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January 20, 2021


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Mafia bride Episode 13 & 14

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Episode 13





💖Edwardo pov💖


My phone rang and i picked it up


“Hello boss,there is an emergency” he said


“Spill” i replied


“She escaped”he said


“Come back immediately” i replied and ended the call


Gosh this girl is a pain in the neck


I carried my laptop and began tracking her


I know she has no idea that there a tracker in all the hair bands i gave her and it was really easy because i’m a mafia


I have a lot of people working for me


All the cameras caught her so it was kinda easy


I have been watching her every move


Even when used my card to buy tickets


Shes really insane


I mean who dose that


One thing that baffled me was that she dint spend much,,she used the money wisely


The money on that account can last two generations


The last b*tch i gave that card almost bought the whole boutique


I was suppose to be really mad at her but i still allow her enjoy her moment of freedom




i entered her hotel room


Gosh why will she stay in such a place


she jumped on her bed in fear and used the bed spread to cover her half naked body


“Are you going to carry me out like thid naked “she asked


Well there is obviously no one to see


I had the whole hotel shutdown before coming in


My guards bow their heads immediately they saw me coming


I threw her into the limo and ordered the driver to drive


She used her hands to cover her boobs and sat quietly


I know is she could kill me she would do it right now because the looks on her face says it all


i arrived at my mansion and saw carl standing at my porch alone


“stay here” i said to rosie and cane down from my car


“What are you doing here alone”i asked


“Dude you look so tense and creepy” here he said and handed me a soda


Is it that obvious that i look tense maybe it was the drink i took back at the hotel when i was waiting for rosie


Truth be told seeing a someone like rosie sitting close to you naked isnt something you see everyday


I collected the soda drink and glumped everything down


“i tomo to tell you that i have a hint on martins but since you look this way i will come back tomorrow”carl said


“okay cool”i replied ,,he entered his car and left


“Come down” i said to rosie and she did


“Can you look away”she asked shyly


I rolled my eyes and carried her on my shoulders


I dont feel really good


i carried rosie to my room and threw her on my bed


“I’m so sorry for running away,,i promise not to repeat it “she said sadly


At this time i wasnt my self anymore


There was this vibe building up in me ,,it was like i wasnt in control anymore


i picked some of my ties and tied her to the edge of the bed


At this time she was pleading in tears and everything was happening so fast


Mature content below 🔞🔞

Readers restriction is adviced


I removed her panties and threw them to the ground


I positioned myself inbetween her legs


I zipped down my trousers and noticed my d*** was fully erected


Right now i dont know if this is a dream or this is reality


everything is just happening and i cant control it


I tried to force myself into her but shes so tight


I applied some lubricant and forced myself in


I waited a little so she could adjust to the size


I could see tears rushing down her eyes and for some unknown reasons it moved me but i didnt stop


I kept pounding fast and hitting her pus** walls while she kept moaning and crying


I kept pounding faster every minute and

My name was the only thing i could here from her mouth


I released everything in her and collapsed beside her


Episode 14



🎀Rosie pov🎀

I lay on the bed the way he tied me still in pains


I couldnt believe edwardo could do this to me


I’m still in shock.


He opened his eyes gently and looked at me


His face holds many expression that i couldnt tell what he was thinking


He used his palm to rub his eyes properly and starred at me


Okay now i know he thinks his dreaming


He looked all over my body before walking out of the room


Gosh this guy is unbelievable


He couldnt even untie me or am i some sex machine now anyway he bought me with his money


At this time my anger was at its pitch


I dont cry where people will see me but this time i let it all out


I stayed in that position for some minutes before he walked back in


He looked like someone who just fought


His hands were bruised and his hair was messy


He walked into the bathroom and i heard him turn on the shower


He walked back in began to untie me,he carried me in a bridal style and dropped me in the bath tub


I was too weak to say or do anything


He entered the bathtub with his clothes on and began bathing me


Neither of us said a word


After bathing me ,,he rapped a towel arround me and dropped me on his bed after changing the bed spread a and left the room


He brought back a try and dropped them close to me


He carried the cup of coffee and handed it to me


Which i drank and he gave me some pain relief


My body temperature was high so i just lay on the bed as he used the duvet to cover me


And i slept off


😔Edwardo Pov😔


I woke up only to find rosie close to me


She was naked and tied to my bed




everything that happened last night came flushing back in my memory


Gosh i defiled her


I raped her


I walked out of the room into my torture room and began punching the walls angrily


How could i do such a thing


I couldnt control my self


The drink i took was druged but i dont know who druged me


I first took a drink at the hotel and the one carl gave me


I mean carl cant hurt me right


He wouldnt to this


Gosh i cant believe i let my guard down and hurt an innocent girl


What the hell is happening to me


I kept punching the walls angrily till all my hands were bruised


who ever did this must pay with his life


I went back to my room did all the necessary i could on rosie and walked out


I entered my second room freshen up


My phone rang and i picked up


“Speak up”i said to one of my boys


“Sir two of your casino was attacked last night and they ran away with your money” he said


“you all should gather at the black house i will be there “i said and hanged the call


My anger was at its pitch


Who is trying to break me and pull me down


First of all rosie and now this


Another call came in and i picked up


“Edwardo someone broke into your warehouse last night “rick said


“Emergency meeting at the black house”i said and ended the call


Who ever is trying to bring me down must have had this all planned


i treated my wounds and left the house


Arriving the black house all my men were there


including tony ,carl and rick


We spend two good hours strategising on how to caught the person responsible


I gave them all new rules which they nodded and began working on


Truth be told i just gave then part of the plan


The main thing is in my head and am going to get another set of people that will carry it out for me


At this point in time i cant trust anyone including Rick ,tony and carl


“Edwardo i forward all the necessary details i got from martins to your phone” he said and i nodded


“How is rosie “he asked


“Fine i replied codly and left


Now why on earth will carl of all people ask about rosie when he barely talks to her


He has never done that then why now


Carl has now turn a suspect




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