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January 21, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Mafia bride Episode 17 & 18

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By Authoress Jenny 💞

Episode 17





I glup the huge lump in my throat

I gently dropped the knife and we both starred at each other awkwardly

“I …..I… I thought someone broke in”i said and bow my head ,In the process my eyes went down and saw he is very hard

My cheeks turned red instantly

What do i do now

Now this is where i run but i dont want him to see my exposed ass

I took two steps backward and exit the kitchen

I ran as fast as my legs could carry,on reaching my room i closed the door and rested my back on it

My heart was beating so fast

Gosh i cant believe i made him that way this is so embarrassing

I quickly changed and dumped the lingerie somewhere

I”m never wearing that again

I walked downstairs and thankfully he wasnt there again so i began making dinner

In no time i was done ,i went to his room and knocked on the door gently while it opened

He sat on a chair shirtless and working on his computer

“the food is ready”i said genlty

“Bring it here”he said and i nodded

I went back and brought the food

“I wana thank you for the clothes,shoes and all” i said

“You like them” he asked starring at me

“Yeah i do”i replied

“Cool” he replied and started eating

“You are going out with me to a function tomorrow by six”he said and i nodded

“And for your own safety never wear a lingerie out again”he said in a serious tone

“Ohh i…I … Will not ….Never again.


Since he has’nt asked me to leave i could not ,,i just stood there and watched him eat

I used my time to stare at his face

I must confess behind all his grumpy and rude attitude
‘he is one handsome dude,,i mean very handsome’

His dark curly hair ,cute lips and pointed nose,neatly shaved beards

His broad shoulders

Gosh i wish i could touch and feel them

It looks like God took time in creating him

I was busy starring not knowing he was already done and starring at me

“Rose”he half yelled and i flinched

“You know if you want ,you should ask” he said and walked into the bathroom


What was the meaning of that ‘i thought

Wait a minute


Hop he didnt hear anything

i carried the tray back to the kitchen and went to my room.

I Retired back to bed and slept off

The landline began ringing ,,i was scared when i picked it up

“Hello” i said

“Rosie” edwardo called in a low tone

“Sir”i replied

“come to my room”he said and ended the call

I knew all is not well

I quickly picked up my robe and head to edwardo’s room in fear

What could be wrong



Episode 18


On entering the room

I saw edwardo starring at his laptop

Okay i dont think there is any emergency here

“sir ” called and he starred at me

“Sit”he said and i did


“Now listen carefully ,on no account should you leave this room or open up for anyone except me”he said and i nodded

“Good ,everything will be okay”he added

I really dont know whats going on now

i was able to have a clear view at his laptop properly.
i had no idea there where hidden cameras in this house

And why are all his guards on alert holding guns by this time

Edwardo closed his laptop quickly and that was when it hit me

The mansion was under attack

Fear gripped me instantly

He walked out and i closed the door as he instructed


I quickly ran and opened the laptop

I saw edwardo fully armed ,he walked out of his house to meet his guards

The next thing i heard were gun shots

I flinched in fear

I was really scared because anyone who can come to edwardo’s house must be really prepared and fearless

i closed the laptop and sat down on his bed

I couldnt continue watching because i might end up having a nightmare

My body was still and i was really scared the gun shots havent died down

I just hope edwardo is fine


The gunshots died down minutes later and i felt relieved

Edwardo banged the door and i opened almost immediately


“Your bleeding”i half yelled, Edwardo got shot in his hand

“Check the closet and you will find my first aid kit”

I brought out the first aid from the closet and opened it

I havent treated a gunshot before so i just followed what ever came to my head

I cleaned the blood and used a bandage to warp it up


Am sure his doctor will be here tomorrow

Edwardo took some pain relief before sleeping

I locked his room properly and sat there ,,maybe am just too scared to go to my room.


I woke up only to find myself wrapped in someone hands

I opened my eyes widely and saw it was edwardo ,his arms that he got shot was the one on my body i couldnt move

I tried to move and ended up starring at his face


my eyes drifted to his lips

His hands left my body and he walked into the bathroom without uttering a word to me

Gosh why do i keep embarrassing myself am very sure he saw me starring at his lips

i dragged my self off his bed and ran to my room

How did i even end up in his bed

I took my bath and went out to prepare breakfast

I saw edwardo doctor who waved at me as he left

I was done preparing breakfast ,i carried them to his room


I knocked before entering and found him sitting on his bed his face looks kinda pale

i dropped the food close to his bed and starred at him

There is no way he can eat himself

I sat down close to him on the bed and took the spoon

He kept looking at me awkwardly while i avoided his eyes

“Open up”i said to him he starred at me shocked

Yeah me too am shocked ,,i cant believe am trying to feed edwardo

He opened up his mouth and i shoved the spoon into his mouth

“I’m okay” he said after i fed him a little

“Can you arrange my duvet ” he asked and i nodded

I was arranging it properly close to his shoulders when my hand slipped and my body landed on his and our lips met




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