Luna in my home – episode 7


Episode 7.

By Amah

That night I couldn’t sleep, I roll from end to end. I was not comfortable with the fact that Luna was in the visitor’s room.

Bisi asked me if I was alright, I told her I was fine. de-ep down I was very angry with her for what she did.

She did not even call me to let me know that Luna visited her within the week and she decided to invite the mysterious witch to come and spend weekend in our home.

No information at all, all this while I was happy that Luna has gone back to Abuja. I thought her silent means that she got tired of waiting and decided to leave me alone.

I c@m£ back, only to meet her right in my home. Bisi decided on her own to bring trouble to our home.

And she is so innocent and do not even un-derstand what she was putting me throu-gh or who Luna truly is.

She only believes that Luna was my junior colleague, who is so friendly and also new to the Lagos live.

Bisi decided to pl@ythe role of a map to her by showing her round and allowing her to come into our home.

I was awake most p@rt of the night, as I kept thinking of what to do.

If I ask Luna to leave my home Bisi may not like that and Luna may decide to expo-se our affair to Bisi.

I asked Bisi why she let someb©dy into the house to spend the weekend without informing me and she said Luna asked if she can spend the weekend and she agreed to her request, she thought I wouldn’t mind at all since Luna stays in a h0tel and spend a lot in paying h0tel bills.

I don’t know why Bisi cares so much over a stranger and do not care about how I truly feel. She just as-sumed things and feels is cool.

I was boiling inside, I wanted to explode angrily but all I did was to keep mute and remain quiet.

The best thing was to pl@ydumb and wait for weekend to be over.

That same night, my phone beeped, I checked it and saw Luna’s message asking me if my wife was alre-ady asleep and if I care to come over to her room for some fun.

I gently turned and looked over at Bisi, she was de-eply asleep. The time was 12:43am. Luna was awake and waiting for me to come over and meet her.

I felt tem-pted to go but waved it off. I deleted the message and dropped back my phone. Another Beeped sound was heard followed by another.

I picked up my phone and saw her unclad picture. Luna s£nt a picture of herself in undies. And wrote un-der it.

“This is what you will be missing if you don’t come over and eat me raw. We are very close to each other now. I’m right in your home, let nothing st©p you from having a good time with me. A good opportunity for you to have me all to yourself because I’m eager for you….come over sweetie and keep me warm. The night is too cold and I nee-d your t©uçh. Your wife have you from year to year, all I ask is all of you this weekend only. I don’t mind sharing you with Bisi because there is love in sharing….come over and I will make you see the difference between me and your wife in be-d….

I breathed in and looked over at Bisi again. The temptation was so strong. I wanted to run off straight to Luna’s room. Looking at her unclad picture which she s£nt to me, it was driving me crazy.

I stare at the almost n-ked picture of Luna right in my phone and sweat broke out of my forehead. I stood up from the be-d, looked over at my wife and shakes my head sadly. Guilt swept all over me.

I returned back to the be-d and deleted both the picture and messages.

I typed a short message telling Luna that my wife was far sweet and satisfies me more than she can ever do in her entire life. I switched off my phone after s£nding her the message.

I Moved to my wife, drew her close to my arm. Bisi stretched before moving closer to me and I held her right in my arm, k!$$£d her sleepy eyes and mouth, my wife was too tired and sleepy to respond properly.

She remained right in my arm, her warm b©dy calm my racing heart and that was the way we stayed until I finally sle-pt off.

The following day, I did not get up in time. I remained in my room. I can hear Bisi laughing and talking with Luna. This two women were driving me crazy.

Bisi later c@m£ into the room and said.

“Darling, I found out that the egg and beverage in the house will not be enough for today and tomorrow’s breakfast. Let me run to a close by supermarket and buy…

I saw an opportunity for me to get out of the house. I said to Bisi

“Don’t worry about it, stay with the kids at home, let me go and get whatever is nee-ded. Tell me what you want and I will drive down and get them.

“No…no honey. I have to go just in case I see something else nee-ded in the house, I will be able to pick…

Bisi insisted on going and I let her. After she left, I c@m£ out to check up on my kids. They were still in their rooms watching animations.

Luna was in the sitting room, she smile and greeted me and I nodded before walking back to my room.

I don’t have anything to say to her and I was neither in the mood for words.

I entered my pri-vate bathroom that I share with my wife, after brushing I decided to bath before Bisi will return.

While in the bathroom, the cool shower was pouring down my head when I heard the door of our room opened and closed again.

I turned off the shower and listened to know if it was my wife but I didn’t hear a sound. I called Bisi’s name but no responds c@m£.

I was trying to gr-ab my towel when the bathroom door opened and guess who stepped in?

Luna, the she devil herself. My mouth was open and no words c@m£ out. I stare at her in shock as she pu-ll-ed off her cloth and stood n-ked.

“Since your wife is out, we can have time for ourselves. I nee-d to shower too…

She smiled as she looked me over and walked to where I stood.

I gr@bb£d a towel and wra-pped around my w@!st before finding my voice to face her.

“Are you going crazy Luna? You are right in me and my wife’s be-droom and our pri-vate bathroom….does that make any s-en-se to you? There is a bathroom right in your room Luna, each room has its own bathroom. If you nee-d a shower then go to the room you sle-pt in and have one but not right here. Bisi can come in anytime…do you want to get me into troubl….

I was still talking when she k!$$£d me and her hands went straight to my towel. She pu-ll-ed it off and i lose my human s-en-ses as usual.

This time I couldn’t control it or even think of getting a protec-tion before having her.

She fired me up with every of her action. I pushed her to the bathroom wall and was still in the middle of the action when I heard my wife’s voice calling out.

I did not even hear the sound of the door or when she c@m£ back from the supermarket, I just heard her voice calling Luna.

Luna was mute and I was going to coll@pse this time from fear. When Luna did not respond, Bisi started calling my name while moving towards our be-droom.

My hands shakes as I try to think of what to do before Bisi will walk in on me and Luna

Even Luna was confused on what to do. To my utmost surprise she whispered to my ears.

“If Bisi sees us and decided to leave you, don’t panic. I will be here for you my love…..i won’t leave yo…

In the means of a troubling war, Luna still have the guts to speak.

“shhuuuushsh….Will you keep quiet and don’t make any noise before she will hear you. Oh my God…I’m doomed!

I hushed her with a whisper. My heart beat was like a drum beating into my ears.

I know for sure that once Bisi comes inside and did not see me in the room she will be coming into the  bathroom straight. “I’m doomed!

I cried out again mainly to myself.

Luna was in my pri-vate bathroom and this time around I know my wife will catch us red handed.


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