Lucifer’s Bride episode 4

Lucifer’s Bride – Episode 4
(She’s mine)
A story by Faith Lucky
Rated ���
Roxanne’s POV
I sat in front of miss Margaret as she opened her books and got re-ady to lecture me for the day.
“Let’s go on commerce” she said and went ahead to write on the white board.
I watched blearily as she wrote down a little note which I copied into my book and after that, she did some explaining.
When she was done with commerce, she went into maths, then Science and finally English.
“Were you able to go throu-gh the book I as-signed you to re-ad?” She asked as she sat in front of me.
“Yes” I replied, bringing the book out from my bag.
“So, how was it?”
“Well, it was nice. Just didn’t like the way it ended. I mean, the p@rt of the boy dying. It’s tragic” I replied.
“Well, that’s called true love. He risked his life for the girl” she said.
“But…does such thing really exist? True…love? Like, something that’d make a boy die for a girl?” I asked and she chuckled.
“it’s not just a boy, Roxanne. It can also be a girl. And yes, it exists” she replied with a smile.
“But…what does it feel like? I mean, love. What does it feel like that it’d have to involve suchlike sacrifices?”
She smiled and stared at the ceiling.
“Love is a beautiful thing, a priceless experience. The two hearts becomes intertwined and beat together as one.” She said.
“Really?” I exclaimed, becoming more interested.
“So, tell me, miss Margaret. How do people fall in love? Like…how does it happen? How can someone know she’s in love?”
“Well, you’ll feel it. If you’re in love with someone, your reaction towards that person changes. You always want to spend time with him and no matter what he does, you find it difficult staying mad at him. He occu-pies your every thoughts and you become willing to take sacrifices just for him. Those are p@rt of the signs of love”.
I kept silent and reminisced over it, smiling.
I wonder what it feels like, falling in love and being loved in return.
“So…have you also been in love?” I looked at her and asked, smiling.
“Of course. But…” she paused and stared downwards with a sigh.
“Not important anyway. So…”
She was still talking when a call suddenly entered her phone and she picked it up.
� Hello?
�What? No!
Okay; I’ll be there immediately�
And she ended the call.
“Oh, my God, Roxanne; just got an urgent call from home. I nee-d to hurry there immediately” she said in a haste as she stood up with her bag.
What? Miss Margaret never leaves until mum returns home from work. This is going to be my first time being home alone.
“Just stay safe and wait for your mum, okay? I’ll call her now and tell her about the urgency so she can hurry up from work okay?” She said, perturbe-d.
“Okay miss Margaret. Bye” I replied and she ran out the door.
I stood up and looked throu-gh the window as she ran away throu-gh the woods. The door was opened and mum wasn’t at home, no one at all.
I shook my head and returned to my seat. The crazy idea kept niggling at me but I decided to wave it aside.
Mum has told me it’s best to stay here. She doesn’t want me to go out. So, maybe I should just obey her.
But I’ve been obeying her for 19 years now. I’m now a lady. For how long will I continue hiding in here?
I took in a de-ep breath and stood up again.
I want to explore the world; know what it looks like and meet new people. I want to feel human. I’m tired of being locked in here like a slave. I think it’s high time I took a stand.
I ambled to the door and turned the knob. It opened. I suddenly felt nervous.
No; I shouldn’t be. I nee-d to do this.
Perhaps, just a little viewing and I’ll return.
Yes, I will.
Taking another de-ep breath, I opened the door and ran out.
Zara’s POV
I walked into Damon’s room and found him slee-ping on the be-d.
I drew close and admired him. Geez! He was just too handsome and killing. I don’t mind getting my pu*syfu-cked by him the whole day. Too bad he’s only had me once.
I smiled and went over to the table to drop the file I c@m£ to return.
I was about leaving the room when he suddenly woke up in a frightening way. I almost screamed.
He just sat up at once with a full f0rç£ like someone who was awaking from a mighty nightmare.
He was breathing heavily at first, but it subsided and bec@m£ normal.
“She’s out” he said calmly, staring in one direction.
“I can feel her”.
“S…Sir?” I stuttered, confused.
Who’s he talking about?
He paused and looked at his palm.
“Gerald’s daughter.” He said.
“I can feel her. She’s close”.
To be continued…