made for each other episode 30



“How can they do it? Now, what will I do? Should I go to Harry?….. What is it, Nina? How can you stoop so low for money? How can you ask your boyfriend for money?”She mumbled and opened the door of her apartment. She threw herself to the bed immediately tried to think of a way to solve the problem she was facing right now.

‘I have to get a job immediately. But even if I get a job, I have to wait one month to get the salary. But I need money immediately. I need money to stay alive. I have not left anything with me now. Should I go back to the village? At least I can grow some vegetables there and sell them in the market….. But I have not returned to my village for a long time already. Will I be able to adjust to the village life now?… But what can I do now?’As she was thinking about her unstable future, the doorbell rang. It was Miss Tirana.

“Oh, God! Now, who is it? Has the landlord returned? Oh, God! Now, what will I do now?”She mumbled and opened the door.

“Miss Tirana? Why are you here?”Nina Anderson asked in a shocked tone. Miss Tirana smiled and showed her two packets.

“Hello, I am here to have dinner with you.”Miss Tirana said and entered inside.

“Dinner? But you need not bring me dinner. I have already…..”Nina Anderson wanted to speak something, Miss Tirana stopped her.

“Miss Nina, I don’t like to eat alone. I thought it will be great to stay alone before leaving the orphanage, but I always missed the food there, which we all used to have together.”Tirana replied.

“Do you live nearby?”

“Thank God! At least you have asked! Of course, I live nearby. I wanted to be with you, that’s why I rented an apartment in this same building.”She replied with a smile.

“In this same building? That’s good. In which floor do you live?”

“On the third floor. When you were away, I used to come here every day to check if you are here or not. But you were away from here for that long time. Now as you have returned, I will have my food with you. Is not it good?”Miss Tirana kept the food on the dining table and said.

“Now don’t stare at me like that. I am not your boyfriend that you have to stare at me like that. Ha Ha. Now please come here and help me.”She added.

Nina Anderson sighed and went near the table. Both of them took their seat and have dinner.

“Thank you very much, Miss Tirana. The dinner was delicious.I will buy for you sometime soon.”Nina Anderson said with a smile.

“Of course. I will love to. Let us go for a walk. We can digest our food and as well as we chat .”Miss Tirana said.

“Ok. Let’s go.”

Both of them left the apartment and started walking through the colony garden and sat down on a bench near a big tree.

“Miss Nina, how are you?”Tirana asked in a serious tone.

Nina Anderson looked at the girl in front of her thoughtfully.

“I am fine. What happened to me?”She replied with a smile. Although she was smiling, but anyone can tell that her smile could not reach her eyes.

“Miss Nina, can we be friends? I was always wanted to be friends with you.”

Nina Anderson replied nothing. She stared at the girl in front of her thoughtfully.

“What happened? Are you not interested in making me your friend? I know that I am not a good person, but I have no friends. Will you be my friend? I want to eat my food with you every day.”

“Miss Tirana, why are you treating me so nicely? I… I don’t think that I can be a good friend. I….. I don’t think that I will stay here for long. I…. I think I will leave this place soon.”Nina Anderson uttered.

“What do you mean by leaving this place? How can you leave this place when I had shifted here? No way. Do you think I would let you go like this? I already knew that you will do it, that’s why I have brought this for you. Ta da.”Miss Tirana said and handed her a receipt of rent payment.

“What is this?”Nina Anderson asked and takes the receipt.

“Rent payment? What is this means?You…you have paid the rent of my apartment? But….But why? No, Miss Tirana, I can not accept this. How can you pay the rent of my apartment without my consent? And….and it is from the account of the orphanage. I can not use the money which should be used by the kids there. “Nina Anderson asked in an annoyed tone.

“Miss Nina, It is only the rent of your apartment. I know that you would not accept anything from us for free. That’s why we decided to take an interest of five percent each month. You have to repay us with interest whenever you get money

Miss Nina, we are doing nothing for you compared to what you have done for us all those months. You have done much more than what we did. You have donated half of your salary to our orphanage every month.

For the last few months, our orphanage is getting a lot of donations. There is a lot of money left even after spent on the kids. That’s why the orphanage committee had decided to lend the money on interest. By this, the money will grow within a short time. When I came to know about the pending rent of your apartment from the landlord today evening, I called the orphanage. The director sent the necessary amount immediately and I paid the rent.”Tirana Explained everything happily.

Nian Anderson could not speak for a long time. She felt like something blocked her throat. Miss Tirana kept her hand on her shoulder.

“If you want to cry, you can cry on my shoulder. I know you are too feeling frustrated now. But, as I know you, you are not that weak that these problems can break your confidence.”

Nina Anderson nodded.

“Thank you, friend. I was really going to do something, which does not suit me. Thank you for everything.”She said in a low voice.

“So, can I call you Nina? Miss Nina is too long to call.”

Nina Anderson smiled to hear her and nodded.

“So, Nina. I have something else with me.”Miss Tirana said and handed her a file.

“Now what is it?”Nina Anderson asked confusedly.

“These are the places where you can apply for a job. I have sorted everything for you. You can apply for the posts. I think you will get a job soon. You have a good reputation here in the High Clouds Enterprise. I was doing this whole afternoon today, so you must get one of these jobs.”

“Oh.Thank you, dear. I will go through all this. You are so kind to me.”

“Nina. I am not as kind as you. I am just trying to be like you. You always helped others. I would never get a job if you would not have helped me by then.”

“No, Tirana. You are a talented girl. You are eligible for the job. That’s why you got it. I only showed you the path. The person who walks through that path was you. Anyways, I will try to pay back the money as soon as possible.’

“Nina, why did you not go to your friend? She would have helped you. She is the CEO now.”

“No Tirana . Although Lucy is my best friend, I can not let her do anything for which she would have to feel low in front of others. I don’t want to take any favor from anyone. She has seen my strong sides all over these years. I….I can not show my weak side to her. I can not go to her to ask any favor. I don’t want to lose her for something like this.”Nina Anderson said in a calm tone.

“I understand. Let us go back. It is late already.”Miss Tirana Said and got up . Nina Anderson nodded and both of them left the place.

Nina Anderson opened the file Miss Tirana gave her.

“Yes, there are hundreds of companies she had listed. But I can not apply to all those. I have to find the most suitable one…….Yes,I think I should apply here……here ….and here.Yes.I have sorted out eleven posts. Now I should apply on them one by one.”She mumbled and opened her laptop and applied for the posts.

“Yes. Now I should sleep. Thank you, Tirana. I will return your kindness someday.”She mumbled and lied on the bed.