By Authoress Jenny 💞

Episode 19




I starred at her as she arranged the duvet over my shoulder

Most especially her plump pink lips

i shitfed my arm intentionally ,her hands slipped and her lips landed on mine

she starred at me shock and embarrassed before removing her lips

“I ‘m ….I… am sorry …I slipped”she shuttered looking all red like a tomatoes

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“Leave “i said to het faking annoyance

If only she knew i did it on purpose

she left the room while a smiled plastered on my face

Gosh i cant believe am even smiling

What has this girl done to me

Back to last night

immediately i got an info that the house is under an attack the only person that came to my mind was rosie

I wanted her to be safe and thats why i asked her to stay in room

This isnt the first time the house was attacked but since i delt with them properly it never happened again

I wonder what prompt them to attack again

As you guys know i delt with them all properly and sent their bodies to the person who sent them

And i will make sure they pay for shooting me i’m not done yet

Based on what i have been working through so far carl has a hand but am still yet to find evidence

I wonder why his doing all this when i trusted him and treated him like a brother.


💋 Rosie 💋

I left his room with my jelly legs

I cant believe i succeed in embarrassing myself to that extent

But his lips is soo soft

I dint regret it one bit

Gosh i’m so stupid ,i wonder what he thinks of me now

Who knows if he thinks and just throwing myself at him.


I opened the door only to find tony and rick starring at me in panic

Rick ran and pulled me into a hug

“Thank God you are okay rosie “he said and smiled

“I’m fine “i replied giggling

“Hey”tony said

“Hey” i replied

Since that kiss things have been really awkward arround us

The guys when to meet edwardo while i prepared lunch in the kitchen

Hours later they came down with edwardo who was looking better than earlier

Gosh i couldnt keep the kiss out of my mind and seeing him right now just triggered everything

I served them lunch and began feeding edwardo while the guys starred at me awkwardly

Most especially tony

It seems they cant believe am feeding EDWARDO of all people

Gosh i cant believe this is happening,too much tension

i just want the ground to open and swallow me .

After lunch edwardo and the guys had a long chat before they left

“Rosie bring a glass of water to my room” edwardo said and walked upstairs

I quickly took the glass of water and took them to him

I saw him struggling to remove his t shirt so i offered to help and he didnt resist

i pulled off the clothe ,well not without starring at his bare chest

“Rosie” edwardo called and i looked at him

He crashed his lips on mine and kissed him passionately

This wasnt just a brief kiss,it was deep and who am i not to return the kiss

I kissed him back and he is soo good with his lips


Episode 20



♥️ROSIE ♥️

“Rosie” Edwardo called and I blinked my eyes rapidly


“where did you zoned to”he asked starring at me

“sorry sir I…I…”he chuckled and nodded slowly

my cheeks heat up immediately and I turned away shyly

I walked out of the room

I can’t believe I was hallucinating

Edwardo was kissing me

Gosh I wonder what I saw thinking ,,why will Edwardo of all people kiss me

This is so embarrassing, I wonder what he saw he me doing

I hate myself so much

but that imaginery kiss was really something else

I wish he will actually kiss me

jeez what am I saying



🎀Rick pov🎀

“Bro are you still speechless” I asked Tony

“I am” he replied

“I told you our plan will work,I can’t believe Edwardo is actually falling for her” I said

“yeah me too,this is the best news so far” Tony said smiling

“to think he will actually hit Carl because of her and now she’s feeding him” I said and Chuckled

Right from the day I saw Rosie I knew she was different from all the other girls

And to crown it all she’s very nice

I made a plan with Tony to pretend his in love with Rosie just to make Edwardo jealous

And it worked at first it took him time but now his starting to show it

this so far have been our greatest achievement since Alicia

I just hope it ends well



🎈Carl pov 🎈

“make sure you deliver it at the front of his house ” I said in a strict tone

“yes sir,I will call you when it’s done” he replied


Right now I know Edwardo is weak so this is the perfect time to hit him hard

incase you guys are wondering I was the on who sent the boys to Edwardo house

it wasn’t really an attack ,,it was just to distract him from the mole we planted in his apartment

Luckily he got shot

And now it’s time for use to strike really hard

I just hope he can take whatever that is coming for him

I smiled to my self like someone who won a lottery

I have been planning this for years now so I must achieve it


Episode 21


♥️ROSIE ♥️


It’s been three weeks since the whole incident

Edwardo is better now and has been avoiding me

I really don’t know if he is really avoiding me I’m just saying

I barely see him recently

He goes out of the house before I wake up and then come back when I’m asleep

sometimes he eats my food and some other times he doesn’t even touch it

Don’t think I haven’t tried waiting up for him ,,I do and the last time he ignored me and walked upstairs

I just really have no idea is going on

And all this while the guys don’t come to the apartment any more and am going bored out of my mind

No where to go and no one to talk to

I sat down in the sitting room watching my favorite TV series

It’s evening already and am done making dinner

Edwardo walked in and went straight upstairs

He look so grumpy and not in a good mood

I went to him minutes later and he asked me to come in

“sir food is ready” I said bowing my head trying not to stare at his shirtless body

“Rosie ” he called

“sir”I replied still avoiding looking up

“look at me”he ordered and I did immediately

“come” he said and I moved forward to him

“I said come close”he added and I did and this time I was really close to him and my heart was beating rapidly

“I’m hungry for something else” he said and used his hands to raise my head up

now he was starring into my eyes I couldn’t help but stare back

“I….I……I don’t know what to say” I shuttered

He crashed his lips on mine and kissed me passionately

His lips taste like liquor
OMG I think his drunk!

I returned back the kiss and we kissed each other

he wrapped his hands arround and we kissed deeply

In no time he was already undressing me and his hands we doing signs and wonder all arround my body

I was heating up

My mind was telling me Rosie stop but I couldn’t

Have you ever heard of the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak ?? that was the situation I was in because I was enjoying it

In no time we were both naked on the bed moaning in pleasure while his hands kept doing signs and wonder all over my body

He kept using his hands to massaged my boobs while I moaned

the heat in-between my legs was already building up

He slide his d*** in and I moaned softly ,this time it wasnt painful unlike the first time

he pounded in slowly before increasing his pace

After some time we both release and collapsed on the bed exhausted

After the whole escapade I thought I was going to feel guilty or anything but God knows I am not

I blushed lightly when I saw him sleeping soundly beside me

Gosh I can’t believe this just happened AGAIN

I’m so shy right now

I was still thinking of all that would happen the following day when I slept off.



♥️Carl pov ♥️

“How can you tell me the plan failed”I yelled angrily

“I’m sorry sir but I think he already saw it coming or someone gave him a hint” he said

“how can you tell me that a plan I spent alot of money on failed ”

“who betrayed me” I yelled

“Edwardo is not an easy person to deal with ,his been a mafia boss for long” he replied

“Get out ” I yelled angrily

I tried using edwardo past against him but the result I was expecting got failed

he knew about it and avoided everything well I know what to do next



Episode 22




I woke up to find someone sleeping peacefully beside me

the event of last night flushed in my memory

yes I was drunk but I could still control myself if I wanted to

but I couldn’t

I was so lost and we ended up having sex

Do I feel bad ?? Yes

Did I enjoy it ? Hell Yes

But the thing right now is that how do I face her

Definitely things are going to get awkward between us and that’s what I have been avoiding all this while

Rosie is temptation she’s just irresistible

I have had sex with a lot of girls why does this one feels so different

it feels good

oh shit!

I’m going crazy

I sneaked out of the bed and entered the bathroom

it took me few minutes to get ready and Rosie was still sleeping

let’s just say it’s because I’m being extra careful not to wake her up

I walked out of the apartment and entered my car

the past month have been a really huge challenge for me

my enemies are bent on destroying me

they even tried to bring my past back thankfully I was already prepared

Heavens help who so ever is behind all this scandal

We reached one of my companies were I decided to check on today

it seems there is a mole there and am trying to fish the person out

My bouncers surrounded me as I walked into the company

All the workers lined up in a straight line until someone caught my attention

Wait am I dreaming

“Alicia ”

Am I dreaming or what

“what’s your name “I asked her

” Do you know me” I asked and she blushed

“yes your are the CEO”she spoked softly

her voice sounds different

but her hair ,face and everything are still the same

I left the company in a confused state

“Alicia is alive”


this is so confusing


Alicia was a girl I feel in love with when I haven’t become a Mafia

she’s beautiful and a close friend to the guys especially Carl before I developed feelings for her

we stayed together a couple of years till she tried to pull a fast one on me

she tried to dupe me and run away with my money

I tracked her down and brought her to my apartment

since I was blinded by love I tried to talk her out that no matter what she needs she should just ask

turning back Alicia pointed a gun at me

I didn’t know what was happening ,,I was in shock

I tried collecting the gun from her and in the process

she died

I didn’t know how

I didn’t pull the trigger ,,it just happened so fast

No one believed me ,Carl hated me for that

Deep down I knew there was a lot behind Alicia pointing a gun at me

she loved me I know she dose

Ever since then I have been un rest the event of that day kept flashing in my memory

And finally I was over it

And today Alicia appeared in my company

Dose she have a twin?twin don’t bear the same name right.



💞Unknown Pov 💞

” how did it go” he asked

“perfectly as planned” I replied

“yes! I knew he will fall for it ” he replied and I chuckled

” you know the next step right” he asked

“yes ”

” make sure you make him fall for anything you say before you strike”

“don’t forget you have an opponent her name is Rosie” he said

“I won’t forget that” I replied and ended the call

All I need is the money ,,who will see such an amazing offer and ignore

Edwardo and Rosie I’m so sorry but I have to do this




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