Mafia bride Episode 7 & 8

Written By Authoress Jenny
👉Not edited👈
Chapter Seven
🎀Rosie pov🎀
I woke up on my comfy be-d
I remembered all that has happened ,,I wonder how i’m on my be-d
I dragged myself off the be-d and entered the bathroom
After the cold shower ,i felt more stronger
I wore a simple dress and went downstairs
On reaching the sitting room i saw edwardo sitting of the couch and operating his phone
The enterance door opened and a man with a big box walked in
The man greeted edwardo who was feeling too big to reply and sat down
Edwardo dropped his phone and turned to me
“Right on time” edwardo said
I starred at him confused
“This is zain ,,his here to give you a hair cut”edwardo explained
“what “i yelled
“Why” i asked
“Because i dont want to be seeing those hair about”
“What if it enters my food” he asked
“Thats because i misplaced my ribbon”i replied
“Well why didnt you get a new one” he asked at i starred at him agape
I looked at the man he invited to give me a hair cut and back to him
Are you kidding me
“Did i ever tell you what happened to the lady that cut my hair when i was little”i said starring at the zain guy in the eyes
“Well she woke up bald and i woke up with much longer hair” i said still starring at him
With the way he was tou-ching his hair am sure his getting scared
“But you know what never mind ,,you can still give me the hair cut”i added
“I mean,,it will be nothing if i get some of those your nice looking hair”i said with a smile
“Sir ,,i think i forgot some of my tools ,,i will go bring them”the guys said and left while i grined inwardly
This guy is impossible
First of all he made me stand the whole night hoolding a lamp
Secondly he took me to that room and almost killed me and now he brou-ght someone to give me a hair cut
Can you imagine that?
“My friends are coming over go prepare something for them ” he said carrying his phone and walked upstairs
Such a weird human being
He didnt even tell me how many of them are coming.
I entered the kitchen wore my hair net and tied the aprron arround my w@!st
Since he said friends that means they are up to three or five
I just used my br@in and caculated everything
I began cooking and in no time i was done
I heard noise from the sitting room and went out
The only person i could recognize was rick
He smiled on seeing me and walkes towards me
“Hi Rosie “he said and hvgged me
“Here meet the other guys “Rick said and dragged my hands
“This is carl “he said pointing at a blonde hair guy who paid no attention to me but his phone
“His that way” rick whispered
“This is Tony ,,wondering why he looks exactly like your boss”rick asked and i nodded
“That because his your boss junior brother”he said laughing
“Hi” i said
“Hi beautiful”he said with a smile
Okay this guy is handsome ,,is like the word “handsome” runs in their family
Well not as handsome are my boss but close enough
We starred at me awkwardly ,,when rick cleared his throat
Minutes later while i was setting the dining edwardo c@m£ down stairs
“In my room you all”he said and a bossy tone and turned back
The all followed behind him quietly
I set the table and dished out their meal properly
Its been over thirty minutes and they are not here yet
The food i put so much efforts in is getting cold
I decided to go upstairs and maybe call them
I walked upstairs to his room
On reaching there i could hearing my boss yelling
I placed my ear on the door
i knew it was a bad idea but i couldnt help it
I was curious
“WTF! is wrong with you guys ,,how can you let such a person excape” edwardo yelling but no one answered
I heard something broke into pieces and fear gr!pp£dme
“I want you to find them all and kill them ,,kill who so ever stands in your way”Edwardo added angrily
This time i was beginning to sweat
I quic-kly ran back downstairs ,,drank a full cu-p of water to calm myself down
Gosh how can he order them to kill without any form of pity i his voice
His way more deadly than i thought
Killing means nothing to him
Oh God!
After some minutes they c@m£ downstairs
and began eating in silence
Episode Eight
Throu-ghout the whole eating
None of them said a word to each other
I could s-en-se they are all pissed
i was still in fear and shock not to do or say anything that will get him upset
I bow my head and starred at my feet while they eat
Edwardo phone began ringing
He picked it up and place it on his ears
“speak”he ordered
After waiting for like few mintes
“Bring him over”he replied and ended the call
They all starred at each other awkwardly and dropped their spoons
“Leave us rosie” Rick said and i nodded and left
Oh yeah! you guys know i’m not actually going to room
Dont get me wrong but if anything is about to go down i nee-d to know
At least i should know where i’m running to if anything happenes
I hide at the t©p stairs and listened to their conversation
“they got him” edwardo said
“Oh thank Goodness ” tony replied
“That was a relief” rick added
I heard the door opened and three guys walked in
I went down a little and i was able to see them clearly
The one in the centre was brutally wounded while the other two beside him held him ti-ghtly
“Who are you working for”edwardo yelled in anger
the guy kept mute
“Who s£nt you to steal from me” edwardo yelled again but the guy still kept mute
Dose this guy even like his life
“Take him to the torture room” edwardo ordered and they took him away
That guy is soo dead
“i only have one person in mind ” edwardo said
“Who is that”tony asked
“Martin “Edwardo replied
I wonder who this martin is
“Why will you suspect martin of all people” carl spoke for the first time
“That because i took something away from him” edwardo replied
“Which is” rick asked
“ROSIE” edwardo replied
I g@sped but covered my mouth immediately with my palm
ThankGod they didnt hear me
So Martin is the drun!kman that almost bought me before Edwardo did
I sneaked back to my room and closed the door and rested my back on it
So all this is happening because of me.
The landline rang and i picked up almost immediately
“Come to my room”edwardo said and ended the call
Fear gr!pp£dme instantly
I dragged myself to his room and waited for the door to open
I didnt see the other guys arround so i guess they have left
“Take this and get dressed ,,meet me downstairs in the next one hour”he said and handed me some shopping back
I collected it and returned back to my room
I brou-ght out the items in the the bag
There was a black short go-wn that looks so beautiful and very expensive
I saw some packet of ribbon and some heels
i entered the bathroom took my bath and began dressing up
The go-wn was so revea-ling
It didnt reach my knee and my bo-ob s was kinda expo-sed and they were ti-ght that my curves were revea-ling
Who buys this kind of dress for a lady
I brushed my hair and packed them with the ribbon he got me
I didnt do makeup
I just kept my face that way
Trust me i’m the worst makeup artist ever lived
I looked at the mirror for the tenth time and i was okay but very nervous
I wore the heels and walked downstairs gently
As i walked down the stairs edwardo looked at me without any expression on his face
i kept dragging the go-wn down
“Lets go” he said and i followed behind him
We entered his limo and he focused on his phone while i kept battling with my dress
I feel so uncomfortable
After like almost and hour of driving the car c@m£ to a halt and the door opened
Edwardo c@m£ down ,so did it
The c@m£ras that hit me almost blinded my eyes
I felt like i was about to throw up
I was so nervous ….reporters were throwing edwardo questions while i just walked beside him
we entered the venue and some men rushed towards edwardo
“Do not talk to anyb©dy “he said and walked away
Are you kidding me
How can he bring me to were i have no idea about ,dressed half n-ked and ask me not to speak to anyone
I walked towards the mimi bar and sat down
Starring at the whole place ,,i wonder what this event is about
But i can swear this place is filled with filty rich people
Their dressing says it all
“We meet again beautiful”A man said and walked towards me
“Martins” i muttered
It was him
I kept quiet with a straight face
“still pla-ying ha-rd to get like always”he said with a grin
I still ignored
“Is that your master taking good care of you”he asked l!çk!ng hisl-ips while his eyes was undressing me
He used his hands to raise me jaw up and starred at me
“You know i can do anything for you” he added
“Name it and consider it done ,,,come with me and i will change your life”
I quic-kly pushed him and walked to were i have no idea
“Hi were is the ladies room”i asked one of the waiter and he directed me
I quic-kly entered the restroom and threw up everything in my stomach
I wonder what is wrong with me
I heard the door openes and close behind me
i turned back to see it was martin
“Nice move ,,i love it”he said walking towards me
“Leave me alone”i yelled but he kept coming towards me
I was weak so i used the little strength i had to push him off
“St©p fighting it ,,i know you want me”e added and f0rç£fully k!$$£d me
His hands were running throu-gh my b©dy and i kept pushing him off
My vision was becoming blur but i could see someone dragged him off me and everything went black
To be continued