Mafia bride Episode 9 & 10

By Authoress Jenny💜
Episode Nine
The plan was to find out if Martins was actually the one stealing from me or not
So i decided to take her to a little gathering
where i know martins will be there
In the cloth i gave her there is a ch!pthere
i stayed from a distance and watched her
I saw the way martins flrit with her
She did a good job by keeping quiet
I saw the way her mood was off
she ran to the ladies roomand minutes later martins followed her
I heard some noise like she was throwing up
I dont know but i felt worried,,i quic-kly walked to the ladies room
i knew martins was up for no good he tried to f0rç£ himself on her
I dragged him away from her and gave him a ha-rd punch that made him pas-s out
Rosie coll@psed on the floor and i carried her in my arms to the car
I called my personal doctor to come over to the house asap
On reaching there ,the doctor was alre-ady waiting for us
I carried her to her room while the doctor followed behind me
“Is she goin gripping to be okay”i asked
“Yeah,she has fever”he replied and i nodded.
“Thanks for coming on a short notice ” i said to the doctor after administring treatment on rosie” i said
He looked at me like he has seen a ghost or something
“your welcome” he replied still starring at me awkwardly and left .
Errr i hate drugs
I starred at the drugs close to my be-d ,,that the doctor kept for me
I cant still get the fact that edwardo took me out and i fainted
I’m sure his so mad at me
I havent seen him,,i only saw the doctor when i woke up earlier
After taking the drugs, i took my bath and i feel so much better now
I went downstairs and prepared dinner
“Rosie” Rrick yelled and hvgged me
“I heard you were sick thats why i c@m£ over” rick said
“Yeah i feel better now” i replied with a little a smile
“Heyy”Tony called
“Hi” i replied
I dont know why tony makes me nervous ,,maybe its because he looks like my boss
“You still look beautiful when sick”tony said and i blu-shed a little
“Thanks” i replied
“So how do you feel “tony askes tou-ching my forehead
“I’m better” i replied
“Do you nee-d help in cooking” he asked and i nodded
We both entered the kitchen and began cooking
Its been long since i had so much fun like this
I must confess tony is an amazing person,we talked and laughes throu-ghout the whole time
In no time we were done he helped me dished out the food on the dining as edwardo walked down the stairs
He kept a straight face and sat down on the dining
“omg this taste delicious” rick said
“What do you think about the food carl”tony asked
“okay”he replied
I wonder what kind of human being is carl ,,his just like edwardo ,,he never talks or smile
“Come eat with me”tony said and my eyes wi-de-ned
“Ohh nooo ,,i’m okay”i replied
“I insist”he said
i kept using my side eyes to look at my boss ,,it was obvious he paid no attention to us
I saw about to sit down when i heard
“Get out Rosie”edwardo yelled and i ran upstairs in fear
My fear for edwardo has increa-sed since i heard him ordered for someone to be killed
Minutes later when i was sure they were done eating i went downstairs to clear the dishes
“Hey rosie we will be on our way” rick said
and pe-cked me
“Sorry about my brother his like that”tony said and i nodded
“I’m use to it ” i whisphered into his ears and he chuckled
I could see the deadly stares edwardo was giving me
“Goodnight”tony replied and k!$$£d my forehead
I waved them as they left and turned arround to leave
“Where the hell do you think your going” edwardo said and i frozed
Episode Ten {10}
“Where the hell do you think your going” edwardo said and i frozed
I turned arround and starred at my feet ,with my heart beating heavily
“Answer me” he yelled
“Sir…. sir…I …I….”I kept shuttering and fainted
Of course you all know its fake
“when your done you answer me” edwardo said
I opened one of my eyes gently and saw him starring at me
Let just saw that plan didnt work out well
“Sir i’m not feeling to well”i said and sat down on the couch
“Who asked you to sit”he yelled and i jumped up from the couch immediately
He walked out on me and i still stood there
I waited few minutes and saw him walked downstairs fully dressed
He glared at me one more time and left
“Gumpy” i muttered
Its been long i watched movie
I put on the tv and began watching a movie
It almost late and edwardo is not yet back
Minutes later i heard his car drive in and the door opened
One half n-ked barbie doll and one of edwardo guards carried him in
He was so drun!k
They took him upstairs and minutes later the guard c@m£ down but the barbie doll didnt
Am sure shes one of his who-re and i have a very bad feeling about her
I walked quietly up the stairs when i heard her ma-king a call
“Yes i’m in ”
“Its only a dumb looking servant in the house”
Holy potatoes is she referring to me ,,i listened again and heard
“Yes i wont leave any trace ”
I’m no mind re-ader but i’m very sure this girl is up for no good ,,i think shes s£nt to kill edwardo
I quic-kly ran back entered the kitchen searching for what to carry
I saw a frying pan ,,and yeah its the only easy weapon i have besides i do see where people use it to fight in a movie
I carried the small knife and put it inside my hair
No one will know its there
i held the frying pan ti-ghtly and walked quietly upstairs
i opened the door gently and hide ,,thank God she didnt see me because she was busy mixing a drink
I guess thats poision
I switched off the room light ,, i felt her walked towards the switch
She was about to put it on when i use the frying pan to hit her
She win-ked in pain and punched myl-ips
i quic-kly turned on the lights she she starred at me angrily
Before she could do anything i was fast enough to slam the frying pan at her face and she coll@psed
Omg i just hit someone
I quic-kly searched for something to tie her up
I used edwardo tie and tied her hands and legs ti-ghtly so she wont be able to free herself
I dragged his chair from the re-ading table and sat opposite her still holding frying pan incase she tries to move again.
Its midnight alre-ady,my eyes are beginning to close gently
I saw her blinked her eyes gently and struggled to free herself
I quic-kly used the frying pan and hit het again and she pas-sed out
Dont blame me,,i dont know what to do
I was trying ha-rd not to sleep but who am i to cheat nature
I closed my eyes and held the frying pan close to my che-st and sle-pt off
“Rosie”someone called and tapped me gently
“Whats going on”edwardo asked as he starred at me
He looked so weak as he ru-bbe-d his temple
“She tried to kill you”i managed to say and yawned
“yourl-ips” he said and t©uçhed myl-ips
I looked at his hands on myl-ips and starred back at him as he quic-kly re-moved it
To be continued
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