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June 15, 2021


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Lucifer’s bride episode 9

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Lucifer’s Bride – Episode 9

(She’s mine)

A story by Faith Lucky

Rated 18+

Roxanne’s POV

I fluttered my eyes weakly and felt myself lying on something cold.

My head felt so hot and I was weak as well.

I finally forced my eyes open and discovered I was lying on the floor – a floor that looked different from the one we have at home.

Where am I?

I stared at the ceiling and could tell I was in a strange room.

Beside me was a big comfy bed and a sweet fragrance filled the entire room.

I racked my brain and tried recalling what had happened. Then, the memory suddenly flashed back. Everything that’s happened replayed in my head and I sat up immediately.


I couldn’t move. My hands were tied.

I looked around and saw someone sitting on a chair by the left, just staring at me.

Hah! It was Damon!

The guy mum called…Lucifer!

I flinched as fear suddenly gripped me.

I remembered everything he did – how he hurt mum and made me pass out when I came down the stairs.

Was he really dangerous?

But…If he really was Lucifer, then everything mum said about him would be true.

I stared at him, muddled, as he placed a finger on his chin and watched me like a movie.

“You’re awake” he finally said as he stood up and started sauntering towards me.


weakly stood on my feet, but couldn’t move since my hands were tied.

He was putting on long flying red jacket without wearing a shirt and that way, his chest was completely exposed.

“Wh…Where’s my mum?” I asked curiously but he didn’t say a word as he drew close to me.

He came so close and stood in front of me.

“You don’t ask questions. You only talk when you’re asked” he said with an unexplainable cold tune that almost made me shiver.

I looked into his pretty eyes and remembered how I had crushed on him.

But for the first time, I could see how dangerous he was.

He crossed his hands behind his back and walked to my back.

I couldn’t turn to look at him because my hands were tied.

“You’re as pretty as I thought you’d be” he whispered, making me feel his breath on my neck.

“You’re just a poor naive girl, who wants to explore the world and enjoy her youthful life”. He added and I wondered how he got to know all that.

He walked round me from behind and came back to stand in front of me.

“Too bad, your little tiny dreams can’t be accomplished.” He said again in a whisper and this time around, I shivered.

What’s he talking about?

“Please” I whimpered, already crying.

“Don’t hurt me. I didn’t do anything wrong. I’m…I’m sorry for what my father did to you and your family. But I wasn’t even there. Please, don’t put the blame on me” I said tearfully and at the same time,


He scoffed and looked into my face.

“Well, as it seems, you’re gonna have to pay for your father’s sins. At least, I can be sure he’s watching” he said and immediately, grabbed my neck.

I couldn’t even scream as he held me roughly by the neck and lifted me from the floor, pinning me to the wall. My legs weren’t touching the floor anymore.

He did all these with just one hand and my fears increased.

I gasped for air as I started choking. I felt my breath leaving me.

I touched his hand on my neck but couldn’t even plead.

“N. ..o” I struggled to say.

I looked into his face and saw his eyes turn red – pure red. And he was staring into mine.

Suddenly, he flinched and released his hold on me, making me fall hard on the floor.

I felt the whole place going round in circles as I touched my neck and struggled to regain my breath. I thought that’d be the end of me.

I coughed uncontrollably and managed to look at him – Damon – and noticed he had a confused look on – which was backed up with an anger.

What was going on? Why did he stop? And why’s he looking this way?

He moved backwards a bit and continued staring at me and next, he turned around and stormed out of the room.


Damon’s POV

I ambled to the place where I had her locked up – Harriet.

She sprang on her feet immediately she spotted me, but the chains that bound her wouldn’t let her come closer.

“Lucifer” she called desperately, her eyes pale and sore.

I remained quiet and went to stand in front of her, but in such a way she wouldn’t be able to touch me.

“Your daughter…” I began

“You’ve been feeding her with the ronquie elixir, right?” I asked and she gasped and bent her head immediately.

“You made her drink it so it could cloak her powers and make it impossible for her to make use of them, or for anyone else to steal it from her” I added but she still couldn’t say a word.

“You thought by so doing, you’d be keeping her safe? You thought I wouldn’t be interested in her anymore if I couldn’t access her powers?” I asked and scoffed.

“You’re greatly mistaken, Harriet. Have you no idea…Once she stops taking the elixir for sometime, it’s going to wash off from her system and that way, her powers will become exposed again.

“You know, I had intended on giving her a swift death. I mean, considering how naive she was, I had intended on just stealing her powers and killing her right away, without making her pass through the pains her father made my mother feel – just like I had intended.

“But since you turned the tables around, I guess I’m gonna have to wait for the elixir to wash from her system. And while I’m waiting…you don’t expect me to treat her like a queen”.

“Lucifer please” she cut in immediately, tears already pouring down her cheeks.

Tears mean nothing to me.

“I’m begging you, please; don’t hurt her. Leave Roxanne out of this. She didn’t chose to be Gerald’s daughter”.

I exhaled and drew closer.

“You know, Harriet; there’s just one reason you’re still alive; and that’s because of the kindness you showed to my mother and I when your husband had us locked up. I remembered you giving us a glass of water that day. You weren’t as evil as he was and you also have no blood connection with him; but Roxanne does.

“So, for now; you’re gonna stay here till I figure out what to do with you” I said cursorily and started walking away.

“Lucifer please” she called.

“Don’t touch her”.

I stopped and turned to look at her. Then, I scoffed and walked out.


Roxanne’s POV

I sat on the floor, crying: thinking about my life.

Where could mum be? Could she be dead?

Oh, Roxanne!

I should have listened to her. I should have remained indoors and never run away.

But if only she had explained things to me, I’d have understood. I only did everything out of ignorance.

The door opened again and I lifted my head to see him coming in – Damon.

I twitched and sprang on my feet immediately.

What’s he gonna do now?

Is he finally here to kill me?

He walked in silently and sat on the chair that faced me.

I was so scared.

Mum’s words replayed in my head.

“Whatever you pass through in my hands” he said, calmly.

“Know It was caused by your dad”.

My heart skipped as I pondered over it.

What’s going on?

What’s going to happen to me now?

He stretched his hand towards me for just a second and immediately, the ropes that bound me got loosed.

I gasped and looked in surprised.

How did it happen?

Did he really do it?

But how possible?

“Roxanne” he called in that serene tone of his.

He speaks so calmly, yet,, is the most dangerous.

“From now on, you leave by my mercy. You do everything I want you to do without a second thought. You don’t talk back at me or ask me questions. Don’t keep me waiting; don’t ever make me have to repeat myself. And don’t ever think of running away because you won’t live to talk about it. If you do all these, you can guarantee your mother’s safety” he said and my eyes beamed.

Mum is still alive?

“Starting from now…” he paused and leaned back on his chair.

“Take off your clothes”.

To be continued…

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