Mafia bride Episode 32 & 33

By Authoress Jenny 💞
Episode 32
“ma’am we are at the main town someone said tapping me
I opened my eyes and looked arround
“thank you so much “I said starring at him
“I don’t know what you are going throu-gh now but I wish you well” he said smiling
he handed me some dollars and I thanked him from the depth of my heart
i walked arround and saw a lost but found and decided to go in
I first of all re-moved the hair ribbon from my hair and free my hair
At least no one could recognize me
“Hi ma’am I lost my hand bag”I said politely
“ohh go in and check” she said cheerfully and I nodded
I entered and looked a for some clothes
finally I settled for a baggy hoodie and some p@n-ts
I quic-kly shoved them into a bag and walked out
“found it”I said to the lady and walked out fastly
she starred at me like am some sought of lunatic
walking out I don’t even know where I am or where am going
my mind keep going to Edwardo he must be worried sick
I bought some cooked noodles and thankfully the lady was kind enough to make me keep the money because I was pregnant
I asked arround for a motel and was directed to one
I entered the room and looked around,,the be-d was so small and truth be told it wasn’t that good but I had to manage ,it’s better than slee-ping on the streets
I entered the small bathroom and washed the clothes I got from the lost and found
Since the sun was still shining ,the clothes dried up in to them and I was able to re-move the go-wn I wore and took a bath
I looked for my hair ribbon to pack up my hair and didn’t see it
I guess I lost it on my way here ,,I cornrowed my hair into two to avoid sticking in my face
I also washed the go-wn and dried it,I dusted to the be-d and coll@psed on it
i was beyond exhausted ,I only have few dollars left from the one the man gave me.
I Woke up and ran to the bathroom to puke my guts out
this wasn’t just morning sickness,,my b©dy was really h0t and I was shivering
it was still at the early hours of the morning so I just managed to get back to be-d.
I woke up hours later and wasn’t feeling any better but I have to leave
I dragged my feet to the bathroom and took my bath
I changed into my go-wn which was looking neat and wore the baggie hood because I was still kinda cold
I packed up everything and walked out
coming out of the motel my jaw dropped
my whole world st©pped ,,tears trickle down my eyes
I felt numb,,the joy I felt was beyond words
I was weak but it didn’t st©pped me from running into his arms
I hvgged him ti-ghtly despite my baby bu-mp pushing forward
“Edwardo”I called in tears
” I’m so sorry Rosie ,I couldn’t protect you and sorry you went throu-gh all this because of me”he said sincerely and I nodded
he used his hands to clean my tears and pe-cked my forehead
“Let’s go home”he said and I nodded
“not so fast love birds” someone said pointing a gun at us
“Carl” I called in shock and he smiled evily
“Don’t be surprised ,,it was easy to track you down again after escaping my boys”he said
“so it was all you”I asked in shock and digust
“yes sweetheart” he replied back
“why”I asked
“ask him” he said pointing at Edwardo
“he took everything away from me ,,he killed her and now his going to pay” Carl snorted
“Enough Carl,drop the gun and let end this” Edwardo said
“No” Carl replied sternly
“she’s going to pay for what you did to Alicia” Carl said
who is Alicia I thought
out of nowhere I heard gunsh0ts and Carl was sh0t ,,he held his stomach as blood poured down
That was when Tony and Rick c@m£ out from his back with guns in their hands
Carl was about to hit the ground when he pu-ll-ed the trigger to my direction and we all yelled in shock
Episode 33
The whole place stood still
I felt numb
yelling were only echoing in my ears ,,the only thing I was hearing loudly was my heartbeat
I stood there waiting for a sharp pain but didn’t felt any
I felt a strong arm wra-pped me and my b©dy calmed down bringing me back
It was Edwardo
we starred at each other while he ra-pped his hands arround me
I wasn’t hurt
Edwardo was standing before me,then who did the bullet meet
Edwardo fell on my b©dy and that was when it hit me
Edwardo took a sh0t for me
Tony and Rick ran to us and helped Edwardo off me
They rushed him into the car and I sat down close to him in tears
I can’t believe Edwardo will ever take a bullet for me
his eyes were closed and face was alre-ady pale
Tony was applying pressure to the wound
“Edwardo plea-se stay with me ” I said stro-king his hair
It took us ten dre-adful minutes before we arrived at an open space were the car st©pped
“what’s happening”I asked
“we called in his helicopter and some doctor’s” Rick replied and I nodded
we c@m£ down from the car and was carried in an helicopter
the doctor’s were doing some stuffs on him while I just sat down looking blankly
if it were to be in another situation I will be so nervous in a helicopter but that’s the least of my worries now
I was worried about Edwardo
In no time we arrived at the biggest hospital I have ever seen
Edward was rushed in with me trailing behind
I was feeling weak ,,my b©dy was giving up on me and everything went blank.
I opened my eyes gently and looked arround
it’s obvious am in the hospital ,I jo-lted from the be-d when I remembered Edwardo
“You are awake” a doctor said as he walked in
“is Edwardo okay”I asked worridely
“He will be fine but you nee-d a lot of rest for you and your child”he replied
“can I at least see him “I asked
“you will see him ma’am as soon as you get some rest okay”he added and I only nodded
I l@yback down and in no time I sle-pt off
“Good morning” I muttered starring at Tony at Rick
“Morning,how do you feel”Rick asked
“Better” I replied
“Can I go see Edwardo now”I asked and they nodded
I was led to the room Edwardo was in ,my heart almost broke when I saw him
He looks pale with stuffs connect to his b©dy
I sat close to him and held his hands
‘I wish he will just wake up and talk ,,he can even go back to his grumpy self I don’t care’
I heard someone chuckled behind me and I turned arround
” Did I say that out loud”I asked shyly and he nodded smiling
“you know when Edwardo called me that you have been kidnapped ,I couldn’t believe his reaction
For the first time in so many years i saw him almost breaking down
he was worried almost beating himself that it was all his fault
I couldn’t help but smile to myself truth be told ,he cares Soo much about you
“Could you believe that he st©pped us from coming to the house when he found out you were pregnant”Tony said and I starred at him in awe
“His excuse was”the doctor said you nee-ds alot of rest and we were only coming to disturb and stress you out”
we tried to argue and he said
“DOCTOR’S ARE ALWAYS RIGHT ” Tony mimicked and we both laughed
“I also have a confession to make “Tony said with a serious tone
“Go on”
“The all lovey dovey I had with you was just to make Edwardo realize his feelings for you”Tony said
“what” I half yelled faking a angry face
“am sorry ,,I saw how he was so protective of you so I decided to make him realize his feelings fast” Tony replied sadly while I just laughed
“it’s ok” I said
I knew where Tony was driving at with all his saying but I won’t agree to it
Although he told me once that he loves me but he was drun!k
i just want him to wake up