Mafia bride Episode 28 & 29

By Authoress Jenny 💞
Episode 28
I woke up and it felt like the whole world was on my head
This hangover is killing me
“here”someone said and handed a glas-s of water
I was shocked at first to see her in my room
After all I said to her ,, there is no way am collecting a glas-s of water from her
I starred at her and back to the water
I saw her drank from the water and gave it to me
like she was re-ading my thoughts
“I have arranged a warm bath for you”she said
I will go set your breakfast” she added and left
okay wtf is going on
why is she acting nice and all the regretful things I said to her
is she trying to make me feel more guilty
I sniffed the water countless times and then di-pped my hands into them before entering the bath tub
I took and quic-k bath and c@m£ out,,after dressing up I took the asprin Rosie kept for me
something heavy hit my nostril and my mouth turned wattery
I sat down in the dining as Rosie served me the food
she served her self too and sat down
I digged in immediately and the food taste heavily
I caught her starring at me so I just changed my expression to a cold one so she won’t know I was enjoying the food so much
After the whole breakfast thing she left for her room while I sat on the couch to watch TV
💗Rosie 💗
Two months pas-sed and finally I was going for a doctor appointment
I guess am three months pregnant now
Things has been going smoothly between me and Edwardo
i mean not like anything changed from before ,,we just the way we are
and his been really busy recently.
I was getting more fat and my morning sickness reduced a little but the hungry p@rt still remained the same
I wore a Simple fl@ygo-wn and no makeup up my hair was packed in a bun
I entered Edwardo’s car with him beside me ,,I was so nervous and I didn’t face to notice Edwardo was also nervous too even with the straight face he kept
We arrived at the hospital and walked in together
“Hi I’m Doctor Diana”she said starring at me
” follow me Mr and Mrs “she said
I wanted to tell her that we aren’t Mr and Mrs but I just kept quiet since Edwardo didn’t say anything
She made me l@yon my back and I was so nervous,,I felt Edwardo held my hand so I calmed down a little
the raised my t©p up and applied a gel on my stomach,it felt really cold
we tunred to the screen and listened to the heartbeat
I felt tears gathered in my eyes
soon we were done she printed out some copies for us
“so this will make you more healthy ,,hope you are having S-x because it will help you in terms of delivery ” she said and we both starred at each other awkwardly
I could see the smile on the doctor’s face ,,is she doing it intentionally
“from all the test your baby is healthy and you nee-d a lot of rest from working”she said and I nodded
we left the hospital and went back home in silence
I was a bit tired so I just went straight to my room and sle-pt off
I woke up due to the scent of food hitting my nostril
I looked at my table and there was food
different varieties of food
I wonder who prepared it because Edwardo that is know
can’t cook this
I walked down stairs only to find some bunch of maid cleaning the whole place they were like four
“Good Afternoon ma’am ” they chroused bowing their head
“ma’am do you nee-d anything”
“ma’am do you nee-d mas-saged ”
” ma’am do you carve for anything ,,I will get it right away
“do you feel any pain ”
they couldn’t st©p asking me all sought of question
Were the hell is Edwardo and what’s going on
Episode 29
I’m five to six months gone and Edwardo is driving me crazy
I turning into a lazy as-s
Edwardo forbid I do anything in the house
the maids he hired made sure everything is done before I wake up
anytime I try to argue he tells me “doctor’s are always right ”
“what do you want”Edwardo asked in his usual bossy tone
“I want to go out”I replied not looking at him
“No” he replied bluntly
“plea-se sir the baby nee-ds it”I replied
“the doctor said no stress and doctors are always right”
“what do you nee-d anyways”he asked
“I’m starving ,I nee-d a different food from the once always cooked here” I pouted
“just mention them and I will get them for you” Edwardo snorted
what kind of boundage is this,,if not for the doctor appointment I haven’t been out
I nee-d to go out feel the breeze ,buy some stuff ,do a little shopping at least
I starred at my baby bu-mp and began crying
“you hear that baby,,your father don’t want us to go out for ice cream or do a little shopping” I said ru-bbing my stomach
I saw Edwardo face changed so I increa-sed the shouting and crying
“Rosie”he called angrily but I didn’t st©p
“Rosie st©p because of the baby” he added
Hell No,i didn’t st©p
“okay fine” he half yelled
“gosh you are impossible”
“women are impossible”he added
“you will go but on my terms”he said
I giggled excitedly and wiped my tears
“I will have four guards follow you,,they are going to be with you anywhere you go” he said
“so you are not coming”I asked
“no I have a very important meeting to attend” he answered
“do not leave the guards no matter what”he added sternly
“what if I have to pee”I asked
“they will follow you”he replied angrily
“ohh so you want them to see me undress and pee” I pouted
“gosh Rosie do not pee,, hold it till you get back” he replied
It’s obvious his jealous
He handed me his credit card and gave me the pin
“if you try to run I will find you” he said starring at me
“take this phone ,call me every one hour so I will know you are okay”he added
“am only going for an hour or so” I replied
“do as I say Rosie”he snorted while I just nodded
“thank you” I replied and pe-cked his cheeks
I could swear I saw him smile but he quic-kly replace it with a cold glare
I went into my room and prepared ,,I saw Edwardo car drove out after talking to his BG (boy guards)
I wore a smile go-wn that st©pped above my knee showing my baby bu-mp properly , i packed my hair in a high ponytail
i didn’t do make up because it wasn’t necessary so I just walked out
A guy opened the car door for me and I hopped in,I was the only one in the backseat and another car drove behind
“Show off” I muttered
“ma’am where would you like to go” 5he the driver asked
” the mall” I replied exictedly
We arrived at the mall and the BY followed me around which was pretty annoying because I wasn’t like the attention I was getting
I picked a little stuffs before trying to check the kids section
I almost fall in love with everything there,, things were just so adorable and cute
I bought as much as I could before leaving the mall
I s£nt almost two hours in there and also talked with Edwardo on phone
“can you take me to any eatry am so hungry” I said
the drive to an eatry wasn’t long ,,so we st©pped and I filled my stomach before heading out
We followed a lonely route and I admired the trees and flowers
“St©p the car” the other BG said to the driver pointing a gun at him
my jaw dropped instantly
he shut the driver and pushed him out of the car
in panic I dailed Edwardo number ,it rang and he didn’t pick up
” give me your phone ” the guy said and I handed it over to him in fear
“If you value your life you stay calm” he added
he threw my phone out the window as the other BG kept driving after him and shooting behind us
he drived into the woods and made me run still pointing a gun at me