Mafia bride prologue

💅 Written by Author Jenny 💅
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Author Jenny pov
In south korea (seoul),mafia’s were the t©p leading in wealth and everything
They were feared by all and peasants never wished to cross their p@rt because they were mean ,brutal and influencial
Peasant do not have options, they have to serve them so that can have a roof to leave un-der and food to eat .
Meet Rosie
A young girl of 20 years.Stubborn, talkative
,troublesome ,name it all
She was known for her beauty ,her hair is to long that people thinks shes a mermaid
she was unique and endowed in the right places ,,she was more like a goddess
Rosie is an orphan,her mother served as a maid to a mafia till she died ,that was the kind of life rosie was brou-ght into ,,she continued from where her mother st©pped
until one faithful day the family had to move and couldnt take rosie with them so they had to sell her .
But the question is to who
Meet Edwardo cheng
A young man of 26,a very handsome young man ,,His has all that a lady de-sires .
Money he has it all
He was the pure defination of
evil,heartless name them all ,he took over his father and bec@m£ the head of mafia’s ,no one dared him,no one looks at him,no one speaks while he speaks ,his name alone make people flin-ch,he cares about no one but himself .
Nob©dy severs him and come back alive ,most news been heard was that they commited suicide
or wanted to run away and died in the process
And now he nee-ded a new servant who will be the unlucky fellow