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Magic high batch 7

❤ Magic High ❤
School is life
✏Episode 23 ✏
#Audrey’s POV
School is over, I went home with Mark as usual and retired to my room.
I just hurt my feelings and s£nt my love away, I fell on my bed and cried my eyes out.
I got a message from him.
📱 My sweet Audrey
I know you’re frustrated and does not want trouble with Melinda.
Believe me I don’t too but you can’t keep hurting yourself to protect other people.
Please think about it, I love you 📱
I dropped the phone and sighed, he just won’t give up yet would he?
I took a shower and changed my clothes, I went out of the house.
I took a cab to his garden, I could really use some fresh air and privacy.
I walked inside the garden and everything came back to me, how we had our first klzz and all.
I sat on the gr@ss at the usual spot and looked around the garden, I can’t deny I’m expecting to see him again.
I played a song on my phone and sang along, strange things started to occur.
A soft wind started b!0wing and the flowers blossom more, I closed my eyes and smile.
I opened them only to see George gazing at me and sitting beside me, how did he get here so fast and how did he know I was here?
“You’re beautiful” he said
I blushed and looked away, he brought my face back with his hand.
“I knew you’d be here, I’ve been waiting for you” he said.
“I couldn’t think straight, I decided to come here” I said.
“Because you wanted to see me”
“well not really but yes I wanted to… I’m such an idiot” I muttered.
“You can still be free with me Audrey, I love you but I’m not forcing you. We’re still friends and you can talk to me about how you feel”
I smiled inwardly, “I love you too George”
He stared at me unable to speak, “What did you say Audrey?”
“I love you George, I just don’t want trouble with Melinda Summers. But I can’t keep hurting myself and you, I love you” I replied.
His face lit up, he hugged me immediately laughing.
“Will you be my girlfriend then?” he asked.
“George please let’s take things slow”
“Of course darling, can I klzz you then”
He klzzed me anyway, without waiting for my reply and it feels so good.
I am in love for the first time in my life, I can’t believe it but it’s real.
I’m glad it’s with the right person.
#Diana’s POV
Mark and I went to the movies today, it was fun. We’ve grown fond of each other since the past few days, since the incident with Audrey and Sebastian.
I am suddenly attracted to him, but I’m not human. He said he doesn’t want to date his kind, he prefers a totally normal human.
I’m his kind plus I’m a vampire, a dead person who can’t procreate if a chance is given.
We sat down at the edge of a small bridge chatting and laughing, he’s really so cute.
“Where are your parents living D” he asked.
“My parents were witches but they’re dead, I died too but a vampire saved me and fed me his blood. I live with him now” I said.
“How did your parents die?”
“Food poisoning, they never saw it coming… My new father has compelled me to forget most things for my own good and safety” I replied.
“I’m sorry… It’s such a sad story”
I smiled, “It’s okay, I’m good and alive with enough blood to feed on”
He smiled, “You’re so beautiful to be a vampire, but I like you just the way you are, adorable”
I blushed, “thanks”
He stared into my eyes and strokes my hair, “I like you a lot D, I would like to have something good with you”
“something like what”
Something like this” he crashed his l!ps on mine, I’m shocked but not shocked.
He pulled me close and deepens the klzz, I love this feeling, he’s such a good klzzer.
We pulled away, “Wow” escaped my l!ps.
“You’re so sweet, I really like you D. Would you like to be my girlfriend?” he asked.
“What about Pearl” I asked.
“Pearl’s a good friend, I like her but I like you more so am changing my rules” he replied.
“I don’t know Mark, will Summer be…
“Forget about everyone else but me Diana, say yes please”
I smiled, “alright but I have a lot of rules”
“As your lordship pleases” I laughed.
“it’s getting late, why don’t we start moving” I nodded and walked back to the car.
I waited for him outside, the car is locked. He picked up the bottle to cross to the other side, I heard something moving fast and close.
I swiftly moved Mark out of the way and the car crashes elsewhere, what just happened?
“What was that?” he asked breathing heavily.
“Well I’m glad you’re okay, whoever is in there was trying to harm you” I replied.
He dropped the bottles, “how about I harm him now”
He walked angrily to the car but saw no one, he came back and opened the car.
“Dark Magic, the driver disappeared before the car got here” I said as he started the car.
“Whoever he is, he’s gonna pay”
I nodded, I do have a suspect in mind.
[The next day at school]
The police has surrounded our school, I wonder why.
I saw them carrying two bodies in a stretcher, they looked destroyed and dead…
What happened? Who did this? It can’t be me or my dad.
I walked to the back and saw Mark and Audrey standing, I walked to them.
“Guys what is going on?” I asked confused.
“What do you mean Diana, you just killed the two security men and you’re asking?” Audrey yelled.
“Audrey a more powerful Vampire did this, I didn’t I swear” I said.
“I believe you D” Mark said.
“Me too” we turned to see Melinda.
“You believe me?”
“Yes it wasn’t her, we have to stop him before he kills us all… ”
❤ Magic High ❤
School is life
✏️Episode 24✏️
#Audrey’s POV
Melinda is actually asking for help, like she’s willing to work with us. What am I saying?
Does Mark know anything about Diana and witches? I’m so stupid.
“Mark you’re not getting involved in this” I said and Melinda laughed.
“Please Audrey… Marks a wizard and you’re the chos£n one which makes you special, don’t you know since all these days. Is your memory just coming up?”
I look at Mark and he nodded, gosh I was so happy that my brother is normal and won’t have to worry about his powers.
“I know about your family Audrey… Your mom will tell you about your father. I will tell you about hers, they’re royal servants of the king of Westerch…the witch country. They’re also guardians of ancestral instruments and stuff, that’s why you’re with the ring and Marks your guardian” Diana explains.
“How do you know all these?”
“I’m a witch remember? I came from there before I was killed and saved by a vampire” she replied.
“Do all witches come from Western… or what do you call that place” Melinda asked.
“Not all.. we practice pure magic. Your mom comes from the black witches coven and you know what they practice. That’s why you do evil with your power because that’s what black magic causes”
Melinda rolls her eyes, “Whatever… we should focus on how to stop this guy before he kills us all”
“I don’t know where to start” I shrugged.
“I know who he is…”
I just can’t seem to get that new guy out of my head lately, what’s happening to me?
“Are you okay Audrey? You seem off” Diana asked.
“I’m fine… what do we do?”
“We’ll perform a locator spell to find him”
“Isn’t that dark magic vamp? I thought you practice pure magic?” Melinda mocks.
“Yes but not that way… A magic that requires a very powerful witch and heretic to do it. And we have Audrey and me… and also you guys to support… let’s just call summer to make us stronger” Diana replies with a smile.
“Well let’s go find him” I said.
“Not now Audrey because schools about to begin” I looked around and saw students going in and the police leaving. It’s like nothing happened at all, Aren’t they suppose to close the school for a while?
“It’s the magic the principal does to make people forget things… except people with powers like us” Melinda says and walked in majestically.
Mark and Diana faced me, “we have something to tell you Audrey”
I looked suspicious at them, “What is that?”
“Diana is my girlfriend now… I’m in love with her” am so shocked but happy for my brother. He’s finally in love but with a heretic? That’s just my concern but I’m happy for him, I smiled.
“Wow… he finally gets serious. I need to post this everywhere” I said, he glares at me.
“Thanks Audrey” Diana said with a smile.
#Lord_Charter’s POV
I feel a big headache coming to me.
After what I did last night, I killed innocent people and I didn’t mean to but the beast in me won’t listen.
I need to get that ring soon so I will be cured, I know that heretic girl will suspect it’s me. They’re going to do a locator spell and I need to stop that from happening, I enter the cl@ss and she glares at me.
Most girls are drooling while the witches are s£nding me daggers, Audrey is not in cl@ss.
I take a seat and placed my head on the locker, I felt a familiar scent come in.
I looked up and saw Audrey coming in with her books in hand, she looks so beautiful and serious.
What am I doing? I don’t want to fall in love with her, instead of falling for me I’m falling first.
I need help with this, I shall see the principal after cl@ss. Meanwhile I think I killed two students banging each other in the school at night, naughty students.
#George’s POV
Rick and Daniel hit my head for the second time before I came back to life, I was dreaming. My thoughts now are Audrey, Audrey and Audrey. I’m so in love with her.
I can’t wait to be with her, they touched my head and neck.
“Your body is kinda warm” Rick said smirking.
“He’s love sick” Daniel added.
“I’m just so in love with her… she’s in my every thoughts” I said dreaming again.
“Well we have cl@sses now… and she’s already in cl@ss with the new guy so get your @ss moving”
I jumped up and walked to cl@ss, I entered and sighed in relief. Girls are winking at me as usual, Audrey looks up from her reading and smiled shyly at me.
I winked at her and saw her blush, I walked to my seat and saw Melinda glaring at me.
I sighed and looked away, the teacher came in afterwards.
The council is angry about how Rosella remains stubborn, she refuses to give up the life ring to the council.
“We must do something about this situation” the ancestral magic leader said.
“She has disobeyed the council after all we did for her, now she sees dark magic as evil” another witch said.
“We shall cut the animals leg… it will paralyze one of her leg and s£nd as a warning. Her hands are coming next” the council leader said.
“Meanwhile the ring bearer has fallen in love with your betrothed leader… makes it worse to separate her from the ring”
“We’re going to become the most powerful witches… we might have to use her as sacrifice for the ritual when it’s time” she said and they all bowed.
They brought out the animal linked with Rosella and cut its leg, they watched as she screamed in pain and laughed.
“You should know no one dares the council”
Are ready for the war 💪💪🔥🔥
Love you all 😘😘


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