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January 28, 2021


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Mafia bride Episode 5 & 6

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Chapter Five




I woke up early

Took my bath and dressed up

I wanted packing my hair up as usual when the ribbon i normall used fell

I searched for it but to no avail

With the volume and length of my hair i can let it down ,because my whole face will be covered and it wont allow me work well

I searched for other ribbon but i didnt see any

i struggled downstairs removing my hair from my face and working

I made breakfast and kept it on the dining before cleaning the other side of the sitting room

Yeah thats how large the sitting room is

Now i saw cleaning the stairs when Edwardo came down

He was on a call

I dont know him that much but i can say he woke up on the wrong side of the bed today

He went straight to the dining without sparing me a glance

“Be here in the next 10 minutes”he yelled and ended the call

“ROSIE” he yelled

I quickly ran and bow my head before him

“Eat”he said

I took another spoon and began eating while he watched me

I was about to eat the last of scrambled eggs

When i realized what i just did

I ate his food

He asked me to taste it,not to eat it all

I couldnt look at him

I was so scared

“Bring my food to my room”he said and left the dining

What did i just do

What if his going to kill me when i go to his room

i entered the kitchen and re cooked for him

I carried them to his room

The door opened for me so i entered

“What did i tell you about wearing clothes and serving me food”he asked

“Ohh sir the red cap man came for a visit”i replied

“Who is he? how did he entre my house”he yelled angrily and stood up

“No sir,i mean the man that visit monthly”i added

“Which man visit monthly? who is he” he said

He walked towards me angrily like he was about to kill me

Okay where dose this guy come from ,, why cant he understand what am trying to say

“sir ,i meant i’m on my period”i blurted out

I could see his reaction changed but he went back to his grumpy self again

“Leave”he said

I dropped the food

I think i’m going to be on my period forever

i was about the leave and removing my hair from my face when i hit a mascular body

“Hi” the person said

“Hi” i replied nervously and starred at him

“Your so beautiful” he said and smiled at me

“Thanks”i replied shyly

“Rick”he said and strech his hands

“Rosie” i replied and collected the handshake and left

At least someone is nice to me

Since i came to the house i havent been outside before

I sat down in my room window and starred the beautiful garden downstairs

A landline rang in my room and i picked it up

“I’m going out make sure my room is arranged and neat before i get back”he said and ended the call

This guy is supposed to be called rude and grumpy

i went to his room asap and began arranging

And you guys trust me,,,, everything i see i touch

It took me almost two hours to get the whole room sparkling clean

I was so exhausted

And like dream his king sized bed was calling me

I couldnt resist it ,,i climed the bed and spread my body widely and his scent filled my nostrils

The Ac was blowing my brain ,,and the bed was really soft

I really want to be rich like this someday

slowly my eyes were closing and closing

That was it


Chapter six

Edwardo Pov

I punched in the pin to my apartment and the door opened widely

I walked in and everywhere was silent

Am sure that girl will be sleeping by now with her lazy ass

I entered inside my room ,the whole place was neatly arranged

I remove my clothes leaving my boxers and about to climb on top of my bed when i saw something that almost freaked me out

It was like a creature with only legs ,,i quickly switched on the light close to my bed

I looked and saw long hair, body shape

My eyes widened immediately


I dragged her feet and threw her to the ground

“WTF! are you doing on my bed”i yelled angrily

She knelt down and bow her head making her long hair to cover her face

Wait why is her hair this long and full

Such a weird human being ,,i’m beginning to wonder if she is actually from this planet

She has no idea who she’s dealing with and am going to teach her a lesson

“Sir i’m so sorry,,i wasnt in my right senses” she replied almost in tears

“Stop stating the obvious “i fired at her angrily

“Stand ” i ordered and she did immediately

I Carried the lamp close to my bed and gave it to her

“Now ,you are going to hold that lamb that way and stay still ,till anytime i wake up and if you try anything funny i wont hesitate to blow your head off”i said and she flinched

She held the lamb like a robot close to my bed while i entered my duvet and slept off

Next time she wont go near my bed

I closed my eyes and drifted to dream land


I woke up and checked the time it was 5:00am

I looked at the other side and saw her looking at me

Her eyes were puffy and her face was pale

Serves her right

“Get my breakfast ready in the next 30 minutes “i said and headed into the bathroom

I heard her drop the lamp and walked out of my room.


💕Rosie Pov 💕

I heard this guy is wicked but i never imagined to this extent

He made me stood holding a lamp all night

I knew he ment it when he said he was going to blow my head off if i try anything funny so i just tried my best and stayed still

My legs hurts so bad ,,my head and body all hurts

I felt like crying but i dont cry in front of people ,so i held my tears back

He woke up and ordered me to make his breakfast in the next thirty minutes without any atom of pity

I entered the kitchen ,,tried my best to stay awake and fixed his breakfast

I manged to take it to the dining and waited for him to come down

Minutes later he came down

i could leave since he havent asked me to leave yet

He sat down on the dining and took a bite of his food and spat it out

I could see anger written allover his face

“Are you that lazy”he asked and landed a slap on my face

“I will teach you not to mess with my food again ,follow me”he ordered and i did

I followed him to a room upstairs

It wasnt just any room it was a torture room

He led me to the other side of the room and asked me to go in a seperate ,which i did

I saw him pressed a button and the door closed immediately leaving me inside

The place i was in was so small ,,i could move more than two steps

All of a sudden the place began getting hot

So hot that i couldnt bare it

I wanted to cry and shout but i couldnt ,,it was as if my mouth was sealed

The hotness was becoming too much for me ,,i couldnt bare it any longer

I passed out



To be continued
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