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Magic High batch 1

School 2019*
Prologue 💞
In a big high school, students are moving about, some in groups, some alone, some flirting and so on.
The hallway is crowded, it’s resumption day and as presumed, some are excited, some are not so excited.
But it’s great since it’s the beginning of a new school year, lots of things are expected to happen. School being school.
The hallway however goes quiet as two strange people walk in, holding hands like a couple so the students @ssume they’re a couple.
They look like a beautiful couple though, both brown haired.
As they get close, the hallway light’s suddenly goes off, not that it’s power outage, but a strange occurrence.
Thirty seconds later, the lights come back on.
Now that is strange.
Magic High!***
Episode 1 💖
#Audrey’s POV
It’s a bright and boring Saturday here in Florida. I Call it boring because i stay at home all day and watch t.v. I don’t really know where to go since i don’t have much friends and my only friend Serena is out touring Paris, Paris France.
So am just stuck here with my annoying but lovely brother till school resumes on Monday.
By the way, i am Audrey Marie Anderson. Brown curly and long hair, average in height, hazel eyes and in your definition, pretty.
Am a twin, my brother Andrew Mark Anderson who prefers to be called Mark, is rather taller than me and very s£×ily built. We do look alike but we are nothing alike.
He’s annoying but he and mom are my world.
“hey there tweeny”
That’s my ever annoying brother, he came into my room without knocking.
“don’t you know the rules? Knock before you enter d!¢khead” i said sounding grumpy.
“ooh. Someone’s in a bad mood today. You sound grumpy sis, what’s up with you?” he said sitting beside me.
I sighed, “i am so bored Mark, and am getting this bad feeling today”
“that we’re going to move?” he teased and my face turned red.
“don’t even go there” i say annoyed.
Thing is, if you make a wish or a curse or any word in my pres£nce, its bound to happen.
I don’t know why and i feel like the angel of ‘make wishes come true’.
This wish granting spirit of mine almost made me insane a year ago.
I was at the bus station in Miami, a couple were arguing in front of me.
The lady said “i wish you’ll get hit by a truck and crushed!” as the man was moving away.
Five minutes later, it happened. I felt so guilty that the event kept playing on my mind.
I found out four years ago about these strange auras but I’ve told no one because i don’t want to be called a witch.
“lets watch a movie, I’ll stay with you today” Mark said and i rolled my eyes.
“are you feeling sorry for me or is it because your girlfriends ain’t around?” i said sarcastically.
“i’ll go get popcorns”
#Celine’s POV
I am on my way to the director’s office now, well i was told that he asked for me when i was performing surgery in the theatre.
I wonder what the urgency is, maybe there’s a new patient to operate on.
I am a well known Surgeon, hospitals fight to employ me but i love this DEAR hospital.
I’d have built my own hospital but i want to have enough time for my family. Directors h@rdly have time, talkless of CEOs though i would love to be a director.
I knocked twice and i heard ‘come in’ before going inside.
‘sit” he said and i did so comfortably.
“you asked for me doctor” i said after a minute of awkward silence.
He looked up with a smile and handed me some papers, this should be good news.
I scanned the papers, first with a smile but ended up with a frown.
“i have been promoted to a director but in Los Angeles?” i asked him to be sure i saw wrong.
“yes. I know we promised not to move you but you’re one of the best doctors we’ve had so far and you’re the only suitable person for this position. Please consider it, the hospital needs you” he said.
I heaved out a huge sigh, i promised my kids we’d stop moving around.
What do i do now? They sure wouldn’t be happy with me.
#Audrey’s POV
Mark and i are watching one movie titled ‘Beyond’. It’s a quite interesting movie which shows the main character Holden Matthews going into a 12 years coma, then waking up one day with abilities.
I feel like i am Holden in this story, i mean a lot of strange things happen around me which i guess are my abilities.
I could wish for Mark’s popcorn to appear on my hands and— oops it did! You need to see his face, it looks deadly.
“gimme my popcorn!” he yelled snatching it and i burst out laughing.
Then we heard a car drive in, i guess it’s mom. Only three of us live here so it’s definitely her.
Minutes later we heard her voice and we rushed downstairs.
“Audrey! Andrew! Am home” she said as she flops on the couch and i run to hug her tight.
“hey mom” Mark said hugging her too but we noticed the look on her face.
“mom is anything wrong?” i asked worried.
“yes mom, what is it?” Mark added.
“i have news, good and bad. Which one would you like to hear first?” she said.
“the bad one” we both said.
“well i– was— transferred—again”
“no mom, you promised us. You can’t do this to us mom. I won’t stand for it” i yelled angry.
“mom it’s a joke right?” Mark said rather calm.
Mom shook her head, “i am sorry my babies, i really have no choice”
Now i know she’s serious, “why?” i asked confused.
“i was promoted to a director’s post so i have to move to the hospital in Los Angeles” she replied.
“but what about school mom? We keep changing schools. It’s not helping mom” Mark added.
“i already arranged everything, we’re leaving tomorrow”
“tomorrow? So soon?”
“i am sorry my dears, i promise you that this would be the last time” mom said hugging us.
This is like my worst nightmare, i can’t believe we are moving again.
Now i’ll go to a new school and start new things and i don’t even know how to mingle well.
I better go pack up, i have no choice.
Tomorrow, we start a new life all over.
*Episode 2*❤
#Audrey’s POV
We’re finally here in Los Angeles, California. After hours of packing and stuff. Mom is currently driving us to our new house, i guess it’s in a loud neighborhood.
Wondering how mom got a car? Well she has a lot of connections in this country.
We got to the neighborhood, mom drove to a big house between two other houses. It has no gate but it’s back is fenced so no one can enter our yard except through the front door.
We get down and started packing stuff inside, the house is really beautiful.
Its more like a gl@ss house also cos i can see the pool and the kitchen.
The house has four rooms. Mom took the masters bedroom, i took the one beside the guest room which is also in front of hers.
Mark took the one beside her room and everyone started arranging. My room is so much bigger than the old one and prettier, painted in pink and blue.
I went back to the car to carry my tool box when a strange girl popped in front of me.
She has blue eyes, blonde hair with pink lines, and she’s very beautiful.
She is wearing a pink Barbie top and a white bum shorts with white heels.
“hello” she said.
“hi” i replied.
#Melinda’s POV
I love this sunday! It so happens that school is resuming tomorrow so i can be queen again. I just can’t wait, well am Melinda Jean McCoy.
A star student at Magic High, and the principal’s daughter and also the school queen.
I was with my friends, Asha, Pearl and Trina in my room talking about the latest fashion trends when i heard a car horn.
“I really love this dress Rihanna wore in her new video” Trina said showing us the phone.
“its pretty” i commented.
“nah, i prefer to copy Justin Bieber” Asha said and we gave her the ‘are you serious’ look.
“what? He’s my dream crush, if only i could just hug him for once” she defended.
“stop being a drama queen Asha” Pearl said rolling her eyes.
“looks like I’ve got new neighbours” i said heading out, “you guys wait for me” i ordered and went out.
I checked myself in the mirror downstairs, satisfied at my look, i went out.
I met a girl about my age at the car carrying a box, i walked up to her and she seems surprised to see me.
“hello” i said after she checked me out.
“hi” she replied.
“i am Melinda, but you can call me Melly” i said extending my hand for a handshake.
“Audrey” she said talking my hand.
“i guess you’re new here”
“yeah” she replied still carrying the box.
“oh i can help you pack, i always do that to welcome new neighbours Audrey”
I collected the box from her and headed inside without waiting for her to protest.
“upstairs” she said from behind.
I carried it upstairs and she showed me her room which i dropped the box.
I sat on the bed, then stood up checking the room, it’s quite big.
And prettier than my room, i feel envious.
She brings in her clothes box and put in the closet. I watched as she closed the door and opened seconds later to find the clothes arranged.
How did she do that? Is she like me too? I saw that, am very sure she did something.
I must find out but not now, i have to leave here.
“ummm… i’ll be going now Audrey” i said getting up.
“so soon?” she sounds surprised.
Will i sleep here?
“yes, i just remembered i have to take my pills now”
“well sure”
“we’ll talk later” i said at the door.
I rushed downstairs and met a woman who looks like Audrey but looks older.
“who are you?” she asked.
“I’m your new neighbour ma’m, i came to welcome you”
She let out a smile, “come sit dear”
“i have to go take my pills ma’m, later!” i rushed out without even listening to her.
I went back into my house and met my friends sleeping. Lazy girls.
#Audrey’s POV
What a strange girl, she came and left quickly like she’s seen a ghost.
I wonder what is wrong with her.
I have finished arranging my room, though i cheated using my abilities.
I don’t care, i hope i like this city we moved to.
Meanwhile, am gonna tour the neighborhood, with my bicycle. I want to know more about this place, well since I’m done packing.
So i’ll explore!
<3 Magic High <3
School is life
{Hey girl}
Episode 3 💖
#Audrey’s POV
So am riding about the neighbourhood, it’s surely a loud place. And there seems to be a lot of teenagers and kids here, cool though.
I drove around a fenced area where some kids are playing soccer.
Let me watch a little bit before continuing my tour. I park my bicycle and move close to them, they suddenly stopped playing and looked at me. They went back to the game after checking me out.
They played and it was really fun, i decided to get going.
Just as i got to my bicycle, something unexpected happens. Someone threw the ball at me, but it hanged in the air as it got close to me and then fired back at who threw it on his tummy.
Now that’s strange cos i didn’t do anything, i quickly took my bicycle and rode away.
Whoever did that must be my guardian angel, i have hope that am not the only ‘unusual’ girl in the world.
#George’s POV
I’ve been waiting here for the past fifteen minutes for my annoying brother and friend. We’ve got a game to go to all they do is delay.
Way to go guys.
I am very sure that they hid my boots and can’t find it again, it’s a good thing i have emergency boots.
Speak of the devils, here they come smiling like idiots. Really, what’s so funny morons?
“you guys should be girls for your talent in delay” i yanked annoyed.
“we were looking for something” Daniel my friend said shrugging.
I rolled my eyes and got into the car and started the car, i started driving out while the both of them jumped in.
“chill bro, we found it” Rick my brother said and i glared at him.
“Idiot” i mumbled still driving as i put on the radio.
A song was playing on my favorite station, i guess it’s a love song titled ‘Hey girl’
I moved my head to the beat as it plays.
We’re getting close to the field, the song is still playing.
Daniel and Rick are looking at something on Daniel’s phone, he suddenly brought the phone to my front. It’s a picture of Melinda, the new one she just posted on the school blog.
“hot” i said, she gets more beautiful everyday.
As he took the phone away, i looked forward and my eyes widened. I quickly stepped on the brake but it’s too late, i hit the person who seems to be wearing a helmet and driving a bicycle.
The person rolled on the floor while the bicycle scattered. Daniel and Rick g@sped as i jumped out of the car to help the person.
The person is already getting up slowly, i offered the person my hand and realized its a girl.
“i am so sorry miss, are you okay?” i apologized sincerely.
She removed her helmet, like in slow motion, i feel like am in a movie now.
She’s beautiful.
Very beautiful.
Her curly, long and beautiful brown hair flew in slow motion.
I stared at her lost in her world as that song still played at the background.
“ummm….yeah. Thanks am fine” she said in an amazing voice.
I nodded, “your bicycle…”
“is fine” she added raising her bicycle and my eyes widened.
“i…thought it was destroyed” i stuttered.
“no, it’s fine like i said” she replied dusting her bicycle and sitting on it.
“See you around” she left before i could even say anything.
I saw something on the floor and picked it up, it’s a ring with a real diamond.
“Hey girl!” i called but no reply. She didn’t even look back.
Now am wondering why she’s wearing a ring as expensive and pretty as this. Is she married or what?
I kept watching her till she was out of sight, then i heard some giggling behind me.
I turned to them with a frown and they stopped, i place the ring in my wallet and started the car again.
“wow bro, you’re really a bad boy. Look at the way you were staring at that girl like it’s a movie” Rick teased and i rolled my eyes.
“yeah he acted like it’s a Zee world romantic movie, he’s falling h@rd!” Daniel said and they both laugh.
Morons’ i muttered as i pulled to a stop and carried my training bag hurrying away from them.
They ran after me trying to catch their breaths, serves them right.
#Audrey’s POV
I finally located our house thanks to mom’s car. I parked my bicycle, went inside and met my mother, a strange woman and my brother talking in the living room.
Mom g@sped and rushed to me as she saw my dirty clothes.
“oh my God! My baby are you okay? What happened? Did you fall again?” she asked worried touching me all over.
“am fine mom, Nothing happened” i said moving away from her touchy hands. Mom can be so touchy sometimes, especially when it comes to her children.
“go change and come say hi to Mrs McCoy” mom said and i nodded and went upstairs.
Once in my room, i pull off my clothes to take a quick shower but i started thinking of what happened earlier.
I was still driving around looking for the way back to the house, it’s just so h@rd to find.
I looked around, i didn’t notice a coming car, when i looked front, i quickly marched my brake but it’s too late. The car hit me, i rolled over and saw my bicycle destroyed.
Thank God i had my helmet on.
Someone came over and offered his hand, i took it and he raised me up.
I noticed my bicycle forming back together, he didn’t see it.
He kept staring when i removed my helmet, he’s very cute though.
I didn’t want to talk much because he looks surprised at my bicycle so i quickly climbed it and rode off.
I heard him call but i didn’t answer, i just want to get away.
I wore a simple dress and headed to the living room. That woman is still there, now that i look closely, she’s a red head and very pretty.
I wonder why she’s here in our house, who is she and why is she looking at me like that?
“Audrey come say hi to your new principal and new neighbours” mom said and i nodded.
I moved close to the woman and bowed like a good girl, “hello ma’m”
She stood up and shook my hand with a smile, i felt a strange source of energy.
“you finally came Audrey, I’ve been waiting for you. Welcome” she said with a soothing voice.
What the….?
Who the hell is this? She has been expecting me? For what?


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