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January 19, 2021


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Mafia bride prologue

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Author Jenny pov

In south korea (seoul),mafia’s were the top leading in wealth and everything

They were feared by all and peasants never wished to cross their part because they were mean ,brutal and influencial

Peasant do not have options, they have to serve them so that can have a roof to leave under and food to eat .

Meet Rosie

A young girl of 20 years.Stubborn, talkative
,troublesome ,name it all

She was known for her beauty ,her hair is to long that people thinks shes a mermaid
she was unique and endowed in the right places ,,she was more like a goddess

Rosie is an orphan,her mother served as a maid to a mafia till she died ,that was the kind of life rosie was brought into ,,she continued from where her mother stopped
until one faithful day the family had to move and couldnt take rosie with them so they had to sell her .

But the question is to who

Meet Edwardo cheng

A young man of 26,a very handsome young man ,,His has all that a lady desires .

Money he has it all

He was the pure defination of
evil,heartless name them all ,he took over his father and became the head of mafia’s ,no one dared him,no one looks at him,no one speaks while he speaks ,his name alone make people flinch,he cares about no one but himself .

Nobody severs him and come back alive ,most news been heard was that they commited suicide
or wanted to run away and died in the process

And now he needed a new servant who will be the unlucky fellow

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