Luna in my Home – episode 6


Episode 6.

By Amah


For two days now I have try to indirectly warned Bisi from as-sociating herself with Luna but she want to know why before she will take the advice.


Today again, as we l@yin be-d, I asked Bisi how her day went and she went like.


“Nothing unusual, everything went fine except Luna called and asked if I was less busy so that I will take her to the shopping plaza during her break period. We went to the plaza together and I also picked something there for the house. I was home in time for the kids and she returned back to the office. She was gone for almost three hours. When I asked her that hope it won’t mean trouble for her been away for 3hours from work, she said she took permission from you and there was nothing much to do in the office except some minor paper work… 


I was quiet for a long time. Boiling angrily that Bisi is still as-sociating with Luna.


“Honey… I don’t buy into this idea of you and Luna sudden friendsh!p. plea-se listen to me and keep your distance from her. I have said it more than twice and still saying it. Why can’t you listen to me? Luna is not the type of a lady you should as-sociate yourself with…


“Why…she is your junior colleague and looks harmless. She has only few month to spend here in Lagos. All she want is a friend and someb©dy to show her round. Why are you feeling indifference about it Yomi? Give me your reasons and not just tell me to do things like a robot. I nee-d to know why so that I will have something solid to hold against her because to me she appears to be innocent and harmless. So I don’t know why you are eaten up by Luna. I thought you will be happy that I’m helping her out…or is there something more to Luna that you are not saying…


She was staring at me suspiciously after saying those last word.

Maybe I was pushing too ha-rd and ma-king my guilt obvious. I have to be wise in all of this in other not to get my hands burnt.


“What are you insulating Bisi? How can you even ask me such question if there is something going on with me and Luna? Do you think I’m having an affair with Luna? What has gotten into you…what is wrong with you?


I was barking angrily so that Bisi will not suspect me or even entertain such idea on her head.


“Calm down Yomi, is an innocent question that does not supposed to warrant any form of anger. All this is unnecessary. Is a simple yes or no answer that’s all? I’m not saying you are having anything to do with Luna….i know you can’t do such darling. I trust you with all my heart and I can swear that you can never cheat on me but you reacting this way over a simple thing makes it suspicious. Maybe I should be the one asking you what is going on.


I swallowed ha-rd , Bisi was right. My reaction clearly shows that I am guilty of something which I try to cover up.

Bisi is not fooled. Is high time I st©p acting so fast and let her be. I know Luna will be going back soon. I can’t watch Bisi freely moving with her. I will find a way to s£nd Luna back to Abuja. Within next week.

I try to talk calmly this time with Bisi.


“Honey, I only want you to be careful that’s all. You ha-rd ly keep friends except maybe few distance ones. I don’t have any bosom friend except Aram who you are aware of. Luna maybe working with me but I don’t know her character outside the office environment and that was why I want you to be careful with her. I can never have anything to do with another woman. They don’t even exist to me. Honey, I treasure you and nothing can move me in any other woman’s b©dy. You give me all that I nee-d so what should I be looking out for again? When I’m not an unfortunate human being. All I ask is for you to be careful and don’t let anyone deceive you or make you think otherwise about me. Don’t even listen to mere gossip or home breakers. All that matters is that I love and cherish you and can never ever be with another woman. Even their charms cannot catch me….I’m too strong for that.


Busy laugh and I joined her. She was happy hearing me say those words. I wish they were all true but what is done is done. I can only try to remedy it before it gets out of hand.

My happiness is that Bisi believed every word that I said to her.


Three days later Luna was at my office again.


“Isn’t it time for you to return to Abuja? What exactly are you doing here in Lagos Luna?


I asked her as she was trying again to pl@yaround with my s-en-ses by tou-ching every p@rt of her b©dy and walking around the table to where I sat.

I cautioned her to behave herself and return to her sit or I will s£nd her out of my office.


“You don’t nee-d to be harsh Yomi. Is obvious you de-sire me but fighting so ha-rd to resist the urge. I have invited you to my h0tel room for us to have some fun but you turned it down. Your office is not safe or conducive for us to get down but I wouldn’t mind if you chose to unleash the man in you out. I don’t mind anywhere as far as is you. I’m here because I want to get to know more about Lagos. I wish you will just come around and let’s have one more night together before I go back to Abuja. I promise to go if only you will st©p holding back and have me to your satisfaction. I cannot go back with all this h0tness for you. Yomi, only you have the key to make it right, the right water to quench my taste. Looking at things, I’m beginning to get acquainted with your lovely wife. She is so naive and do not know what is going on. She really sees you as a saint…a man with no sin. Such thing makes me laugh so ha-rd . You should be grateful that I saved your as-s the other lady from getting whopped by your wife. I will give you from now till Friday. Which is four days from today to come and meet me in my h0tel room. I will be waiting for you sweetie…


She blew me a k!ss, picked up her bag and cat walked out.


My hands turned into a fist which I hit so ha-rd on the table.


I met Aram that evening at the bar and told him about Luna troubling my life and what she was asking of me.


“Don’t tell me you are considering her offer. Yomi, don’t do it…because she will not leave you alone like you said. Rather you will get dee-per and dee-per into the act and it will be ha-rd for you turn back. Were you thinking of going to meet her in her h0tel?


Aram asked me as he took a sip from his beer.


“Aram, I don’t really have a choice. If that will make her leave me alone then I’m re-ady to do it. Since she wants me that is fine. I will give her what she wants so that she will be on her way to Abuja. I don’t want Bisi to find out any of this and I want Luna to be far gone….very far from me. I have been thinking of it all day and couldn’t conclude on what exactly I want to do.


“Don’t be a fool Yomi. That girl is using your weakness against you and you are letting her do that. Now she has gotten to know your wife and they are gradually striking friendsh!pwhich is very abnormal. Things are going to get pretty worse if you don’t do the right thing. I know you are afraid of confessing to Bisi because of the outcome but isn’t it better to right your wrong now rather than to allow things get out of hands? Think man…think. Don’t allow Luna or whatever her name is to destroy your home. Except if you also want whatever she is offering…maybe you are not re-ady to let her go. You are enjoy seeing her around and watching her get into your head. If you really want her out of your life then st©p petting words or pla-ying around with a snake. Either you confess to Bisi because Luna knows you are afraid to tell your wife and will use that edge on you. So is either you tell Bisi or you find a better way and kick Luna out. Don’t even allow her to get to know your home…that will be dangerous. Don’t think of going to see her in her h0tel room, have one or two night fun and think she will ever let you go. It will come to a time that when you are with your wife in be-d, your mind will be occu-pied with the fun you usually have with Luna. Don’t ask me how I got to know all this. Yomi, it would have been very good avoiding getting involve with another woman who is not your wife. Because for some people once you are in… it will be ha-rd to turn back. At least you have a friend to tell you the real truth Yomi. Luna is eating de-eply into your life and gradually pene-trating into your home. Be a man and don’t let such happen… 


I listened to Aram before driving home that day.


I changed my mind from going to meet Luna in her h0tel. Aram has succeeded in ma-king me change my mind.

I called her within the week to tell her that she should stay away from both my office and st©p calling my wife’s number. I asked her how much she nee-ds so that she can travel back to Abuja.

Luna said she doesn’t nee-d my money, all she want is all of me.

I ended the call because we couldn’t agree on a thing. I was really tem-pted to go over and see her but I st©pped myself from doing such as Aram’s words c@m£ pouring into my mind.


Within the week I try to concentrate at work. If Luna wait and did not see me, she will get tired and will go back to her base.

I have alre-ady told the office security never to let her in again. She was not allowed in my office.


Even if Luna calls Bisi to tell her what I did. Bisi will never believe her because she trust me and knows what I’m capable of doing.

Friday finally c@m£ and I closed from work and drove to our usual sp©t. Had some beer, gist about football. 

Aram asked me what I finally did with Luna and I told him that she probably went back to Abuja because I did not hear from her for days after threatening her to keep away from me and my wife and also asked the office security never to let her in.


Aram nodded without much word except what I did was the right thing. 

We had our other normal soccer gist, who is winning and who is losing in the football game.


We went into our different cars and drove off to our respective homes.

Bisi was at the door to welcome me. The children were awake and was watching an animation in their room.

Bisi whispered to my ears that we have a visitor. I was about to ask her who could be that when I saw Luna.


Yes, Luna is in my home.

I was shock and almost dropped what I have in my hands as she stood in the centre of my living room smiling and even greeted me cheerfully.


I looked from Bisi to Luna before pretending to forgot something in my car.

I rushed out and called Aram on the phone.


“Hello Aram. I’m in serious trouble!  Luna is in my home….


After the call with Aram, I went back inside to face my fate.


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