Mafia bride Episode 30 & 31

By Authoress Jenny 💞
Episode 30
there are a lot of cursing,use of inappropriate words with S-xual abuse
re-ader restriction 🔞🔞
😷Edwardo 😷
I was in a meeting when Rosie call c@m£ in
it’s not been up to an hour ,why is she calling
I ignored the call hoping to call her after the meeting
in less than ten minutes a call from one of my BG c@m£ in
I left the meeting and answered it
My BG kept talking and I felt my whole world crashed
I ran my hand throu-gh my hair in frustration
I quic-kly took my phone and began calling her number but it’s switched off
I drove like someone being chased, my heart kept pounding heavily
never in my life have I felt this way before
For the first time I was scared
I reached the place were my BG told me they were
they even handed me the phone that I gave Rosie it was broken
I went to the car and looked arround but no clue
only the credit card I gave her
I opened the booth and went throu-gh the things she bought
there were a lot of baby stuffs in there which made me smile a little
I saw some male hair products ,,wait she bought them for me
“I nee-d all the information on the guy who took her away” I said in a bossy tone and entered my car
“I nee-d the best tracker asap” I added
“yes sir”
I began ma-king some phone calls and everyone saw the p@rt of me they haven’t seen before
the real MAFIA
I felt cold water pour on me
I opened my eyes and starred at the whole place
it looks like an abandoned building
My hands were tied behind my back and I sat down on wooden chair
“finally the who-re is awake” someone said ma-king me jo-lt
just like my dream ,It was replying
I starred at another guy different from the one who kidnapped me
I didn’t know how I get here but the last thing I remembered was pas-sing out in the woods
“so your carrying his child” he asked and I nodded
“bit-ch”he muttered and sl@pped me and tears poured down my eyes
he gr@bb£d my face and k!$$£d me f0rç£fully
I felt disgusted and struggled to break free from him
“is that how he k!$$£d you huh”he asked and I ignored him
the water poured on me were beginning to take effect
it’s cold and I was freezing
“why am I here ,what do you want from me” I asked
“so simple mi lady ,,we just want you to suffer , that’s why we were hired and maybe after that kill you” he replied
“why will you want to kill me ,I didn’t do anything” I said in tears
“to bring down Edwardo,now keep quiet no more questions”he fired
The guy who kidnapped me c@m£ in with a l@pt©p on his hands
he placed the l@pt©p in front of me and I starred at it ,my heart almost exploded when I saw Edwardo
it was more like a video call
his hair looks so rou-gh and his eyes swollen ,was he crying
“Rosie are you okay” he asked in a soft tone
“Am not okay Edwardo and the baby”I said in tears
“look at me Rosie plea-se be strong I promise to get you out if there in no time”he said and I nodded
“enough that wasn’t what we want to see”the guy who kidnapped me said
“this is what I want you to see”he added pu-lling his Zi-pper down revea-ling his pe-nis
“don’t you dare”I heard Edwardo yelled angrily
I closed my eyes ti-ghtly in tears and a sl@p landed on my face
“open your eyes bit-ch” he said and I did
Here am I starring at his co-ck and Edwardo looking at me ,,I could see tears drop from his eyes but he quic-kly wiped it
He f0rç£d his co-ck into my mouth and pushed my head down for me to svçkit ,, which made me almost choke
“svçkit ” he added before placing a gun at my head
I could hear Edwardo cursing as he kept breaking things from his side
he gr@bb£d my hair which hurts badly and kept pushing it down to svçkhis di-ck fas-ter
A gun was pointed to my head so I had to obey
“St©p IT ” Edward yelled
He st©pped immediately Edwardo yelled angrily
the other guy took the l@pt©p and they both walked out leaving me in tears
Episode 31
I woke up and looked arround
I was still in that same position ,,I nee-d to leave this place
I was able to re-move my thumb after much effort and thankfully in to time the rope loosed
it’s midnight and am sure they are slee-ping
I walked carefully to the door and saw it was locked
I re-moved by my hair pin and thankfully the door unlocked
I made sure the place was free before sneaking out on my knees
the stones where hurting my feets since it was an uncompleted building but I care less
I got to the main door and heard the guys snoring
the door was still locked too and the key was close to one of them
I muttered a small prayed before going to gr-ab the keys and made sure it makes no noise
I stood up and opened the door with a trembling hand
“bit-ch” on of the guys cursed loudly
thankfully the door opened and I ran out
they were only few steps behind me yelling
since everywhere was dark and we were in the woods and step I made they followed me ,,they were almost cutting up with me when I st©pped and hid un-der some pushed
I tried to control my breathing because I was exhausted and being pregnant didn’t help me
I watched them ran pas-sed me and I hailed a sigh of relief
I was about to take another direction when someone gr@bb£d me by the arm and wra-pped his hands arround my n£¢k
“nice try” he muttered
I managed to hit his d** really ha-rd and break free ,,,I heard him yelled in pain and soon the others were running after me
there were two roads I followed one route and there was a river along it
I di-pped a long stick into it before entering the water gently
I took a de-ep breath and went down
I heard them ran past and c@m£ out
I took another direction and began running
minutes pas-sed my strength was failing me ,,the cold was ma-king me shiver
i sat down behind a tree to rest a little.
I woke up feeling nausea ,,I threw up my guts and looked arround
my b©dy was numb and freezing
I was still at the early hours of the morning
I stood up and began walking to were I have no idea
my whole b©dy was giving up on me slowly ,, finally I saw the main road
my joy knew no bound
a p@rt of my cloth was torn so I r!pp£dit out .
I waved at a hvge truck and thankfully the man st©pped
He was very un-derstanding and gave me a lift
👹Edwardo 👹
I was going insane for not being able to protect Rosie
Thankfully she still had the hair ribbon I gave to her on and my boys were working on tracking her location
I have never felt so messed up and scared in my entire life
when I watched the way they treated Rosie I lost it
I made a vow to make them pay
i stayed up and worked till we finally had a clue of her love de-ep in the woods
that night at about 11 pm me and my boys head out
I can’t leave her to spend another hour in that place
we arrived into woods at about 12pm when the guy tracking her told me she’s on the move
do they have an idea that we are coming or what or she excaped
we made sure we were extremely careful as we made our way into the thick woods
She was still on the move
we st©pped immediately we heard noise
“she excaped”one guy yelled angrily
“I can’t find her” another added
I was right Rosie escaped
I signaled some of my guys and the boys were captured one after the other
After some time the tracker went off
are there are two things involved
it’s either she re-moved it or it fell Into a river
The thought of her falling into a river freaked me out
“what if she can’t swing”
we increa-sed our search and to no avail
For hours we were wondering in the woods
and yeah I saw the river but no sign of b©dy or anything
I kept prayer the tracker comes back on
It was morning alre-ady ,,the sun was almost out and then I saw the main road
something caught my eyes a piece of clothing
it’s from Rosie ,,maybe she left it there intentionally for me
“sir I think I got something”the tracker guy said
the tracker is back on
my joy knew no bound
Rosie is br@ve shaa ,,even with pregnanc