them?” Mark supported me.
“They’re right Allena. Fighting those witches could put an end to all the miseries around the world” Rosella added.
“I’m not going to let you kids go alone, I will help you but first you have to unlink Rosella from the animal’
Diana is going to come call us tonight, she’s going to be busy until then. How do I get her to come here? Or we could do it after defeating the vampire.
“Alright mom…. I should go change first… Let aunt rest till evening’ I said leaving.
Mom nods, I went up to my room and fell on my bed breathing in and out.
I took a shower, wore my clothes and had a nap.
During the evening, I woke up as planned and went out with Mark. We took a cab to school, Diana and the others are already there.
“Hey” Mark said hugging Diana, the look on Summer’s face can’t be told.
I guess she’s still crushing on my brother, I feel kinda bad.
Melinda rolled her eyes, “what’s the plan?”
“We wait for him”
“What? We wait for him to come kill us?” She yelled.
“I will be outside, since I have the speed… And you guys try to attack and tame him with magic” Diana said.
“How are we even sure he’s going to come?”
“He will” we heard a voice say, we turned to see George standing behind us.
I rushed to him, “George what are you doing?”
He pulled me into a hug and klzz me, “You’re in this partly because of me, and besides I just can’t watch you without doing anything”
Melinda looks away sadly, Mark walked to George.
“You’re right… He’s gonna come faster once he smells human blood” he said.
“He’ll be here soon… I think you guys should go inside” Diana said.
“Be safe” Mark told her and she nods with a smile.
We went inside one of the cl@sses watching the view from the window.
Diana sits on the stairs waiting for minutes, everywhere is tense and silent.
We suddenly hear a sound.
At first it wasn’t loud but later it came closer and closer, until the monster appeared snarling.
Diana stood up, I almost screamed because his eyes are so scary and I’m terrified.
Diana zoomed off and he followed, we went out to the field and saw them there.
We all immediately circled the monster and started attacking him with our powers.
The monster screamed and blasted off, we all went flying in the air.
We stood up and dusted our clothes, we all thought it was over until he came in his human form still with red eyes.
We wanted to use our powers on him but he blasted all of us one by one, then he came for me and I’m so weak.
He tried dragging off my ring but couldn’t, something suddenly cuts through his chest.
He held it and turned, it’s Diana who pierced a stake through his heart.
He removed the stake with blood dripping from it and stabbed Diana in the heart.
“Diana!!!” Mark yelled.
Melinda blasted him off as Mark caught Diana who is bleeding badly.
“Oh my gosh Diana, what are we going to do?” I cried.
“We can’t do anything… It’s too late Audrey, this is my destiny. Just make sure you take care of yourself and your brother… I love you Mark and it’s too sad I have to leave…”
“No! You’re not gonna die you hear me?” Mark yelled trying to fight back his tears.
She smiled, “Don’t close your heart for true love… You can only win by believing… I love you” she smiled and closed her eyes.
“No!!!” I screamed so loud that it blew everyone including the monster away.
Everything stopped, everywhere was so silent that even a pin could be heard.
We suddenly saw him walking towards us and holding his head, he stopped on seeing us.
“Oh my I’m healed! I’m healed!” He said laughing while I glared at him.
“You just killed our friend and you’re laughing!!!” I yelled.
He looked at Diana’s body shocked, Mark is sobbing now. So is everyone including Melinda, she does have a heart after all.
“I killed her? No I didn’t mean to I’m so sorry I..”
“It’s okay, I understand. It’s the demon in your body” Mark said wiping his tears.
We all looked at him as he carried her body, “We need to end this once and for all… right now”
“I’m with you” George said.
“I’ll help you too” Kelvin said as we stared at him.
“We don’t need your help murderer” Melinda said rudely.
“Melinda please…’ Summer said.
“You need my help since she’s dead. I’m heretic and I know as much as she does”
Mark nodded and carried Diana near a
it because I’m shivering badly. But one thing is sure tonight, I will not lose…
We got outside and met people dressed in black with cloaks standing there.
“Hello children” a voice said and opened her cloak.
It’s the principal, she’s part of them.
Their leader I think came forward and revealed herself, and it’s none other than… My best friend?
✏️ Episode 27✏️
(Grand finale) 😍
#Celine’s POV
My children are nowhere to be found in the house, where could they have gone to?
I’m guessing they went to fight those witches on their own.
They’re so stupid and selfish, how can they fight witches they know nothing about? I have to go look for them.
Sebastian has given Rosella a slumber potion so she’s going to be sleeping for hours.
I fl!pped myself and changed into my white clothing and cloak.
I went out of the house, where do I start looking for them. I should go to their school first perhaps they could be there.
#Audrey’s POV
She’s the leader of the witches?
And she wants to kill me because of George.
She smirked, “Hello dear friend”
“Serena… You’re the one who wants to kill me” I said trying to attack her but Mark holds me back.
Let her go Mark”
“You know this psycho?” Summer asked.
‘she used to be my best friend but I never knew she was my greatest enemy” I scoffed
“And Mom I can’t believe you work for this peasant!” Melinda said.
“Darling this is who we are… I thought you wanted your revenge on those two, why are you helping them?” Mrs McCoy said.
“Mom don’t try to talk her into being evil” Summer warned.
“Well… My darling husband, I never expected you to be here but I’m glad you are anyways… we’re going to get married tonight” Serena said and snapped her f!ng£rs.
Some stuff appeared in front of her on a platter.
Some knives, fire, plate and something like a potion in a bottle, is this some kind of ritual or something.
“What’s going on now?” I asked although I’m impressed with her magic.
“You have something that belongs to us, the life ring. You’re going to give us and also be used as a sacrificial lamb for falling in love with my betrothed”
“I can never marry a psycho like you!” George seethe.
She laughed, “you don’t have a choice my love”
The other witches surrounded us, they’re so many. We can’t take them down at once, what to do?
I tried attacking them but they caught us and tied us up to a log with magic.
“Your magic can’t be compared to ours. That’s why we’re going to be the most powerful witches in the world thanks to your blood and the ring”
“Yes… you’re going to do that with your ancestors, you traitor” I spat.
Now is not the time to be proving tough, this is not a movie Audrey. I know but I need time to think about what I’d do.
They came together, one person came to cut my wrist and take my blood. Then they collected George’s blood, what’s with the blood collection?
“You know I always wanted you to come to magic high, because it’s the ground and origin of magic. I draw power from here, all it took was to get your mother transferred” Mrs McCoy said laughing evily.
They’re the reason mom had to come here, now I understand. All it took was for me to get to magic high so they can get the ring and execute their evil plans, this is what all this fuss is about.
The life ring.
I should’ve never bought it, my life would have been perfect and good. These days wishes don’t work around me anymore, else I should be free from here.
I just pray for a miracle.
Mom will be worried sick.
They put my blood in the fire and I felt my body heating up, I screamed in pain.
“What are you doing to my sister?!” Mark yelled angrily trying to free himself.
I looked over to George, he’s unconscious already.
They started chanting some spells I didn’t understand, my blood continued to boil.
“And now finally… The ring, get it from her” Serena ordered Mrs McCoy, she came to me trying to remove the ring.
But I screamed and she blasted off and fell unconscious, did I just kill her?
“Is that ring gummed to her f!ng£r?!” Serena asked boiling in rage.
“Enough!” We heard a voice, someone wearing a white cloak, and it sounds just like my mom.
“You will not dare harm my kids” it’s mom, she revealed herself and Serena scoffed.
“And what are you going to do about it?”
“This” I saw Kelvin release himself with his claws.
He went to all the witches and killed all of them, except Serena who disappeared.
She reappeared trying to remove my ring but mom blasted her with a strong force I’ve never seen before.
She fell on the ground unconscious, she disappeared along with the principal and the rest of the dead witches.
Mom released us with her powers and I ran to hug her crying, “I’m so sorry mom… But I’m glad you came”
“It’s okay my love, it’s all over now” she said smiling.
Mark walked out, “mom… Diana is dead” I blurted out.
Mom covered her mouth, “oh that poor sweet girl… Who killed her?”
“The monster did, but we also ended him” I replied staring at Kelvin who zoomed off.
Mom tapped George awake.
We went back to the field and carried Diana home, I thought she’d wake up but she never did.
We couldn’t stop crying.
Mark is more affected.
I also feel sorry for her father, the poor man had hopes with her.
We got home to meet aunt walking, they have unlinked her and I’m happy for her.
Tomorrow is a big day, we all have to attend Diana’s funeral and move on like that. I feel bad for my brother, his first love died.
He might find it h@rd to love again, I hope he finds love again.
A year later…..
Yeah it’s been a year.
After the death of Diana, Mark found it h@rd to move on.
Summer was there for him all through and helpful, now they get along well. He doesn’t even have eyes for Pearl anymore
Melinda, we’re good friends now. She gave up on George and opened her heart for David, George’s cousin.
Serena is back in Paris, she lost her memory and powers for life.
Mrs McCoy lost her powers too and was banned from the witches council along with Serena.
Kelvin got his normal heretic life back
Sebastian and aunt has welcomed a new baby girl, mom finally told us about dad
He was a king in the witches realm.
But he died in the war against evil witches.
Well George and I?
We’re as good as new, and we really love each other and will continue to.
I now understand why I came here
It was so I’d have my normal life back and restore peace to the world.
The life ring is where it should always be… In my hands.


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